Friday, October 26, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: Big Balls

I was a little lost here. Christina is sleeping with her boss (Rex) and he wants to fire Feeny, how dare he? She somehow gets him to use new technology which thwarts this.
Meredith and Derek are still sleeping together. She gets a tumor and doesn't tell him to interrupt him from teaching interns. Avery and April are sleeping together. Avery's mother is in town and sleeping with Cheif again. They have a case on a guy who has swollen testes and ends up falling in love with his bestie.

I guess the main story line is Robbins getting her prosthetic. She falls, but gets back up with the help of Alex. And she may learn that Alex is the one who amputated her. And her doctor was Ethan Embry (whatever happened to him?!)

I am getting a bit bored with Grey's. I am glad this is the last season! With that being said, why not amp it up a bit and let everything go in the last season?

Vampire Diaries: Rebekkah's Party

Tyler is in the hospital and the vamp hunter is there. Instead of trying to kill him, he withdraws werewolf fluid from him. Elena is busy feeding on Matt. The hunter comes to their school, after Rebekkah hands out fliers for a house party. Elena is so enraged, she wants to kill her. The hunter sees another bandage on Matt's arm and makes him tell who the vamps are. He points out Rebekkah.

Back at Tyler's house, Klaus is there with other hybrids. They are there to protect him. A girl named Hayley is also there. She had helped Tyler break the sire curse. She also had a thing with Tyler, which Klaus confronts him on. Damon tries to invade the hunter's trailer and gets caught with arrows attached to bombs. He calls Meredith to help him.

Rebekkah throws this big party and she steals Elena's ring from her. Cruel. She then gets it back. Matt tells off Rebekkah and makes her feel bad. Anyone who drank the beer, drank Werewolf venom and is sick, including Elena (who does a kick ass headstand) and Rebekkah. Jeremy gets approached by the hunter. He tells Jeremy he can see the tattoo, because he is a hunter in training. Very Buffy here. Jeremy leads Connor into a trap at the hospital. After Damon traps him there, him and Klaus try to figure it out. Klaus is amazed he is a hunter and one of the FIVE, whatever that means. They blow him up and the hospital.

Klaus saves Elena with his blood. We learn he did not kill the hunter. Why? Because being one of the five is very special. We wont know why however till next week.

Suburgatory: Halloween Episode

It's Halloween again in Chatswin and I am so excited! Tessa, who has made home in the bathroom stall, hears the girls talking about being slutty skunks and rebels. She doesn't understand why they wont be real women and not strippers. She keeps getting followed until she reaches the library and a book falls into her lap. When studying at Lisa's, Sheila Shay sees the book and knows its the work of the "Witch of East Chatswin". Who? Paula. Some girl who opened her pudding cup, hung her Holly Hobby doll up and took shop, not Home Ec. Another feminist like Tessa. Sheila burns the book and her husband says "Last book you burned was Belly Laughs". Funny enough, because I read that book and I actually LOVED it. Tessa sees this Paula in her black robe over a cauldron and runs away from them off to the Halloween dance.

Meanwhile, Dallas is getting fit for her Barbie costume and tells her seamstress she is finally going to ask out George. He comes in to fix a light "thingy" and she asks him to be her Ken. He turns it down, but because he is going as Noah. He tans, bleaches his teeth, wears pink and shaves his facial hair. Noah dresses as him with a beard and a flannel shirt. They show up at the club and they are super nice to George and kick out Noah. Dallas walks in as Barbie with Dahlia as her skipper. Not enough Dahlia this episode. She tells George that her mother wanted him to be HER KEN, not just KEN, but HERKEN. She gets a vodka/cranberry and says its because she has a UTI, she then pukes it up. George asks Dallas on a real date and she accepts. I was SOOO happy!

Lisa is dresses and Velma and Malik (finally appears) as Fred, but Ryan Shay dressed as Fred as well, while Tessa, who is dressed as Daphne, is missing. She is in the hallway with Paula as Sheila and the rest of the Chatswin people are chasing her with torches. She is just a feminist and wanted Sheila to stand up for herself. Tessa shuts the lights and allows Paula to escape and keeps her cape.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 - Season Premiere

And we are back!

This episode we are focusing on Dawson and the possible reunion of the Creek characters. He keeps getting letters every year to have a reunion that he turns down. Little did we know that Chloe has been writing them to boost his ego. June convinces him to have the reunion and then learns that Chloe has been faking it.

He finally meets up with Busy Phillips and she is all incognito, because all of the other cast mates hate him. At the last episode they all bought a boat and sent it away, but James never chipped in. He even tries to get Frankie Muniz on the reunion and then meets with Mark Paul-Gosselar. Cute!!

