Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween TV Episodes

All of my favorite shows have their annual Halloween episodes. Here are a few of my favorites

My So Called Life - Episode 9 "Halloween"
Classic Rayannne being slutty, Angela portraying a dead guy's girlfriend and breaking into the school. I heart this show!

Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Second Season 6th Episode "Halloween"
They buy enchanted costumes from a warlock's shop, and she is a helpless damsel in distress for once. Gosh, I love her!

Beverly Hills 90210 - Second season 13th episode "Halloween"
Kelly dresses way too provocative and a cowboy tries to take advantage of her "DYLAN I NEED YOU" haha Brenda, you crack me up every time!

Felicity - Season One - "Halloween"
Classic. She dresses up to be Ben's partner and he doesn't, then she throws up on Noel, haha love her!

What are you favorite TV show Halloween episodes?

A Fairtytale Twist

I decided to add "Once Upon a Time" to my DVR list because of my nostalgic love of fairytales, evil queens, princesses being saved by prince charmings and all that comes betwixt and between.

Background: The evil queen put a curse on all the fairytale characters that they would go to a place (StoryBrook, Maine) where they would never remember their lives. Snow White is now the school teacher, Prince Charming is John Doe in a coma (he was killed in Fairytale land, I swear he was dead, but thank goodness he is not!), Rumpelstiltskin is the richest man in town, Red Riding hood is the town slut and the evil queen is the Mayor (of course, who also btw has an apple orchard in her backyard). Snow White and Charming are preggo with a baby girl (Emma) who is the only one who can come back 28 years later to break the curse. Emma Swan (Remember Zoey from How I met your Mother?) also has a child, Henry, who she gave up for adoption years ago. Henry's adopted mother, of course, is the Evil Queen/Mayor. Henry gets this fairytale book from his teacher (Hello Snow) and tries to track down Emma, so she can come back and save the town and save him as well. It seems to me that even the queen has no freaking clue who she is. She knows she is evil, but doesn't know she is wicked.

Recap: In this episode, it focuses on the background of the Evil Queen. We see how she got to be so evil and how the curse came into play. We see that she took the evil curse from her BFF Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty's arch nemesis and also Pam from True Blood) and had to kill something that meant the most to her (her daddy, aww) and uses his heart to enact the curse amongst Snow and her friends. She also makes the deal with Rumple that no matter what he wants, as long as he says please, she has to do it.


We also see a back and forth rivalry with Regina Queen/Mayor and Emma Swan. The queen keeps attempting to get her arrested and Emma takes a chain saw to her beloved apple tree. We also get to see that Emma realizes Snow is her mother and that her, Henry and Snow all love cinnamon on their hot chocolate. The queen also has Emma evicted from Grandma's inn and puts a boot on her car. She makes the rules here, but can she really keep bad-ass Emma away from her flesh and blood and now her mother? I also like how we get a little reveal as into the Queen and why she named her adopted child Henry, after her father, who she ruthlessly ripped his heart out. "Once you go down the path of revenge, you go alone" he says. But where else would she go? Could she do a white witch makeover?

I am intrigued by this show and love anything that brings storybook characters to life and lets me in on burning questions we all have. I hope to see more, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, let's bring them all out and see into their lives.

I can't wait for next Sunday!

What do you think of this new show?

Make it Work Moment!

I have to start out by saying I am a huge fan on Project Runway. I started this about a few seasons in, so I never got a chance to watch it from the beginning. I personally cannot sew a stitch. (I hardly think making boxers and teddy bears in middle school home ec qualifies me to be a contestant.) But every time I watch one of these, I get so inspired to head to Mood, pick up some fabrics, and begin to design and sew!

I think a lot of the appeal of this show is the judges as well as the clashing of the diva-esque personalities of the contestants. Heidi Klum is gorgeous, immaculately put together and hysterical to watch. She really tells the truth and always causes me to laugh. Michael Kors is dead pan honest. Nina Garcia has lightened up a bit the past few seasons and that is really nice to see.

This season we are down to the finale part 2 where the remaining 4 contestants (usually they have 2 or 3) are to show 10 pieces of their new collection that they had 6 weeks to design back at home during NY fashion week at Lincoln Center. They get put up in a pimp penthouse and have a few days to edit, edit, edit. They are also given $500 and are able to go back to mood and add pieces to their collection.

