Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bachelor Pad: Gymnastics

We start off with the twins fighting and making so much noise that it keeps everyone up. They hug it out and make up and we all go to bed, thank goodness.

The first challenge is men against women. They are to do a gymnastic routine with ribbon twirling and leaps and stuff. The girls go first and they are horrid. The only ones who are decent is Donna, Jamie and Blakely. The guys are up next and they are much better. Stagliano always stands out, yet hes been here before and won, so of course he would. The judges are Ashley and JP (woo hoo!) and a former Olympic medal winner. The winners are Blakely and Stag, they are safe and the worst are Erica Rose and Ed. They have one vote against them.

from abc.com

Michael gets to bring three girls out on a date with his safe rose. He brings Rachel, Lindzi and Donna. They go to see a concert and he kisses Rachel. He also kisses Donna after she shows him the drawing she did of him. He must be so high on himself right now. Him and Rachel however have a thing. He gives the rose to Rachel and she is safe too. Donna is upset.

Back at home, Chris has to be nice to Blakely even though he likes Jamie. Him and Jamie hook up.

Blakely takes her three guys on a date, Chris, Dave (super fan) and Ed. They compete in a soapbox derby and paint their own cars. Ed paints his "in a pickle" i love it. He gets the trophy. She has a sweet talk with Dave where he plays on her emotional side and then she gives the rose to Chris because he tells her he will never leave her. Sucker.

Back at the house everyone gets drunk. One of the twins hooks up with Dave, Sarah hooks up with Ed, Blakely hooks up with Chris (and Jamie climbs into the bunk bed above them - ouch), Michael and Rachel, Lindzi and Kalon. Then the twins begin to fight again. This time its so bad everyone is upset with them. One of them wants to go home, the other doesn't. They end up taking themselves out of the competition and leaving.

Time for the rose ceremony. The girls are not going home since the twins have left so its just the men. Kalon conspires to send Ryan home, since he just doesn't like him and gets Lindzi and friends to agree. Reid conspires to send Ed home since he is in an alliance and gets the girls to agree. It all comes down to Jamie, who is Ryan's partner, but ends up choosing him in the end. He goes home and Ed is safe, for now.

Monday, July 30, 2012

True Blood: Vampires in Control

After a frenzy feeding, Eric has some conscious. He tries to tell Nora but she doesn't listen. Bill is on the vamp train too. They all decide to eat the people and take down other vamps who believe in harmony. Better yet, Bill says to bomb the true blood plants so they have to drink humans. This could get ugly. Who can stop them? We find out Bill had a daughter who he refused to turn.

from wetpaint.com

There are some hot naked Alcide scenes of him and the other wolf. They are doing it and he asks to be her boyfriend. He needs to fight against JD for pack master title. JD wants to use a track star to out race and then hunt and kill. Alcide says no and JD almost kills him until Martha steps in.

Jason is concerned about Sookie getting rid of her powers. They go to see the other fairies and do a seance where she is back at her parents death. She sees her parents and the vamp who killed them named Warlow. She sees her in her dreams wanting to get her, but who is he?

from ew.com

Lafayette is stitching up his lip with vamp blood and rides away with ghost Jesus. He is asked to do a seance with Terry and Arlene. He makes contact with the woman she says she will break the curse if Terry either kills Patrick or Arlene. Patrick makes a run for it. I think he will die, huh?

Tara meets old HS frenemy and Pam decides to tie her up and let Tara eat her as a gift.

Luna breaks out of the hospital and shifts to be Sam. She is dying though. They try to get things out of the man at the hospital. They find out that Jessica was captured. Too late, Hoyt frees her after his friends let him kill her. Luna announces a big woman smell and shifts back to herself. Weird, because Sam almost kissed himself! Hoyt runs away and gets pointed a gun at.

from wetpaint.com

Project Runway: Candy Challenge

Don't you just love the unconventional challenges? This week its at Dylan's Candy bar and they have $250 (but really $500 because Dylan Lauren gave them half off) to create a wearable look and only 1 day!

from ew.com

Everyone made a really good effort except Lantie. She got frustrated and used umbrella and rain boots, which is not unconventional! Andrea made some crazy dots creation. I thought Melissa had a bad ass black creation that looked amazing just like leather. Nathan had a really heavy piece that was laden down with candy. Alicia had an orange and green one shoulder overall think. Fabio had some blue dress, Demitri's whole top was out of fabric but still safe. Kooan is so crazy, but he came up with something they enjoyed. Chris and Raul blah.

Top Three...

