Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mid-Season Finale: Ringer

I am pretty upset I have to wait until January for most of my shows to come back. At least ringer is signed on for another season, so I don't have to worry too much.

It's Shiv and Andrew's 6 years anniversary (and Bridge's 6 week) as he decorates the entire house in white roses and lights candles. They kiss and I believe they finally do the deed. I hope they make a baby from this! I think Andrew is happier the past 6 weeks than the past 6 years. Bridge says I love you and means it, probably the first time ever in her life. I am bit confused why she spends so much time staring at the big portrait of herself. Is there a safe behind it?

Malcolm comes to download that he found Gemma's phone and he believe that Charlie has her locked in the basement. The cops are called and of course they are fooled by Charlie's Cheshire cat grin and old cop tales and Gemma has been relocated. So its a no go. Charlie however calls Shiv in Paris and tells her things are too dicey and Gemma knows too much. It is her time to die. She begs him not to, but he takes control for once and hangs up.

Back in Paris, Shiv meets up with Tyler begging for forgiveness. She knocked her head into the mirror to make a faux black eye, pretending Andrew beats her and she needs to escape from her horrid life. He doesn't buy it.

Bridge tells Henry what she knows and asks for money since Charlie is now blackmailing her for $250k. I cant stand Henry's turtleneck jacket combo here, can you? She takes $40k out of the bank when Andrew catches her crying in the big ass closet and offers to use the anniversary ring (he was going to re propose, or propose the first time?) that was over $200k. Nice gift Andrew! They go to meet Charlie at Penn Station. But, the cops are tailing them because Henry called them. Charlie realizes the scene and tells Bridge she is too late.


Back over in school, Juliette is putting the moves on Mr. C. big time. He yells at her in front of a friend and then shuts the door to yell some more. Later when she is ichatting with her friend she is crying her eyes out. She tells her friend that Mr. C and her had sex and he forced himself upon her. Question is, is she lying?

Over in Wyoming, Machado is there because of the murder of another stripper. We find that Jimmy, his partner in the case, and the guy who helped Shiv make Bridge take her life over, etc. has turned on Machado. He tries to kill him, but Machado is smarter than that. He had two guys follow him after he figured out Jimmy was the guy on the inside. Sorry Jimmy.

Back over at the storage area, Charlie shoots Gemma in the trunk. Apparently he misses, she wakes up and clobbers him in the head with a tire iron. I keep saying to myself, you need to hit him until he is dead. But of course, he wakes up and shoots her. Not before telling her that the real person behind this is Shiv, not Bridge. Gemma gets an inkling and then gets death. Then the real Shiv shoots him. She told him not to hurt Gemma, but he did, so now he's dead. She places the gun in his hand and the other one in Gemma's - maybe it was a shoot out?

Shiv is in a NYC taxi and gets a call from Tyler, saying he found her EPT test. Are you pregnant? Yes. Is the baby mine? Yes. Liar. It's Henry's. And I think her and Henry should run off and take the red-headed twins with them.

Bridge is crying over the death of Gemma and her and Malcolm go to get his stuff from Charlie's. They find a note that says Shiobban Piovone and a number. Why she cant put together that he actually knows Shiv, I don't know. But now I have to wait a month to find out!

On the CATTY-walk

A total mishmash of things here...

Aid and Dixon are in bed together and someone his rehab buddy is in bed with them. Threesome? No. Just old habits dying hard.

Naomi decides she wants to be CU's own project runway contestant and of course so does her nemesis Holly. Janice Dickinson is a judge (more like ANTM). She begins to sew this gray lame fabric and Holly makes fun of her. She then donates money to give her the exact lighting she needs to make her designs look good. She asks Liam to model for her pro bono. Later on we find out that Holly used Liam's agency (which he is still under evil Lucinda and paying off his debt) and ends up messing up the show for Holly after she steals Naomi's hideous fabric. Naomi does a Tim Gun "make it work" moment and shreds her designs for an avante garde look. More like trash!


Teddy tells everyone he is leaving for London. I was wondering when someone would 86 this show. He of course ends up making up with Silver, riding off with Shane and having a big hug goodbye 90210 style with the gang. Lame.

Annie realizes she is running out of cash fast, so she tries to split the inheritance with Jeremy (the grandson of Marla), little did she know she needs that expensive necklace (family heirloom) in order to show she is not after the money, but loved Marla like family. She tries to get it back, but realizes that it was sold to Jeremy. Sorry Annie. You are out of luck, back to turning tricks.

The whole Navid and Silver thing is lame. I hope we start to see some better things from these two.

Dixon almost goes down the rocky path and does drugs again, until he plays a song that Adrianna sang and remixes her track.

After the fashion show is over, Naomi and Holly have a huge cat fight. Janice comes in and spurts some gems of wisdom about how she belongs off the catwalk and in a fight and that neither of them win. Naomi gets approached by a famed event planner and asks her to intern. She found her place, twist? The event planner is Holly's mother and Holly wanted that internship. Truce be gone.

Looking forward to the mid-season finally. I saw glimpses of Austin with Holly and Liam with Annie... swoon. Maybe dreams do come true!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What a Tricky Rhode...

CeCe is coming in for a nod to studio 54 party. Which means that Carole will soon follow and all the Rhodes girls will be in attendance (including honorary Ivy). I love how even Carole and Ivy are both on the same team. When Max blackmails Ivy she has Carole to back her up. Her trust fund however is on a tight lock down and she needs CeCe as her key.

Max is sneakier than Ivy. It seems to me that if CW wanted Ivy off the show they would have had Max foil her plan. They got rid of Georgina, Vanessa, little J and Jonathan all the same way. He is trying to make Serena fall in love with him and Charlie is trying to keep them apart. He has a 24-hour date with her and then offers to bake a cake for her grandmother with her.

After hearing Lily and Carole fighting about the secret alias Ivy, Serena calls Max and invites him over hoping that it will all blow up and someone can explain to her what the Jimmy Choo is going on around here. CeCe is sick and has been taking pills, Charlie keeps her secret and CeCe tells her that all Rhodes' girls have secrets. She smiles knowing that hers is she is really someone else.


Back over at Nate land, he finds out that his cousin's wife is cheating on him and has to decide whether or not he is going to run the story. I think this bit is old, but I adore Nate and how he is really coming into his own. He may be the only person on GG to have a stable career - who would have thunk it!

Blair is going to therapy with Chuck to find out how he became good. She hopes she can share the mystery secret of benevolence with her prince. This story is a bit old, so I was really happy to focus on the Rhodes family this time. Chuck tells her he left her engagement ring on Harry Winston's doorstep and she runs out in tears. Obviously, they belong together. I am not really sure what is going on with Prince Louie, but everything I read says it will end with the royal wedding, so I guess I will wait and see.

Ugh. Another annoying Dan Bit. He has people commenting on him with the alias "IHATEHUMPHRY". He tracks them down via GPS cellphone to find out it is his editor. Wow. Shocker. He needs to be written off or do something. I am bored with him.

So Max shows up at casa Van Der Woodsen and walks right into a hornet's nest of Rhodes. He tries to tell them that Charlie is a fraud and they should listen to him. Unfortunately for him, Carole, the real mother backs her 110% and steals the playbill he has been clutching like his bible. Serena tells him to leave and they all hug.

My question is, where is the real Charlie Rhodes? Carole makes mention to Ivy that if they knew about the real Charlie they wouldn't be happy. Will she come into play? I hope so!

Monday, November 28, 2011


I told myself I wouldn't watch any additional shows....

But I decided to watch on demand episodes 1 - 4 of Grimm. Another fairy tale show, but its more like CSI or darker like Buffy. The main idea is that this cop is actually a GRIMM. He can see people who are really evil things and tracks them down to kill them. His Aunt had passed it down to him, but has died since episode 1. There are people called reapers who are out to get him. (Shocking revelation when i was like GRIMM REAPER) and nobody knows but him and a reformed big bad wolf (somehow there are tons of them roaming around). The evil baddies know he is a Grimm kind of like everyone knew she was Buffy. He doesn't have any other super powers but seems to be doing ok.


