Friday, April 27, 2012

Pauly D Project: Singing for the troops!

Biggie calls his girlfriend MJ and Big Jerry likes her friend. Cut to the club, where Biggie introduces Pauly and then they invite Christina to come hang with them. They go to a Moroccan restaurant complete with belly dancers. Jerry goes to take off his shirt and shake his belly around. It looks like he lost weight and its shaking! They end with food from McDonalds.

Pauly is to play for the troops. They have army fatigues with their names on them. They do the obstacle course and preform for them and are a hit! They are so excited to see them. What an awesome experience for them.

Grey's Anatomy: The Boards

And we're off! To San Francisco to take our oral boards. All of the senior docs are getting their little proteges ready. Back at the hospital, Zola has the stomach flu. Meredith doesn't want to leave her, but does with Derek. Lexi tries to hit on Mark, but instead tells him that a new album that is out is "Fresh", burn Lexi.

At the boards.....

Karev learns that Morgan's baby is not going to make it. He misses his boards and goes back to Seattle to be with her. The baby dies and it is the most horrible scene ever. I could hardly watch it!

Meredith has the stomach flu and is hurling all over. Christina sleeps outside her door so she can be there for her but doesn't get sick. She tells Mer about the affair. She makes Meredith suck it up and finish her boards since she will get the job at Brigham and Derek can get one at Mass Gen.


Keppner and Avery go to get food and they get into a bar fight. Kepner punches a guy out and Avery and her sleep together. He takes her vcard and she is worse for it the next day. He is better.


Richard is there to proctor and so is Avery's mom. They end up doing it, because Adele is so why not. I was very disturbed by this old person love scene. ew.

Vampire Diaries: Ric Transforms

Esther is still using Rebekkah's body to carry out her evil plan. Her and evil Ric are going to try and kill all the originals. They first melt his ring into the white oak dagger which makes it a super weapon. She then performs a spell on Ric making him the next original. She uses Elena's blood to complete it. He will need to drink blood in order to be a new vamp.

Rewind. We have ANOTHER dance/party. It is the 20's thing and Caroline goes with Tyler, but Klaus wants to be with her. Bonnie goes with new guy Jamie and Jeremy is there and is upset about it. Elena asks Stephan to go. But where is Damon? Did she just use him to make Stephan jealous? So confused. Esther puts a spell on them to trap them all there with salt, while she reeks havoc on Ric and Elena.


Klaus breaks free after making Bonnie perform the spell and threatening her man. Elena and Stephan have a dance together until she gets sad about Ric. They all go to see Ric and have some sort of goodbye party, since he mentioned he doesn't want to go through the transformation as a vamp, he wants to die. He locks himself in the chambers and tries to. Klaus also stabs his mother, allowing Rebekkah to live again and unstakes his sister.


That is until, Bonnie, who is compelled by Esther, makes Ric drink her blood and transform. YIKES!

Revenge: The Trial

We are already at Daniel's trial. Victoria has some tricks up her sleeve. She has her thug scare one of the juror's into not saying Daniel is guilty. After Charlotte's failed attempt to lure Declan back into admitting that his brother was on the beach, he hangs her out to try. Jack has been busy trying to hunt down Amanda and Conrad went to see Victoria's lover, offering him money to stay away, which he took.

Meanwhile, Daniel has been home and getting restless awaiting this trial. He is starting to doubt fiance Emily when he sees Jack going to visit her. He calls her and watches her ignore his call. He then flips out and starts drinking again. She sits next to Jack at the trial and Daniel flips out about this as well. He drinks more.


He breaks his house arrest rules and sits at her apartment and waits for her drunk. He screams at her for Jack and she tries to reassure him its nothing. All he does is doubt her. He gets arrested for this and taken back to prison for his trial.

Emily breaks into Jack's apartment and steals the bloody hoodie. She places it in the thug's car and calls in a tip on an Amber alert. Cops find him and the hoodie and throw him in Rykers. He calls Victoria to get him out and she tells Conrad what she did. He then calls someone from the inside to have him killed, hung in his cell with a note saying he committed the murder on Tyler. Bang. Daniel is freed. Jack is free. Emily did a good thing.


The Kickers...

Ems has been tapping the Grayson home and finds out about the inside job. She puts two and two together and figures that they orchestrated the hit on her dad years back. She has more revenge fuel than ever.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don't Trust the B in Apt 23: Foster Child

June is obsessed with Chloe's lack of responsibility. She didn't water her plant, it died, she watered it with her goldfish, they died, and she didn't give her neighbor his insulin shot, sadly, he died too. Chloe is going to be super busy for the next 3 days, because her job is showing around UN ambassadors from all around the world. She even has creepy neighbor test her with flags and languages. June gets a job as an unpaid assistant to a demanding woman who also wants her to cut her hair and get her dry cleaning, all while working at the coffee shop. She gets more responsibility there as well, since Mark thinks one of the employees is stealing things.


Meanwhile, Chloe decides to adopt a foster child, Molly and have her be her assistant. She does a bang up job for a child. June is furious with this. While Chloe is off gallivanting, June has to do her internship, work at the coffee shop and take care of Molly. She has to sew her a dragon costume and see her play, so she has to leave work early. She gets fired from her job because of this. June doesn't know how she got a foster child, but it was because Chloe pretended they were lesbians and had someone over to interview them without her knowledge. She is so upset that June shakes Molly "shaking the baby" and Molly gets taken away from them.