June tells all her friends that the reunion is on, but they don't have time for her. She talks about her failed job, living situation and relationship. Finally they set the boat on fire and have a funeral for Dawson's Creek as they give up the idea of a reunion. I would love to see him and June get together.

New Girl: Boob Fight

It's CeCe's birthday and the ritual is to eat a whole cake and watch Clueless. But CeCe wants to go out with her dumb model friends. Jess agrees, but they always think she is a Russian monkey cartoon. While at the club she tells them off and tells them that they make CeCe dumber. They get into a punching boob fight. The next day CeCe is so hungover she cannot model for Ford. Jess agrees to and ends up getting her heel stuck in the rotating platform and messing it all up.

Schmidt gives Nick a cookie and Nick cannot understand why everyone is so nice to him. He starts talking about wanting to get a turtle. Then Nick decides to get a star of David cookie for Schmidt, but its too late. Not sure about this whole scene here.

Pretty Little Liars: Halloween Special

Remember where we left off? Toby was part of the A team and Mona was sneaking out of her room. Well, we are right back there. Mona is singing the Teddy bear picnic song and painting a mask. She puts it in her bed and sneaks out for the night. Just in time for Noel Cahn's Halloween party on a train. How much money does this kid have to reserve a WHOLE train? Of course everyone is there, except Caleb who cannot be seen with Hannah and Ezra who cannot go. But Paige goes with Emily and Spencer and Toby of course go. Before they get on the train, Garrett shows up at Spencer's and tells her they need to talk. Toby tells him to leave and he does. We know that A will be there, since in last episode he booked two tickets.

We also have a creepy scene with Hannah's mom and the priest handing out candy. A small, blonde girl comes in and wants to call her mom. If you remember her, she is the one from the tale that Alison told about the twins who stabbed one another and got locked up. I wonder if they are trying to allude to Ali's twin still being out there, etc. She goes to make a call and is freezing (aka ghost) and Hannah's mom puts two and two together, but not before the apparition is literally out the door.

On the train.....

We have live music by Adam Lambert! He sings two really great songs and even hits on Aria. Very cute! She is dressed as a flapper, Hannah as Marilyn, Spencer and Toby as Bonnie & Clyde, Emily as a sexy alien and Paige as someone in a suit. Jenna is there with Noel and they are still together. She has an eye patch on and gets made fun of, which is pretty fitting. At some point we see Caleb has snuck on as Phantom of the opera and kisses Hannah in secret.

The scary baby mask is there and puts something into Aria's drink. Cut to her locked in a crate in the back of the train as the baby is trying to kick her off. The rest of the girls notice her missing, but cannot find her yet. Hannah thinks she is kissing Caleb, but reveals the mask to be another masked figure, which I think is Mona.

Spencer is confronted by Garret who snuck onto the train. He tells her his story about fighting with Ali that night. Ali pushed Jenna so Jenna told him to kill her. He pretends to, but doesn't and since Jenna is blind, she doesn't know. He then leaves and comes back and sees Byron (yes, Aria's dad) talking to Ali. Weird right? She tells him to stay put as she gets Aria. Then Spencer gets attacked by the scary baby and almost choked up and Paige is there to save her. I have a feeling this was Toby. It seemed too tall and too strong to be Mona and she was busy with Hannah.

They finally find Aria in the crate and save her from being destroyed. A texts them saying someone wont make it. They set her free and in the same box is Garrett who is dead. They call the cops on board and everyone is shocked, but of course Noel swears that Aria did it. Jason is on board as well and somehow Toby shows up to comfort Spencer. Ezra rode alongside the train, heard about the danger and was there to hug Aria. The ice box with drinks gets knocked over and underneath it all is the dead body from the grave, Ali's. Everyone, even Noel, is mortified.

We cut back to Mona back in her bed, with the mask under her bead. And the real kicker? We see some dirt and land and a hand sticking up from under the ground. Is that Maya? Allison? Her twin? WHO? OMG.

We won't know anything until January 8th!! And I cannot WAIT - can you?


1. Jason is the only one left in NAT that is not dead. Ian and Garrett are both gone.
2. Do you think Ali had a thing with Byron and that is why she wanted Meredith out of the picture so bad?
3. Do you think Allison is alive?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Gossip Girl: Blair's Fashion Show

Blair is getting ready for her fashion show. She needs an IT girl and cant think of one. She even calls Serena, but she turns her down meanly. She is working so hard that she is starved and dehydrated. She has to be on bed rest with IVS, so Chuck goes to set everything up for her. After some extortion she has Sage be her new IT girl.

Dan is getting backlash for the article he wrote about his dad and Ivy. Fake Charlie is his new girlfriend and its actually gross. She tells GG that Rufus is threatening to sue his son and this causes a fight between them. Dan ends up giving all his rights to Vanity Fair. Nate kicks him out for this and Nelly Yuke offers to put him up, but some girl comes to buy him a drink and he ditches her.

