Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Switched at Birth: Return of Ty

Blair Redford is pretty busy. Starring as Ethan Whitehorse on Lying Game and cameo phone calls and photographs of him on Switched at Birth. Let's begin...

Bay/Ty/Emmet: We learn that a helicopter carrying American soldiers went down in Afghanistan. We automatically think that Ty was on it and he is hurt, but nobody knows. Bay is super worried and begs her dad to reach out to this family friend general. Daphne tells Emmett about this and he goes to console Bay. She tells him that she is extra worried because he usually replies to her email ASAP. I immediately felt mad with Emmet right there. How could she keep this from him and think it was OK? He signs to Daphne is it ok to mad and she says not really.


We found out later on that Ty is OK and Emmet goes to see Bay. He is even more upset about how happy she is about Ty. Understandable. He tells her that she must show him the emails and she does. They are truly boring about guns, school work and art with pictures to match. Until one photo of Ty and the hammer girl on his truck. Yikes. Emmet is mad that she shared this with someone other than him and wonders if she does this with all of her boyfriends. He wonders why she never mentioned she had a boyfriend and I feel bad again for him. Ty later on calls Bay to say he is ok and talks about wanting another hammer girl for his truck. She agrees and then tells him that she is seeing Emmett and thought he should know. Good girl. But is it too late?

Simone/Toby: Simone got Toby another gig to play solo but he already promised Wilke to play this keg party. She then tips off the parents so the party gets cancelled so she can play the solo gig. Even I know that's wrong. He gets mad at her for trying to control his music and storms off. Simone, not only should you be nicer to both of his sisters, but you need to be more respectful of him.

Katherine/Sam: Britzia may not be able to testify now since Katherine paid her money. They go to Angelo's lawyer's office to see how Angelo knew about Britzia. The lawyer tells them that he knew someone at the hospital who was a smoking gun. There is some cute bit about the lawyer thinking Katherine is like Mary Jane and she doesn't get the spiderman reference. She approaches Regina about Angelo and she says she has not heard from him. I wonder how he knew. Do you think he was sleeping with one of the hospital people?

Daphne/John/Wilke/Travis: Daphne is back at Carlton and the towel boy Travis is giving her a hard time. I think these deaf signing fights are so much more intense then a yelling fight ever was. How do they sign so fast?? He tells her how privileged she is and she tells the principal. She fires him and Daphne feels bad so convinces John to hire him to work at the car wash. After a rude customer gets the finger, John tries to fire Travis but he wont leave. He threatens to sue for discrimination if they let him go. Daphne goes to see his home and learns that his mother, nor father nor brother know how to sign. That must be rough. Daphne's whole family and now extended has started to learn. She gets him a job  back at the car wash and tells him that not all hearing people are so bad.


Meanwhile, she is still with Wilke and things are great but she wants him to learn how to sign. She tries to teach him a few things but he doesn't take it seriously. He just wants to learn how to sign "let's make out". Figures. Will this relationship last like this?

Lying Game: Questions are answered

AMAZING. This episode was really great. I cannot believe they are having the spring finale next week. How I am going to live without this show? Yikes. Let's dig in, shall we?

Emma is still in the dark about why Ethan wont talk to her. She thinks its because he slept with Sutton. She tells Mads this as she drives her convertible BMW and Mads takes the wheel. She drives her right to Ethan's trailer and they bang on the door, but brother cop Dan sends them packing. Back at school, Ryan confronts Mads to why she is being so distant. She cannot let him in on the secret, so he feels betrayed. Emma goes to see Sutton to find out the truth. Sutton smugly tells her the gory details and Emma smacks her across the face. NICE. She totally deserved it. Even Mads told her to smack the lips off her.


Emma goes to see Ethan and doesn't take no for an answer. She starts yelling at him for sleeping with Sutton and he screams at her for sleeping with Thayer until they realize they never told either of them this. They both realize it was Sutton and Emma reaches over to kiss him. They should've known. But then Emma asks if there is anything else she needs to know and he says NO, but he is clearly lying since he did kiss Sutton at the ranch.

Kristen and Ted are fighting like crazy. Kristen spends time reading the Justin files about his mother and Ted catches her. They have a heart to heart and she asks if he slept with Rebecca and he laughs it off. He then tells her that the phone call he got during the surgery was about her fertility and she forgives him. He tells Alec he feels bad lying to her but cant let the secret get out. I mean, he obviously had an affair with her.

Laurel is allowed to go to the music festival Coachella after all with Baz as long as Emma and Ethan chaperone. Their van breaks down about an hour or so away from the show. The guy says he will fix it, but they need to stay the night. Emma sleeps in Laurel's room and tells her that she is a virgin as Laurel falls off the bed. I loved this part. Super cute and sisterly. Laurel could definitely know the secret and keep it. The van cant be fixed, so they end up playing a gig at an old person's home. Before they play, Laurel kisses Baz. I like them together! But does he have a deep secret like Justin did?

Meanwhile, Emma and Ethan are about to do it at the hotel room. She sets up candles and wears this odd boy shaped undie and long bra set. As they are getting closer to doing it, he breaks down. He tells her that he kissed Sutton. She says he will never get over it and he doesn't believe that. Yikes. Trouble in love land.

Dan has dinner with Theresa and they kiss too. They talk about how to take down Alec. Not sure what their history is, but it is a slow subplot.

Sutton and Thayer are googling Rebecca to see if she is really divorced. They call her exes house in LA and the maid picks up. She somehow tells them more than she should. She mentions that she was so close with Rebecca and it was said when they divorced. Sutton says she is in Phoenix now and the maid is so happy she went to see the love of her life. She says she wore his picture in her locket. They must find that locket but how.

The Kickers....

1. After a romantic night with champagne, Alec pops the question and proposes to Rebecca. She is wearing that ring she picked out in earlier episodes. They tell Thayer and Mads and they are less than excited.
2. Sutton has been trying to find the locket and they do. They open it up and there is a picture of Ted in there.


So is the theory this: Rebecca had an affair with Ted and had the twins. She had to give them up and Annie Hobbs stole one? Alec covered the whole affair up, but why? For Ted? And why is he marrying her now? Did Alec kill Derek or have someone kill him for him? Will Emma and Sutton ever really reveal that they have switched places? I guess the spring finale will just bring more questions, not answers!

Pretty Little Liars: Father/Daughter Dance

After this episode, only 2 more until we find out who A is. Pretty crazy. This episode centers around the annual father/daughter dance in Rosewood. Let's see what the girls have in store for us this episode, shall we?

Spencer: She speaks to Melissa about why Garrett is so involved. She tells her that he was friends with Ian and that she thinks she confided in him too much. Well, hasn't she? Spencer wants to prove that Melissa is not A. She goes rifling through her dad's drawers to find a check stub made to cash for $15K. She then finds a folder of pictures of Ali. Creepy Mr. Hastings! There is a locked drawer but she does not open it. Her dad gives her a diamond necklace for the dance. She confronts him about the check stub and the photos of Ali. He says he paid a private investigator to find out who killed Ali, because Melissa had been sending threatening texts to her to stay away. He wanted to protect her. He realizes his locked drawer was broken into and his gun was stolen. Flashback to when A stole it. He calls the cops. Is he telling the truth?