On the other side, James is trying to play the part of a little girl. He has his assistant read all of his scripts for him. He invites a girl actress over to study her and does a really funny job of imitating her. In the end, he plays the girl in the movie, but it is too weird for directors, so they cut it.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

16 & Pregnant: Jordan

This episode was all sorts of crazy. I love to see how the parents react. Almost high school senior Jordan who is black is with boyfriend Tyler who is white. They are having a baby boy together. Mother of Jordan wont let Tyler in the house or let her over his house with the new baby. She wont even let her have an epidural without her signature. Her mother is crazy. I have to say she is the most controlling parent I have seen so far.


His parents are fine with them and even offer for Jordan to live there and have the crib there. They go in and set the crib up in Tyler's house. Once this happens, Jordan's mom retracts and says that Tyler can come over with an "open door policy".

Baby Chase Alexander is born and Tyler isn't coming around as often. Him and his parents are upset she chose to live with her mother than them, so they have been resenting her. This turns into a black vs white thing, especially when Tyler finally comes over in the end. He starts yelling at her and cursing and her family gets involved telling him to be quiet. He tells them to eff themselves and her brothers chase him out to fight him. Yikes.

Things do not end so well for Jordan. She drops out of school and has to take take care of baby, sans father and set of grandparents.

New Girl: Schmidt's Penis

I know, I know, the profanity! Well, Schmidt's penis is a big focus here. Let's begin, shall we?

Jess has been running into ex-wife Ouli at the gym. She sees her in the sauna, where Ouli is buck naked and still hugs Jess. Yuck. I am disturbed watching this. She thinks its a good idea to have dinner with Ouli and Russell. Bad idea. She tells roomies she is not worried, because when her parents fought she would sing a song and tap. "Please don't tap Jess". Suffice to say, they go to this dinner and its an all out war. Ouli and Russell fight about an old fight and get so loud, in each other's faces, that Jess has to sing that song and tap. It doesn't work, but at the end they look like they want to make out. Jess feels like she is missing that passion with Russell. She tries to get him mad enough that he fights with her, but its a no go. He says he doesn't want that same kind of relationship he had with his ex.


Nick has a new hobby, growing tomatoes on their roof garden. Everyone is a bit skeptical, but he tries to make it work. He is so upset about everyone being in love (Shelby and Winston and CeCe and Schmidt) that he wants that too. In the end, he ends up calling ex girlfriend Caroline and sleeping with her. Jess finds them and yells at Nick for this. They have TRUE passion. They do this shake their butts dance which is hilarious.

CeCe doesn't like how serious her and Schmidt are getting. She tells him to date other people and her Russian roommate offers. They go out and she only knows a few words and is too skinny (says my hubby) and it ends with Schmidt being in the hospital. Before that she says she likes mickmous and he is screaming what does that mean and she meant Mickey Mouse. Omg, too funny. This is why I love Schmidt! His penis got broken with her and he compares it to a crushed traffic cone. CeCe is upset and tells him she likes him. Any excitement though hurts him, so she needs to leave with her bag over her body. Super cute how they like each other. Winston ends by playing a game with Schmidt, trying to get him aroused while he winces in pain.

90210: Runaway Bride

Let's check in with our favorite girl zip coders, shall we?

Silver: She wakes up in Liam's bed and realizes she loves Navid. She meets with him, tells him about the cancer gene and tells him she wants him to drop out of Princeton and be with her. Smooth move. She really is just masking her feelings for Liam. In the end, however, she makes out with Liam. They are meant to be, for right now anyways.

Adrianna: Ade is upset about Dixon leaving her and rightfully so. Austin comes home for expulsion and offers to help her music career by making her country. They perform a song together at Naomi's engagement party and they rock. I see a romance budding there. This is right before Navid pushes him for hitting on Dix's girl and they break a huge and tacky ice sculpture.

Ivy: She is upset about Raj still, so she is acting insane. She is not checking cars before crossing the road and surfing in dangerous waters. In the end, the cops come to get her for harming herself, called in by priest to be Caleb.

Annie: Has feelings for Caleb, so she keeps ignoring him. Finally she comes clean and tells him she is in love with him (remember they move fast here) and he runs off. She is the maid of honor in Naomi's wedding and even tells her about the trust fund. They have come a long way since fighting over Ethan and Liam in high school. In the end, her and Caleb kiss in the rain. Maybe he wont become a priest after all.

Naomi: She has her wedding in 2 weeks and doesn't care about the trust fund. She says money if funny like that and understands. She tries on her wedding dress but tells PJ that he needs to get to know her friends. He throws an engagement party, but she wanted something intimate. He makes it lavish on a yacht that he just bought and named it Naomi. He goes over the top and she starts to think its all about the money, especially after a friend of his makes note of the trust fund conditions. She blows him off after a talk with Austin and breaks her engagement. She loves him, but not like this. She has grown a lot since this show first started. Definitely one of my favorite characters!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gossip Girl: Queen Lilly

Blair/Dan: Darota picks up a copy of NY magazine and Blair has made the lowbrow section because she has been married less than Kim Kardashian and Dan has made the highbrow section because of his new book that is yet to be nothing like Insider. She is furious because she is no longer it. She dresses up in a huge couture dress to Dan's press party, where the dress code is casual. She even tries to get her shoe and handbag collection displayed by FIT, no go. She tries to upstage Dan at the party and cut into his speech. Dan doesn't kick her to the curb and they work through things. She apologizes and I really like her with Dan.