Sage is giving Serena issues at home. She decides to take down Serena by ruining the fashion show. She strips down to her underwear and Serena thinks its planned by Blair, so she talks badly about the collection. Everyone walks out, it is a bomb and Nelly writes a horrible piece on it. Sage admits to them both, she sabotaged it herself. Oops! She goes to see boyfriend Nate, who could be the voice of reason. Does anyone ever consider the power of love?

Chuck finds the man in the photo and gives him tons of money for info. We find out about a Lady Alexander. We must find her? Why? Who knows. At least him and Blair get to be out in public together. Why aren't they together again? I'm so confused!

90210: Dixon Walks

Aid and Silver: Silver is not ready to have a baby, even after they throw an insemination party for her. Aid thinks she should go over her fear list. She finally gets her to acrobat and this helps, but not enough. She breaks her ankle. At the hospital, she sees another person who has the same problem. She took out her ovaries and breast. Silver realizes she is ready and makes an appointment at the clinic for tomorrow. She also does naked photos, pre-maternity. Aid is just with Dixon, nothing new.

Annie and Dixon: Dixon refuses to try and walk and Annie keeps blaming Riley for this. She makes Dixon go to some support group of car crashes. While there, he meets the daughter of the man who crashed into him. He bonds with her, but does not tell her his identity. I would think it would make her feel better to know her father did NOT kill everyone. Riley gets Dixon to get out of his chair and into crutches. Annie and Riley might have a thing now. We will see.

Liam: He is doing his video game thing and asking lawyers how to get out of his contract. It is iron clad unless Vanessa dies. He is contacted by an FBI guy and pretends not to know what happened to her. In the end, he goes to tell them all he knows and we find out that she is a known crook who keeps changing her identity. He is off the hook and contract free. Plus he got a haircut, big bonus!

Naomi: She is determined to be besties with Alec. She makes him think he has a business meeting on a boat but its with her. They have lunch and go to the pier for ice-cream and to play games. He wins her a silver unicorn and then kisses her. Of course this is a trick. She says she is going to tell Max and he pulls out photos of them. He is trying to set her up. Why? Because nobody gets to be happy on these shows, duh!

666 Park Avenue: Who is Nona?

I am still waiting for this show to grab me, until then, I am waiting. Let's begin...

Henry is called into his office saying he is going to get disbarred for helping Gavin with insider information. He swears he never told him as they pull out surveillance photos of him being besties with Gavin. He decides he needs to sneak into his apartment and get the files he needs. He does, but leaves the cap to his harddrive. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Annie is still being captive by Kadinsky. She gives up her editor's name and then escapes. She goes to her editor's house, but he is dead too. She sees Gavin and tells him her troubles. He says if she writes a story about the corrupt commissioner then Kadinsky wont bother her. She agrees to do it but then follows them to the party regardless.

Jane catches on that Nona is the thief. She sees her with stolen glasses from her therapist. She tells Nona to give it all back and she wont tell. She does, except for her necklace. We learn that Nona's grandma is never around (is she dead or a ghost?) we see Nona talking to her, telling her maybe they can trust Jane. She gives back her necklace at the end. She also warns Jane not to let Henry go near the man with the compass tattoo. She has a vision of him killing Henry.

At the party.....

Gavin is upset about Henry possibly turning him over. He gives him the cap back which reveals that he knows Henry snuck in. Olivia is furious and Jane is clueless. Kadinsky is there and pulls a gun out on Henry and the commissioner. Jane warns him, because of Nona and he ducks and saves the commissioner. Someone gets shot. Who? Annie. She dies.

The suitcase is still in Jane's closet and the little girl is scared under the bed. He escapes the case and I believe is the man from the wife murders earlier in the season. But who is the girl?

Revenge: Amanda's Baby Shower

Emily invites Amanda to stay with her after her Jack breakup. She wants her to drop the journal off to Victoria in exchange for a check for $100k. This way she can compare the signature to the guest book of the insane asylum. She goes over there to talk to her and Charlotte catches them. What are they discussing? A baby shower for her. She accepts to this, even though it will be tomorrow.

Daniel is suspicious of daddy and Ashley as he should be. They have been talking. But after he confides in her, she tells Conrad she is no longer spying. This leads to some gross sexual act by them in the end. Again. HATE them together and want him back with Emily.

Jack is trying to pay back the guy Declan stole from. Problem is the inspector wont let him reopen the bar. He tells the guy and the guy says there must be another way. Well, turns out this guy is working with someone to try and buy the bar out from under him. But where will they live?

Nolan and Padma discover his dad has passed. She takes him to his storage unit where her rummages through things and lays his dad to rest. He then tries to kiss her and falls so ungraciously into some boxes. Lucky enough, he picks up and kisses her. Is she evil? Or isn't he gay? Confusing to say the least.