Aria: Does not want to go to this father/daughter dance with Byron, but mom insists so he doesn't know something is wrong. Mike, her little bro, is DJ for the night as well. As they are dancing, she lets her animosity towards him slip that she is not a little girl anymore. Mike tells dad that maybe he is too hard on her. Since Hannah's mom wont stop asking questions about the police report, she lies to her and says she sent it. The two mom's canoodle over this and try to figure things out about who A really is.


Hannah: Catches her mom speaking with Det. Wilden in his car. They are talking about this police report. She has no dad to go with her to the dance. Her mom wants her phone to get some answers, she throws it in the soapy sink water to distract her. They let Mona in on their plan and she starts coming up with her own. I love this!

Emily: Her dad is in town for the dance. After the police told her that Mya is missing she is really worried. Her and her dad check the bus station. The guy on duty says that he remembers her buying a ticket to San Fran, but not getting on the bus. She stopped to talk to a guy in a black or blue car. Uh oh. They go to the dance and dad tells Em that he is going back to Afghanistan for 6 months and mom is coming back home. Mya ends up calling Em, but she misses the call while she was in the shower.

The Kickers....

1. Aria gets a call from Jonah who says there was a second number who had been texting Vivian. They go to the vicinity of this number and find the creepy doll shop.
2. Aria is cold and puts on that red coat in and from the back looks like Ali's alias. A guy calls out Vivian is that you? Aria turns around and we see a guy we've never seen before. Who is that?
3. We end with A getting the newspaper of a picture of Mya with the title "MISSING". Yikes, what happened to her? Is she A or does A have her?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gossip Girl: Reading of the Will

This was a really good episode. I have to say this show has started to get much better after I had begun to give up on it. Let's dig in...

After CeCe's passing, they are trying to figure out what she wants for her funeral. Apparently, she has already arranged and paid for everything. It turns out she wanted an Irish wake, where this is music, dancing and drinking as her casket lay right in the middle of their penthouse. Carol of course is super greedy and Lily shows her claws as well. We find out that William (Serena's real dad) is the executor of the will. He will do the reading later on. Everyone is at this wake. Lola, who was brought by Nate to try and get to know Serena better is there and so is Charlie/Ivy who was accompanied by Georgina. Georgina thinks there must be more of a reason why Lola was never introduced to the fam.

Since Georgina is at the party, she left Gossip Girl to her husband. He has no idea what to do so when he gets a tip from Chuck Bass about how Dan sent the video in he posts it along with Chuck's name and email attached. Georgina realizes that everyone will know its her after this blunder, so she decides to give up her post, but not without going out with a bang.


Blair is trying to get out of her prenup and paying this dowry. The woman who is supposed to keep tabs on her has a plan. She is willing to mate with Louie and get her out of her prenup if she stays out of the tabloids. She agrees, but Georgina steals Dan's phone and blasts a pic of Dan and Blair kissing on GG. She will now have to pay the dowry. This plan was never real, since the advisor and Georgina were behind it the whole time. Georgina swears to Blair she will help her if she owes her a favor. She agrees.

The will is being read and we find out that a bunch of the little things like Faberge eggs and tapestries all go to Lily. Carol thinks this is typical. Charlie/Ivy is there too and she says she is staying because CeCe wanted her there. The whole estate, including the penthouse and all of her fortune is left to... Charlie/Ivy! Duh. And they all think its a scam (don't they remember loving her?) until William reads the name on the will says Ivy Dickens. Apparently she told all her secrets to CeCe and she loved her for her. She was her only family. They all feel a fool. But there is more secrets to uncover here.


The Kickers.....

1. Georgina is on her way to Monaco, what will she do there?
2. Blair shows up in Brooklyn saying her heart belongs to Dan. Will this be the new couple? Only if Dan promises to cut his hair.
3. Charlie kicks Lily and Rufus out of their own apartment. They are going to have to move back to Brooklyn.
4. We find out from Carol that Lola is really William's child. She had an affair with him while him and Lily were married, yikes. That means Lola and Serena are half-sisters, not cousins. We end with William calling Lola if she ever wants to talk. No wonder Carol hid her all these years.
5. Georgina leaves her laptop and the GG legacy to Serena. It seems that may be a new chapter in her life too.

2 Broke Girls: One Night Stands

Apparently the theme tonight was one night stands. All the characters touch upon them. Let's begin...

It's Caroline's birthday according to Han and Max is going to throw her a party. She is on a super limited budget, so they agree to throw a surprise one at the diner. Caroline hired a web designer for the cupcake website. She is crushing on him hard. She tells Max she doesn't do one night stands. She does however go home with him and have one. On her way back to her apartment she runs into Oleg in the hall. Both of them are wearing the outfits from the night before with sex hair and are sneaking in. He tells her that he was at Sophie's doing a hand job and she refuses to pinky swear since who knows where his hand has been.

Caroline thinks that Oleg told about her one night stand, so she tells about him and Sophie (who swears the hand job was only below the waist, she is a lady!) and then Earl says he wont go to the birthday party and Caroline gets mad that Han told anyone about her birthday and it all goes back to the party. Now Max has to invite her one night stand there and she only has a 6 pack of Capri sun. The party is a bust as there are only 7 people there. She doesn't even have a cake for her. She doesn't want her one night stand there and wants Max to get rid of him after he thinks they will be dating for a while. I have to say the first half of this show was not as entertaining, but we will keep reading. Caroline says the only thing she really wanted for her birthday was to see her dad.


Max takes her on the BANG BUS. The bus that all people go on to visit their loved ones in jail for conjugal visits. Yuck. A white girl with dreads who shows too much of her fat, blubbery belly starts grossly talking about it too. They pass by a Carvel and Caroline has no idea what it is. Its the ghetto ice-cream or so dubbed. Max talks about her favorite birthday ever when she ate a whole fudgy the whale cake alone. My husband was cheering this on since he loves it and the chocolate crunchies. Well doesn't everybody? Haha.

They get to the jail but their names are not on the list. Caroline thinks it is like a club so she tries to reason with the guy to let her in. Max however says he can feel her up slowly if they let them in. Done deal. They get in and are waiting for her dad. While waiting a big guy with tattoos starts calling Max's name. She has no idea who he is. He shows her his stomach with a full on tattoo of her on there. It was a one night stand of hers gone bad. She wants Caroline to get rid of him after he starts professing his love for her. He starts getting mad and needs to be detained as a fight breaks lose. They have to shut down visiting hours and we see a glimpse of her dad and she gets escorted out. The white girl with dreads had to leave with half her outfit on, ew.


On the bus back, they talk about how she was happy she saw him for a minute and Max realizes they should stop and use their $40 to get a carvel cake. Everyone on the bus partakes and Caroline realizes Max is her BBF, best broke friend.

Cute, but only entertaining in the last half. Fund is down and no real storyline yet. I am also starting to get a little sick of all the comparison jokes, are you?

How I Met Your Mother: Karma

Some big life changes on tonight's show, let's begin, shall we?

Ted: He is trying to figure out what to do with Robyn's now empty room. He starts smoke meat, then to make pottery and then furniture. He keeps picturing Robyn there next to him talking to him. All the stuff he makes collapses. I laugh as chair, coffee table and mug all break through. I will save his most momentous act until the end.