I don't know all of the references to all of the fairy tale stories. I knew red riding hood and Goldilocks and the three bears, but I have no idea about Queen bee and this other guy who lures women in.

I like the main character, and his partner and the big bad wolf guy, but I am not sure if I will love the entire show. I am more of a fantasy girl like in Once.

What are your thoughts?

Kourtney & Kim take 2

I read on another blog "Kourtney and Kim take New York while Scott and Kris take their purses" Agreed.

Hubs and I love to watch this Kardashian TV fortune. After everything that  happened with Kim's 72 day union, I was interested to see how this whole thing unraveled. Some magazines said that he beat her and others said he loves her. Who's to know?

So for some reason Kris and Kim decide to live with Kourtney and Scott in NY after they are done with their honeymoon. Both couples plus Mason (who is the best part of the entire show) equals disaster. A few things. Kourtney and Scott have separate rooms. Why? I kept thinking through this whole show what a biotch she was. Why does she treat him like a bad child and like Mason is her hubby and Scott is some low life? She needs to go. I never thought so before until this episode. I am also pretty perturbed with her holistic lifestyle. Kale chips really? Ew. I like Kale, just not in chip form.

Her and Kim also go to a holistic spa where she gets an oil enema. EW. And she leaks oil all over their bed. YUCK. I am disturbed. Last straw, she invites a man over for a naked yoga class. EW. No wonder Kris got mad. And he ruins Kim's pedicure, really?

I am just annoyed the entire episode at Kourtney, Scott needs to leave her, Mason is the best thing alive, Kim and Kris are OK right now, but who knows. He seems like he cant get his groove back with basketball and that is the real issue here.

So they have this red carpet event, which is Kim's MO. Of course Kris has to be a little child about it. He then bails and says he wants to train in Minnesota.

And the 72 day spiral begins....

Are you watching?

The truth behind the Cricket

This episode after waiting 2 weeks was interesting but did not blow me away. In this one, we delve into the reasons behind the town shrink Archie or more commonly known as Jiminy Cricket.

Once Emma puts on her deputy badge (and keeps her bad ass red leather jacket) the earth shakes and a huge mine shaft blows. Henry is convinced that there has to be something under there hiding. His weekly sessions with Archie or going to come to a kibosh when evil queen mother mayor tells him he better tell Henry that he is imagining it all. It seems to me that maybe she does know a little bit she is the evil queen. She also tells Emma to go home before Emma comes back and says "I am the deputy now" and then the Queen has no idea what to say. She shoots an ice stare over to the sheriff who we found out last time she was boning.

We go into the back story of Archie. When he was little he used to steal from people while his parents put on a town puppet show. When he got older he realized that this was not the way he wanted to live. His parents had told him that as long as they were alive, he would steal for them. He went to Rumple (who else) to ask for some magic. He gave him a potion and sent him off to give that to his parents. In return, he would keep them after whatever happened would happen. One night Jimmny and his parents stopped at a rich persons house and asked if they could come inside (I love the flooring you have here!). At dinner over broth, they tell the nice people that there is a plague and they will need some elf's potion to survive. They will sell it to them for all the riches they possess. Jiminy then takes his potion from Rumple and sprinkles it on them. Tricky as they are, they had switched potions. Now realizing what had happened he runs back to save the couple, but they had been turned into wooden dolls.

Their son comes back and finds them there in horror. He goes out and makes a wish and a fairy comes (the same fairy that turns Pinocchio into a real boy I am assuming) and makes Jiminy free. The only thing he can think of is a cricket and he is turned into one with his handy umbrella. The fairy tells him he must take care of their son who's name is coincidentally Geppetto. I am really hoping that we meet Pinocchio one day too.


Back in Storybrook, Henry sneaks into the mine and Archie goes after him. They are trapped in an old elevator as he tells him that his thoughts are not fake and he finally decides to take a stand. He is going to be the conscious that he always knew he was. Emma (bad ass) breaks into the mine and scoops Henry, things start to get Dicey and the elevator falls to the floor but Archie had been holding on by his umbrella.

Back over at the hospital, Mary Margaret has been playing hangman with John Doe. They feel this connection between them, but somehow his wife is still hanging around. They go for a walk together and almost kiss. It wont be long before they are back together where they belong and he remembers.

Everyone is happy that Henry is saved and the evil queen rips him out of Emma's hand and tells her to go control the crowd. Archie also tells the Mayor that he will do things his way and her threats dont fly, because when it comes down to a custody battle he will be the key witness and will have plenty to say against her. She had picked up this strange piece of glass earlier and when the landfill collapses she tosses it in. It follows to the bottom where we see tons of other pieces of glass, which I can only assume is her magic mirror.

Do you think the Evil Queen/Mother Mayor knows she is the queen? What about Mr. Gold aka Rumple? Wasnt it eerie that he owns those wooden dolls?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Will the real Amanda please stand up?

Where do I begin? This episode was like a good song. I wanted to replay it over and over again and memorize the lines. Let's dig in.

Lydia is still under the care of Victoria as she keeps her captive. She tells her she remembers everything, the speech, her words about hatred and Victoria smiles. I love how she smiles through everything, never showing her true emotions. She is one cold soul. Victoria also reads over Charlotte's shoulder seeing that Declan thinks "tonight's the night", she all too well knows what that means. She also makes her way to Emily's to tell her they should make up in lieu of Daniel. Emily wants nothing more than Victoria to think they are besties, so she can crush her. The police come in to search for Frank's phone and they now have reason to believe that Conrad is the prime suspect. He smartly says "whoever planted that phone is the one who set up the camera" Well Watson, you are right about that one.

Nolan goes to Jack's bar and sees Amanda lying on the Amanda. He informs "EMS or do you mean AMS" that she is still a problem. Mrs/ Grayson comes in to see Declan and asks him what it will cost to stay away from her daughter, that everybody has a price. This is a classic rich world/poor world story line, where money is thrown so that people will disappear.

The Grayson beach volleyball tournament is in full swing and of course jock boy Daniel is beating Ty. Emily, excuses herself after Nolan calls. Back on the Amanda, Emily comes and confronts her why she didn't leave. She tells her she is not going anywhere and Emily backs off. She too, like Victoria, needs to keep her cool. She however makes a secretive phone calls from her cool box and Inspector Gadget phone and says she needs to see someone - but who?!

Mr. Grayson tells the boys that they can compete once again. The first of them to sign a $20mil client gets a hefty reward. Old Ty is foaming at the mouth. Nolan gets a call about his credit card being stolen and realizes that it was Tyler who stole it. He bought himself some new duds and a $5k dress for Ashley, his beard. Nolan calls Ty to confront him, he just blows it off and asks to meet him for his possible business so that he can win the reward.

Tyler comes over to make nice with Nolan and tries to offer his sexual duties upon him. Nolan refuses but lets him stay in the house. Sets up his handy penguin camera and tapes Tyler and the speech he stole from the shredder. He calls Em to let her know and they decide they need to get that speech back so Nolan should go to the Grayson party and say he wants to invest, then pull out at the last minute.

Emily goes too and she sees Daniel trying to butter up a Japanese client, but all he can talk about is Tokyo Disney. She speaks Japanese as well and escorts the guest to the bar. We found out that this is no ordinary Asian business man. He is the one she called earlier on the phone for help. He knew her father and apparently helped her train for "revenge" in Japan after she switched identities. I love the flashbacks, nothing is mismatched and everything flows.

Declan and Charlotte rendezvous and he tells her he took $25k from her mother to stop seeing her, but in actuality will get his own place so they can be together. Victoria, really?! Could you be that stupid? Back at the mansion, Ashley asks Victoria why she was hired. She then tells her it was partly because she is friends with Em. She then begins to divulge there is more to Em than people see. She invites her to lunch the next day and Ashley walks off and calls her Victoria, not Mrs. Grayson. Way to take a stand Ash and throw Em under the bus.