Aidan goes back to see Kara and tries to get her to trust him. She doesn't. She tases him and ties him up then flees. She is more in love with Gordon and knows this man is not here to help her.

The Baby Shower.....

The shower is all set and Amanda brings her girls from the club. Emily is there as well, since she is the godmother. Victoria hates whenever she is around. Charlotte gives her a stroller as her gift as new aunt. She is still wearing her earpiece. She goes to speak to Victoria alone. She asks why she would keep her from her mother and Victoria responds, she tried to kill you. They fight and fight and Amanda falls over the railing. She plummets to the floor and an ambulance is called. Charlotte goes with, since she is the sis.

She is rushed to the hospital and Jack is there too. They saved the baby,  but he is in NICU and Amanda is in an induced Coma. Doesn't look good for stripper. Kara hears about the accident on the radio (didn't know they were celebs) and rushes to the hospital to be by her daughter's side. Ems sees them together and has the flash back of her mother trying to drown her. Uh oh. Looks like it just got real!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Captain Hook

Have to say, loved this episode, through and through. Let's begin, shall we?

In Fairy Tale Land....

We learn that Rumple's wife Mila hates him because he did not fight in the ogre wars. She goes out drinking to get away from him and drinks with Captain Killian and his men. Rumple goes to find her again and she has left with the Captain and his men to be their ship bitch. He offers her back if Rumple can fight him, but he cannot. Later on when he becomes Rumple, he sees the Captain and he calls him "Crocodile" because of his green scaly skin. He soon learns he is the dark one and is scared. He asks where Mila is and the Captain says dead. He is about to fight him, when Mila appears. She tells Rumple she ran away with the Captain and loves him and not Rumple anymore. He then rips her heart out and crushes it. She shouldn't have said that!! He goes onto his ship and sees the man who can secure things and wants the magic bean from him. The Captain says he cannot have it, but he chops off his hand to get it. He then has to use the hook for a hand. (Of course in Peter Pan, a real crocodile bites his hand off) They then use the magic bean to sail to neverland and Smee becomes his pirate partner. Rumple is upset when he learns there was no bean in this severed hand.

In Storybrooke....

The dwarfs are in the mine, still looking for dust. So is David and he is also acting sheriff. Belle learns that Rumple is still doing magic and runs away. Mr. Gold looks for her and finds her father's flower shop (the rose from the story!) and he doesn't know where she is either. He sends Smee to find her and they kidnap her. They want to send her across town lines, so she forgets Rumple. David finally breaks her free and she huffs off. Mr. Gold gives her the keys to the library and of course it has an apartment to go with. She then asks him to have a hamburger with her. So cute.

In real life - Fairy Tale Land...

Still no sign of Regina, MM or Emma in this, but we do see Captain Hook on the beach. In cahoots with him? Cora. She has the remains from the wardrobe and they are going to sail to guess where? Storybrooke! What a curious name he says. She wants revenge on Regina and he wants it on Rumple. But does he have power?

Grimm: Smart Kids

Really smart kids are training for a tournament. After hanging out, one gets mauled. Then another, but one of the other kids' watches is in her hand. Nick sees they are not human, but not a kind that kills. After more investigation, we find out that the Pierce's mother altered his DNA in the womb to be half of a more vicious kind. This way he could be smart and win things like this. Turns out it backfired. Being 18, he was arrested. When the guys in jail tried to bully him, he attacked.

Nick, Juliet and Hank are at an awards dinner for the captain. Nick and Hank have to leave so he drives Juliet home. She remembers him in her dreams and he does too. When he drops her off he sneaks back in and breaks a frame of her and Nick. He also heads off to the spice shop for a solution to his obsession. Monroe cannot help him, but funny how he does not know who he is.

In Vienna, Adalind is speaking to Renard's brother. They talk about Hexenbeasts and she says she knows about the Grimm. I wonder what the matchup there is. I am guessing he is a wicked prince charming of some sort.

Jersey Shore: Girlfriend Situation

Jenni and Roger are fighting about the fight that broke out on someone's stoop. I am not sure why they are together still! She actually ends up fracturing her ankle. Snooki is more than excited because she will have someone to sit with. They can go to the club and sit in the corner together.

Mike ends up asking Paula to be his girlfriend, which is super cute. She even sends him chocolate covered strawberries. Deena is looking for a meatball. She gets out of bed, with bed hair, then goes to the bar. She drinks and interviews people to be a meatball. She gets really drunk and goes to the shore store. Instead of taking her home, they let her drink more. She walks out into the street to dance and gets caught by the cops. She has no idea why, but then starts crying. I don't feel bad for her. She is trying to be Snooks!