Gunnar - His piece looked like raffia when finished
Sonjia - my personal favorite. Made this necklace out of candy blue sharks and blue skirt and top. Very cute!
The winner - Ven - surprise! But he did this amazing couture dress with crushed up rock candy as the insides. Amazing

Bottom Three.....

Elena - used this pina colada licorice that kept falling off, horrible.
Buffi - who had this pink candy supreme, but she is safe
The loser - Lanti - thank the lord. She didn't listen, defended her ideas and used fabric!

Awkward: Valentine's Day Surprise

What a great episode... let's begin shall we?

This is the first year her dad is not her only Valentine. Matty comes up to her and asks her questions about Vday options. She assumes he is asking for Jake and tells him she likes tulips and her favorite restaurant and things. She then sees him talking to this blonde freshman and asks Ming and Tamara if she is cute and they say yes. Love the honesty.

Ming is going to the black hearts party and T says she wants to go. Ming says she shouldn't, because the Asians said that Ricky Schwartz will be there with the girl he loves. She says she is going there. While they are there, Ming meets a cute Asian guy, they snap a photo together and make out. Tamara has to go to the bathroom so bad, she cuts the line. She opens the door to find Ricky making out with WHO? Sadie. She is so upset, she just pees right there. Yikes. Poor T. Ming and her leave and leave the hot guy.

Jake gives her a cute little stuffed animal. He takes her to her favorite restaurant and gives her calla Lillis, which mean strong. So cute. When they get there, Matty and the freshman are at the next table. Yikes. It starts off fine, where they ignore them. Then Matty eats of Jenna's plate, his date asks for her napkin, Matty and Jake get into a heated debate about sports. Matty also know she is allergic to certian foods and Jake did not. Its all downhill from here. But Jenna knows that Matty will be secret with her and drops her fork, goes to get it and sees them holding hands under the table, she lifts her head up and whacks it. Matty puts ice on her head and then Jake comes with some. Matty tells her he doesn't want to mess it up like he did with her. He is trying to make her jealous. She kisses Jake and realizes she has the better guy.

from wetpaint.com

Jake tells her he loves her and she realizes that nothing matters until then. Her dad left her a stuffed animal at the door, her mom is so upset, she gives it to her and pretends its from dad.

Snooki & Jwoww: Doggie Day Care

Snooks decides to take a job volunteering at Doggie Day care. She ends up getting mobbed by dogs. Jenni decides to take a cooking class and makes a new friend. She invites her out with her and Snookie to the club. While there, they get hit on by a creepy guy. Snooki is mean to the new girl and then finally is nice to her. Jwoww isn't being so nice to Snooki lately.

At the end, Roger calls her up and tells her he is sick of her lies. She is like what are you talking about. He tells her she has been lying and she is being sued and he didn't know about it. I am just as confused as you are!

Melissa & Joey: Secrets and Lies

Ryder got $1000 from his aunt and asks Joe to invest it in this sneaker company. He says he does, but refuses. The stock doubles then triples and now Joe needs to come up with the money he lied and didn't invest. He goes to a high stakes poker game to win it, but finds out the stock tanked. So gives Ryder back his original money and none is the wiser.

from abcfamily.com

Mel is dating Haskel's dad, but him and Lennox broke up. Lennox forbids her to see him, so they sneak around. Lennox and Haskel get back together and Mel can see him in public except its not fun for either of them anymore.

from abcfamily.com

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Franklin & Bash: Plastic Widow

Stanton gets a head with bloody eyes in the mail. He has to figure out who is against him. He assumes it is this guy he did not win the case for who held up a bank. He brings him to court, but the guy has been studying law in jail and proves he didn't do it. Stanton later finds out it was the hostage at the bank who has been threatening him and they all make up.

Hannah has a relationship with the court artist. Blah.

F&B are on a case for a widow who's husband's body will be made into a plastic body and into a museum. They try to argue that the one closest to the deceased gets the body, like his wife. We later find that his dance teacher was in love with him too and she decides the body gets plasticized. When going through his will they find he had paid for burial plots and gave all his belongings and art work to his wife. Since he is now art, he goes to the wife, plasticized and all. The dance teacher loses out.

Teen Mom: Amber is Home

Amber: Checks out of rehab and flies back home. She is worried she is going to relapse. I agree. Anytime she is with Gary, things get worse. However, there is still a court order for all three of them not to be together. She makes a list of things she needs to do. Get license, outpatient rehab, new house, stop being trashy, oops. Her mom greets her at the airport and she sees baby Leah. How will it be when she sees Gary?