Let's dish on the contestants (in no particular order)

Kimberly - she is a down to earth, Brooklyn, urban chic who tries to put all of her background into her work. You can see it in her accessories, her vibrant colors and her style in general. I like her work a lot. I think however, she should've played on her assets, which is well-tailored pants and sophisticated blouses. The judges really swooned over her black glittery dress, which I just did not like. Sorry Kim.

Viktor - his quirky style comes out more during the finale than it ever did throughout the show. He looks like Pinocchio is the final runway. He has really great taste, clean lines and things that I could see myself wearing. That white leather jacket with the baubles was amaze. I would wear that in a second. I do like his pieces with the leather, but not the sheer and the printed pants were to die for. Omg, the metal tank top, please buy me that! I really thought he would be the winner, not the second person called out, come on!

Joshua - GIRL. He was the loudest most original character on here. I love when they throw a really obnoxious person into the mix. He really did have his own sense of style. Although, I personally hated those lime green shorts with the strings. They felt like one of those paper dolls that you dress up. And the outfits with the plastic = tacky, not tasteful.

Anya - I still cannot believe she learned to sew 4 months prior to entering. Heidi has an eye for talent and spotted her from the getgo. I love her flowy pieces and her vibe. She really does have an eye for fabrics. She walked into mood and found three amazing things instead of the 6 weeks she had at home. She really thinks on her feet. I think that if she has more sewing classes, her collection will literally fly off the wall. I totally am thinking Milly's cabana collection with a Trinidad vibe.

Anya was the clear winner. I think that she had that underdog feeling from the beginning, but such a "lovely" personality that when she won, people were rooting for her. (According to people mag, she even has offers from celebrities already!)


As a side note: every single person in the finale had a serious death in their family. Viktor's brother, Anya's brother, Kim's mother and brother and Joshua's mother. Jeesh. Was this is a coincidence or gripping television?

I actually was rooting for either Bert or Laura from the beginning.

Who do you think should have won?

In a Grey Area...

No need to repeat, but certain series hit their breaking point and I think that Grey's Anatomy is one of them (tear). Who remembers the first few seasons where the surgeries were gripping and had you hanging onto your seats? When Mer & Der were an "it" couple and not some lame two people who cannot get it together? I am still missing Izzy and George and everything that came with them.


In this episode we find the characters all of a sudden are part of a corporate baseball league. (since when?) Callie fixes a guy's hand with all of this mechanics. She is actually the coolest surgeon on here. Derek preforms yet another inoperable brain tumor surgery and is successful. (I see a pattern here) Alex comes through to show, yet again, that he is not a dick, and helps to get Zola into the care of his hospital again by harassing the judge who is getting his chemo therapy (pretty low Alex, since you know he cannot move)

Meredith solves the Diabetes trial dilemma and calls a truce with Bailey on the field after drinking a bit too much with Christina. The only thing I always find truly charming is the bond between Christina and Meredith, they always have each other's backs.

Snooze fest. I am not sure how much longer I am going to watch before I give this show a rest and bury it.

What do you think of Grey's?

Friday, October 28, 2011

First Vamps, then werewolves now Ghosts

Vampire Diaries is probably one of the better CW TV shows. I know, what is a 30-year old doing watching this channel. Well, believe me this show is a real biter. (no pun intended)

In this episode, going with the whole Halloween theme, we found the town getting ready for another annual founders' event (didn't we just have one yesterday?) It seems that ghosts aren't only for people who have been brought back from the dead. We are seeing Ana and kissing her (whom btw, I am totally rooting for her and Jeremy to make it work. I heart them together) and now even Mason Lockwood, Bonnie's grams and good ole Vampiress BFF Lexi are back in town. But you have to learn in this show with the good comes the bad, so the evil vampire clan that was locked in the tomb is back and seeking payback. (Why didn't ghost Jenna come back? That would have been a sweet moment for Ric and the Gilbert clan)


While Bonnie is spending time trying to break the ghost spell a whole array of things are happening. Friendships between Damon and Ric (Legally Blonde, remember?!) are being mended, Mason Lockwood is uncovering secret writings on the wall in old crypts that can help defeat the originals and Lexi is doing an inter-vampire-vention on Stefan trying to make him see the light again. How she does this is make him think he has starved for 2 years, poking him with wood sticks and getting the blood lust out of him to make him "feel" again.

Once all of the ghosts have disappeared due to the power of Bonnie the witch (and even poor lonely little Annabelle finds her momma Pearl. A tear was shed during this, heartwarming really) we are left with chained up Stefan and Elena. She tells him she is not giving up yet and she hopes to bring him back to her where he belongs. Too bad she hasn't just thrown in the towel and given in to her inner pangs of some Damon love. I mean if Catherine can share two brothers why cant she? She is the doppelganger.