Chuck/Nate: Nate has a feeling that Diana is lying. He checks who is bankrolling her and its Jack Bass. But why? They start to think that Diana is not who she says she is. They find a picture of Elizabeth after Nate calls her to talk. It is her pregnant with Chuck and a man with a tattoo (Jack Bass) cradling her belly. Jack is the real father and Elizabeth is the mother then why make Diana pretend? They need to come up with a plan to take her down.

The Rhodes Girls....

Lilly bribes a nurse to say that Ivy was mean to CeCe. Ivy doesn't get her money anymore. Lola is meeting with her real father, William and Serena catches them. Once Serena learns that Lola is her half sister and her dad had an affair with Carol, she wants to take them down. Lilly plans a dinner with a NY reporter so he can get the scoop. She invites Carol and Lola and then admits that she knows about the affair and that Carol doesn't deserve the money because she made Ivy pretend to be her daughter. Ivy admits it. Lilly ruins lives and is a bitch. She writes Ivy a check for helping, but Ivy just wants love. She rips it up.


Serena is not interested in a half sister and sends her packing. Lola steals the password to the gossip girl account on her way out. Lilly tries to reconcile with Rufus, but then tells him that he will never find another woman like her. Burn. He leaves her, again. After Carol goes to jail, William goes to see her and gets her to sign over the money to him. He is to get her out and give the money to Lola. He decides against that.

Girls: Abortion

Episode 2 was really great. I have to say that this is like Sex and the City, if SATC was realistic. Girls in their 20's with no money, living in Brooklyn, not wearing Manolos, dating slacker guys, not billionaires like Big. Great concept. I love how the main star is the writer, director and actress. Brilliant!  Let's begin shall we?

We start off with Hannah having sex with her booty call and he is making her pretend that she is a slut with a cabbage patch kid lunchbox, ew. They use condoms, but she is a bit worried about the "stuff that comes up on the sides of condoms" haha. We also cut to Marnie having sex with her too nice boyfriend Charlie. This show is a bit graphic. The girls are going with Jessa to her abortion. They have never been to one before and Hannah talks about it lightly, like a hair appointment.

Jessa is smoking weed (while pregnant may I add) in cousin Shoshanna's room. Shoshanna is making an inspiration board and talking in her peppy, valley girl talk. I like how they bring her in more to this episode. Shoshanna, Jessa and Hannah sit on a bench and eat Tasti-D (what else would they eat) and talk about this book Shoshanna has about the "ladies". Jessa gets so mad because she doesn't want to get categorized as the ladies and doesn't want to admit that guys don't like her for her. They agree to meet her there and Hannah makes Marni book her an appointment to see if she has an STD.


Jessa doesn't want to think about this abortion so she goes to have a drink at a bar, a white Russian. She misses her abortion appointment and hooks up with a guy in the bathroom. She tells him to touch her under her skirt and he pulls out two fingers with blood on it. Guess she got her period, no need for an abortion.

Hannah has an interview with a publication. She is doing really well and she is vibing with the boss when they talk about their favorite bars. She is about to get the job until she makes a joke about him being a rapist. His face turns serious and he kicks her out, rightfully so. Did she think that was funny?

Shoshanna brings Dylan's candy to the abortion, Hannah and Marnie are there, no Jessa. They leave her tons of texts and messages but nothing. Shoshanna admits she is a virgin. Marnie admits she wants to have kids. Hannah has her appointment and asks her doctor about the stuff on the sides of condoms. Her doctor hates her. Hannah says she thinks she has AIDS and wants it. Her doctor again is appalled. People are so ignorant. Test is over.

Khloe & Lamar: Lakers Reunited

Lam Lam is going back to LA to play his old team the Lakers. Khloe and him fly back and see everyone. She gets to see her sisters, Mason, her mother, Jamie, Malika, Rob, etc. They  have a great time while they are back.

Lamar gets some serious love on the basketball court playing with his old team. They have this really cute standing ovation and slide show for him while he plays. It must be hard for him to play against his old team. Do you want to help them or hurt them? They end up losing by 3 points, but he feels good. Better than ever!


Back at home, Jamie is complaining that since Lamar has been gone, he has not gotten any special treatment. Lamar is upset he doesn't ask about him and only cares about himself. He apologizes to him and gets the tickets anyway.


Nothing super exciting, but very sweet!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Jennie Garth, A Little Bit Country: Series Premiere

Ok, OK, I watched this show. I have seen Tori, Shannen and it would only be fair to give Jennie a try.

It was just OK. After separation of husband for 17 years, Peter Facinelli, Jennie Garth moves her three daughters, mother, sister and brother to the country. She gets a farm with chickens, pigs, cats, dogs, and her own assistant Corinne who hates this.

She basically tries to run this farm and show her daughters that they don't need to live in LA. She ends up going to a livestock auction to buy a cow. She gets a mother cow and baby calf after getting heckled by some cowboys. Her assistant Corinne tells her she must suck the udders to get the milk started. She was wrong, so she lost the bet had had to be an udder sucker.


I love Jennie, but I think her show is not great and wont get picked up for season two.

In order of 90210 alum reality shows, first is Tori, then Shannen and now Jennie. Can't we all just have a reunion instead?

Once Upon a Time: Rumple's Son

This was really great and we finally find out more about August! Let's dig in, shall we?