Back on the Amanda, Jack and Amanda are sailing pretty close. She decides to drive and they end up making out. As she gets a rush of real happiness she does the ultimate. She tells him that she is the REAL Amanda Clark. I am in shock. My mouth is open, fully agape and I am like NO SHE DIDN'T!! I think the worst part is that he believes her and embraces her like Emily really deserves.


Nolan and Ty discuss the deal back in Daniel's room and they begin to make out. Ashley walks in on them, drops her glass and Tyler runs after her. He tells her he is doing what he needs to do and she is still following around Mrs Grayson like a puppy. Tyler gets Nolan's money and the deal and Mr. Grayson is satisfied. He also removes Lydia from the house after she begs him too. Victoria's plans are falling apart, yet she still smiles.

Final scene, we have Jack show up at Emily's door and talk about this childhood crush who used to live in her house. Amanda is standing in the lurches and she pretends to introduce herself and not know her as they shake hands. She goes with Jack to see her old porch swing, burn, and then holds his hand, double burn. Emily is filled with rage.

Am I the only one who has NO idea how she will get herself out of this one?

Thanksgiving in the suburbs

It's Thanksgiving in suburbia. I can expect all sort of hilarity to ensue. Tessa points out that everyone in Suburbia says "Gobble Gobble" which may be true, but I still find myself saying it.

Tessa is upset that they wont be going to watch them blow up the parade balloons and then have black and white milkshakes at their favorite NYC diner. She is upset that George made her break up with Manhattan. Instead they are invited to Dallas' Thanksgiving where everyone is dressed like a sexy pilgrim or sexy Indian.

Lisa, the neighbor across the street, is upset that her mother is making all the Shay women wear this Amish looking getup for dinner. She tells her mother no, her mother turns up the heat in the house in order to sweat her out. She decides to shower to beat the heat and then is only left with her Amish outfit, since momma Shay stole her towel. She goes downstairs fully nude in front of her fam and then runs outside streaking. Last we see of her is running from the cops and trying to find any unlocked car door.

Back over with Tessa. George asks Dallas if she will entertain her for the day because he has to work. They go to the salon together and Dallas promises if Tessa gets a Brazilian blowout she will take her anywhere she wants to go for lunch. Tessa gets it, looks gorge, and then asks to go to NYC for lunch. Smart move. They get into NYC and Dallas buys three knockoff purses for $15 each. They go to have a slice of pizza as they walk, drip and fold. I love the chemistry between Dallas and Tessa.

Tessa spots George kissing some "Puerto Rican" on the streets of NY and drops her pizza. Dallas says "is this part of it?" and drops hers to follow suit. I love that part. They both spot George now in full lip lock and scream. Tessa, mad that George is cheating on her for NYC and Dallas, mad that George is with another woman and not her. Sigh. Dallas was like her purse is by nobody I knew. haha.

Back at Thanksgiving at the Royce's, we find out why Dallas is not too happy with her current hubs. He has been cheating on her. I love the parts with the new dog Yicoult (named after Dallas' fave pro-biotic drink) and how everyone hates him, especially Daliah. "I wish you were never born YICOULT" bahaha. I was dying. Tessa cant stand the hypocrisy of it all and blurts out that George was making out with that Puerto Rican, and he screams to Dallas "You lied to me", she screams "you lied to me". I love her. They start a big thing and rush out of there.


They get into their car and talk about how he is the adult and he will make decisions sometimes she wont like. He also says how she is not supposed to always like him. Mission accomplished. George surprisingly takes the turn into Manhattan which makes Tessa smile. Then Lisa Shay pops out nude out of the back seat. Once she is clad in some sweats, they go to the diner and have some black and white shakes together.

Something tells me that this father/daughter relationship will be less Gilmore Girls-esque from now on.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Favorite Thanksgiving TV Episodes

How I met your mother - Slapsgiving
How can you not love slapping Barney in the face?

Felicity - Thanksgiving (Seasons 1 - 4)
It seems every Thanksgiving on Felicity something bad happens. The first one she ends up kissing Noel in the bathroom while his girlfriend is at the dinner table. In another she kisses Noel again in the bedroom while her boyfriend and his parents are at the dinner table. Finally, Ben brings his new girlfriend to dinner, while she is at the table. I miss this show.

Beverly Hills 90210- Thanksgiving
Brandon invites a homeless war vet over for the holidays and Dylan's dad brings home his new girlfriend Christine. Little did we know she was his FBI agent and he would be faking his death very soon!  Heartwarming

One Tree Hill - Thanksgiving
Brooke burns the turkey - you gotta love her

What are your classic Thanksgiving episodes?

Thanksgiving 90210 Style

Liam wants to plan this perfect Thanksgiving. He never had one growing up so wants to now. He buys this elaborate dinner to be catered at Naomi's mansion. Of course, all goes wrong. His turkey comes raw, his mother shows up out of the blue and there is a brush fire in the hills and they have to evacuate sans Thanksgiving dinner. Liam finds out his mother is not really there to choose him, but because she wants money from him. He tells her to go and goes back to bruiting, but sexy bruiting at least!


Naomi is wearing her most sexiest lingerie so that Austin and her can get it on. He wants nothing to do with it. He wants to "talk". I can sense he has something on his mind having to do with relationships staying together and parents divorcing as he keeps subtly hinting at it. He is in love with her and doesn't want her to leave him after she lets it slip that "nothing lasts forever". She tells her friends and they suggest that maybe she is acting like too much of a guy. So she has Austin take her riding on a trail and pretending like she is a damsel in distress. They end up fighting and she jumps off her horse and gets her leg stuck in between some huge boulders as she is left all alone. She makes some references to that "long boring movie" meaning 27 hours. I really hope she doesn't have to carve off her own leg. At some point she tries to smoke pot she finds in Austin's bag and drops it which is what started the brush fire.

Back at the mansion, Ivy and Raj are arguing because she wants to go to New Guinea for her photography and Raj wants to go to John Hopkins to be a med student. I guess they also thought this wouldn't last forever. Things not lasting, seems to be the theme of this episode. She ends up telling him she cant live without him. Raj finds out he is not cancer free and selflessly tells her its over. He wants her to live a normal life.

Dixon is home from rehab for the holiday and wants to make amends. Annie wants him to keep lying to everyone and saying he was on music tour. Him and Adriana think that telling the truth is the best. He kisses Aide thinking they are all good, but she is actually wiser than she seems. She tells him he is not ready - she is right.

Annie is still getting all these large slut checks and her phone is ringing with Patrick's ring tone and Silver is on to her. I am actually not sure who is giving Annie the money, but I assume its another John that she is giving loving to. She gets the heads up from her old sorority pal or pimp that the cops may question her - foreshadow much? She tells Silver the money is coming from her inheritance. Which is not true. She will get busted too and good, she is starting to bother me.

Navid is nowhere to be seen. Silver meets a hottie on campus who is also a professor (don't they have rules against these things?) She invites him to dinner and then kisses him. Will this continue? And where is Teddy? Where do they go when they are not in the hill?

As Naomi is leaving her will "all my clothes and shoes to Annie Wilson", Austin comes in and saves her. They have a romantic talk and then pulls her leg free. I heart them.

Back at the bar, they are ready for dinner (salsa and chips), Dix announces that he is a drug addict. Aide is happy and Annie is disturbed, the rest of them are perturbed. Annie, however, is the only one who has not truly come clean.

I am still hoping for an Annie/Liam reunite, you?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas/Thanksgiving Broke Style

This episode did not have me in stitches, although there were a few funny parts I have to say. Let me begin.

We start at the diner where Caroline is extra chipper about Thanksgiving. She is going to see her father for the first time since his arrest in prison. They used to spend every Thanksgiving feeding the homeless (don't look at me) and then sunbathing in St. Barts for 2 weeks (OK you can look at me now) - gotta love Max's candidness. She convinces Han that he should open the diner to the homeless. Olaf decides to pay for the turkeys out of this wad of cash.