Lily/Marshall/Robyn: Robyn has no place to go so she moves into the spare bedroom with Lily and Marshall. Lily gives her a diary to write her thoughts in. Robyn takes Lily's by accident and reads about all the different ways she wants to kill her mother in law. Lily and Marshall take her to play canasta, eat at the diner where there are pictures of your food and make her wear a SNUGGET (read: snuggie) while eating tubs of Rocky Road and going to bed before 9:00pm. Robyn wants to get out so she plots her escape. They try to keep her there by washing all of her clothes and locking her in. After she plots to get out while they are at bingo, they read her diary and they catch her. They say how much they hate it there and how they wish their friend would stay. Again, I will leave their momentous thing till the end.


Barney/Karma: Barney has been thinking about Quinn lately (Go Amanda!) and he goes to the strip club to get his mind off of her, yet she works there. She goes by the name Karma in stripper world. He tells her he wants to date her but she doesn't date customers. Instead, she tells him they should have their date there, since the manager is giving her the stink eye and every time he forks over more cash, the song ends and she tries to get him to give her more money. After a few times in the champagne room, he spends $900 and gives her his Rolex. He realizes he is getting played for a fool when he sees her doing the same bit with some other guy. He confronts her about it and realizes that Karma is a bitch! He runs into her while getting coffee and she offers to pay, well since he has no money and she has his watch. I smell a new couple brewing!


The End....

Robyn comes over to get the rest of her things and she drinks coffee from one of his mugs. She realizes this was the best move for both of them. He calls Marshall and Lily over and they hop on the next train, only to find an empty apartment and a letter. (By the way, my husband and I were totally jealous of this HUGE two bedroom apartment in NYC, only on TV people, only on TV). The note says how their names were originally on the lease and they belong there. The second bedroom is a nursery he made, and of course the crib collapses, but still sweet. Where will Ted go? Are Marshall and Lily back in NYC for good? We hope so!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Grimm: Cage Fighting

Grimm was awesome. This is such a dark show, I am really happy to be watching it. Let's begin, shall we?

We start with this cute old couple out in the woods. They go to get the dog and a violent beast attacks the dog, then the husband and then the wife. We see the beast getting away until a horse driven bunch of men rope him up like cattle and take him.

Nick and Hank are called in to the scene. They find horse prints and manure and a piece of raw meat half eaten. They find some prints of a guy Demetri and go to find him. His parole officer seems to think that Demetri would never do something like this. Either does his uncle who raised him and lets him help out at this gym he owns. They also meet another guy there who knows Demetri. As he is working out Nick sees his beast come out and the guy knows Nick is a Grimm. He tells them that they go running on this trail near town.

They find Demetri's car dismantled and abandoned in a lot. Their are all these gang signs in the empty lot and more horse prints and manure. This other guy goes running and gets roped by the horsemen too and dragged away. It seems that there may be some actual beast cage fighting going on. Nick sends Monroe to a bookie to figure out when the fight will be held. When he goes to find out they capture him too, they always wanted a blue bod to fight for them. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Reinhard approaches the parole guy, who is behind this whole thing. He tells him to shut it down. Apparently, he was only supposed to use meth addicts and criminals to fight and die, not good people like Demetri. But Demetri is a boxer and the parole guy thought this would be a good fight and bring in more money. I wouldn't mess with Reinhard, but apparently he doesn't listen.

Monroe is caged up and meat is thrown into his cage. It is meat of the last guy that didn't make it out alive. They fight to the death here and then eat the meat to get the taste for blood. Monroe is scared to fight and gets thrown in the ring with Demetri. Nick shows up and tells them to shut it down, but is afraid they will all kill him. He offers to fight in Monroe's place. He gets pretty far and gets Demetri on the ground. He refuses to kill him though. The rest of the cops come to break this all up.


Final thoughts...

1. Reinhard goes to see the parole guy and has him killed. You don't want to mess with him. But what is his true purpose?
2. Juliet finds a ring in Nick's sock drawer and he misses their three year anniversary dinner. He is on his way home after she already blew out the candles. Aww. What will happen with them?

Jersey Shore: Let's go Crabbing

The gang goes out and Jionni needs to throw up. Nicole is so selfish that she is mad at him for throwing up and passing out. Hasn't she done this like every episode? She is more concerned with getting it in. Yuck. Jwoww is also pissed that Roger would rather have a chicken salad sandwich after laying a guy out then lay out with her. She had to poop first though, ew.

The gang decides to go fishing and crabbing at the dock. The meatballs get into a blow up raft and try to swim away. They think someone yells shark as they try to get out, but they were really saying sharp. I was confused by this too. Can they not swim? Some people catch crabs and others catch fish. Mike lays down to suntan and they place a crab on his belly.


Pauly's stalker Vanessa is back. Jwow tries to have a heart to heart with her and remind her to stay away. Pauly thinks she is messing with his blowout. She is one of the ugliest stalkers he has had so far.


Mike and Snooki make a bet. The loser has to wear Lola for 10 minutes to Karma. Snooki loses and wears Lola. I love when she comes out! The meatballs decide to hop the fence and get on the beach, which is illegal and the cops come. They know her by name. Snooki and Vinny go and hang out and we see that there may be some romance still there for them. He seems to understand her and that is what she truly needs. They play this cute old couple scenario as they dance together.

I am ultra bored by this show. I need something good to happen STAT. Even Ronnie and Sam are not providing any entertainment. HELP!

Project Runway: Flags of the world

The designers all meet at the United Nations and get assigned flags of the world to make their designs from. They can choose from Chile, Greece, India, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea, and Seychelles. Of course, they all take it a bit too literally. Joanna was a bit concerned with most of the outfits, since you cannot wear a bra with them. Designer Catherine Malandrino is the guest judge.


Since we only have 6 designers, 3 are automatically in the top and 3 are in the bottom.

In the top....

Michael: He got Greece and was excited since he is Greek and likes to drape. He made a pagenty white drape gown that was super low in the back with a sparkle trim and large velvet blue bow. Yikes. Not his best creation. Maybe if he made the dress in blue with a white accent? He was safe regardless.

Kenley: She had Chile and went with her normal polka dot look, but used a heart print top with a red and white ruffle skirt. It was cute, but she keeps repeating things. They told her to branch out and she refuses. She ends up being safe regardless.

Mondo: He had Jamaica. He made a black jersey dress with a green and yellow stripe down the back. It totally looked like a flag to me and he won! Congrats Mondo.


In the bottom...

Austin: He had the Seychelles. He kept saying he chose it because it sounded like sea shells. He made this hideous draped dress with too many colors. He was safe.

Jerell: Why is he still here? He makes the most awful outfits. He had India. He made this horrible looking Sari with a headpiece and ugly top. YUCK. He should be voted out but they seem to keep him around, why?

Mila: She had Papa New Guinea and made this asymmetrical black short side and right long side dress with a yellow stripe going through. I thought it was a cool concept, but the judges hated it. She got voted off. Bye Bye Mila. Please bring Jerell with you next time!


Grey's Anatomy: Tiny Baby & Rose Ridge

The tiniest baby I have ever seen and welcome back to Rose Ridge....let's begin...