Farrah: Farrah's mom is still there, but now that sis is gone they are getting along swimmingly. She meets a new boy Daniel and they go out together. Their second date goes well too, its horseback riding. Seems like love for them. Her mom suggests coming back more and Farrah makes sure to draw the line that she cannot move in with her!

Maci: Bentley is still throwing a fit about preschool. She asks Ryan to pick him up, but he is late so she does. He talks to his parents about how he may want full custody. Maci is not going to be happy about this one.

Catelynn: Tyler is getting ready for college and Catelynn hasn't even signed up. He goes with his mom to get rid of her perm and talks about how he cannot be with her if she has no direction in life. He confronts her and she decides to make an appointment with financial aid. Good for you Cate!

Keeping up with the Kardashians: Cheaters

Kris invites Lance Bass over for dinner and Bruce refuses to get dressed. Rob is on the hunt for a house and finds one he likes. He cannot afford it however, says his business manager, so he asks to move back in with Khloe and Lamar. They get into a fight (him and Khloe) because he is rude. She talks to his business manager and decides on a plan for him to pay rent, but that money goes into savings for a house.

Bruce goes to golf and runs into Angie Everhart (supermodel). They decide to start playing golf together. Kris doesn't like this. She asks Bruce to pick up her dry cleaning and he forgets because he is with Angie. He calls her Ang and starts hanging out with her.

from ology.com

Kris and Kim decide to spy on Bruce and see him put his arm around Angie. What does she do instead of talking to her husband? She decides to see ex boyfriend Todd. What is wrong with her? While they are talking he whispers in her ear and asks how long he has with her. Does she not see why this is more wrong then playing golf with a friend? Bad move Kris, bad move.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Mona's Secrets

Wilden is at Hannah's door asking for blood samples. He thinks hers might be a match on the anklet. When she goes back in her house she finds a ouija board and she touches it, pricks her finger, flips it over and sees "see how easy it was to get your blood" with A circled. This board was used by her and Mona after Ali went missing. It spelled the word "alive" and she thought she saw Ali outside her house.

The girls see and hear a girl just like Alison. She turns around, her name is CeCe Drake. She used to date Jason and had an "intense" summer with Ali before she went missing. She knows all about them and their secrets. Nate has a date with Jenna and Emily is concerned. They go shopping for a gift for her at CeCe's store. CeCe tells her to tell the truth. Once she does, it doesnt help. Instead, CeCe takes Emily's phone, steals Jenna's number and calls her to threaten not to see Nate anymore.

Spencer is still avoiding Toby. She roams the streets and sees Jason driving drunk. He crashes and she makes it look like she was driving and leaves her car there. When Wilden shows up, she fakes like she was home the whole time and Toby covers for her. Jason's dad is in town and that is bad news. Hannah goes to talk to him to apologize. Apparently when she saw the ghost of Ali she called Ali's mom and Mr. DiLaurentis has never forgiven her for this.

At Radley, Aria goes to see Mona. She gets supervised visits with her as Mona construcrs a card tower and talks in giberish about games. Once the nurse leaves she tells her Hannah is in trouble and Mona fakes it. She leaves and Hannah and her sneak back in. Once in, they see Mona and she escapes. They follow her to the children's ward so she can play with her dolls. She reminds Hannah of the night she made up a code and they hide as the staff comes to collect Mona.

Also, Ella is on her first date with Pastor Ted. This guy gets around. She dumps him because he eats ice-cream just like Byron. Instead, goes out with the coffee shop owner and much cuter!

The Kickers....

1. Mona's babble is code Where were we? Maya’s away, sleeping sweet. Until Garrett’s all rosy, count on me. / Miss Aria, You’re  A Killer, Not Ezra’s Wife. / No One To Save Ali From Evil. She uses the first letters to spell a website and Mya Knew NOT SAFE.
2. They type in the website to find a picture of Mya, but it is password protected.
3. A is in the children's ward and hid a recorder in one of the doll's bodies.

Bachelor Pad: Season Premiere

This show is really great. We take previous Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants that were not lucky in love and throw them in a house together. They offer $250K for the winners (boy and girl team) and there is drama, romance, laughter and so much more. They need to compete in games and whomever wins is safe that round for elimination. Then the girls vote off the guy they want to leave the house and vice versa. It becomes very clicky and everyone always figures out who the power couples are. The key is to win the challenges, then you are safe. This season they threw in a few super fans who love the show. Let's see who the 20 contestants are this season....

The alums....