Back in Brookelyn, we find that Chestnut is using a moving blanket instead of something fancy this year. She asks Max to teach her how to bake so they can get a head start on Christmas baskets. She starts off well until she somehow breaks the mixer (of course). They head to a department store hoping to buy a new one, but they are all too expensive. All they can afford is a wooden spoon.

Caroline sees a sign for help wanted for Elves. She signs up her and Max. They are sitting in the hallway waiting to see if they got in when they meet another cheery person named Marry - who tells them that her brother calls her "Marry Christmas". Her and Caroline have an annoying Tet-a-Tet about what their fave Xmas feel good movies are and then her phone rings. Daddy dearest tells her he doesn't want her to come. I assume he is too embarrassed, but of course Caroline cannot handle this. Her smile goes into a frown and they are accepted as elves.

They are exhausted from a whole night of feeding the homeless so they take a 9-hour energy shot. Directions say to sip, Caroline takes it like a vodka shot. Max of course makes some witty comments afterwards. Gotta love her. Caroline is bouncing off the walls, gets a pair of tights with period stains (cuts the crotch out) and is left alone as an elf with Marry Christmas as Max gets promoted for an extra $2 per hour to be Mrs. Claus.

Back at the village, Caroline is flipping out, saying mean things and telling kids there is no Christmas and they should know that money is the only thing that will buy them presents. Max tries to calm her down and Marry Christmas stomach punches her which sends her catapulting into the wrapping paper sides leaving her legs open and everyone can see her "Winter wonderland". Speaking of this. I got pretty annoyed by the end with all of these analogies and references that I just wanted them to speak normal. Not make everything into something else.


Caroline ends up swiping the wooden spoon before they threw them out and giving it to Max as an early Xmas gift. She realizes she has a lot to be thankful for. She is thankful for Max who gave her a home, found her a job and she is also thankful for her horse. Me too - I love Chestnut! They take $2 from their account to give to Salvation Army and are still BROKE.


Marshall and Lily are about to sell the house in Long Island. They go in to see the fake furniture and how the realtor has set it up. They are instantly in love. Lily likes the idea of having her family grow up there and Marshall is more interested in smashing it with sledge hammers. I actually love this reference to the difference between the city and the suburbs. Once they leave the big house and back to their once spacious apartment they realize that their apartment is tiny and they keep tripping over things and Robyn keeps breaking lamps.

Robyn has an extra annoying part this episode. 1. Where is Kevin? 2. Why is her haircut so ugly lately? 3. I don't think a black and white shirt with maroon pants is stylish on anyone. She doesn't want them to move so she is on them like white on rice. They decide to host Thanksgiving at their new house anyways. She ends up locking herself in the bathroom the minute they get there, saying she won't come out if they decide to move (Good thing we have three bathrooms! - says Marshall)

Back at the bar, Ted and Barney are getting sloshed. Future Ted prefaces this scene by telling his kids they are both at bad places in their lives and they are both about to do something crazy. They decide they want to adopt a child and be bro-parents. I love the terminology on this show. It never gets old and it never wanes. (keep it consistent!) They talk about why it would be great and how it would great to be gay. (Funny to everyone who knows that the real life Barney is GAY)  They start to fill out an online application for a child and Barney goes off about ninja swords and death stars and cobras as snakes, when Ted realizes they are not ready for this. Barney also gets dibs on all 3 faux nannies and Ted's job is considered a hobby to him. haha. Barney shows up with a bouncing baby girl in a snuggly on his chest. They head to the Island with baby in tow.

Back at the house, a cheese platter is mentioned and Robyn is still in the bathroom. Ted and Barney show up with their child whom they dub "Hurricane Stinson-Mosby" and don't have diapers for her. Barney runs out to get wee wee pads and a pork bone from a pet store. Um not the same thing. James, Barney's gay brother, shows up with his partner and their kid asking for his baby Sadie back. Barney only borrowed her to show that this plan could work, which actually showed how it backfired.


Barney climbs through the window to the bathroom to ask Robyn if they are OK (She chose another guy over him last episode) and to tell him that Ted is the one who concocted this crazy baby plan and starts talking about babies and then in my head I am thinking - babies foreshadow moment. BTW I love how Lily's bump is showing, makes it more real.

"I'm pregnant" out of Robyn's mouth - and we ALL know who the father may be. Cliffhanger = success! I love when they keep ending all the shows with Barney and Robyn scenarios. It makes this show more of a need to see what happens type!

We Shalt All Shower Blair..

With all things wedding, comes the bridal shower. Of course, on par with GG, we expect this one to be grander than anything. This shower however has men invited as well. Except for two men that is, Chuck and Dan. Poor Dan. His character is already waning off the side of TV world, lets just kick dirt in his wounds. He has some bonding time with Chuck as they get drunk and high together. Chuck hires two girls to shower with him which clicks Dan's mind to crash the shower and confront Blair on why he was not invited. All in all, this leads to Chuck believing that Dan is actually in love with the same woman he is. What a shame.

In another side of Manhattan, Louis is trying to convince Blair that her friends do not have her best interest at heart (Does he?) so he shows her the latest GG post that they somehow know about the paternity test. Blair attests it was dear old sis Beatrice and Louis refutes, dying to show her the truth. In the end we find that dear old Bea was behind the post, but let's not rush a good thing....

Back at the NY spectator, Nate has GG's page hacked into and creates a dummy site that shows all the emails all the upper east siders have sent with tips for GG. He says he will post it and then everyone will begin to trust the spectator by default. Serena talks him out of this and Diana begins to see what a great man Nate really is. Too bad they don't believe in happy endings on this show. Nate's grandfather tells Diana that her relationship needs to end and Nate needs to become CEO in order for her secret to stay safe. Still not so sure what the secret is, I am assuming it has to do with Bart Bass.

Blair is with her minions trying to find a suitable shower garment. They all try to throw her off by insisting this is a Greek, food cart shower and she should wear jeans according to the evite (don't trash evite!) She gets upset and thinks that maybe Louie is right, they don't have her best interest at heart. They should know she is a pretentious biotch.

Charlie is in her own hot water. Max shows up at the apartment and in front of mommy Van Der Woodsen he admits she is really Ivy. She tells some sob story about how Carole wanted to keep her name a secret and of course Lily buys it. Max however doesn't. He somehow remembers an old playbill where the real Charlie Rhodes starred in a bit play of Alice in Wonderland and Ivy was the stage manager and Carole was the production manager. He decides blackmail for $500K is par for the course to keep her secret.

The party of course is amazing. It is a breakfast at Tiffany's soiree, filled with blue boxes everywhere, a huge blue box cake, Audrey Hepburn look-a-likes as waitresses and small empty Tiffany boxes given out and one has a diamond ring in it. Right before the fun can begin everyone gets a text from the NY spectator saying that the GG site has been leaked. They all are busy trying to search for names of people who sent out tips about them. Most of them are from Blair herself and even her minions don't want to see her.


Blair begins to throw everyone under the bus, especially her dear friend S who just planned this party and gave a truly heartwarming speech. (At least B's baby bump is finally showing) until she realizes that it was dear old Louie who sent out the site, only to prove to her what she already knew. That happy endings don't happen here on GG. She tells him she needs time to think about what she wants. She has some cake with Serena as S lets her know that Chuck wasn't crashing earlier, he was trying to save her from some embarrassment.

We end with B showing up at Chuck's hotel saying that she thinks he really is good. But what does this mean for the royal wedding? Is it off or is it on? Either way we get to hear Kristen Bell apologize for betrayals, but of course who wouldn't still want to keep reading GG?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn: Part 1

*Warning: Spoiler Alert*

I got a chance to see Breaking Dawn: Part 1 this weekend. Now, to be fair, with all two part series (Harry Potter for example), the first part is always boring and they save all the good stuff for part two. Now with that disclaimer, I have to say I found this movie to be mediocre at best. Lets' dig in...

We start off with the wedding to end all weddings. Alice of course plans this extravagant wedding for Edward and Bella. I personally, did not like Bella's dress. I had been waiting to see this for a while and I think the dress was disappointing. I do however love the addition of the something old and something blue hair clip that belonged to Grandma Swan. The wedding was lovely except for the small interlude of them pretending nobody was there. I actually hated all the dream reveries and nightmares that Bella had. I think they could've done without these in the movie.