Richard/Adele: Adele sets off the fire alarm when she sets the stove on fire. Richard tries to put it out and burns his arm in the process. He decides to take her to see Rose Ridge where Merideth's mother was. She doesn't understand and talks about how this is too small for them to live in with a nursery. She then ends up throwing things in their dining room and forgetting yet again who Richard is. She ends up saying she is willing to go there. I think this is better for everyone involved, so sad.


Lexi/Alex/Arizona/Morgan/Tiny Baby: Morgan, the intern from last episode had her tiny baby. It weighs less than a pound. YIKES. This was really disturbing to watch. Her and her boyfriend, since they are both docs, start calculating the survival rate to a 13%. She ends up telling him he can leave and she will stay and fight for the baby. Alex shows Lexi a board with all these preemies who made it to healthy kids. Cute.


Derek/Zola: This was hysterical. And only a woman can understand. My husband, who was watching didn't get it until I started busting out laughing. It was obvious that daddy did Zola's hair and messy. Everyone was staring. Derek thought it was because he was a white man with a black baby until Bailey told him what perfect hair he has and how Zola's was 31 flavors of wrong. Bahahah. She ends up teaching him how to do her hair in the end.

Owen/Cristina/Teddy: Teddy is still royally pissed at Owen, she messes up her proposal for stem cells and he puts a good word in for her. Christina thinks he is cheating on her with a fellow doctor and tried to figure that out. She even offers sex in the on call room and he denies it. She tries to look through his things before he gets home. Something is going on here, but what?

Avery/Sloane: Sloane is trying to get Avery laid as he realizes that Avery is just still in love with Lexi. But so is Sloane right? If everyone is in love with Lexi, why dint they tell her? She would jump at Sloane!

The Cases: One coffee machine exploded and burned the employee. The customer got the pieces stuck in him and swore he had a thing with the girl and she had no idea who he was. Ehh, not the best, but not the worst.

One Tree Hill: Lucas Returns

We were all waiting for this day. The prodigal first season star returns, sans wife Peyton. I thought this episode was amazing. This season has been pretty slow and now it has been picking up. Let's see how this went down, shall we?

Chase/Chris: Woke up to a threesome, um foursome with the strippers from the night before. Chase hears he has to go back to the navy and Chuck is saddened. Chase realizes that something is not right at home as Chuck is covered in bruises. Does his dad beat him?

Clay/Quinn: Clay is still in rehab. We go deeper into his love and loss of Sarah. We find out that Clay feels responsible for Nathan gone missing. Yikes. Let's take a vote. Do we think that the kid Logan is a hallucination?

Brooke/Julian: The guy who beat her up in her store and killed Quentin is up for parole. Brooke goes to meet with him and realizes he has not changed. During his hearing she talks about how he should not get to be free. He gets free anyway and stalks her at the cafe. YIKES. Julian is basically just there for her and helping Dan with his Nathan search by showing him the video of Nathan and his surroundings. He sees a gang symbol on the all and possibly knows where he is. Maybe he is the dead body?

Hayley/Lucas: Lucas comes to town and is only spending his time in the airport. He is there to pick up Jaime and Lydia to take them back with him home. Hayley wants the kids away while she figures things out. Quinn is just there to support. Lucas looks horrible with his long hair (agree?) and keeps telling her that Nathan will come home. What I was really hoping for was him to go find Nathan. The cop from earlier comes to Hayley's door to help her out. He says he is not supposed to but wants to help. She shows him the stuffed elephant.


Nathan: He is still tied up but has been gnawing away at his chains. He finally gets free and knocks the guy out. I personally would have killed the guy, but he just hits him. STUPID. Then hits the other guy and tries to escape. We see the cop from earlier there too and he gives Nate a gun with a new clip of bullets and tells him to shoot. When Nate sees the guy he should've have killed he pulls the trigger, no bullets. Yikes. The cop was in on this. Why you ask? Because they wouldn't let him be a detective and this pays more. If you ask me, he could've been the hero here, but I think Nathan has to die. YIKES.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Suburgatory: Fire with Fire

Tessa talks about how all trends start in Chatswin. This is foreshadowing of what is to come.

Noah's wife, whom we have never seen until now, goes into the shower and gets knocked in the face with the shower head. A bleeding wife tells Noah that he should have fixed this weeks ago. He says he will and puts a note on it saying broken. She goes to use the shower again and it basically knocks her unconscious. She is rushed to the hospital and she runs into Dallas there. Dallas tells her she just got a boob job, collagen, low lights and a gelicure. Gosh I love her. She has never been nice to Jill before, but she raves about her divorce changing her attitude on things. Jill decides that she will follow the trend and have the same thing as Dallas.

Over at the cafe, side braids are the thing. Dahlia has one in and then waves to Lisa. She calls out her name, Lisa Shay HI. Lisa stands up and waves like a fool and she plays nice with Dahlia. Tessa knows she is only being nice to her to hurt her about Scott Strauss. Dahlia even invites Lisa to have lunch with her Kimantha and the thin twins. Lisa is in mean girl heaven and she happily accepts. Dahlia even goes over to Lisa's house to hang out with her, just so Tessa sees them walk away. Sheila Shay is upset that it is happening!

Over at Dahlia's she gives Lisa a makeover and makes her look more like her with fake eyelashes to boot. She tells her it hurts because Lisa's eyeballs are so big. Haha. I need more Dahlia-isms in my life. Lisa goes to the dance with Dahlia and her friends, and tells Tessa that she doesn't care why she is being nice, but she wants her way in. Lisa even stands up Malik at dance class to hang with Dahlia.

Dallas is in her crystal emporium store with her new boyfriend, Yanni (Fex from that 70's show, remember him? He dated Li-Lo). He tells her that wearing white makes her aura better and they make out. George is unapproving and there becomes a battle with little Yicoult to see who he will go with. Yicoult ends up listening to George and goes back to this doggy bed. Haha.

Jill leaves Noah and moves in with Dallas. George and Noah go out with three buttons unbuttoned and a ton of chest hair showing trying to get girls to notice them. Dallas and Jill are there with Yanni as George watches Dallas make out with him. George convinces Noah that he needs to profess his love to Jill, because they belong together. He rides up on a horse to Dallas' house and asks Jill to ride away with him and make him a sandwich. They end up getting side swiped and Noah rides off into a stretcher. haha.

Tessa has a plan to get Lisa back. She writes a note to Kimantha and invites her over. They talk about how Kimantha hates Lisa and how they need to get her back. Kimantha must dress in hideous clothes and do this coordinated dance with Malik to make Lisa jealous. It works. She pushes Kimantha out of the way and dances with Malik.


Tess confronts Dahlia and tells her she has broken up with Scott Strauss and this must be over. Dahlia agrees but tells her how she will win when their parents get married and she is the more favorite daughter. I knew I loved Dahlia. She cannot wait until they get together either! She explains how hard the dance is for her since her ex is there. Small cameo by Mike Sorrentino "the situation" as he DJS the dance. I am a little dissapointed as I thought he would have more of a part in this.


Tessa spies Lisa and Malik walking home as they awkwardly kiss goodbye. She is happy about this. Nerd love!

Teen Mom 2: Reunion Part 1

It's that time for Doctor Drew to spout his pearls of wisdom to the girls. I guess its better than the girl who does the after show on the Jersey Shore with the small head big body!