Project Runway: Season 10 Finale

We are in the final stages and the designers have time to design one more outfit or use more in their own designs. They are taking the judges words to heart. Their families are there as well and everyone is feeling the pressure. Guest judge is Jennifer Hudson.

The Collections....

Chris - Still had those shorts they told him to take out. But had some beautiful pieces.
Melissa - Used this blood orange fabric to make the last dress, amazing. She had one white dress her model could NOT walk in.
Fabio - Had his pastels with light and airy looks. He did polish them up a bit. I still don't know what they see in them.
Dimitry - Showed his yellow dress and a few more pieces. And he was declared the winner! Go him!

Scandal: The Fed is Watching You

A man named Artie who works for NSA comes to Olivia in a scary garage and needs her help. Apparently there is a device that monitors everything. They need to get the device and keep Artie safe. Little did they know that he was trying to copy the program for himself. He kills his coworker as well and gets free, but not for long.

The President is jealous of Olivia talking to her ex-boyfriend. He summons her to come to a hunting trip and they kiss. She tells him that she is NOT his property and she is right. Nelly is keen to this and tells him that if he sees her again she will make his life miserable, and I believe her.

Quinn is getting tortured by Abby and she taunts her and calls her Lindsay. She finally stands up for herself. Abby is so blown away, she sleeps with David. Who btw is still trying to figure everything out on his board at home.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: The Settlement

The lawyers from the crash are offering everyone a big settlement. Christina and Hunt have been phone buddies about it. Maybe they will get back together? She is starting to hate her job in Minnesota and then finally learns to appreciate the ways of her mentor, Dr. Pheeny? Lol. She learns from him that he was in a plane crash too. I love the part when she tells her patient's family that pop pop cannot have a tater tot hot dish. LOVE!

Alex is being mean to his intern because he has slept with every other girl intern. Callie is letting hers scrub in on a girl who broke her foot during a boating thing. Her parents think that she will do it again, so Callie scolds them on being parents. She is dealing with Arizona, until Arizona falls on the way to the bathroom. As she sits there in her own urine, she realizes that Callie is going through this too. I didn't realize she had one good leg still. Maybe she will get a prosthetic?

Avery learns that Kepner is back and he is happy about it. She says she is re-virginizing herself. They make out. I like them together. Bailey is mad that the resident's lounge has become their closet, kitchen and bed. She leaves notes for them to stop it. We learn that her ex has gotten remarried and Tucker is in school and her boyfriend is busy, so what does she do? Appies and Galls. Lol.

Derek decides to see the plane wreckage before he settles. He learns that if he settles, they will never uncover the truth of what happened. Which would mean that Sloane and Lexi's death would mean nothing. He tells the board not to settle. Callie even tells the lawyers to shuttup. Love it!

Vampire Diaries: The Funeral

Stephan needs to get Elena used to animal blood. He takes her to kill a deer, but she throws it all up. Damon even lets her feed on him, but she vomits it and so on with a blood bag. The whole theme here is get newbie vamp Elena to feed.

There is a new vampire hunter, Connor Jordan. He goes to the site of the gas blow up and finds a note for Pastor Young's daughter April in the oven. He goes to meet the townsfolk and shake all their hands. Little do they know his gloves are seeped in vervain. Tyler's hands burn and he shoots him with wood bullets with carvings. Tyler is hybrid so he survives. Connor is out to find all the vamps and goes to hunt for them at the council's funeral. Bonnie is hold up in her house and won't come out since the re-death of Grams and her magic being stripped. Poor Bonnie, she should move away.

At the funeral....

April, the daughter is there and she may be Jeremy's new love interest. The hunter finds her and stabs her, then ties her down. He wants the blood from her to drip down and make the vamps so hungry. I swear, the funniest thing, when they can all smell the blood and whisper to not make a fuss, so they don't give themselves away. Hilarious. Elena cannot take it anymore, so Matt lets her feed on him. This does the trick. She needed blood from the vein. Then Tyler gets up to speak and the hunter shoots him. They find April and Elena gives her blood and compels her to forget. She is getting stronger, but needs human blood for a little while. Stephan is not happy.

Back at the grill, Matt with a bandaged neck and Jeremy meet the hunter. They shake, so he knows they aren't evil. Jeremy comments on this guy's ink. But he is the only one who can see it. Why? Can't he only see dead people?

They have a little funeral with Chinese lanterns. They say all the people they lost, light it and send it on its way. Damon doesn't care and goes to Alaric's grave. He talks to him and Alaric appears, so sweet. I wish someone could see him.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Suburgatory: Season Premiere

Welcome back to Chatswin, y'all! When we last left, Tessa was off to NY and met her grandmother. Noah was about to have his baby via Eden, who broke it off with George. Dallas was divorced. Lisa found out that her brother Ryan is adopted. Let's see what's new!