Blakely - From Ben's season. Hated cocktail waitress. She ends up partnering with Chris and making his life miserable. The girls hate her, but every show needs a drama queen.

Chris - From Emily's season. He was in the final four. He seems to be a player, getting with all the girls. This episode he kisses Jamie.

Ed - From Jillian's season. He proposed to her then cheated on her. He is a loud mouth and jumps in the pool drunk in his underwear.

Erica Rose - From Lorenzo's season. She is actually not relevant, but is very opinionated and brings color to the show. She thinks she is a princess. She hates Kalon because they know each other from the Texas social scene.

Jaclyn - Also Ben's season. Not the smartest and not the nicest.

Jamie - The nurse from Ben's season that made the awfully awkward kissing scenes.

Kalon - From Emily's season. He was the one who arrived in a helicopter and called Ricki baggage. He is the villain, but girls seem to love him.

Lindzi - From Ben's season. She was in the final two and was the horse girl. She is sweet, but maybe a bit too much. I think she has a chance of winning though.

Michael - From Jillian's season as well, but better known as the man who fell in love Holly who is now married to Blake. Yikes. He actually won last season so I am not sure why he gets to compete again. He says for love, but he is a strategy player.

Nick - From Ashley's season. He is the personal trainer and is also the first out of this week's competition, so not that trained.

Rachel - From Ben's season. She got pretty far but there was no chemistry between them. She has a chance to get far here as well as she is likable.

Reid - From Jillian's season. He tried to usurp Ed's proposal and was denied. Cute guy, but seems to be a bone of contention with Ed.

Ryan - From Deanna's season. Don't know, didn't watch and don't care. Apparently he is a 32 year old virgin.

Sarah - From Brad's first season. Again, don't know and don't care. She is a whatever for me.

Tony - From Emily's season. He is the dad who was crying about missing his son. I think he will miss his son again but guess not!

The super fans....

Brittany & Erica - The twins. You might recognize them from Jersey shore. They count as one vote and only one gets to compete. They are annoying.

Chris - SWAT. Swat officer. Nice guy, takes lots of pictures

Dave - Super fan, nothing special

Donna - likes to show off her stuff and the guys like her

Paige - Nice girl and likes Reid instantly

The fans and the alums all meet each other. After being explained what is happened Ed jumps into the pool. They have to pair up with people for the challenge. They are going to be put as couples in a heart that will tilt. Whoever stays in the longest wins and is safe from elimination. Erica and Nick fall out first so they automatically have one vote against each of them. The twins and super fan Dave win, so they are safe. Which is good, because everyone wants the twins out.

Chris ends up hooking up with Jamie the nurse and Blakely is not happy about it. She needs to go. When asked who they are voting for, Dave makes the mistake of saying its fans against alums when alums out number them. It down to other fan Chris and Nick, Erica and other fan Paige (because the guys think Donna is too hot to go). The swing vote comes down to Chris because he either wants to go along with the plan and save Paige or get rid of Erica Rose. Reid lobbies for Paige to stay because he likes her.

In the end Paige and Chris get sent packing and home in the limo. What will next week be like? Who knows! But I cannot wait.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Drop Dead Diva: Stanford Law Trip

Jane has been asked to visit Stanford Law, her alma mater, with Grayson. While there, she remember nothing of course, but finds out she was the first female president in the law group. Her old professor asks if she could sit in on a trial jury for a student lawyer. The case is a mother who is sewing a big company for not paying her OT. While there, we find out that the mother's child has methanol poisoning which came from the mother's breast milk. She represents her in a bigger case with the student lawyer and Grayson. The opposing council is the law professor. Apparently she has been their lawyer before in the same kind of case. Jane proves that the they knew about the harsh chemical and what it can do to the breast milk and didn't fix it, so even after trying to get a phony settlement, they win the case.

Stacy is being awarded for her pake business. Luke goes with her to pick a dress and be her date on Jane's command. At the ceremony she doesn't get to give her speech, but Luke makes he feel special.

Terry is still trying to get rid of Gina. There is a case Gina is having about a man who's van hit a guy in a wheelchair, he wants to settle. He doesn't want to go to trial because he doesn't want his ex-wife to see his assets. Terry does some digging. The wheelchair guy staged this. And the guy behind it is laundering money. She brings it to Kim's attention. After being battered by Gina, Kim bring it to Parker and they agree to get rid of her after this case.

The best part is that Jane and Grayson have to room together in a dorm. They almost kiss at this full moon in Stanford tradition. He ends up almost telling her how he feels until the cops come in. They are being closed for money laundering due to Gina. Uh oh.