On to the honeymoon, which was as I expected it to be. I love how they stop in Rio and they dance and then head off to Esme Island. I particularly liked how they showed the breaking of the bed, playing chess and spending time together. I thought they should've touched upon Edward making her eggs every morning, this was an endearing part I would have liked to see. With that being said, they did however make more love and sex scenes. I was a bit confused as to if they waited until that last day to finally have sex or they had been doing it the whole honeymoon.

She becomes pregnant and her belly is growing fast. I loved the makeup and special effects job they did on Bella. They made her look gaunt and sickly, just like the baby was eating her alive from inside. I think they could've touched more on the now close relationship with her and Rosalie, since they have been sworn enemies the entire series.

Now onto the wolves. Jacob breaks off into his own pact with Seth and Leah. (Was Leah played by a different actress this movie? I was questioning that the whole time) and they never showed Jacob making the internal decision to be Alpha male that was always his choice. Also with Jacob, he was there for Bella, but I wish they showed more of why he was there for her more than ever. They could've spouted some more lines from Bella on how she "needed" Jacob around, to hint at the imprinting cliff hanger.

Now, in the book, they spend pages on showing how the venom was seeping into her body and the internal struggle she had while the transformation was going on. This was hard to convey on screen. In fact, some of the movie was laughable, which I felt embarrassed for the book. This was my favorite book of the series and for people to be laughing, makes a mockery out of Stephanie Meyer's vision.

Finally, the baby arrives, Renesme. But in the vision, she has curly red hair and in the book it says curly blonde hair. Confused again. We find out that Jacob has imprinted on baby Cullen and now the pack cannot hurt her because those are the rules. One rule that Weres live by. Ok, people in the theatre roared with laughter at this moment. It just seemed so ridiculous as they were saying it so seriously.

We end with Bella waking up with bright red eyes. No surprise, she is a vamp and now we have to wait another year for the second movie to come out.

What were your thoughts on this installment? Were you disappointed or was this on par with your expectations? What could they have done better to portray the book in all its glory? 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Monte Carlo Crossovers

I watched a cute little young film before bed last night since all of my Thursday night TV is on hiatus until after winter break.

Monte Carlo is about two Texas girls who are going to Paris right after the youngest has graduated from high school. Her parents decide that her step sister should come with so they can bond. While they are there they find one of the girl's basic clone (reminds me a bit of the Lizzie McGuire Movie) and they want to live her life. They get whisked off to Monte Carlo in a private jet and live this posh life with LV trunks of clothes, fall in love with lots of guys and then become the bestest of friends (of course!) We all live happily ever after and this is why I watch this stuff!

Selena Gomez
A bit young for my viewing pleasure, but is dating the Biebs.

Corey Monteith
Glee alum

Katie Cassidy
Gossip Girl and the New Melrose Place alum

Leighton Meester
Gossip Girl's own Blair Waldorf

Your Past Never Goes Away

This episode was mediocre for me. I usually really look forward to some revenge, but I have to say it was served lukewarm. Let's dig right in.

Real Amanda and fake Amanda are driving in a car down some dark road. We get a glimpse into the past back at lock down central. We see that these Amanda's were not always besties. They actually got into a full fight cafeteria style with bloody noses and all. They are headed over to Nolan's where new and pretty rich Emily (for confusion sake) is going to drop off slutty Amanda so Nolan can babysit her for a while. She is somehow going to get her a new identity and new passport so she can leave town and inhabit Emily's Paris apartment.

Back at Grayson manner, we find that once Lydia came out of her coma her memory is not all there or selective. She hardly knows who Emily is, but does remember dear old friend Victoria, but not how she wanted to take her down at the benefit. Victoria has Lydia move in with them into the spare room. She wants to make amends for her now dead bf Frank the Tank almost killing her. Charlotte is tramping it up walking out in yesterday's clothes from the Stowaway, but all they did was "sleep" says Declan in his accent. Ashley is also doing the walk of shame after spending the night with conniving Ty Ty. I thought he was gay - didn't you? Lydia begins to tell Victoria she thinks that Emily is not who she seems to be, which connects with the last words of dying Frank as the same. She swears there is a photo to be seen with Emily in it and Victoria must find it (I love her sorting through boxes of photos labeled by year - hello where are your fancy albums?)


Back at Nolan's pad, Amanda is taking a dip in a borrowed "house" bikini as of course Jack Porter comes by. He is instantly drawn to slutty Amanda and they flirt over some house made drinks and her fancy French words (did she pick that up around the pole?) Nolan is onto Amanda as he spots blood on her jacket and dead Frank's wallet in her bags. He wants the truth and he gets it.

Victoria sicks the cops on Emily as they go to question her. Daniel is there and fully 100% supporting Emily saying he was with her all night except for 6am when she was at the fish market. "Check my fridge" she says, as the time stamp on Nova Scotia Salmon is 5:56am. Nice alibi Ems.

There is some side plot where Tyler gets ambushed by the "prodigal" son coming to work for daddy Grayson and he is unhappy. He takes the shredded Lydia speech and begins to piece it together again. He also lets Ashley know that people like Daniel and Emily is why this world is wrong. Is this a side revenge plot brewing?

We have another flashback to the past where we see Emily in the warden's office getting gems of wisdom from her. She tells her to befriend this Amanda and make her "work for you". She takes that advice and there is a ton of hugging and then she offers her half a mil to take her name and make the trade. More hugging. She then sends Amanda off to Paris and goes back to her life with Daniel.

Back at Grayson manner, they find the now photoshopped photo (thanks Nolan) and they decide that Emily is not a threat. Daniel tells Queen mom that he is done defending her and you think that her icy stance breaks for just a moment. Conrad goes to open his own door, the locks are changed of course, and they begin to shout about Frank and him trying to kill Lydia. Of course Lydia hears the whole thing, even a coma couldn't keep her out of this conversation as her door is cracked.

Daniel leaves Grayson mansion and moves in with Em. How is she going to be able to get revenge with him living there? All is right in the world of the Hamptons? Of course not. Last scene ends with Amanda coming to the Stowaway to become the new house bartender. Things are about to get interesting in this joint as Emily's real love interest has finally found his long lost Amanda.

Exploring Greece Model Style

I thought I was an ANTM expert, but clearly not. Usually when they spend most of the private camera time on one model it means she is going home. They spent most of this episode with Angelea and repping how gangsta she still truly was.

Their first mini challenge was to rate and judge the other models. Everybody begins to say how they think that everyone is great and no-one deserves to leave. Ok. Whatever. Where are the claws? Until we get to Dom who says its Angelea and she is not trying hard enough. Then we see a domino effect and even sweet Laura chimes in saying she agrees and she loves her and she gets all red. Angelea storms off, walks back on and has her turn where she says nothing bad about one of them. Score for Angelea!

They are all off on a yacht and to drink some shots with strawberries in them. Laura gets down and dirty while most of the other girls choose to abstain from the drinks.

We are off to the challenge where they are Greek Goddesses and using different sport related items like a javelin, shot put, discus, etc. Laura looks amazeballs under this sparkly veil, Allison looks awkward, Dom looks OK, Lisa does a fab jump and Angelea just doesn't bring it. Nigel is the photographer and he has to reach out to Angelea and literally pose her legs this far into the competition.


During judging, Nigel actually sticks up for Dom saying it was hard for her (crush much Nigel?) and Andre has something negative to say about all of them. I laughed each time he piped up.

Laura has best photo and Angelea and Dom are final two. Dom gets sent home and I am in shock. I guess ratings and ghetto gangsterness is more important than actual talent.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

One Season Wonders

Ever have a favorite show that only makes it to one season? I had a bunch along the way. This DVR Junkie tries most shows out. Here a few of my favorite that I wish would come back! (Also a bunch of crossover stars!)