We start off with Tessa coming back from NYC on train. She spent her summer living with her grandmother, learning about her mother, partying it up and having the best time. She comes home wearing her jacket and wanting to learn how to sing like her. George is less than pleased. Tessa decides to sign up for the Fall Follies to portray her new found talent. She gets the guitar from George and finally sings the song her mother wrote, which turned out to be the theme song of the show. She did a great job!

Lisa has been blackmailing her mother with knowledge of Ryan's adoption. She gets the lead in the Follies, which consists of singing one line out of a garbage can. Her mother shows her the baby picture of Ryan with abs. She then realizes that Lisa has no power. If Ryan leaves, she will be stuck with her mother. Ryan does the solo in the cat outfit in the end. No talk of her and Malik though. I wonder what happened in macrame camp!

Noah and Dallas have been fighting over Carmen. Noah wants her to watch his new baby, which was hung up on a hanger at the club in his Bjorn and also wears identical outfits to Noah every time we see him. Dallas wants Carmen in her house to take care of her and Dalia. Dalias has the funniest lines when she is like GOODBYE CARMEN. GOODBYE FOREVER CARMEN. She then realizes she will miss her and tells Tessa the importance of a nanny. Which includes nannies ordering from restaurants for you. They do rock paper scissors for her and Noah wins.

I remember why I heart this show. Dahlia kills it every time!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gossip Girl: Who is Sage?

Chuck: He is still trying to figure out his father's secrets. He uncovers that Amria slept with his father. But is that enough of a reason to pay her 10mil to be quiet? She leaves the company and he keeps searching. Bart even buys Lily a necklace to make up for it. I don't get her. She was with Rufus and in love and now she loves Bart again? So weird. Amira sends him an envelope with a picture of man near his father. Who is this man?

Blair: Has her new line coming out and a reporter from WWD coming to see her. When she gets there its Nelly Yuke. The girl she kicked out of her minion club. She plans to destroy her with Poppy's line. Apparently its all the same fabrics and styles. When Blair tries to steal all Poppy's models, she learns they just like the same things. Nelly plans to let her either come up with something or move on. She ends up recreating her mother's line in 10 days. Can she do it?

Dan: He is trying to sell his book, but they are all scared of using first and last names. He finally asks Nate to publish it. He is tired of living with Georgina, since she watches him while he sleeps. He gets a talk from Nelly saying that he should stop trying to fit in with these people.

Serena & Nate: She has been invited to be on the board of the Central Park conservatory. She feels like her adult life is ready and her other one needs to be left behind. Her and Steven are happy until she spots him having lunch with Nate's Sage. At the party she confronts him and Nate breaks it off with Sage. They find out that Sage is Steven's teenage daughter. She still sees Nate and Serena tries to be cool and talk about Gossip Girl. Sage is like that is for old people, haha. She vows to break their relationship.

90210: Vanessa is BACK

Naomi: Max's company is in jeopardy, so Naomi decides to throw a party to make them look respectable. His business partner is less than pleased, but goes along with it. They invite some video game guys there. First she kicks them out and then throws a kick ass party to get them to stay. They agree to do the deal as long as Liam is the star of the video games. Everyone is happy, except Naomi. Max has to go to Japan for the deal now. I think his partner is behind all of this.

Dixon: Still in a wheelchair and Annie cannot help but help him. He gets upset when a guy from rehab tells him to stop being like that. She ends up helping him and then telling that guy off. Aid is by his side, except she has feelings for the guy who she met in Vegas who is now in the mix.

Silver: Her and Teddy go to the sperm bank. During the party she tries to kiss him, but he is gay. She is going to have his baby, but realizes that Navid and Liam don't want her either. She cant have her cake and eat it too.

Liam: Vanessa is back and videotaped him walking away from the fire. She blackmails him into giving his relationship a try. She buys a house so they can live together. She goes with him to the party, after they have sex, and flaunts it in Silver's face. She then announces they are engaged and he is furious. He tells her how mad he is and she falls off the balcony. He calls 911, but when he looks down her body has washed away. Is she gone for good?

Switched at Birth: The Trial

Daphne: She and chef Jeff are having a great time, eating fried bugs together. She goes back to his house and they are so close to having sex, she ends up throwing up. Melanie comes by to get her sunglasses. She was complaining earlier to Regina that he broke things off with her. She sees Daphne's car there and knows what is going on. She tries to speak to her about it, but Daphne wont listen. They say they should break up, but in the end she goes back to his house to maybe sleep with him. Woah.

Bay: She is still trying to find the money to pay her dad back. She gets some from Toby, but its not enough. She finally gets money from Simone and puts the money back. Too bad John realizes there used to be hundreds and now there are 20's. Daphne tells her to confess or she will. She tells her family and they are rightfully more than disappointed in her. She leaves her house and asks to live in Zarra's trailer. Why does she like this girl so much? She thinks that would have been her life if she had been raised a Vasquez.