In Fairy Tale Land:

Rumple's boy Bay is feeling upset because daddy keeps killing innocent towns people and his friends wont play with him. His friend tells him that there is a way to get out of it, by talking to the blue fairy. He asks dad if he finds a way, other than killing him with the dagger, will he take it and he handshakes. Bay meets the blue fairy and she gives him a magic bean (is he Jack and the beanstalk?) that once planted will take him and his father to a world with no magic. He ignites the bean and jumps through, but Rumple doesn't follow, afraid to lose his magic. He forever is trying to find Bay, but doesn't. He vows to make a world with no magic so he can find his son. Maybe that is why he agreed to the curse.


In StoryBrooke:

August wakes up with leg pain. Something is wrong here. He calls Henry to go to phase two of their plan. He makes Henry distract Gold while he sneaks into his shop. Gold catches him, but August plays it off.

They have a welcome home party for MM and she is happy, but doesn't want to see David. David doesn't understand but catches up with her later on and she says its like dark forces are keeping them apart. This is true. He also visits Katherine. She tells everyone that she was abducted and kept in a basement, finally got out and crawled back.

Regina meets with Gold and yells at him for this. He abducted her and didn't kill her and switched the DNA tests on the heart. Regina will get burned for this. Emma knows it too. Instead, Regina makes Sydney confess to the kidnapping of Katherine, because he is in love with her still (why?! She put him in a mirror for crying out loud). In the end, Emma tells her she is going to get her kid back.

The Kickers....

August meets with the nuns (the blue fairy, this is why Gold says he hates the nuns they took away his son). He tells them that he misses his father. Gold goes to see Dr. Hopper and tells him he has a son and he wont forgive him. Hopper suggest to tell him the truth. In a field, August tells Gold he is the son, Bay and they hug and rejoice. He asks for the knife. When Gold digs it up, August reveals he is not his son. He just wanted the knife and the power, to make him better, since he is dying. He tells Gold he was hoping that Emma would break the spell, but she is slow at it. He lets him live knowing that he can help Emma to speed up the spell breaking.


My thoughts are this. Bay is really Jack from Jack and the beanstalk. I don't know where he is, but maybe he will show up later. August is actually Pinocchio. Since he is dying, he is turning back into a wooden puppet. That is why his leg is bum. That is also why he said "I DON'T LIE" A few episodes back.

Can Emma break the spell? Only a few more episodes left this season!

Grimm: Cat and Mouse

Another amazing episode of Grimm. Let's dig in, shall we?

There is a bounty hunter on the loose looking for this man, Ian, who is a part of this group that protects against this other group that the hunter comes from. He follows Ian and shoots him, but doesn't kill him. He steals his bag though which has his passport, so he cannot leave. Ian finds his way to Rosalee's shop. He is the same animal as she and they used to be a thing. She helps him to get the bullet out along with Monroe. Monroe calls Nick to come check it out.


Nick and Hank go to check out the blood and interview the bus driver who shows them the false name on the ticket. The guy who killed him goes to a bar and kills the bartender after he gets the name of someone to help him get passports. He goes to Nick and tells him he saw the shooting, even though he was the shooter. He sees Nick is a Grimm and freaks. Waltz calls the chief and tells him he wants this guy Ian or he will kill everyone. Waltz goes to get the passports from Reginald who he threatens his family if he doesn't help.

Rosalee tries to get passports from Ian from Reginald as well. He tricks her, gives her the passports, but sends Waltz after her. Waltz kills the passport guy anyway and goes to kill Rosalee if she doesn't give up Ian. Nick is trying to help them, but also needs to do the right thing. Monroe has Ian and goes to bring him back, but sends Nick in first. This confuses Waltz and Rosalee kicks the gun out of his hand and they shoot him. They send Ian off with his new ID to try and run again.

Only 4 episodes left and next is about the reapers, yikes!

Pauly D Project: Waxing

Pauly and the boys have a photo shoot. Ryan of course, is making trouble for them. He wont wear anything the stylist says. They need to get ready so they all head over to the salon for massages, mani/pedis, waxing, tanning, etc. Jerry gets an inner nose wax which is hysterical and painful to watch.


They do their shoot and they pose and they look great. Meanwhile, Biggie is going to propose to MJ. How sweet! He calls her and she is giving him attitude, so I feel bad. Do you think she will say yes? Pauly is still stuck on that girl from last episode.

Scandal: The Rape Case

I have to say that I watched this in two shifts. I fell asleep 30 minutes into the first. Which means to me, either I was super tired or this show is not that interesting. Let's begin, shall we?


Olivia and crew are defending a very rich boy accused of rape. She swears he didn't do it and tries to figure out why the girl would blame him. Money? He fails to show up to his first trial because he was busy sleeping with someone. She figures out that the jury already thinks he did it, since this girl Helen is like a saint. They do some more digging and find out that he didn't rape Helen, but her friend years ago. He covered it up by paying her and buying her a car. Then this girl killed herself. Her friend Helen just wants him to pay. After they rip him up in court, Olivia tells the mother to turn him in, which she does.


Quinn really wants to date the reporter. She promises him an exclusive quote from Amanda Tanner. After drinks with him, she is a mess. He ends up getting a one on one interview from the rich guy's mom and what happened instead.

Amanda Tanner, why is she still around? She wants a 15 minute sit down with the president and then she will drop it. She tells Liv in the end that she is pregnant with his baby. His wife invites Olivia to the ball and she shows up in a gorgeous white dress. The president dances with her and everybody can see they are in love. He says to meet in their spot and while she is on her way, Cyrus blocks her, tells her the meeting is cancelled and throws her out. He then tells the president, after an incriminating audio tape of him and Amanda doing it, that Liv was the one who cancelled. Yikes. What is his end game?