We sit with all the girls as we see some of them are besties. Chelsea and Kailyn are and their kids kiss each other and Jenelle and Leah are too. Seems odd. They all do a little recap on how their season went and what brought them here.

First up is Jenelle. She tells Dr. Drew that she is doing good, yet she is still with Kieffer. He tries to explain to her that he just drags her down. Jenelle says that he is her best friend. Um, you need new friends hunnie. She explains that she relapsed and smoked pot and failed her drug test. Which means she is going to serve a jail term. Yikes. Was it really worth it Jenelle? The bring out Barbara and they talk about how much better their relationship is and even Dr. Drew thinks so too. Barbara mentions that her boyfriend Mike moved out and she feels great about it! They talk about why they love each other and Jenelle says how she is a good mom which brings her to tears. Super cute!


Next up is Kailyn. She tells them how she is sorry she hurt Jordan, but she still loves Jo. He comes out and tells her that he will always be in her life, but he wants to be single and live his life not with her. Since he passes, she wants Jordan. He comes out and says in time he will forgive her for cheating. Does anyone else see how wrong this is that since Jo said no, she wants Jordan? Well Jordan does as he explains that but Dr. Drew shuts him down saying this is not a normal 20 year old relationship, this is a teen mom one. Everything is great until Kailyn mentions she and Jordan got an STD from Jo. They got tested and treated and Jo denies it being his fault at all. Uh oh. Does anyone else think Jo looks like a dinosaur? However, as Dr. Drew points out, she is super lucky to have these two guys stick around after what she put them through.


Next week, we will talk to Chelsea and Leah and see the babies!

Ringer: The Truth About Sean

Wow. Another twist in one of my favorite dramas. Let's begin, shall we?

Malcolm is back and Bridget is filling him in on everything. They go to Shiv's secret office to see everything has been cleaned out. She tells him about the boat key chain and how the drive saw a woman's footprint in the closet. Henry is at Martin/Charles to get his money out of the funds. He basically calls Andrew a crook and takes his money. He sees Malcolm there, texts Shiv and she asks him to stay on it. He asks Malcolm to come and check out his home computer and he only agrees after he sees the same boat key chain on Henry. Malcolm then puts a tracker on Bridge's phone, just in case. BTW, we do not see Shiv the entire episode except through flashbacks.

Back at the penthouse, Catherine is back and tells Andrew that Juliet should come live with her in Miami for a little bit to get a change of scenery and start her life over. He reminds her of her drinking problem and how custody was granted to Andrew because of this. She says she has changed and has not drank in days. Maybe she should take a tip from Bridge.

Back at school, Tessa rolls up in a huge SUV and starts drawing attention to herself. Juliet tells her she needs to calm down and she lets her know that she hid the rest of the money under her bed. Juliet goes to meet with Mr. C. and tell him about it. He says he will take care of it. She goes back to school the next day and everyone is super sad. She hears from a classmate that Tessa got robbed and beat up. She is in the hospital. Juliet goes to visit and Tessa is in a medically induced coma. Her foster mother says it must be drugs, since all they took was the money under the bed and beat her. Juliet assumes that Mr. C did take care of it. Yikes.

Bridge gets a call to confirm her standing flower delivery order to that Main Street address in Princeton, NJ that she saw on Shiv's desk. She asks for the name and follows the cab driver there. She goes in and meets the woman who knows her as Shiv. She looks at her mantle and there are picture's of Shiv's kid Sean. She realizes this is the grandmother, or the baby father's mother. She storms out. She goes home to cry over a picture of Sean.

Flashback to the Sean story. Shiv and Dylan (just a guy she was with) had a baby boy named Sean. Bridget was living with them and helping with the babysitting. Dylan wanted to see more of his son, but Shiv didn't want him to. Too little too late she thinks. Dylan comes to Bridget and asks if he can take him to the county fair and Bridge can come too. Having a soft spot, she agrees. They have a great time but on the way home, a car crashes into them and kills Sean. Cut to the funeral, where Bridge was not invited. Shiv smacks her and tells her she will never forgive her for this. This obviously sends Bridget into a drinking/drugging/hooking spiral, hence her life there afterwards.


Bridget tells Andrew that maybe Juliet should live with her mother for a little bit. After he leaves in walks Dylan saying never to visit his mother again. Bridget shows up at Dylan's house and sees him happy with his family and almost throws a brick, before Malcolm takes it away. He tells her that she needs to give her forgiveness. She goes to see him and gives him Shiv's forgiveness, which he is happy about. She then laments to Malcolm that she wishes she gave her own. She wants to be Bridget to these people and Malcolm tells her she can never be.

Juliet has another meeting with Mr. C and he grabs her saying he had nothing to do with this. She doesn't believe him and screams for him to let her go.


The Kicker....

1. Juliet calls someone on the phone and says your plan is out of control, let's meet. Flash forward to her sitting on a bench, talking to this person saying that their plan is crazy and it was all their idea. As I am screaming its the mom, its the mom, come on, its the mom, Catherine sits down next to her. IT WAS THE MOM! Seriously? All that for money? Did she help beat her too?

OK this plan needs to blow up in someone's face, because its getting nuts now. Tessa is in a coma, Mr. C looks like the hollow man and Juliet may go to Miami. When are Bridge and Shiv going to meet? And when is Bridget going to be smart enough to learn that her sister is alive?

The Bachelor: Hometowns

Ahh the elusive hometown dates. Here is where the parents either seal the deal or ruin the whole thing. Let's see how they went.

First up is Lindzi horse. She is riding her horse and calls him boyfriend. They kiss. I'm sure we will only have four kisses, so I must kiss the Ben Kiss-o-meter adieu! They go for a carriage ride. They meet her parents. They are really fun and energetic. They carriage race and Ben and lindzi lose. He likes her parents and I do too. They seem fun and easy going and toast to welcoming him into their family.

Next up is kacie b. She had a marching band preform as she baton twirls. On the bugeski field. That's her family field. Her grandfather was a big person in town and they named it after him. She jump hugs him and kisses. Aww.  She's from a small town. Kacie's dad doesn't drink. Ben is nervous about him. They sit down for dinner and its a bit cold. Ben sits down with her dad. Its stern but honest. Seems cold. Her mom has concerns too. None of them are clicking. She doesn't want them living together if they get engaged. Her dad tells her that he would say no if Ben asked him. I see this going downhill. Will their love survive these parents?


Nikki is next. They are in Texas. She's super cute. She was my second fave from the beginning. They kiss. They go to get custom cowboy boots. They try on hats too. She talks about her divorce. Her parents are really nice. She says she's ready to get married again. Her dad cries about protecting her and maybe making the wrong choice before by letting her marry that man. They both cry. I cry. I love my daddy! She pulls Ben aside and tells him she's in love with him. This is such a sweet moment. Although their relationship progressed slowly, it reminds me of the same pace as Ben and Ashley.


Courtney is next in Arizona. She likes/loves him. Mom is skeptical. She acts so normal around her sister. She talks about skinny dipping with her. I almost like Courtney for a minute until I remember how she is with the other girls. Ben talks to her dad. He wants grand kids. Now they go on a date alone. She acts really nice. They are at a place where she could get married. She has a bowtie for Ben and paper to write vows. There is a priest. I would be freaked out. They read the vows. She says she's in love with him. They have rings. They kiss. Very sweet. Its actually a very cute idea as they drive away in an almost married car. I can see why he likes her from this, but I wish he watched the footage of how she was all season.