In 2 weeks, Owen's back.....

True Blood: The Vamps are Loose

Russell is back in the mix and Eric and Bill learn that Nora and Salome are the ones who set him free. They all decide they want to drink the blood of Lillith and the one who says no gets his head ripped off. They drink and get high off V and run the streets terrorizing, even the poor taxi driver. They crash a wedding party and drink everyone dry. The form of Lillith appears and tells them to keep drinking. This is bad news. Then Godrick shows up and tells Eric this is wrong and he needs to help his sister Nora see that as well. Creepy.

Sookie has the fairies test her luminescence. They tell her that her power is waning and she may lose it all together since she is only half fairy. She is excited at the idea that she can be human again. She tries to use up all of her powers and light so this will come quicker.

Hoyt is with the supe killers and they try to get him to realize that they all need to die. Sam is on their trail though and finds one of them at the hospital. They try to convince Hoyt to kill Jessica.

Alcide is training with his pack. The grandma comes in and discredits the V theory of JD until she overhears him trying to give it to baby Emma. She knows he is wrong and takes Emma back with her.

Tara is dancing in leather at the bar. Her mother comes in and disowns her. She cries in Pam's arms as her new mother.

Terry is getting attacked by the fire demon. Big deal.

Lafayette goes to Jesus' grandpa's house and finds other heads with mouths all sewn up. The grandpa sews up his mouth as well and tries to kill him to get the mojo into his unborn son. His wife however, feels differently and kills the grandpa and unstitches Lafayette's mouth.

Jason goes to see Jess, but she is feeding on someone else. He freaks and shoots her in the head after she bites him. He leaves to see light in the sky, or Sookie.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Bachelorette: Season Finale & After the Final Rose

I have to say this was completely shocking to me. Let's begin shall we?

We start off with the families meeting the men. We have Emily's mother, father, brother Ernie and fiance. They meet Jef and he brings flowers. He is very well spoken and talks about Emily being the love of his life. They love him. Then they meet Arie and they love him too. He brings a box with all the dead roses he saved from his journey. He asks her dad's permission for marriage.

Then off to her single dates. First she sees Jef and they sit on a beach. He talks about wanting to meet Ricki. She is hesitant but he explains that if the roles were reversed, she would want to meet the daughter also. So they do. They go back to her room and they swim with Ricki and they look like a happy family together.

She is so happy in fact, she doesn't want to see Arie and sees Chris instead. She tells him she cannot see Arie fully knowing that she is in love with Jef. This is not what I expected AT all. Arie was always the front runner to me. I feel like she should've went on a date with him, but I guess if you know, you know, right?

Arie is getting ready for his date. He loves her and he wants to propose. He makes a love potion, which obviously goes awry. She sits down with him and cries. He says what is wrong and she tells him that its over. He gets up and storms out and she runs after him. He doesn't know what he wants her to say. It is just over. They hug and he leaves, doesn't understand what went wrong and neither do we.

Jef goes to pick out a ring from Neil Lane and get a beauty worth $150K. He proposes to Emily and then Ricki runs out after she takes her time to say yes and the three of them walk off into the sunset. My heart did melt a little even though it was broken from missing Arie.

After the rose.....

Hubs was sleepy, so I was lucky enough to watch! We first talk to Emily about how happy she is. We have Ashley and JP in the audience, along with Stag and a few other random C-list bach stars. We bring out Arie who is still upset. We find out that he flew to Charlotte after this was over to see her, but couldn't do it. So he left his journal on her doorstep, but she didn't want to read it. She couldn't after being in love with Jef. He also is BFF with Jef and they talked it out and he is better. He still loves her, but has to let her go.

Jef comes out, they watch the proposal, as they whisper together. He talks about why he loves her and how they have been hanging with Ricki since then. He is going to  move to Charlotte and get his own house (weird) after their jaunt through Africa. I am glad she can leave Ricki for that long to be in Africa! Then they plan to get married. Let's see how long this lasts.

Excited for Bachelor Pad 3? Starts tonight and I cannot wait!!

Project Runway: Season 10 Premiere

And we are back! The first hour is meeting the new 16 designers. I have to say they all have the same funky, quirky aesthetic. Some are more far gone than the others, but still. Only one person Ven, has a nice classic look and one Melissa who likes black and leather. Everyone else is basically the same. Let's begin, shall we?