Swans Crossing 
1992. Displaying the lives of wealthy teenagers. Featuring Buffy and Ringer's own Sarah Michelle Gellar as the main star, the mayor's daughter. (See how early I loved her?)

My So-Called Life
1994. Best season ever. I own this box set and have watched it a few times. Following the lives of middle class Angela and bad girl Ray-anne with maybe gay Ricky, loving Jordan Catalano. Swoon. How could you not watch this? The only crossover star was Brian (Devon Gummersall) who played a bit part on Felicity.

North Shore
2004. Local Hawaiian hotel where scandals take place. Melrose Place meets Hawaii. Thought this show was going far, but I guess not. Fox cancelled it. This has crossover stars galore! We have Kristoffer Polaha (Ringer's Henry), Brooke Burns (From Pepper Dennis), James Remar (From Sex and the city), Shannon Doherty (Beverly Hills 90210's alum Brenda as well as Charmed) and Nikki Deloach (the mother on awkward)

2005. Another fox show cancelled. About 6 friends coming together for their 20th high-school reunion. One of them was murdered and they need to backtrack to figure out who. It never ended, so I never found out! Bummer. However, a few key crossovers. Dave Annabelle (from Brothers & Sisters) and Chyler Leigh (Lexie Grey from Grey's Anatomy)

2005-2006. Set in NY by the WB (cwtv now) four sisters with completely different lives. A heartwarming rom-com show, yet never made it too far. A few crossovers here as well. We have dad Tom Irwin (dad also on My So Called Life), Lizzy Caplan (who was on Tru Calling and True Blood as Jason Stackhouse's girlfriend addicted to V), Laura Breckenridge (who briefly starred as a teacher in a tryst with Dan on Gossip Girl) and lovable Kyle Howard (Bobby on My Boys and Lauren Conrad's real life ex)

Gemma's In the Basement...

This episode answered a ton of my burning questions - did it answer yours? Let's start from the beginning and work our way back to the title - Gemma is IN the basement!

We start off with Bridge having some QT with her faux hubby in her closet. They spend a lot of time in the closet (if I had a huge closet like that I would too!) and they are all kissy and decide to go to Turks and Caicos together. Bridge who has never seen anything fancy is all like, ok sounds good! She keeps telling Malcolm that she is there because she wants to find out what happened to her sis. So she goes to search for clues in the apartment and finds a prescription bottle for anti-depressants. She makes an appt with the doc. Once there she tries to find out what happened. She tells her how she loves Andrew again, her and Juliette are besties and Henry is out of the picture. Doc thinks that she is peachy. Bridge is not happy, she breaks into the office during lunch hours to steal Shiv's file. She gets caught of course but has the evidence that says random things like: is paranoid, found answers at Gramercy Cathedral. Shes all like goes to church? My sis? Nah.

Malcolm has been living with Charlie. He gets suspicious when he finds a bottle of mouthwash (apparently this can take the edge off since it has alcohol in it) and only 4 t-shirts and like 3 socks. He goes through Charlie's coat, finds a key and breaks into a mailbox, finding a letter to a John something or other and another address in Brooklyn.

Bridge goes to church (more like a trashy underground bar) and finds Charlie aka John sitting at the bar downing drinks like its nobodies business. She asks around seeing if he has been there before and if he had been there with her. He comes everyday basically drinks. Bridge calls Malcolm and they devise a plan to break into the Brooklyn apartment. Meanwhile Charlie is back at this apartment in the locked basement where Gemma has been the whole time! She is bound and gagged and blindfolded as he brings her a bologna sandwich. At least she is alive!

In other news, we finally meet the twins! Henry brings both redheaded boys to the office to sign some papers. Andrew tells his partner Olivia that he is not going to be immoral anymore and he is going to be the man that Shiv thinks he is. Olivia cant deal with this so she goes to Henry's saying he missed a page, trying to get the phone number of Gemma's father which is hidden. What she stumbles upon however is a photo of Shiv and Henry and she emails it to herself at work. A. The photo was not incriminating at all B. Don't you think Henry will see his sent mail and notice this? C. Don't you love when Henry calls Olivia a bitch? I do.

Bridge is distracting Charlie over coffee and acting super strange. She had given him a gun earlier to get rid of. Way too much trust Bridge! What I don't understand is why this other cop Jimmy gave this gun to Bridge? Was it to set her up later? I am still unsure of this plot. Regardless, she starts saying weird things to Charlie (but her sweater and necklace combo is gorgeous!) to distract him while Malcolm is breaking into the Brooklyn apartment. He finally finds the locked basement and of course, like every other show cannot find the right key in enough time. He has to stop when he gets a text from Bridge saying Charlie is leaving their coffee date. Gemma is trying to get out and ends up knocking herself over.


Charlie leaves the coffee shop calls the real Shiv in Paris and says "She KNOWS"

What will happen next? I am excited to find out! I missed Juliette this episode - did you?

Sweet 16 in Suburgatory

This was one of the better episodes yet. I am a sucker for all parties. I loved my sweet 16 and I couldn't wait to see what they had planned for this one. It starts off with George seeing a grey chest hair and plucking it, denying that he is getting older. He goes into such a rage about it that he slips and breaks his back. All the women in the neighborhood swarm over to him and try to come to his rescue, until Sheila Shay finally swoops him up. He spends most of the episode laid up on her couch taking old hysterectomy medication - ew. Finally Dallas comes and springs him to take him to Tessa's party. I have to say that the connection between Dallas and George is perfect chemistry. I am internally rooting for her to leave her husband and be with George. They can unite this awkward Brady Bunch family and make for really good TV.

In other news, Tessa decides she only wants to have Lisa and Malik over for pizza to celebrate 16. After George buys her a discount CD from what we can only assume is COSTCO, they run into Dallas who says she can get Tessa's favorite band to play for her birthday if she was having a huge bash. Party initiated. One catch, Dahlia has to plan it for her.

She of course goes over the top with the planning. She has a pony station, a fire breather and invites everybody but Lisa and Malik who she sends home packing because "they have reached capacity according to fire ordnance" - yeah ok. Mean girls a bit much? She however, gets Tessa not to buy this gorgeous silver sparkly dress and do her hair nicely and her makeup and she looks like a princess. I love how Tessa picks out some brown dresses and Dahlia says "let me see these" and tosses them. Score.

Noah, George's dentist friend, decides to sponsor the party, hoping that the grape drinks everyone is drinking will stain their teeth and give him more patients. Tessa's band begins to play and she is in the center truly 16 candles style dancing awkwardly and dorkishly, but loving every minute. I smiled at this. Who cares what everyone else thinks? She was having the time of her life. Once George and Dallas get there, Tessa decides she wants to go home to have pizza with some REAL friends (after her fave band plays a song about phony people and fake friends) Not before she snaps a photo of Dahlia and her buddies with grape mouths - killer scene.


She goes back to her house to have pizza with friends as they dance awkwardly, Tessa dances with her daddy (I love you daddy!) and Dallas looks on lovingly and she also eats pizza, i love that! She also gives Tessa diamond earrings - how sweet!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A New Girl Thanksgiving

BEST.EPISODE.EVER. I laughed throughout the entire thing. I thought every word and every line was portrayed brilliantly and every thing about it was amazeballs.

Jess volunteers for her school's musical with fellow teacher Paul (Justin Long) as they are dressed up in silly Thanksgiving costumes. She invites him over for Thanksgiving dinner. She gets a huge FROZEN turkey and brings it home. The boys are less than amused since they wanted to have a "Dudes-Giving" and drink beer, watch football, then go to Best Buy on Black Friday and buy a washer/dryer. (Good plan men!)

Jess tempts Schmidt by saying she can invite Cee-Cee and he can cook everything. He's all like, "don't you say there is too much tarragon" bahaha. I love him. I really do.
Jess realizes the turkey is not going to thaw out in 3 hours so she does everything she can to warm it up. She hugs it for body heat and finally puts it in the dryer to warm it up. Schmidt is cooking away as Cee-Cee comes over and learns that Schmidt is a germaphobe. She tries to test him by sticking her finger in the corn pudding (nasty) and then licking her finger and going in for round two. Even I am appalled, wincing and begging her not to double dip.