He sits down with Chris to recap. He needs to decide and get rid of one woman. I have to say that I got a spoiler before i watched this. I follow Ali on facebook and I by accident glanced her update saying who was to go. Even if I didn't see her spoiler, I may have guessed who did not get the rose. 

We are at the rose ceremony.

Courtney gets the first rose.
Lindzi gets the next one.
Nikki gets the last one.

Courtney doesn't say gbye to Kacie, Big surprise. Kacie cries. She doesn't ask why he let her go. I would. She goes quietly. That was hard I'm sure. She didn't expect this. Maybe we all didn't. She asks why she was not good enough for Ben. She curses in the limo and asks what the eff happened? Aww.

Next up is Switzerland for the girls. Who will go next?

I have to say that Ben would not have been a bachelor I would have liked on a personal level. All these adventure dates and to pick a freezing cold place and not a tropical island as the final destination, not my thing!

I hope that Nikki takes it home, but I guess Courtney may be the front runner here.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Girl: The Science Fair

CeCe/Schmidt: CeCe was still in bed with Schmidt. She had to be able to sneak out of his room without anyone seeing her. They were all shocked that Schmidt slept with the same girl on another night. They were surprised he didn't want to show her off, since flashback to other scenes where he told the girl Nick's room was the front door, haha. He tells the roomies to look up at the crescent moon so CeCe sneak back in later on. He tries to woo her with some stories about different kinds of cheese. "I wanna slowly peel off the wax on your babybels". Not sure why this worked, but CeCe dug it. She took him to a club to sit in the car so she could go in and they could have sex after. He agreed only if she had breakfast with him. Cut to breakfast at the old age Chinese restaurant. She explains to him that all other boyfriends only showed her off because of her looks. He then tells her how smart and fun she is and she smiles. I have to say it again that I adore Schmidt.


Nick/Julia: Julia is in Beijing for work and she sends him a cactus. He reads into this and thinks its because he cannot care for a real plant. He ends up watering it too much, the stems break off, he duct tapes them back. He then gets drunk and so does the plant and calls her 7 times leaving messages about how the cactus is a metaphor for her breaking up with him. One message he even ends with I love you and says WHAT did I just say? She finally shows up and confronts him on all the voice mails. She then tells him after listening to all seven of them she realizes he was right, they should break up. He is crushed. Jess ends up giving him a small plant anyways. He had a cactus needle sticking out of his head.

Jess/the kids/Winston: It's science fair day and all of the kids are getting ready. One really snotty kid makes a robotic arm. WHAT. In my 8th grade project I did the difference between tap and bottled water, not created robotics! Another kid who tapes a flashlight to a basketball tells Jess that kids are putting pennies in his but. He shows her his 24cent winnings. She decides to fix this with song. She has the bullied kid play the casio and she sings on her guitar about a sad sparrow. Brianna (the girl from Ramon and Beezus) tapes the whole thing and makes a parody of it on youtube with a bird taking  poop on Jess. Jess is so mad at her that she breaks her science project.

Her and Winston try to put it back together and he brings her his favorite scissor. We later see the bullied kid with the scissor in his mouth, weird. Brianna's two moms are there and when Brianna shows her arm it short circuits and blows up. Yikes. She thinks the bullied kid did it but Jess comes forward saying she did. Winston tells the two moms what a terror Brianna is and dubs himself "brown lightening" when he used to bully kids in school. She gets called into the Principal's office, but she could care less because she is happy that Jess finally hates kids like teachers should. Jess makes another song about robotic arms and has Brianna sing with her. This is her form of punishment.

Switched at Birth: Crazy Deaf Fight

I have to say the last scene was one of the most dramatic, hold your breath in, on screen fights I have ever seen with NO WORDS. Read on...

Emmett is starting to use his hearing aid and practice speaking out loud. He is doing a pretty good job, but Bay walks in and interrupts him. He feels very self conscience, so his dad's girlfriend tells him to take a drink to loosen him up. Are you kidding me? He is 16 years old! Bay signs what is she going to do next? Make you shoot heroin?


Daphne and Simone are still at each other's throats about basketball. It doesn't help that Daphne got picked for athlete of the month. Wilke did as well for lacrosse and he tells her that this is amazing. All they have to do is give a tour to the alums who send money and they get free swag. She also tells Wilke how horrible Simone is being. He goes to speak to Toby about this since he is her boyfriend. He warns Toby about Simone and Toby doesn't listen.

Daphne goes to see Melody as she is having a garage sale. Melody tells Daphne that Carlton is going to cut the girls basketball team because they are not preforming. Daphne feels pangs of yuppy guilt. During her tour with the sponsors she tries to promote giving money to Carlton. The coach gives her a hard talking to about this. She realizes she has made the wrong choice by playing for Buckner. She goes to rejoin the Carlton team to save them.

Regina's art is being shown in the art show. She asks Bay to come and although she is not happy about she agrees as long as Emmett comes with. She learns that Emmett wants to drop out of school to be a photographer. She is not happy with this decision. She goes to seek help from Melody. She is the last person she would be speaking to. But she tells her about how he wants to drop out and Melody says she will take care of it.

The nurse who made the switch has lost her job due to tardiness. She tells Kathryn she cannot find another job and is about to not testify to get her job back. Kathryn feels bad and offers her money. She sells her SUV for a cheaper car and uses the money she got in the difference in cash to give to Britzia. Bad move Kathryn! This may jeopardize the entire case. John is not happy about this either.

The Art Show....

Regina finds out that people like her work because of the blurb in the program about how she has a daughter who was switched at birth. She is livid about this. One of her masks that she made is not for sale. We later on learn that it was made after she found out about Bay, since it has Bay leaves attached to it. Sweet moment. Melody comes as well and hangs out with Bay. In walks Emmett and he has his hearing aid on. His mom can smell the alcohol on his breath. She signs to him that he is not allowed to drink. In walks his dad and Olivia. Melody is furious. She goes to have an all out brawl with him in sign about how she will call protective services on him for letting him miss class and drink. Emmett is to move in with her by the end of the week. Olivia signs in as well, but nothing compares to the heat you can feel from this signing fight. Emmett is furious with Bay for telling his mother and speaks "JUST DON'T" as he walks out.


Bay goes to see him at school and he wants nothing to do with her. She really just cares about him, but he cannot see that now. He is too angry. Regina even sold one of her pieces for $500 and another date with Patrick. But my question is what ever happened to the missed call from Angelo? Did we forget about him already?

Lying Game: Not Guilty

Wow. Another great 45 minutes gone by. I cannot believe how I lived without these two shows! Let's begin...

Ethan is sent back home to go to jail. On his way into the courthouse Emma is there trying to show her support. Thayer goes back to the ranch to pick up Sutton. She gives Ben a big hug goodbye and he hugs back. Not before telling Thayer that she is Ethan's girlfriend. He may know something is up. Back at home Ethan is going to have a court appointed lawyer before Emma makes a big scene that he will never get out like this. Dan reaches out to an old girlfriend of his who is a criminal lawyer. She is willing to take the case.