Grey's Anatomy: Missing Girl Returns

This was actually really interesting. Let's begin, shall we?

The Residents

All of the residents are busy with their interviews. Yang is getting sent cookies, fruit, being wooed and sent out to fancy dinners, because everybody wants her. Meredith keeps putting off her interview in Boston. She isn't sure she wants to go, but at the end she ends up going to her interview. Teddi is worried that Christina will leave them so she tries to convince Hunt to get her to stay, little does she know they are not at the best part right now. Christina wants to take a job far away. Alex is getting these crappy hospital interviews, because Robbins really wants him to stay there and work in PEDs with her. Avery walks out on his interview because they are only concerned with who is family is and not him.

Meanwhile, Richard goes to visit Adele, who has no idea who he is. She is in love with another patient there. He comes to see her and Adele and this man are in bed together. He tries to keep them apart, but Adele misses her new bf so much that Richard lets them be together. Yikes. I have no idea how I would handle this.


The Case

This seemed to be based against Jaycee Dugard case of being missing for 18 years and finally being found. Played by our own BAY from Switched at Birth (go Vanessa Marano with the serious role) she was kidnapped and escaped and found by hikers. She attached herself to Meredith as a safe zone. She did whatever she said and didn't listen to her parents. She really did miss her abductor which happens a lot in these cases, Stockholm syndrome.


Bailey also experienced some missing child syndrome when she thought Tuck was missing from daycare. But he wasn't and everyone got excited for nothing. They all congratulated Hunt on organizing everything and even Christina clapped.

Not sure what is next, but at least this episode was good for once!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Vampire Diaries: Scary Mary

I have to admit that this episode focused on my title for a nanosecond, but regardless, I liked it. Let's bite our fangs in, shall we?

They need to find out where the last white oak stake is, so they lock Alaric in the dungeon. They plan to beat it out of him. Good plan guys. Stephan is going to watch him while Elena and Damon drive to Denver to get Jeremy. When they get there they tell him he needs to contact ghost vamp Rose (remember her? She was in love with Damon? Apparently she turned Katherine). I thought that they erased his memories, but I guess he is all caught up now. He says he is meeting his buddy for baseball, surprise its Kol. He beats the shit out of Damon and they have to stab him so he stops for a bit.


HE conjures up Rose and she says that she doesn't know the original but Mary sired her. Scary Mary, Damon says. They need to wait in the motel room until she figures out more and where Mary is. While there, Damon and Elena have a crazy kiss fest which is interrupted by Jer, who says they found Mary. They go to find her, but Kol got to her first. He refuses to let them figure out the bloodlines. Cant Jer just speak to dead Mary as well?


Back at home, Caroline reunites with Tyler. They are all kissy until he finds the drawing from Klaus. He gets jealous and leaves. After they have hot vampire/werewolf monkey sex. Rebekkah is planning the roaring 20's dance and Matt is being nice to her. HE is just distracting her, but ok. Her mother shows up and says she is dying. She then dies on the floor in front of her. Her powers were from the witch line and once Abby died, she lost it.

At the mansion, Stephan starts beating the crap out of Rick with his ring off. He finally turns into evil Rick and they talk about things. He says the stake is in the cave where vampires wont be able to get to it. Rebekkah comes back and tells Rick to take her to the cave. Once they get there, she walks right in. Why? Because her mother inhabited her body and its not really her. WOAH. She wants to help evil Rick take down the originals. But hmmm, which is the one that sired them?! Let's say Elijah!!

Revenge: Doubt

And we're back! Whew. Let's begin, shall we?

Daniel is in jail and sending letters to Emily. Mommy dearest thinks that Amanda Clarke is behind all this and painting that picture to their lawyer. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Declan are getting ready for private school and painting sketches of the hooded man. Once the sketch is complete however, it looks an awful lot like Jack Porter. Declan quickly tries to cast doubt on this to save big bro. In the end he loses Charlotte over it. She has a great line about him being another puppet in the Grayson show, burn. Mommy is not happy with Charlotte and slaps her! Yikes.


They bring back good old Mason Treadwell, why? I think that Ems wanted him to bring down the Graysons for good. Well, he is asked to write a blog called the Treadwell reports on all real things Grayson. He gets an anonymous message to check the drawers where he finds the missing tapes. He assumes Victoria stole them and burned down his house. He writes about Charlotte being drugged up at the party and being not credible. She is kicked off as eye witness and everyone is upset. Victoria confronts him, but as we can see her power is waning. She has no influence any longer. Ouch. He however, believes Amanda's innocence.

Nolan helps Jack find Amanda, or so they think. He makes him drive to Montreal, after he is no longer a hooded suspect. Will he find her there? No. But Jack is just so heroic and cute.

We see Victoria go to a seedy bar and meet with a shaved guy to give him money. She offered it to him after he put a hit out on Daniel at jail. He was in the shower and then wrapped in a towel, bang, bleeding on the floor. Because of this, he was sent home for house arrest with a tag on his leg. Victoria casts aspersions about Emily and Daniel believes these inklings. He tries to call her but she is not around.


While also at the bar Victoria nee Harper meets her love apparently and they do it. She loved him before? I am so confused about this character. Where did he come from and why he is relevant? While she is having her tryst with him, Emily had dressed up to meet shaved head guy. If we remember him, he is the one that beat up Jack Porter and stole the tapes. She gets him to spill secrets and tapes them all. She pretends she will sleep with him and then beats the ever loving crap out of him and makes an imprint of his key. Hmmm. I am still a bit confused. What is Emily up to?