We meet all the designers and they have their first challenge. They needed to bring a look in that represents themselves. They have 1 hour and $100 to make a complement look to theirs to represent their style. They must do a fashion show in Times Square and then one designer will go home. Already they are gay cat fights between old contestant Gunner and Christopher. We have kooky Buffi who is from Dubai, really strange Asian Kooan (who I have no idea why he is on this show, other than entertainment value). Some older woman, Lantie and Andrea. We have Fabio who is a fregan - what is that you say? He dumpster dives for food, ew. Alicia the lesbian and Elena the space ager, Lady Gaga of the group. Guest judge this week is Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls and Patricia Field, costume designer from SATC.

The top....

Melissa - her bad ass black leather jacket and hot asymmetrical dress win it. I just hope she can do more than black or Michael Kors will send her packing.
Ven - his rose top and white creme pants were amazing and matching rose dress. He has serious style and will make it to the top 3.
Christopher - who was the winner. He made this really great dress and then an ill fitting dress. I am sure Gunnar was bitching about this win.

The bottom...

Koaan - thank the lord. His cheesy Asian outfit was too wacky for us. He needs to design in Asia!!
Lantie - one girl who wouldn't take criticism. When Tim Gunn told her he didn't like it, she didn't listen. She did this little ruffle piece and snakeskin thing and it was horrid, just like her attitude.
Beatrice - Very sweet girl but her looks were so blah. She only works with knit, so she did this gray dress with knit sweater and a last minute top with belt and skirt. They bid her goodbye and she is the first to leave!

My favorites to win.....


Awkward: Church Camp

Jenna agrees to go to church with her mother. Her mother shows off her boobs and puts mints in the donation cup. Horrible, lol. Jenna is feeling low and lost so when she sees Lissa, she agrees to go on a church retreat with her. Sadie is pissed that Lissa and her have not yet reconciled and Lissa tells her she should go too, if she was a real friend.

Tamara of course, tries to get Jenna not to go with her funny speech. But she has her own problem. The same guy who tortured Jenna with "Jenna Lives" has a new slogan. "Take it outside". T thinks it is about her and her fight with Ricky Schwartz.

Val of course takes this thought of her parents being divorced as a way to meet her dad since he is cute and single. She ends up at a restaurant where Jenna's mom is about to dine alone and they sit next to each other and try to get Lacey to dine alone. Gotta love Val.

Before she heads off Jenna is at a lunch discussion with Jake and Matty about the girl who broke Matty's heart. They are talking about her in third person and she feels bad that Matty is so torn up about her. What I feel bad for is Jake, who is going to get SO hurt when he finds out the truth. How can she let it go on this long?

On the bus, Jenna spots Sadie and tries to leave but it doesn't work. Once there, Sadie is mean to her, but Lissa intervenes. She finds Clarke, the gay guy, who helps her through camp until he has an errand to do. They are in a trust circle sharing feelings when Sadie outs her for trying to kill herself. She tries to set them straight but Sadie is relentless as always. She screams I love Satan to get kicked out. Lissa follows her and they actually make up. Jenna tells her she is a good person.

Jenna goes home to blog about it and anonymous writes her. She writes "who are you?" and they write "not god". Who is that?

Also she sees Matty at school and tells him she is sorry for hurting him. She then sees him flirting with some girl and smelling his armpits and is mad all over again. I guess you cant be friends with an ex.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Snooki & Jwoww: Spray Tan Party

Snooki brings out the cake and announces her pregnancy. They are shocked and make fun of her until they give her support. She feels most hurt by Jenni, who is the least supportive. They have a little BBQ and Jionni and Roger are baffled on how to put it together. Roger asks Jionni to kick him and misses and hurts his foot.

from ology.com

We invite the partners over and some friends. One of the gay Joeys wants a spray tan and pulls up his undies to get one from Jenni. Meanwhile, Roger is saying inappropriate things in front of Jenni's father. Jenni refuses to have sex with Roger while Nicole and Jionni make love.

Melissa & Joey: Mel Cooks

Very cute episode. Mel is dating a new guy Travis and brings him home to offer leftovers. She doesn't admit that she doesn't cook and tells him Joe is just the nanny. He wants to have a date with her where she cooks. She gets Joe to teach her how to make this chicken dish. When Travis comes over, he didn't get chicken, he got lobster. She makes Joe teach it to her on the IPAD until Ryder dumps that into a pot of water. She is screwed and Travis walks in on them fighting and thinks they are together. He breaks it off with her and they have dinner together, while is masseuse date massages her feet.

from abcfamily.com

Meanwhile, Lennox's friend has a crush on Ryder. Holly is away so Ryder decides to date both girls. He cannot handle the pressure after Holly almost catches him and has Lennox break it off with her friend.

from abcfamily.com

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pregnant in Heels: Season 2 Finale

And it comes to an end, sigh.