She meets with Emma, Thayer and Mads to discuss what had happened that night. Thayer lets her know about the frat guy and how he saw Alec Rybeck there at the crime. She refuses to go forward with this, because he is the D.A. and this is too risky. Emma reached out to Rebecca for help. She tells her what the frat guy says and Rebecca says she will take care of it. She starts to make Alec feel like somebody knows what he did. She then has a photo on her phone of Alec holding the tire iron about to slam Derek Rogers with it. She shows him and he freaks out. He realizes that people know too much.

Mads is still really mad at Sutton. She refuses to talk to her after she hit on Ryan. Thayer is busy telling Sutton how great and amazing Emma is. Emma has a talk with her parents about how she really loves Ethan and they agree to support her in any way possible.

Laurel is asked by her cute band mate to do this 3 day weekend show in California. She knows her parents will be less than happy about it. She decides to say yes anyway. Where is Justin? Did he drop out of school? I really wish that Emma would tell Laurel the truth, I know she would fully understand.

Emma is trying to get a time from the lawyer to see Ethan. She agrees and sends Emma a text, but Sutton is the one who sees the text and deletes it. Sutton goes to see Ethan instead and pretends to be Emma. She does the doe eyed Emma look and changes her snotty voice into Emma's. He tells her that something happened with Sutton, but it didn't mean anything and he is trying to forget it. Sutton means nothing to him. This really pisses Sutton off so she tells Ethan that she slept with Thayer while he was gone. OUCH. She just ruined Emma's relationship with him.


The court case is in session and Alec approaches the bench. He wants to dismiss all charges due to lack of evidence. Ethan is set free and as he leaves he does not even say hello or goodbye to Emma as he leaves. He must be still mad about Thayer. As Emma is sad about this in her room, confiding in Kristen, Sutton walks in shortly after they are done talking. She tells her that Ethan must be hung up on her after they had a thing at the ranch and Emma is crushed.

A few things....

1. Rebecca is evil. Pure evil. She must have taken that photo of him with the tire iron. How else would she have gotten it? She is trying to get Alec back and she is doing a great job. She earns his trust and then crushes him. I need to know about their past.
2. Alec had something to do with Derek's murder. But what?
3. Ethan and Emma MUST make up. I do not want her to be with Thayer, ew. Do the twins need to share EVERYTHING?

Pretty Little Liars: Is Melissa "A"?

Wow. This episode had all sorts of twists and turns and I cannot wait to begin, so let's not keep you waiting...

The liars use the money from Spencer who Aria dubs the bank to meet with Jonah. He gives them an address, no name and leaves. Garrett is right there watching the whole thing. Aria, Emily and Hannah go to this address and see an old house. They grab a piece of mail from the door as the old man behind it screams at them. Aria falls backward and they leave the scene.

Mona is being tortured by A and she tells Hannah about this. A is going to show the picture of Mona's stolen necklace to the cops if she does not turn Hannah's mom in for sleeping with Darren, the cop. Mona then gets a police report from A saying that if she does not turn this into the Rosewood paper, she will get busted. Mona decides to return the necklace, get community service all so that Hannah and her mom stay out of trouble. A leaves a note on her apple and then she decides to eat with the other liars. It looks like Mona is not only NOT A, but a part of the liars crew now too.

Aria goes to meet with Ezra and he lets her know that he is going to take the job in New Orleans. There is such a heart breaking scene with her crying in the car as he drives away. She goes to cry in her room, with the door open as her mom comes in. She asks whats wrong and Aria cries about how her dad made sure Ezra took this offer. Ella is starting to feel like she may lose her daughter so she makes a bold move. She meets with Ezra and Aria to discuss what they have here. Aria makes a funny comment about having a tea party and smiles. Looks like Ella may be coming around and Byron's plan may be foiled.


Meanwhile, Caleb sends more of the decoded video to Hannah. It shows Ian, Garrett and Jenna saying "she is coming" and in comes Melissa. Why was Melissa there? Melissa now pregnant (and on Vampire Diaries I may add) is supposed to meet Spencer to talk about it. She ends up ditching her to get into Garret's car. Do they want us to think he is the dad? Drunk Spencer runs into Wren and goes back to his place with him. They kiss but she passes out. He really likes her and she is happy for the company now that Toby is gone. He also tells Spencer that Garrett came with Melissa to the hospital for her OBGYN appt.


Emily keeps leaving Mya messages, she is not returning them. Paige comes back from nowhere and tries to hit on Emily. She has come out to her parents.

A few big things here.....

1. Mona is NOT A. You guys can scratch her off your list
2. Hannah's mom finds the police report from A on her counter. She confronts Darren about this and he now knows that someone from the inside did this, but who? Garret, duh.
3. Melissa goes to speak with Spencer about what is really going on. Spence leaves her phone. What could Melissa tell her? Either Melissa helped to conspire to kill Ali because she was all over Ian, or Garrett is the real father of her baby? But what?
4. The letter that Aria grabbed is from a law firm that Melissa used to intern at. All signs point to Melissa, but why? Probably not what we think.
5. The cops come to knock on Emily's door telling her they need to speak about Mya. Uh Oh. Is she dead? Did A have something to do with it?

Only 3 more episodes till the big reveal, I cannot freaking wait!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gossip Girl: The Real Charlie

This episode was definitely juicy and a lot of the story lines came to a head. Let's begin, shall we?

Chuck/Blair/Serena/Dan: Chuck is still trying to take Dan down. He is sleeping with his editor and making sure that his new manuscript doesn't get sent to her. He instead uses a plagiarized version of one and makes sure Alessandra is too busy with him to notice. He gives her a green scarf as a gift to butter her up.


Meanwhile, Serena and Blair are having brunch and are fighting about Dan. Darota locks them in there to work things out. They come up with a solution of Blair spending the day with Dan as friends to prove she is not into him.

Dan learns that Lola's production company is reading scenes from his book. He goes to the reading and Blair comes with. She ends up doing the scene as her alter ego Claire and realizes after kissing Dan that she really does like him. He loves her for her and that is all that matters. She goes to tell Serena the truth and Serena is not happy, but happy she is being honest.


Blair tells Chuck to lay off of Dan and the right manuscript gets to Alessandra and Dan is off the hook for plagiarism.

Nate/Lola/Charlie: Lola is hanging out with Nate trying to get Ivy's number. She calls her and confronts her about stealing her identity. Nate checks his phone and realizes what she has done. Lola lets him in on what is going on. She uses gossip girl to track her down to the hospital. Ce Ce needs to get rushed there and begs Charlie to be by her side the whole time. Charlie calls Carol to let her know that her real daughter is here in NYC and goes by the name Lola.

They hear about what happened to CeCe and rush to the hospital. Charlie is there and Lola shows up. She calls Carol mom and everyone is shocked. Charlie tells them that she was playing a part to get the trust fund for Carol and they all tell her to get the hell out of there and banish her. Lola is less than happy to make friends with Serena now and goes to stay with Nate to cool off.

Cece passes away and everyone is super sad. But where is Charlie? She is busy calling Georgina to help her get back into UES good graces.

It seems to me that CeCe will be giving her fortune to Charlie. This cannot be the last of her!