Toby: Him, Emmet and Nikki rock. But then she tells him that her boyfriend is uncomfortable about it. Emmet pushes him not to let her go and he then asks her back. They get back to their band.

The Trial: They call up the nurse who is crazy. They get a good story out of her, but then the other lawyer makes her sound nuts about barcodes on babies and being given to the devil. Finally, they realize that two other girls were switched, the Tiffanys. That mother will testify. Katherine asks her how long it took her, 9 days. She feels like a bad mom now. At the end, they have one more witness, Katherine. Uh oh. Let's hope she can stand the heat!

666 Park Avenue: The Obit Writer

Jane was trapped in the basement but Henry got her out. She is seeing a dead little girl there, but she is the only one. Who is this girl? Brian is in the laundry room talking to a girl Annie (Point Pleasant crossover) about her job. She is an obit writer and wants to be a full blown journalist. She runs into Gavin and he tells her to write what she wants. She goes home to write her obit and makes it up, saying he is a hero against Russian spies. The next day in the cab she hears that what she wrote came true. She begins to write about her mom being a real children's author and her clothes and hair get better. She is then asked to write something about the Russian gangster. Unfortunately for her, that comes true as well and he ties her up in her own apartment. Uh oh.

Meanwhile, its the 10th anniversary of Sascha's death. They put orchids up all over. Jane asks Olivia to lunch and they talk about it. Apparently it wasn't an accident and she committed suicide, knowing her father is in cahoots with the devil. Olivia almost crashes her car, drinking and thinking about this. She ends up burning the letter.

Henry and Gavin go to lunch and he wants to be new chief of staff for a politician. He goes to talk to him and gets the interview. Once he gets hired, Gavin and this man have a talk and Gavin doesn't like what he says. He pushes him down an empty elevator shaft into some white light. Creepy.

Henry and Jane go out dancing with Louisa and Brian. They see Alexis there and Brian is uncomfortable. Especially after she walked right in on them in the middle of sex. Henry notices it as well. Brian might want to get out of their lease, but it seems more than iron clad.

At the end, Jane goes back into the basement and grabs a suitcase she found there. When she brings it back up, we see someone trying to get out of it. Yikes!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2 Broke Girls: Cupcake Wars

Max is serving two customers and promoting her business. They go home and Max is in her room laughing about cupcake wars. Caroline says they should enter. They make a home video to send in. It includes Chestnut and cute shirts they made by using Caroline's flat iron to put letters on.

They get called in and are up against a New Orleans people. During their intro, Caroline spaces out and messes it up. The secret ingredients are Southern sole food and the other team is making gumbo cupcakes. Caroline messes up the kitchen with milk and flour before deciding on chicken and waffle cupcakes. They lose the show, but funny to watch.

How I met Your Mother: Godparents Game

Lily and Marshall have deemed their friends not to bother them with  news less than an 8. They all sit down and go through their lives and decide nothing is important enough. Barney is sleeping around again, Ted and Victoria are talking about paying her father back for the wedding and Robyn is upset Nick got a moped not a real motorcycle.

They are trying to figure out who will take care of Marvin if they die. They fight about his mother, then her mother, then her father and think of his brother. They go to tell him the good news and he has left his wife and kids to be a beach bartender. Nix that. They think maybe their friends. They all try to compete by bringing big teddy bears and Barney singing bro songs to kids tunes.

Finally, they decide to have a game show out of it. Spin the wheel and answer questions to be the godparents. After some hilarity ensues, they tell them off saying they need to grow up and the days of closing down the bar are over. They leave and they realize they are wrong. They go to the bar and decide to hear all problems, 8 or less. Then they sign Marvin over to all three of them. Cute!

Revenge: The New Graysons

We open with Emily finding the white haired man killed by Aidan. She knocks him over the head and throws him in a dumpster. Pretty harsh. We find out through flashbacks they had some romance and when they were supposed to leave together, her left without her.

At the Grayson house, Victoria is planning a whole media frenzy. She has banned Emily and everyone else from the house. They must stay in hiding. Charlotte, gives Amanda, a $5000 gift certificate to create her nursery. Jack is unhappy about this and tells her to return it. We flashback to the plane, where Victoria gets a call from the white haired man and is warned to get off in exchange for Charlotte's inheritance. Daniel is so enraged by his mother's betrayal. Emily foes through his pockets and finds out his name, Gordon and a phone with a bullet in it. She asks Nolan to find out what is on it. He seems to put all his attention to Ems and the new CFO is not happy about this.

On the side, Declan is robbing a home with his new friend Trey. Apparently he leaves his license behind, but the man they robbed from is super nice and offers to not press charges if he gets all his stuff back. Declan, what are you doing?! Emily begs Amanda to drop off a diary to Charlotte. Little does she know, she has altered this diary.