Rosie is about to get induced in 5 days. So naturally she tries to cram everything in before the birth of their baby girl. She sees one more client who cannot produce milk and in her culture is taught she must breastfeed or she is an inadequate mother. Emanuely asks for a wet nurse (someone who breastfeeds for you) but those are illegal in NY. Rosie tells her about a program of milk sharing where other women donate milk for this reason. The catch? Rosie and her taste the milk, ew. They finally agree on organic. In the end, she gives birth and her baby likes the vegetarian milk.

Rosie's husband is worried she is not ready for the baby girl. She has not designed a nursery or bought any pink clothes. He makes her see a therapist after a little intervention with RP manager Alison. We learn that she doesn't have a great relationship with her own  mother so she is scared her and her daughter wont either. After going to a dance studio with tons of little girl ballerinas and a surprise baby shower she buys some pink things. The baby shower has all her old clients and we get to do a little recap of this season, very nice touch. She finishes her speech therapy and cries a lot this episode. She finally gives birth to baby girl Vivienne Madison Pope. So cute! They already want a fourth. WOW.

Teen Mom: Farrah's Blowout

This was actually the most intense one yet and I loved it. I didn't realize how much animosity is between Farrah's family. Let's dig in, shall we?

Catelynn: She is beginning work at a clothing store. We find out that Butch is not cleared to live in the trailer park so he has to move out. Tyler is worried about this, but Catelynn is happy she doesn't have to worry about him.

Maci: She wants to enroll Bentley into preschool. Of course he is a bit hesitant, but Maci needs to let him go. She tells Ryan about it, but he disagrees. I NEVER WENT TO PRESCHOOL I KNOW NOTHING BOUT NOTHING. So dumb. The only thing I do agree with is that why have it on his day, since he doesn't get so many. She should make them all her days and let Ryan pick him up regardless to gain continuity. Girlfriend Dalis is still around and using a ring pop, what is she 12?

Amber: Still at rehab and needs to extend for 2 more weeks but wants to come home. She got into a fight with some guys in group and Gary sweetly tells her to talk to her counselor before jumping to conclusions. She does and realizes maybe if she kept her mouth shut more often, she wouldn't be in so much trouble. She then goes to a hypnotherapist who pulls out of her that she is so angry because her dad was always angry about her sister that died of SIDS. (Sudden infant death syndrome). Yikes. She decides to extend her stay until she is better. But will she ever be?

Farrah: The main event! Her sister Ashley is visiting and her mother is coming as well. She buys her mom a blue wig to wear to be funny and her mom hates it. Ashley and her go to run errands while mom babysits. She falls asleep and Sophia paints the dog with nail polish. I can see why she is mad. She shouldn't fall asleep while babysitting. Regardless of who left the nail polish out. They all go out to lunch together and her mom is asking Ashley the same question with different words over and over again. She freaks out and starts cursing at her. Then her mom tells Farrah that she better stop before everybody leaves her. She runs off to the bathroom to cry. When they get back her mom is just crazy. She babysits Sophia at night and says will you pray for me and Sophia says NO, bahaha. The girls just talk about how hard it is not to like their mother and how they hope not to be that way with their own children. WOW. Also, why do they always call dad Michael? He must be the stepfather.

Franklin & Bash: Army Girls

I am sorry to say I fell asleep in the last 10 minutes, but I will do my best to recap! Franklin and Bash are having a party for the summer associates. Damien has his eye on one girl in particular. Turns out that she worked at a strip club he visited. They end up flirting and then having sex in his car. I guess he does get women after all. But she is goading him. She turns down the offer and goes to another firm with her knowledge she has gained from Damien. But wants to go out with him again regardless.

F&B are approached by two army girls (one is Vicky from Vampire Diaries). They got into a bar fight and may not get promoted in the army. During trial, a video of them surfaces beating the living daylights out of some people. Wow, they can hit. We find out that their woman officer was setting them up to take the fall so that they don't get promoted.

Pindar opens a package for F&B to find a knife that he breaks. He tries to take it to get fixed after learning it once belonged to General Patton. He is driving 9MPH and gets pulled over and pulls out the knife. He lands in jail for this.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Ali's Anklet

Spencer and Hannah go to the hospital to swap out the note from Garret's mom. They put another note saying to meet at the church under the organ. They are hoping to catch A in the act. His mother almost flat lines while this happens and they leave. Meanwhile, Hannah's mom is going to this Church dance with the guy from there. Hannah goes, but asks Toby to be her date. Why? Who knows, but he agrees.