How I Met Your Mother: My Girlfriend is a Stripper

Barney/Ted: Barney continuously brags about his girlfriend being a stripper, only for us to find out that he hates it. During those few hours she is gone dancing on top of other men, he is alone. So he wants every night to be legendary. He tries to make him and Ted be in a Mariachi band, bring a horse into a bar, add up points to see who is more awesome. Ted ends up trying to up his points by dressing in a dress and getting a girl's phone number. What an ugly girl he is! Ted is happy living alone and eating food in his underwear. We have all been there, being able to walk around naked. Haha. In the end though he texts Robyn.


Robyn: She is trying to be famous, but the security guard doesn't know her, even though a huge picture of her hangs in the lobby. She ends up doing the weather in a helicopter. The pilot has a stroke and she has to land the helicopter to safety and does. She becomes famous over night and everybody loves her and calls her, even her dad (OK i will try harder).

Lilly/Marshall: Lily has a crazy sex dream and she turns the color of vermilion. Marshall shows the paint cards and how red vermilion actually is. He tries to see when she says hello to people how she gets and until they see Ronjit, she turns that color again. They are off to a fancy dinner and he is driving them. Funny scene with the partition going back up and down. He gets mad at her, has dinner without her and with Ronjit and then figures out she dreams about these people because they are good fathers.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23: Father Issues

This episode was really cute. I am glad I gave this new show a chance. I think they are starting to find their stride. Let's begin, shall we?

June is trying to see the bright sides of things. She had this life plan and now it is set back. She sees a baby in the hallway and after a rendition of HELLO plays, she know she wants it. Chloe tells her that she has a guy for her, Scott. She says absolutely not, since she doesn't trust her. Chloe tells James and he agrees to make it look fake, so she throws a party and invites him.

At the party, June shows up with her bike. She heard she can meet men on a bike. Scott is there and they have so much in common. Even though she tries to fight it, her and Scott have a ton in common. They spend all night talking and finally making out. Chloe comes home and sees this and boasts what a good job she did. Then she says goodnight dad. BOOM. Scott is Chloe's dad! June thinks this is horrible and wants out of it. Chloe tells her how her mother never did anything with her and her dad is super unhappy and deserves someone good. June gives him another shot and lay in bed together and he gives her a McGruff crime bear.


James has a side plot that he wants to teach acting like James Franco does. When he gets there, all they care about is Dawson's Creek. They make him recite the dialog with Joey and ask inane questions about Pacey. He even tries to teach at Starbucks, but they only want to hear more Dawson stuff. He tells the coffee worker and he makes him realize he should milk it.


When June comes home, Chloe's mom is there and is upset because she thinks her husband is cheating on her. Two things, the word husband and she is in a wheelchair. YIKES. We find out that they are only separated a few days and Chloe set them up to hurt her mother. June breaks it off with Scott and he has a temper tantrum about midlife crisis and wanting to be with June. Chloe throws him into oncoming traffic and breaks his shoulder.

June tells Chloe about her life plan and how she never slept with anybody but Steven. Chloe tells her she needs to live more and find a new job and just be. June and her have drinks and watch James pick up a girl as Dawson. There is also a side plot with the peeping Tom neighbor who dissects Chloe's downfalls.

Cute and funny, love it!

Suburgatory: Enter Eden

We start off with the farmer's market where George meets Clueless alum, Alicia Silverstone, aka Eden. He is infatuated with her and even drops the word "clueless" LOVE! She buys him a healthy, organic shake with extra bee pollen, where as his throat closes up and he has an allergic reaction. She takes him to the hospital, they have cute flirting and he kisses her.

He tells Noah that he wants to have a double date and for them to meet. Noah tells him that Jill is expecting and they rejoice. During dinner they agree to meet and Jill orders a scotch. George is confused, but they later find out that they are using a surrogate. The surrogate happens to be Eden and the whole dinner is awkward for everyone. George breaks it off with Eden, because he is weirded out by Noah's child being inside of her.


Meanwhile, Yiccoult has gone missing. After viewing the video tapes in their house (Steven had them installed to make sure everyone takes their shoes off), they see Dahlia sweeping little Yiccoult outside. She was sweeping to show her mom that she can sweep too, just like Tessa does at the crystal emporium. Lisa even goes there to buy crystal tears for Malik's anniversary.

Mr Wolf and his gay lover decide to get a pet. He finds Yiccoult and makes it their gay dog and names him Hanson. They dress in matching sweaters. When Tess shows him the missing poster, he gets a scared look. Her and Dahlia follow him to East Chatswin and do a crazy chase to get Yiccoult back. They finally get him and Mr Wolf and his gay lover are ok. They bring Yiccoult back and Dallas is super happy. She doesn't understand why Yiccoult was posing as a gay dog.


George decides to give it a shot with Eden. He is a bit unhappy about the pregnancy thing, but I guess she will be on the show again. Excited to see more Silverstone?

16 & Pregnant: Alex

This episode was 1.5 hours. It's about high school senior Alex who gets pregnant and is having a girl with boyfriend Matt. Her mother tells her that if she keeps the baby, she cannot live with her. I never thought her mom really meant it. Who kicks their kids out? She works part time at McDonalds and a dance studio. Her boyfriend pulls in no money, since he has no job and is a stoner. He is always out partying and doing drugs.


Her friend's parent's want to have another kid, but they cant so they ask if they can adopt. She considers it, knowing that she will be able to see her daughter whenever she wants. She is only 2 weeks away and still has not decided. She decides to move in with their neighbor into her spare room. She cannot afford that rent either.