Aiden grabs a motel key from his pocket and goes to discover the engine from the plane he blew up in his room. She shows a sketch to the woman at the front, who is Emily's real mother, and tells her he is dangerous. She does some checking and finds out that Aidan is not a cop. Emily also finds a pocket watch in Gordon's things and a picture of her mother in it. After listening to the voicemail on his phone, she learns they are intimate and her mother is alive and loves him.

At the Graysons....

During the interviews, Emily and Amanda both crash. She gives the diary to Charlotte and she lets it slip to the reporter that David Clarke is her father. Daniel then gets the fake passport in the mail and flips out. They call a family meeting and Victoria takes over from here. I love this. She makes a speech about Charlotte's real father and brings Amanda up there with baby in belly and brings her family together, stronger than ever. Problem with this? Jack sees it on TV and tells Amanda its over between them. Yikes! At the conference, Conrad receives a call from the initiative and they are pissed.

Once Upon a Time: Cora's Back

In Fairytale Land....

Snow is on her way to meet Charming's mother. The King gets word of this and captures Snow. Lancelot, formerly of the round table, takes her to the king. He poisons her drink with something that will make her not bear children. Lancelot does not like being lied to and lets Snow free. While Charming is with his mother, the king and his army attacks. He tells her to stay inside, but she does not listen and gets hit with an arrow. His mother is dying, but Snow gets to see her. He remember the lady in the lake and the magical powers. They go there, but the lake is dry. Lancelot finds one seashell with some water in it and begs his mother to drink. She knows about the poison not to bear children after her magic necklace, which can predict gender, does not work. She doesn't drink but asks to see them get married. Lancelot marries them and makes them drink from the chalice. The lake water was in there and helps break Snow's curse. She is going to have a girl. His mother dies.

In Fairytale Land in modern day....

Snow and Emma are in the pit with Cora. Emma learns she is Regina's mother. When Snow wakes up she tells her to back away from her. Oh, if Regina only knew! They get out of the pit and see Lancelot. Him and Snow reunite. She says they should go over to her castle to find the tree portal made by Gepetto. Mulan goes with them and they take weapons. Emma chooses her gun, they choose swords and arrows. They go to set up camp and Aurora tries to stab her. They make so much noise that the ogres hear them. They end up killing him after he crushes Emma's gun. They finally make their way to the castle but don't know how to get the portal back. Lancelot shows up and says he will help. He then talks about Henry, and Snow is suspicious. He turns into Cora. She says she stabbed him a long time ago. They cannot kill her but burn down the portal. She comes back for the ashes.

In Storybrooke...

Henry tries to steal Regina's keys and go down to her father's crypt. He unlocks a box of snakes, but David helps him. This is not the way to get them back. He also confronts Jefferson about his daughter, Grace. He finally reunites with her and everyone is happy. We finally end on King George watching David from his car. Is he back for revenge or can he help?


1. Lancelot, means Leviathan, which also means whale. But Dr. Whale is not black? I'm confused.
2. Why didn't Cora's magic die when Regina pushed her into the mirror?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Grimm: The Girl Did It

Classic... A father and daughter are on the run. He kills the gas station guy and then kills the guy they steal the truck from. He hides away from everyone underground with the daughter. Nick and Hank are on the case and find his wife badly beaten at her house. They try to find him as well. When they finally do arrest him, he says that the girl is the one who did it. She went through the change too early and is raging. She ends up biting her new foster parent's as well. Nick sends her off to correctional facility, where another Wesen cop handles her.

In other words, Adalind is back and asking Renard who killed her mother. He doesn't know. Juliet is starting to get her memory back and she remembers Renard. She may have feelings for him as well. Also, Monroe tries to run the spice shop, but puts together a potion all wrong. Good thing Rosalie on the phone fixes it for him.

Jersey Shore: Roger's Surprise

Deena thinks she has TSS from leaving her tampon in for 2 days, dumb girl. Snooki moves out into the apartment next door. Jionni takes her to Steak Unlimited, fancy? The rest of the crew heads out for Karaoke and make Mike sing Rehab, funny or cruel?The guys find their new spot on Snooki's porch, but Vinny and Jionni never say hi to each other, so weird. There is a girl stalking them and shows them her boobs and her Vjay Jay, classy!

Jenni is making Roger a surprise party. She doesn't do much, but he is late and then he is rude to her when she is upset. He almost leaves his own party. The only cute part is they end up throwing a shower for Snooki and put balloons in their shirts to make her feel better. They all go out and a guy is all over Mike saying they went to high school together. Pauly's boys are there and tell him to leave but he will not. So they get into a fight with him. It turns into a huge one and Roger gets involved. Jenni tries to stop him, but he pushes her out of the way. Until next time!

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