Who do you want Elena to end up with?

Revenge Crossovers

Of course my new favorite "it" show would have some TV land crossovers.

Connor Paolo - Gossip Girl's gay little brother Eric

Nick Wechsler - From a 90's favorite Roswell

Emily VanCamp - Rebecca from Brothers & Sisters

Don't you just love when they recycle?


Let me start by saying, Revenge although only a few episodes into the season has become the hottest new must-see TV show on my dvr. It is the one I always go to when I have the choice while thumbing through my list. The first episode was captivating and really had me hooked. How could we go wrong with crossover characters, Hamptons in the summer, gorgeous gala gowns and revenge? I have always been a conspiracy theorem fan and the fact that Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke has not only the knowledge but the resources to get this all done, amazes me.

Backstory: Amanda Clarke used to be a happy bubbly child with her dog Sammy living in her Hampton's beach house with her dad David Clarke. From what I infer is that David was having an affair with the Queen Bee, Victoria Grayson. Her husband, Conrad Grayson, who I could only assume is a multi-billionaire, created some kind of terrorist attack (think 9/11) and benefited from the heist by throwing Mr. Clarke under the bus as the scapegoat. All of his old trusted pals seemed to go with this notion as David Clarke was arrested for life, imprisoned and then died leaving his only daughter Amanda as an orphan and locked up, per Victoria's instruction. On her 18th birthday when she was finally emancipated she received a box with the Grayson Global company photo, her daddies jail diaries and a trust fund leaving her well off for the rest of her life. She dyes her hair blond, changes her name and buys back her old beach house. She has a fake friendship with Ashley her event planner friend (how did she meet her?) and a revenge-ship with Nolan (who has indebted his life to her father who invested in his billion $$ company when nobody else did. He is actually a techie and pretty handy to have around as we have come to see). She also stakes her claws into the heart of Daniel Grayson (whom is really sweet and gorgeous, poor Danny boy) and her old Amanda heart still aches for poor boy Jack Porter, who holds a candle for little miss Clarke.

Present: So far in the season, now Miss Emily Thorne has managed to bring down a few key players. She exiled Lydia Davis, who was also having an affair with Conrad, whom she set up as the person who was behind all her scheming and who the Grayson's longtime bodyguard had an altercation with which concluded in her untimely death off her million dollar loft in Manhattan. She also ruined a career of a politico who was the lawyer in the trial that put her father away. And she ruined and then scared off the therapist who was the one who kept her locked up all those years without visitation rights to see her father.

Recap: The latest episode intrigue was riveting from start to finish. Lydia Davis is still in a coma after falling to her death and landing on a taxi cab (How New York?) Nolan sends an anonymous email to Conrad with the video footage of the death scene between her and bodyguard Frank, which he shows to Victoria and they decide to let Frank go, since they cant "trust" him. We get the kind of sense her that Victoria has been slutting it up with not only David Clarke, but Frank the tank bodyguard as well.

After being cut off Daniel takes a job (his first ever) tending bar at the Porter's bar in Montauk (jeesh that's far from South Hampton) and his bff-frenemy from Harvard, Tyler, seems to have his own plan in motion. He is planting evil seeds all along the past few episodes that Emily needs to go and he needs to stay to get poor Danny boy back on track. Lame Tyler. There is only room for one maniacal being, Emily. Which she totally gets under his skin during a double date, trying to show him that maybe he is not as rich as he says and that his facts don't match up about owning an island and landing a plane on a dirt road.

There is a whole side story about Declan, Jack's younger brother who is trying to impress Charlotte Grayson (Daniel's sister), so he steals some lobsters out of a poachers trap to make some cash for a fancy date. Even though he should know that all little rich girls love themselves a bad boy, rather than a Harvard hottie.

Back at the bar, on Daniel's first night of poor boyness, we see Tyler dropping drugs into his drink which make Daniel woozy. Tyler brings him to the back to lay down. Here is where I finally get a sense of what old Ty is doing. He actually is into Daniel and wants him all for himself. I get this when he tries to lay down with him and almost miss kiss him. My Gay-dar is definitely on now.

Good old Frank has not left like he was supposed to. Instead he goes through the surveillance tapes at Lydia's building and sees Nolan entering her apartment right after he left. He confronts Nolan at the Grayson's annual 4th party (they have a party for pretty much anything, the opening of a window, you know the important stuff) and then sticks around to see him talking to Emily about the encounter. Caught.