2 Broke Girls: Kosher Cupcakes

Being in Williamsburg, it was only time until they did one on the Orthodox Jews. I have to say that the boys in this episode, would never really behave like this in the real Orthodox community. Let's begin...

Caroline is super worried about flu season since she has no health care. Han sneezes in her face and she is convinced she has it. He sneezes in Max's face as well, but she welcomes sickness and is not scared of it. Sophie comes in with boobs ablazing to meet her new boyfriend, who is very gay. Oleg is not happy about this as he wore his velour for her. We find out later that Sophie likes gay men as boyfriends. They allow her to do herself and have someone to cuddle with that is soft. ew. Han gives Caroline the name of a doctor she can use and offers to pay for it, unless its cancer of course.


They go to the pharmacy and its all Orthodox. Caroline tells some story about the Kleins who lived next door to her that she was their honorary Jew and starts spouting Yiddish words to the woman behind the counter. She is unimpressed by the "SHIKSA" (non Jewish girl) and only wants to speak to Max, because she is dark haired and feels like looking at her is like looking in a mirror. They overhear that the woman is without 80 cupcakes for her son's Bar Mitzvah and offer to help for $275.

They go to bake them and Max makes them non Kosher. Caroline tells her she must make them Kosher and makes sure she uses the Kosher ingredients. They get to the house wearing long skirts and doing their hair very conservative. Caroline spouts more Yiddish lines and the woman is not having it. She tells them that this must be "Besheret" (karma). They get introduced to the Bar Mitzvah boy Shmuli and his friend David. When the mother walks out they come in and try to pawn off their Mitzvah money to see boobs. EW. I am appalled by these scenes. They are crass and offensive and not funny. Little Orthodox boys do NOT behave like this. They are trying to act ghetto and mocking the Jewish community. I am not please.


Meanwhile, Max has a fever. The woman and bubbe (grandma) take her upstairs to lay down. They give her a cold compress, moxicillin from her husband the doctor and make her a HUGE Matzah ball soup. She feels so bad that she is getting taken care of, she tells them the cupcakes are not Kosher. She put in 4 non Kosher ones with the Kosher batch because some of them burned and she was running out of time. They don't pay them, but let her keep the compress. They choose not to say anything to the boy's mother about his behavior and leave.

Max has been out sick and comes back to the diner. She gives Caroline soup to thank her. Sophie tells them that her boyfriend broke up with her to date other women with a penis. They realize they have each other and they are family, but no more money to the total. Cute Episode, right? But vulgar!

How I Met Your Mother: Long Term Bets

Right before this airs, I tell my husband, I hope we can find out who the mother is finally and we go back to the scene with the kids recapping about the yellow umbrella. It then reminds him to talk about what happened after he told Robyn he loves her.

He sits in bed, thinking of ways to get out of it. She is at his door and they make out. Weird, but it happens. She finds out she has to go to Russia for the national butter festival. They kiss goodbye and he is left thinking about what will happen next. He calls up Marshall to meet at the bar. It's open at 8am? Marshall is in bed with Lily and apparently Barney. He took the drunk train and slept in their bed. She leaves to go meet Marshall and Ted at the bar and reminds Barney there is no sex tape.


He calls in his team of cleaning ladies to find it. He finds a lock box called Long Term bets that say things like "Robyn will never return the hairdryer", "Ted will go bald and he will rock it" and "Ted will not end up with Robyn". This makes Lily sway Ted to do things Robyn will hate like huge romantic gestures. After Barney confronts them about the box, Ted feels hurt that they are betting his life away. We flashback to scenes of Stella and Ted's almost wedding and Lily wants to end the bet, but Marshall says not yet. He is a big believer that Ted will end up with Robyn. Although, he tells his kids plenty of time about AUNT ROBYN. So I doubt it.


Barney finds the sex tape and gets do deterred from watching that he breaks the tape and the VCR. Robyn comes back from her trip and after dinner with Ted at the blue French horn restaurant she tells him its not going to happen. They are better off as friends. Ted realizes that she loves Barney and learns of their tryst earlier in the season.

Marshall tells Robyn to move out and she does so. This gives Ted the courage to get over Robyn and start looking for his wife. We see him walk in a sea of yellow umbrellas and maybe now we can learn the true identity of the mother!!

Khloe & Lamar : Season 2 premiere

They are back! The only Kardashian sister that is actually in love with her significant other (for longer than 72 days!). I am more than excited to recap both episodes of Khloe and Lammy!

Episode 1: They talk about how the romance between them must stay alive. Khloe gets a sex swing and tries to hook it up herself, but it falls when she gets in it. She even makes Rob's old room a sex room with red sheets, feathers, candles, body paint, etc. Lamar seems tired and less than interested. Rob has moved out and is having a little bro-spat with Lamar. He is mad he never comes to see him perform on DWTS. They fight it out and then hug it out. Not super exciting, but I am always happy to see two love birds.

Episode 2: Lammy is having sleep issues. He gets up at 5am to eat candy, play video games and make Khloe watch him play. She does this and ends up getting no sleep. She has her photo shoot he next day and oversleeps and then sleeps through the whole thing. Yikes. She tries to make him tea with crushed up melatonin and he sees it and pours it down the drain. She tried to play whale noises for him and he ends up getting up doing the Thriller dance, hahaha.


Malika is dating a guy who has three kids and an only separated ex. Khloe sticks her nose in too far and makes Malika second guess her new relationship. Is she doing the wrong thing or doing her? Is Khloe really an expert? I don't know.

So far just cuteness and Khloe being a nosy Kardashian. Nothing too serious, but I am excited to see their move to Dallas and how their relationship isn't as rosy as we think sometimes. How did you enjoy the premieres?

Desperate Housewives: Porter is the father!

Porter and Presten move home and Linette is less than pleased. She tries locking them out of the front and back doors. Susan tells her about the pregnancy as they overhear on the stairs. Right then, I knew one of them was the dad. Susan has this idea to find out who the father is so that he can fight for the right of Julie's baby. Susan is SO selfish here. Why not let your daughter get the right education first? She overhears Julie is going to meet the dad and goes to spy on her. She runs into Porter and now she knows who the dad is. He wants to care for this baby so Susan tells Linette and she is less than happy. Julie is mad at her mother for taking away her choice and rightfully so. I am hating Susan right about now too.


The girls hear about Orson staying with Bree and try to see her. He tells them to leave and doesn't tell her about it. He has a hidden motive. He wants to run away with her to Maine and be with her there and tells her not to reconcile with the girls. They said mean things about her. He tells her how he rehabilitated by learning to drive. He saw the whole murder, the cover up, put the note in her mailbox and more than likely ran over Chuck. I am not sure what he is up to, but we definitely know that anything can happen on this final season.


Ben has to pay back the loan shark and he doesn't have it. He tries to blow up his equipment for insurance money. Mike asks Renee to help him out and she goes to see him in the hospital after he had a minor heart attack. He tells her he wants to marry her, so she invites the loan shark to her house to pay him off. Bad idea. I can see this going south, really soon.

Gabby takes in Roy after Karen kicks him out. He starts to discipline the girls and she is loving it since Carlos is gone and cannot help her. She tries to keep Karen and him apart, which is really selfish. We learn that Karen has cancer and will probably die, so that's why she kicked out Roy. Gabby better help them get back together, or so help me.
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