The baby is born, Arabella. Matt is at the hospital, but not there after. She decides she cannot pay her rent so she moves back in with her mother. Her mom was so against this, but throws her a shower. During the shower, the neighbor tells Alex that she is tossing her stuff onto the side of the road. She has to go and get it. She is appalled, but I have to say that she still owes her the rent!

Matt is MIA and she gets so mad. He comes over and basically tells her that he wanted adoption, but she didn't listen so now he doesn't want to be involved. Its too hard for him and he would rather be stoned. She cannot work anymore because it interferes with care for the baby. She has her family, but I guess that may not be enough. She has to take her senior year online. She tells Matt what a deadbeat dad he is.

New Girl: Pregnancy Scare

Jess is supposed to babysit Russell's daughter, Sara. She already knows her from class, but now its time to bond with her. She warns the crew NO BOMBS at all. His ex drops her off and still refers to him as her husband, weird. When Sara gets there she is infatuated with Nick. She calls him poop eyes, because that means love.

CeCe thinks that she is pregnant, because she missed her period. She talks about how her and Schmidt had tantric sex because she is Indian and she thinks that she should know better. Schmidt overhears them talking about this and is super cute. He puts his head on her belly and talks about their caramel baby. The bone structure on this one he thinks. He tells her how he will be there for her no matter what. Super sweet! CeCe however is not ready to be a mom and is freaking out. She is crying, upset, crazy and it just makes me think she has her period. He tells her he wants to take her on a real date to see Italy on ice. She says no and to ask someone else. She wants this to be just sex. He also has a clip about him as a baby and break dancing, haha.


Winston has some lame subplot about taking his boss to the Michael Strahan show. Lame. His boss is addicted to yard sales and runs out of his moving car. Strange.

Nick is still into dating college girls. The one he is dating now, Chloe, loves art and is smart. When he brings her over she says Mazel Tov to the news of the possible baby. This is when Schmidt says in his jewish grandma voice, what a nice girl Nick! He invites her over for dinner as Sara stares at them the whole time. Jess asks what is wrong and Sara talks about how she hates her from the bus. The bus? Apparently Chloe is only 18 and was just on the bus last year. She even had Jess as a teacher. Uh oh Nick, time to break up. Sara gets upset when she thinks Jess outs her love to Nick and locks herself in Jess' room.


CeCe and Jess try to get her out while they stall her mother who is there to pick her up. They finally get her out and she has put all of Jess' bras on her (even the non teacher ones) and cant get them off. Jess and Nick help her as the mom walks in, takes her away and CeCe runs out screaming how happy she is she got her period.

We end with Nick and Schmidt at Italy on ice. Hilarious.

2 Broke Girls: Dumpster Diving

Today is tax day baby! Earl is celebrating by having a scotch and Max has not submitted her taxes, ever. Caroline offers to do Earl's return since she can maximize it. She then offers to do Max's. They sit in piles of receipts and forms and Max gets too frustrated. She throws everything out, including Earl's return and goes to some hippy tax firm. Caroline also notes that Max's purse is so messy she forgot about a check mailed to her for $200.

They head to the hippy firm and Caroline pulls her out of there. They decide to go and file an extension instead. They speak to Sophie about her long term involvement with Oleg. She says she isn't vested in him,but we see otherwise.


On the way to the post office they realize that they threw out Earl's return. They have to go dumpster diving to retrieve it. It is a very funny scene and they are both throw in there and they find it, because they recognize their red bull cans.

They head over to the post office and wait on the long line. Max sees her drug dealer even filing his. She decides that she will put them together herself and the people on line help her. By the time she gets to the window they are about to close. She just makes it, but doesn't have a stamp. The lady behind the counter gives her one.


My question is, why didn't their cupcake fund increase from the $200 check?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shannen Says: Series Premiere & Episode 2

I wasn't going to recap this until I was sure that I would keep watching. It is about 90210 and Charmed alumni, Shannen Doherty. She is engaged to her soon to be third husband, living in their Malibu home, and about to get married. She is planning her wedding in 6 weeks time.

The first episode focuses on her and her life now. Her dad passed away, she plays a lot of tennis with her mom, she hires celebrity planner, David Tutera to help. She is super bitchy to her fiance and tells him he cant play football, that Sunday is family day. He plays and twists his knee and she laughs about it. She tells David she wants all black and anyone not wearing black needs to leave, immediately.

Second episode, more into the planning. She is scouting sites and wants to get married at her friend's ranch where she last felt her dad's presence through a gust of wind. They agree and Tutera is less than thrilled about the location. He thinks its horrible, but she says make it work. She is a bridezilla and a half! They agree to babysit their friend's baby and its a disaster. He cries the whole time and they cannot wait to get him out of there. She says when they have kids the girls can have his last name and the boys can have hers.

She is very real, although very bitchy. Her fiance is sweet and caring and just what she needs for her personality. First Tori, then soon Jenni and now Shannen. Anyone else hoping for a 90210 reality show alumni reunion?

Ringer: Season Finale

Wow. This was all I could ask for and more! Let's dig in, shall we?

We start off with the wedding vow renewal and SMG looks amaze. Henry is there and her new bestie Greier. Juliet is the maid of honor and Andrew and her are so  happy and kissy. At the wedding Makowi shows up and we then all know its a dream.