I cannot wait to see the next episode when a little piece of Emily's past and present commingle and unravel. ooo, the suspense.

Are you watching this new show this season?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Models Join the D-List

I have to start by saying that I am not a true ANTM fan. I only started watching about the 5th season in. Now we are cycle 17 and I am starting to think Tyra has lost her fierceness. I watch this show because of panel. I think that Tyra, Miss J, Nigel, and even Andre give great commentary and are very realistic. Tyra never browbeats the contestants and always has something genuinely helpful to say even during critique. And I know they are trying different things, sometimes having smaller than 5'4" models (since us shorties cant normally rock it in the model biz) And the prizes have changed (Vogue Italia, perfume line, Express ads), the travel has increased and the judges have even swapped out (do we miss Janice?), but I think that this All-Star idea was good in theory, bad on screen.

This episode it starts out with the girls trying to create their own fragrance. I think it is actually really cool that they get to mix scents, name them and then try to promote them. They have to sell them in rose petaled filled bathtubs, splash splashing around which obviously makes for better scent sales. Bianca, the diva, wont get into the tub. She swears that Beyonce would never (girl you ain't Queen B)

Then we are off to the photo shoot where they are supposed to portray NeNe (Housewives of Atlanta, a show I have never seen) or Snookie (Jersey Shore) on the back of a motorcycle. Again Bianca, the diva, has this ass-backward idea to bring a jar of pickles on set (If Mr. J wanted pickles there, I am sure he would've asked first B) and I know this will sound really bad, but Shannon, the Christian, needs to go. She is gorgeous and has a great smile, but seriously, get-over-yourself Shannon.


At judging, it seems that 2 girls are going home (cue horror music) and it seems that the judges do not have the harshest critique. Kathy Griffin however has a funny cameo and would be an actual great addition to the panel. We are down to the Christian, Queen B and Gay Kayla (whom I heart), and they end up keeping Jesus and letting the rest go. Tear.

I am pretty sure the reviews on this are rotten, because this the way the show is headed.
ANTM fans, are you still watching? Or have you found another way to spend your Wednesday nights?

Halloween in Suburbia

I added Suburgatory to my DVR roster hoping that it would be a nice 24 minute interlude in my TV agenda. The whole premise of moving from Manhattan to the suburbs hit a bit close to home. I realize eventually hubby and I will have to trade subways for highways and take out for local fare, but until then I am going to soak up Manhattan like it's going out of style.

Last night's episode was all about Halloween in the suburbs. I think that they are a bit far fetched with their depiction of city Halloween. I have not yet seen a murder crime scene and have always loved the lavish costumes and trick or treating door to door apartments. I think it saves us from bad weather and unwanted pranksters. (You cannot really egg an apartment door - or can you?)

Tessa and her dad (Jeremy Sisto, who btw was on Clueless - just sayin) decorate their house with ghosts, goblins and a real guillotine. George and the Queen Bee house mother, Dallas (who btw is amazingly portrayed by Cheryl Hines) are getting pretty close. It seems obvious to me that she does not want her always traveling, financial whiz kid husband but would like a down to earth man like George.


Tessa dresses up as "Misty" who apparently "went to a better place". This was the kids and guidance counselor's term for "going to school in New Jersey". I have to say, when she is portraying Misty she looks amaze. She could really straighten her hair and put some makeup on.

I still have not seen the wow factor in this show. I am hoping it will turn around. I know it was picked up for another full season. I think I would like to know what happened to Tessa's mother, see George and Dallas fall in love and unite the frenemies of their daughters and maybe produce a love interest for Tessa.

Till then, I will just enjoy vicariously living their suburban life as I enjoy my apartment in Manhattan for just a few more years longer.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scream 4 Crossovers

Everybody loves a good character crossover. I know I do. I netflixed Scream 4 last night and was in particular awe by the opening scene. In it, they do a clip of girls watching a movie about girls watching a movie. Very Twilight Zone.

Anna Paquin
Our hometown hottie Sookie from True Blood

Kristen Bell
The anonymous voice of Gossip Girl

Lucy Hale
Sweet and loveable Aria from Pretty Little Liars

Shenae Grimes
Kansas native Annie from 90210

Don't you love when all your favorite TV characters are in one place? It makes you feel like a Hollywood land reunion :)

Thou Shalt Fast and Gossip...

I have to start by saying that GG has taken a turn for the worse. Like I have said before, all shows after 5 or 6 seasons start to lose their flavor. It's like a piece of chewing gum. It is hard to revive after a while.