The turkey ends up blowing up causing toxic smoke to ruin Schmidt's clean working environment. They decide to head to the neighbor's since Jess somehow has a key. They set up shop there. Paul is starting to grow on Winston and Schmidt but not Nick. Of course. Nick is clearly in love with Jess. Paul and Nick even go for a car ride to pick up some more supplies and Paul is singing just like Jess, acting just like Jess and Nick is bugging out.

Paul of course asks Jess if her and Nick ever had a thing, and she says no. Then she has a full out yelling match with Nick outside the neighbor's apartment admitting she wants to do bad things with Paul "I want to take him down to China Town and break him off a piece of this Pumpkin Pie" go Jess! She had me in stitches.


Finally, Paul goes to use the bathroom and sees the dead body of poor Mrs. whats-her-name and they have to leave and never get to have Thanksgiving dinner. They end up going to Best Buy sans Paul and waiting on this huge line. When Paul shows up with turkey subs (nice move!) and a guy in the line starts screaming we have a cutter! We see Nick give up his place in line for Paul, or more like his claim to Jess.

Jess and Paul go skipping off and singing together. They are the exact same person and the romantic inside of me starts smiling that she found someone just as weird as she is! I am excited that Justin Long has signed on for 4 more episodes. In TV land that means they can get married, have kids, have an affair and die in such a short time!

Who would you rather Jess be with? Paul or Nick?

How to Say I'm Sorry 90210 Style

I have to say I liked this episode a lot. I know it got some bad reviews, but still I am not a hater. Here is what we have going on.

Naomi - who I love. I think she is gorgeous, has great style and the best hair. I know she seems vapid, but I think she has a really big heart - and a big checkbook. She is desperate for friends. She even tells Raj and Ivy they are selfish for spending time together since he has Cancer. She then asks one of her sorority sisters Alana (who btw was on Buffy - remember her?) She goes out with her sis to find a man for her. They find some dorky guy who somehow thinks Naomi is interested in him - yeah I'm sure. Alana finally finds another guy and by the end of the episode Naomi calls Austin to apologize and tells him to come home. Good girl Naomi! Austin is a hottie.

Ivy - her and Raj are trying to live their life as if he is not sick. Her cute photog teacher (who I am pretty sure will be her bf, I have said this before) enters her in a contest for a trip to Papa New Guinea with a famed photographer if she wins (I totally shouted, it would be him and she would win) Raj gets a call at the end of the episode saying he is cancer free. I am not too sure if he is telling the truth or if he is lying so that she will be able to be happy. Either way they have a touching moment.

Liam - poor, sweet, cute Liam. He signs over a 2 year contract for TITUS COLOGNE (really?) and he is not allowed to surf, race car drive, basically anything that can mess up his pretty little face or he is 200K liable. Of course his agent is old 90210 alum - Lucinda Nicholson. She is still around? He steals a race car with Teddy and they get caught, obv - he breaks his foot trying to escape and they get arrested.

Teddy - his video that Silver sent accidentally to Marissa is leaked and he wants to go into hiding. When Silver tells him it was her who sent it, he walks away from her.

Silver - Confronts Marissa about the leaked footage and learns that Brandy is not such a fine wine. (Sorry!)


Dixon and Aide - He tells her he likes her, but she realizes this may be the drugs talking so she helps him into this rehab facility that costs $40k (some people's whole year salary) and then he walks away from her upset that she wont start something with him - although I am more than sure she loves him and he will find someone while inside rehab, coloring or what not

Annie - Finally. The real meat here. She is basically a whore. Sorry Annie, but you are. You sleep with Patrick for money. She confronts him about his Vegas tryst and he admits, saying he doesnt like to be alone and she should know since she signed up for this. She takes a check for 10K after sleeping with him. Morality Annie, morality much?

Not sure how Thanksgiving is going to go, but I am hoping for an Annie/Liam reunion

Who's Under Your Mask?

This episode of Gossip Girl was very Eyes Wide Shut, but with less confusion. Let's break this down.

Chuck is trying to be the goodie goodie so he is saving ducks, throwing benefits, donating to charity, yada yada - he will always be Chuck Bass. Blair is dead set on proving this. So she crashes the masquerade party. She goes in for a kiss to see if Chuck will do it fully knowing she is taken. He does, of course, Blair slaps him and says he will always be the bad Chuck she knows. However, he had devised a plan with Darota to do this on purpose so she would move on and marry Louie with no qualms.

Dan is on some faux book tour and we hardly see him (thank g-d) His character development is going nowhere.

Serena is writing her blog for Diana and Charlie tells her she should go on a date and then scoop herself before GG gets a chance to. Of course the date she is supposed to go on is with Max, Charlie/Ivy's real ex-boy toy from LA. Diana, fully knowing this, tells Serena to invite Max to the mask party. She then has Serena look like she has been stood up so that Max goes in to the party and goes to kiss Ivy (thinking its Serena - not the first time in GG history, Nate much?) so that Nate will see this and know that Charlie is not into him. Why is Nate so naive?


Charlie has it out with Max in the street and I feel bad for her. Its like she could lose it all at any moment. Max says he likes Serena and Charlie brushes it off like she is a common household name like Advil, not the pretend cousin of hers. Then Diana snaps a photo of Charlie, posts it on GG and for some reason is hell bent on ruining her life.

We finally hear Diana on the phone with whomever she has been in cohorts with the whole time. Its Nate's grandfather. He wants Nate to be back in good standing (which he is) and to ruin Serena's life. I assuming this is because Serena ruined the life of Nate's cousin the almost senator? What I don't get is why she wants to take GG down? I will truly miss the voice of Kristen Bell. Furthermore, if this was a season finale, maybe we would finally see who the real GG was - would you please stand up?!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The truth about Cinderella

I love how they dig into our favorite fairy tales and tell the truth about them. This one is about Cinderella or Ella. She wants to go to the ball (of course) so her fairy godmother comes to grant her wishes. Only in this story, evil Rumpelstiltskin decides to poof her away and make a deal with Cinderella. He tells her that she can go to the ball if he gets her first unborn child. She agrees, falls in love with the prince, gets married (you see a touching moment of her and Snow being besties) and then Rumple comes to take his claim. She makes a deal with him that he can have both her babies (she lies and says she is having twins) if he signs the contract with this magical pen. While he is signing and knows that he will be imprisoned he tells her that she will never see her prince again until the baby is his. Then her prince falls down a magical well.


In Storybrook, we find Emma having coffee and slutty red as her waitress. She spills coffee on herself and then goes to use the inn's washing machine. There she finds Ella who is now just a confused, pregnant teen and tells her to change her life. She made a real life deal with Mr. Gold that he will take her baby to loving parents and she will get the money she needs to turn her life around. The father of the baby (now just a teenager himself and his father who was the King) says they want nothing to do with her. So Ella tries to leave town. Her car breaks down right out of state lines (of course - because Henry said that every time someone tries to leave something bad happens) and Emma finds her and helps her to the hospital. She gives birth and Mr. Gold is there to collect.

Emma tells him that the baby wont be his and she is willing to do him a favor if he lets this all go down. He agrees and suddenly, the boyfriend (aka prince) comes to be with the newly mother and his baby who they name Alexandria (the name they picked out in Fairy Tale land)

Queen evil Mayor, decides that Emma is no longer a threat since she has moved 10 times in the past few years, so she lays off her a bit. She makes her feel cold and alone by telling her she has no roots anywhere and nobody to love her. She also seems much happier since she is getting laid. The worst part is we find out with whom. It is the sheriff who we thought had his eye on Emma. He however, does offer Emma a job as a deputy. Which I am pretty sure Mayor Regina Evil Queen will frown upon.

I just love this show. I love the interesting tidbits and real life tie ins of all the characters. I wonder who they will focus on next? Aren't you curious to see who else lives in Storybrook, Maine?