Aria cant find her socks so she goes through Ezra's sock drawer and finds a ton of cash in a zipper bag. She is curious, runs out and freaks. She confronts him later on and he says he sold a car his grandpa gave him. He is lying as he looks back at the money. My guess is that he got paid by Jason for the clue. But what clue does he have? Or are the writers trying to make him look like A?

Spencer takes the note to Jason who looks up April Rose. He tells her more about the NAT club and how they filmed people and how maybe they paid people to be in the films. Weird. April Rose is an antique store. They go there and Spencer recognizes the anklet that Ali wore and never took off. Someone gave it to her. She takes it without putting prints on it and brings it into the police. She also learns that the evidence cannot be retested and Garret will soon go free.

Emily is starting to have flashbacks. She goes to the corner of where the sweatshirt was turned in. She remembers a diner, so goes in. She sits at the counter and remembers the person who brought her there had a tattoo on their wrist.

At the dance.....

Hannah goes with Toby to the dance and ignores him all night. Hannah's mom learns the guy is a pastor and doesn't have a chance. Wilden is there as well. He makes some snide comment about her and walks away. Emily finally gets there and they go to trap A. When Hannah is hiding, in walks Wilden. The hospital gave the note to the police and that is why he came there. She acts dumb. Emily runs into Holden who has the same tattoo as she remembers. He says everyone who goes to this exclusive party has one, it washes off. She remembers Holden from her visions too.

from abcfamily.com


1. What does Ezra know and why does he have cash?
2. The anklet has blood on it that does not match with Garrett's. He is set free and we don't know who the blood belongs to. This was the missing piece. Spencer cries in her room about this
3. Is Holden the one who kidnapped her? He also says he used to see Maya at these parties. How are they all connected?
4. Spencer gets a text from A saying "Garrett is not the killer"
5. We see A eating sherbet and looking through the want ads for a room for rent. Looks like A is here to stay and wants to set up a new shop.

Keeping up with the Kardashians: London

Kim is off to London to promote her fragrance. She invites Jonathan to come along but spends the whole time ignoring him. Kanye is also there on his tour and picks out outfits for her and spends time with her. Rob and Scott come as well. They spend time trying to figure out how to get Scott knighted. He becomes Lord of the manor, buys a fun fur coat and flaunts his new title all over town.

Meanwhile back at home, Bruce is always getting pushed around by Kris. Khloe and Kourtney don't like it so they make sure to not invite Kris to lunch. They also go to Boston together and we see another side of Bruce.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bachelorette: The Men Tell All

Welcome to another 2 hour event. We start with a recap of the season, some insight to the new bachelor pad and some grilling of the men.

We have a conversation with Sean, where he talks about how he loved Emily and this opened him up to the process of love. When she comes on stage they get to see each other and there are no hard feelings. In fact, I wouldn't believe anyone hated Emily.

We have a talk with Chris about how he was in love. Another talk with Doug, how he didn't make a move. We talk to Ryan about the trophy wife and other comments, but we still love him. He means well. And of course the guy btch out Kalon for being a doosh. He admits it and wont take any blame or own up to anything. Instead he makes himself look worse, even after pointing everything out to him. He even tweeted that Emily was baggage again, super rude.

We show some bloopers and then talk about how the final two are left and who she will choose. Dashing Arie or silly Jef? And she looks amazing in this tight red, Herve Leger dress with gorgeous blown out hair. She is stunning, isn't she?

Drop Dead Diva - Chloe the Crusher

Jane's mom shows up and says the girl she used to babysit for is in trouble. A girl on her swim team was murdered and they think it was her. Jane takes the trial and finds out that maybe her little sister did it. After much more investigation, we find out that the mom did. She admits to it on the stand. Even more of a twist, the mom killed the father and buried him in the backyard when he tried to leave her. Yikes! Jane stopped talking to the family years ago, because she tried to have the daughter reconcile with the father and the mother wasn't having it.

Meanwhile, Stacy and Terri are trying to find Owen. They break into his apartment to learn that he went to see an ex-girlfriend in Minnesota. They have a bonfire of all of Owen's stuff so that Jane can come to terms with the fact he is gone and not coming back.

Luke on the other hand is getting bought out of the agency by a new woman (Greer, from Ringer) and he is not happy about it. What is her story? I don't know, but I know she is after Grayson. Which is bad news for Jane.
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