So princess Blair who is preggo (Dan/Chuck/Prince Louie - your guess is as good as mine) seems to look not one bit swollen or pregnant in her tight fitting couture throughout the past few episodes. There is this whole sidebar about how she must move to Monaco in order to be the princess and have her royal heir, yada yada, yawn. And how Louie's evil sister Beatrice (could we not think of a cuter name?) wants to make sure she is next in line.

Moving on to Serena (who has become a bit lackluster) and Dan (what is with his hair lately?) are in the midst of rekindling a friendship/romance/aren't they now step brother and sister? I think their story line is tired and so is she. The only great thing about her is her clothes, which are picked out for her.

I do like the addition of Ivy/Charlie. I can already look into my crystal ball and see her hooking up with Nate. Maybe somehow that romance will help him finally stop being so pathetic and be the token hot, troubled guy in every good TV show.


Diana shows her claws and her cards when we see a twist. She somehow knew Bart Bass. I already ruled out her being Chuck's mom, since we met her last season. She also has a tie to this new therapist and so does Chuck. I wonder how she will play into the evil scenario here in the UES.

Dont forget sweet Louie finding the real results of the paternity test. You know we were all secretly hoping somebody would find this.

Regardless, I still am happy to hear gossip girl's rambling and I really hope we one day come closer to that story line of who she really is. Till then, xoxo Gossip Girl

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mommy, Daddy Issues

I was never an original fan of HIMYM. I started watching it because I couldn't understand why my husband was laughing so much from the other room. I rented the first 5 seasons on Netflix and then I was hooked. The friendship between them is reminiscent of any other fave show of mine. Even though it is more male bonding and testosterone flavored then SATC, it works.

In "Loretta", we find the already over sized group at their dive bar usual hangout stuffed into their favorite booth. May I remind you this was the booth they fought some guy in the back alley over (well the bartender did, but they still got punched for it). Barney's brother tells the gang that Barney's new girlfriend Nora reminds him of their mother. As I start to take this into consideration, I realize that my husband does have a lot of qualities my dad possesses. Which is why I love him so much. But if I ever started picturing my father during kissing, love making, nudity, etc. I would throw up on our West Elm duvet.


Although I have come to love these characters and have them let me into their lives just a little bit, I am starting to wane exhaustion with their story lines. Robin is dating her shrink, Kevin (Kal Penn) who has gained a few lbs since we last saw him chowing down on White Castle along with fellow castmate Barney (Neil Patrick Harris, or Doogie Howser, M.D. as he will always be lovingly known as). I think that the relationship between Robin and Ted has gotten a bit too close for comfort and I don't blame Kevin for blowing a gasket over this one.

I found it a bit morbid that Marshall was picturing Lilly-pad as his dad, considering that he died and it made me more sad than grossed out (good thing?)

In the end, Nora gets a gold gangster cap in her teeth, bird shit on her head and witnesses a man plummeting to his death off of her boyfriend's apartment building.

I am hoping that the laughs are a bit more increasing as time goes on. I think that after 6 seasons, sometimes shows just need to end. Tear.

If it Ain't Broke, Don't buy it a Murphy Bed

Let me begin by saying, that 2 Broke Girls is one new show that my DVR has become besties with. The dynamic between Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) is on fire. In real life, they would never be friends. Max would snarl at her and Caroline would never be caught dead anywhere in Brooke-lyn. But in TV Land, they wear each other's half of a BFF locket.


They are still on the cupcake plan. Caroline (who all of a sudden has money) decides she can tailor her hideous traffic cone and big bird striped waitress ensemble to better suit her figure as well as purchase a DIY Murphy bed. What is even more funny, is that she thinks she alone can put this bed together. I would've looked at this box and screamed bloody murder for my husband to put it together for me.

Max has some on-screen chemistry with tortured artist/bartender/hipster and ends up biting his celery stick, riding a pony with him while blurting out feelings about balls and a oddly weird, but normal boob grab.

I hope this show starts to show more of how Caroline became this poor little rich girl and maybe lets us in at some point on if/how/when Max had a family at all. The only snippet I even got was when she answered the house phone by accident, which the landlord thought was her grandmother. I think the lady she babysits for is vapid and thus promoting some charm  (Brangelina, Spray Tans on Babies, massages for aches and pains!) and similarities to Caroline's former life. I also think that this now $400 and something dollar cupcake savings account, needs to drastically increase if they are ever going to get out of Brooke-lyn and back into Rich-land.
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