They are going to get caught

So much going on here on Wisteria Lane. It is hard to believe that this season is really ending. I cannot wait to see how it goes down. Here is what has happened this episode on Desperate Housewives.

Chuck is creepily in Bree's house right after she hears a noise (reminds me of Scream), although she is scared out of her mind, Bree never loses her cool. He reminds her that the silver car of the missing dead guy (Gabby's uncle that they killed) looked exactly like her faux aunt's car he caught her in a week ago.

Gabby is trying to cover up for Carlos' alcoholism by going to work for him and signing payroll. While she is there an 80mil client comes in demanding to speak to Carlos. She steps in and thinks that giving him the booty touche and flipping her hair (the moneymaker) will get him to quell his fears. In steps a junior associate to help out and of course Gabby tells him why Carlos is really out of the office. She should know better not to trust anyone. Finally, the 80mil client comes to Carlos' house and explains he has been there and helps Carlos check into rehab. Very touching scene.

Lynette. Poor Lynette. She gets flowers delivered to her on what would have been her 22nd anniversary from Tom. She thinks this is a sign (it never is - this reminds me of Big's assistant sending flowers to Carrie on SATC - sigh, I miss them) so she gussies up and curls her hair. She gets him a bottle of traditional anniversary scotch, steals the keys to Tom's apartment and goes to deliver the bottle and herself to him personally. When she gets there she hears voices, so naturally hides under the bed. When Tom and Jane start making out she gets up from her hiding place and reveals why she is there. After Jane leaves the room, Tom tells her that those flowers were a mistake (heart breaking) and he will never send them again (broken to pieces). My heart is throbbing for her. We have ALL been there.


Finally Susan, who ties this whole episode together. She gets critiqued by an art critic who decides her work is brilliant. He wants to display it a gallery but she refuses. They do it anyway and all of her work on the death and burial scenes are up for everyone to see. Of course, as the girls are whipping out their checkbooks to buy all 5 pieces (nice skeleton Suzy Q) crazy cop Chuck is standing behind them. He of course says that all the girls look familiar and the pretty redhead looks just like his Bree.

What I don't understand is why all the girls turn on Bree? Because she didn't mention that Chuck came by asking questions? They should be most mad at Susan for painting these pictures! She is going to be the string that comes loose on this whole case. Even if Alejandro is 50 feet underground and in cement. Who knows what crazy Chucky can find?

Finally, we end with Bree having a drink. There goes all those years of sobriety, literally down the drain.

I am going to miss these girls! Aren't you?

A Vampire Homecoming

We find our self at the mid-season finale. Tear. The kids are off to homecoming. They are always doing something school spirit agenda like. Rebekkah is getting ready as Elena comes in to put a necklace on her. It is a super sweet moment until Elena stakes her. Well, she has to. They cannot have anything messing with their plan.

They devise to kill Mikael just long enough for Stefan to witness it and relay back to Niklause that daddy dearest is dead. This sends Niklause running back to throw a huge bash. Homecoming got rained out in the gym (coincidence?) so they host it at Lockwood manner. Tyler always knocks out Caroline, because he doesn't want her getting hurt in the shuffle and the plan to finally take out Niklause.


We learn that Mikael can kill an OV by using this fancy stake. He uses Elena as bait when he shows up to kill Niklause. This was great for so many reasons. First of all it answered the undying question - where is Katherine? Here. She is disguised as Elena. Knowing that Niklause wont kill Elena because she is the blood line to his hybrids, Mikael uses her as bait. Then stabs her, because she really isn't Elena, she is Katherine.

Just as Damon is coming up from behind Niklause to kill him, Stefan and his humanity steps in and does not let this happen. Niklause ends up staking Mikael and he dies and burst into flames. We are all wondering why Stefan does this until the next scene.

Katherine goes to Stefan to tell him that he will lose his brother if he lets Niklause die. So Stefan wanting to save his brother, steps in. Love this. It means that Stefan is on his way back.

Of course as a mid-season finale they need a cliffhanger. It ends with Stefan getting freed from Niklause's stronghold and stealing all the dead bodies in coffins that Niklause wanted to awake once daddy was dead. Where is Rebekkah? Will they unstake her? I hope so. I like her on this show. What will happen with the Elena/Damon love story. And why does Katherine always get to ride away with one of the brothers?

Ugg - when does the show return? I miss it already! Were you happy with this finale?

Goodbye Noel!

I know that I should recap the episode from the beginning, but the worst part was that Noel died (I know he's Henry on this show, Teddy's husband - but he will forever be Noel Crane to me! I heart Felicity)

He was going to have a surgery, so they wanted Christina to do it, but would not tell her who the patient was. They even put a towel over his face. Of course it started out fine, but when it went down the tubes (literally) she just called time of death and every body's head hung low. She didn't understand until she was told who had died on her operating table and she went insane. This part was heartbreaking. Unfortunately for Henry, they needed something like this to draw viewers back in. They didn't even tell Teddy because she was in the middle of another surgery. Oh, how horrible - but great TV!

Then the episode gets even better. Well, Der and Mer find out they aren't getting baby Zola back. So Mer and Alex have to transport a baby over to another hospital. The car has trouble, breaks down and its pouring rain. They decide they wont leave the baby, but have to or the whole car will blow up with them in it. They finally decide to leave and there is a bunch of dead bodies on the ground from the car that hit them.

Definitely a step up for me. I will tune in next week for sure now. Will you?


To Greece We go!

The all stars are off to Greece. I have to say I am super jelly. That is on my top 5 places to travel to. They get there and of course they have a challenge the minute they walk off the plane. They have to memorize some Greek lines and let all these important people know why they are excited to be in their country. Of course ghetto Angelea says "Where is the BANO" um that's Spanish hunnie.


They then have to model in underwear in a bowl with Greek Salad and pour olive oil all over themself. Of course the Christian Shannon wont get into underwear. I am just as befuddled as you are and all of the judges when she will model in a bikini but not underwear that looks like a bikini. (She says that underwear is reserved for her husband and she wont break her beliefs) I never thought she would make it far in this competition. We aren't asking you to be nude Shan. Jeez. Even Jesus wore underwear!

She gets eliminated and all the other girls are safe for another day.

I am rooting for Alison or Laura to win, how about you?

The Wrong Choice

My title indicates my feelings on the outcome of this week's episode. I think that Robyn made the wrong choice. But let me back it up.

Last episode we ended with Barney and Robyn kissing in a cab. My heart was swollen from this. now they are both faced with the fact that they not only kissed, but had sex. They begin the normal dance around by saying it shouldn't have happened, until Barney chimes in by saying it should have. I love this. This is something that I wish happened all the time in every show and in life. I love second chance romances. They don't come along very often. In fact, my own husband and I are a second chance romance. ( I love you hunnie!)

They  have to go on a double date on a boat to celebrate something for Robyn's news station. They decide they should break it off with their significant others and then meet at 12:00 at McClarens to get back together and celebrate.


Now, we are off to focus on the other set of the fab five. Marshall, Lily and Ted go to a concert. Marshall and Ted decide to smoke a sandwich. I love how they are still calling it that to appease his future kids. They need to get Lily nachos, so they go out and circle back and end up back on the girls bathroom waiting line for the 8th time. (By the third time back on the line it wasn't funny, I was annoyed. COME ON!) When they think they were gone for hours, Lily lets them know they have only been gone for 2 minutes. I love the replay of the video camera scene though, haha. "Lily doesnt know I am high!" he says to Lilly" - love that line.

Robyn goes to break up with Kevin at the hospital but she is unsuccessful. He tells her he doesn't care what she has done. "Sometimes things that need to be heard, don't" and Barney breaks up with Nora while he parents are there after her dad goes on about how two people belong together (this whole speech was so heartwarming, i thought about my hubby)

He goes back to McClaren's to see Robyn and is so excited until she walks in with Kevin. My heart broke for Barney. He then goes back to clean up the rose petals he left on Robyn's bed and Ted sees this.

Who will end up together? I am still rooting for Barney and Robyn (they are amazeballs together!) Who do you want to see happy together?
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