Bridge goes to her AA group, wearing this amazing Philip Lim top, and tells them its been a year. She gives a shot out to Malcolm (where is he? Machado's men think they found his body) and then says she is ready to tell her family her secret, before they go off to Turks and Caicos to get married again.

She gets home and finds Jimmy Kemper in her apartment. I swear, she is a dumb stripper. She doesn't put two and two together when he tells her that she is Shiv and she has paid him before. Shiv and John asked Kemper to convince Bridge to run to her "I'm the good twin", so she could take her life, since someone (Catherine) was trying to kill her. Bridge still doesn't understand, but gives him 50K anyway. He tries to run and Makowi finds him, kills him, and already thinks that Bridge is hiding out on Park Ave posing as Shiv. Smarter stripper.

We even flash back to when Bridge witnessed the killing of Shaylene. He choked her because he knew who she was working for. She calls Machado, but flashback, Machado's boss gave him his job back as long as he promises to drop Makowi. He tells her he cant help, but tells her that he was call the NY office. They hear that Kemper is dead and know that Makowi is there. She sits down to dinner with Andrew and Juliet but cannot spill the beans.

Meanwhile, Shiv and Henry are talking about moving to Chicago. He is ready to start their family. She wants to name her twin girls Portia and Reagan. He gets the paternity test results and fully knowing he is not the father, she lies to him. He tells her he knew she lied and if she only told the truth it would work out for them. He kicks her out with nowhere to go.

Tim makes the deal with Andrew to save his company. He then feels guilt in to telling him about the affair between Shiv and Henry. Andrew doesn't take the news lightly, he comes to their rehearsal party and yells at her in front of everyone. He kicks them out and then kicks her out too. Before she goes, she tells him the truth. She says the past 7 months she has loved him, he corrects her, the past 7 years, no 7 months. I am really Bridget she says and she loves him. We think he will cave and then he kicks her out too. Him and Juliet are off to the airport together, them against the world. She is to stay with Greer. She also tells Juliet the truth and she says she knew it was too good to be true. He goes to punch Henry in the face, nice job!

The Kickers.....

1. Shiv goes to sneak back into her old apartment to steal jewels and other things to stay alive. While she is there Makowi breaks in, grabs her and she screams you have the wrong girl. They fight and she locks herself outside on the porch.

2. Bridge comes back to see Juliet and realizes something is wrong, the doorman is dead. She calls Soloman and tells him to come quick. She gets in, sees a girl running, grabs her gun and shoots Makowi. He is confused as he just saw two of them. She is about to walk away, he grabs her and she shoots him dead in the head. This is after he ripped the huge photo of her to pieces, slashed and bled on.
3. Machado comes in and helps her up. He confirms with her that Juliet is gone and it must be someone else.
4. Soloman shows her the tape from the Hamptons which time stamps 4pm, when Shiv should already be dead, her getting into a car with John. She is still alive, but why?
5. Bridge goes to Henrys, announces herself as Bridge and asks about Shiv. Finds out she has been there all along, alive and well. She wanted her to switch places so that she would take her place if someone was trying to kill her.

OH SNAP. Twin sister is still alive! Now what?
I hope we have a second season don't you!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gossip Girl: Chuck's Real Mother

I have to say I knew it all along. The minute we saw Diana with the photo of Bart in her pocket, I knew it. Let's begin, shall we?

Blair/Dan: We begin with Blair and Dan having breakfast together. Darota knows exactly what he wants. She tells him that they need to have their coming out party as a couple. She wants to do it tonight at this fancy party. He agrees. He goes home to find Rufus, sans Lilly, and he tries to convince his son not to lose himself and meld into the rich girl's world completely. This takes them to a tea room in Brooklyn for lunch. She is mortified but soon stops when a couple behind them have lunch with them. They tell them they always have a dinner with great people. This makes Blair and Dan plan a royal British parlor dinner. They don't invite their own friends, because this will be too much drama.

Serena/Lola: Serena is helping Lola get ready for her first big audition. Lola talks about how irrelevant Gossip Girl is and this makes Serena mad. She blasts about Lola on GG and this gets her kicked out of her audition, for making her look like a diva. Lola tells Nate that Serena is GG and wants to prove it to him.


Rufus/Lilly: She brings over some salad and they make up. He is willing to move back in until they sell the place and find their own. When she goes back she gets a call to verify a credit card charge for a hotel that Rufus has been putting Ivy in. They end up breaking up again, after they find out they aren't being truthful anymore.


Diana gets a text from the real Gossip Girl that says if she doesn't get the site back from Serena, she will reveal her secret. Diana goes to meet Serena and tells her that she wants to help her. Serena overhears her talking to Jack about giving blood, goes to the hospital and confirms that Diana gave the blood.

Serena crashes the British party and so does Lola, Nate and Chuck. Lola steals Serena's phone and sees the upload to Gossip Girl button. While Blair and Dan are out getting more ice, Lola video uploads the convo between Serena and Diana. This shows that Diana is Chuck's real mother. Everybody gets the blast and leaves the party.

Dan and Blair realize they will find their place together and argue over smart things in  bed. Serena posts to gossip girl about Lola leaving, she was super jealous of her and Lola does leave, after Nate breaks it off with her and calls mom to tell her she was right about the UES.

Chuck confronts Diana and she tells him that she had an affair with Bart while he was with Elizabeth. She had the baby and gave it to them. She was ashamed and left. She came back to keep an eye on him, but from Nate's bed. He doesn't know if he can forgive her. But I guess we will see!

We end with Diana getting a text from GG saying that was NOT the secret she was talking about. Hmmm. What is it then?
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