Thursday, May 31, 2012

Melissa & Joey: Season 2 Premiere

Hooray! Melissa and Joey is such a cute little show, I am glad it's back. Just a little background. Joey worked for a hedge fund and lost all of his money when the owner ran a Ponzi scheme. He was out of work and mad so he went to confront his boss, but he found Melissa there. She is the sister in law of the scam artist and since both parents were taken, she was put in charge of his two kids, teenagers Lennox and Ryder. He couldn't find a job anywhere else, so she hired him as her nanny. And so it begins. The love affair and hilarious comedy that is Melissa and Joey. When we left them last season, Joe almost got a new job and was moving out and wanted to be romantic with Mel, until the job fell through. Now, he is back in the house with her and platonic as ever.


Mel is doing her whole house over and the kitchen. She needs to be able to do her job as city council woman and supervise the house, but she cannot. She lets Joe take over the house job. He ends up getting into a fight with Leo the contractor about costs of copper and he quits. He then has to do things himself, forcing them to sleep downstairs and after a mis trip to the bathroom, they wind up in the same bed.

Meanwhile, Lennox is putting on a play about her evil principal. The principal bans it and then sees it and loves it and hugs Lennox, she is appalled. Mel bribes the contractor and so does Joey to come back and he does. The house is back in working order.

Pregnant in Heels: Godmother Wars

Love. I absolutely love this show. Rosie goes to speech therapy and does these crazy exercises. The therapist tells her she speaks like a baby and she tells the camera the woman speaks like a man. Gotta love Rosie's humor, haha.

The first couple is Paula and Jay. He is a celeb fitness trainer and is always attached to his phone and emails. She feels like because he is so uninvolved she is going to do everything herself. First thing, she makes them take an 8 hour class to prep them. Once they pass that, they are given a baby robot to see how they do. They fail. She feels that they need to get more communication between them, so they go see a therapist that helps them reconnect. They give birth to beautiful baby Max.


The second couple is Jenay and Will are having trouble choosing a godmother. She cannot choose between her best friend and her sister. The first challenge is a bible quiz, sister wins. The next is to play with Cuba, her godson and bestie wins. The next challenge is to pick out an outfit and sister wins. Then the next is a gift and she likes them both. She ends up picking her best friend and they have a little dedication party for their new baby girl Leila.

Excited for next week? You know I am!

16 & Pregnant: Kristina

Teenager Kristina and boyfriend Todd were swimming at the beach when a tide took over. She was saved and pulled out by a lifeguard but he drowned. She found out after he passed that she was pregnant with his child. His brother is married to her aunt, so she is very close with everyone in the family. She is having a tough time without him. 8 weeks away from her due date she goes into labor. They make her stay in the hospital for 6 weeks, before they decide to give birth to the baby.


Baby Lukas Todd (named after the father) is born. She is hysterical during the time she is in the hospital and once he gets a bit bigger she loves him and tries her best. She is happy to go back to school and have her life again. She misses Todd and wishes he could be there.

What a very sad story......but wetpaint tells me that she is engaged to a new guy! So I guess there is hope for everyone!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bachelorette: Episode 3

Welcome back rose fans! I have to say that I was a bit skeptical about Emily. She is not as spunky or silly as Ali and Ashley were, but this episode made me think differently of her. She was a bit funny and even silly and it shines. Let's begin!

First one on one date is with Chris. He is a nice guy, but 25 which makes her worry a bit. They climb the side of a building together and make it, whew. They enjoy their victory by dancing to country music. He gets the rose!


Time for a group date! Tony, Ryan, Alessandro, Doug, Sean, Jef, and a few other guys I cannot remember! The one with the egg, Travis. They are there to meet her girlfriends who grill the guys. They decide that Doug and Sean are the best. She watches the men play with a group of kids. She gives Sean the rose and he is super happy. At the cocktail portion, Tony is blubbering over missing his son. She sends him packing so he can be with him.

Next one on one is with Arie, my favorite! They are off in a plane to Dollyworld. They ride a roller coaster together and then write a love song. While writing, Dolly Parton shows up and sings for them. Emily is beyond belief here. She loves Dolly. She is like I could die, 50 times. Finally her and Arie kiss then have dinner. She pretends she is not giving him the rose, but does anyway. Nice joke Ems! They kiss some more and go on a carousel. I am in love with this guy and I think she is too!


Back at the house and drama for sure! First she meets with Kalon, my other fave and he is so rude. He interrupts her, doesn't let her get a word in edgewise and tells her to stop speaking. I am surprised here. She then meets with Travis and she gets to splatter his ostrich egg all over the place. Then she meets with Allesandro and he tells her that Ricki and her would be a compromise since he is a gypsy and moves all around. She then sends him packing and he wonders why. She is bummed, but Arie is there to kiss her and make her feel better.


Rose Ceremony....

Everyone gets one except NJ DJ extraordinaire Stevie. Bye Bye Stevie.

Next up Bermuda, how exciting!

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Wigging Out

Kim is on a whole nother level here folks! She is in a blonde wig as a southern bell, a red wig as a Russian spy and a short brown wig as Kris Kardashian! She is trying to have fun as Khloe told her to do, since she is bummed about her divorce.


Momager Kris has been running around town and with her new project of working with Babyface. She has no time for her family anymore. They decide to take her phone away and let her drink wine and hang out in sweats with her friends.

Rob is looking for a house and wants to take anyone with him but Bruce. He even says at the dinner table that he has no father figure to help. He was 3 when his dad died and has had Bruce in his life for years. It was really offensive and rude actually. Kris then tells him he needs to apologize and bratty Rob realizes the errors in his ways.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Girls: Bushwick Party

The girls are off to a random party in Bushwick and they think it may be the best party ever! Let's see how they all fare there....

Jessa - she gets a random text from an unknown number and she texts back the address. I have no idea what she is wearing. She sees her boss in the crowd, he is the one who text her. They chat and he brought a bottle of wine. She throws the bottle into the street and hits two guys. Then she talks trash to them. She dances with her boss until the two guys punch his lights out. She takes him to the emergency room and they talk about how she should come over. She doesn't cross the line. He walks out.

Marni - She is dressed too fancy for this party. Charlie's band is playing so she decides to be mature and say hi. As they are talking his new girlfriend, Audrey comes over and jumps on him. She gets pissed and calls him names because its only been two weeks. She then bitches about him to anyone who will listen until she runs into Elijah. She bitches to him as well until he stops her and calls her selfish. He brings up how she made out with him while he was dating Hannah. We get to see that Marni has not always been the bestest friend. He then yells at her and she yells at him for being queer. She leaves and picks Hannah and Adam up in a cab to go home.

Shoshanna - I love her, I really do. She is at the party too, by herself in a corner. She starts talking even faster than normal and says she smoked weed out of a glass pipe. Ray, Charlie's bandmate, tells her it was crack. Jessa leaves to talk to her boss so Ray has to watch her and be her crack spirit guide. She runs away from the part and he chases after her. She takes off her skirt and then kicks him in the groin for chasing her. She then gives him a non sexual massage. She is hysterical.

Hannah - She sees Adam at the party dancing with some girls. He has a shirt on and he is out of his apartment. He finally sees her and they dance too. She finds out from his friend that he is in AA. She confronts him about it and he says she never asks about these things in his life. They ride away on his bike with her on front and she thinks its too fast so she asks him to stop. He does and throws her off. She calls Marni to come get her. Marni yells at Adam and then he almost rides away but he asks if Hannah wants him to be her boyfriend, she does. They all ride away in the cab together smiling.


Keeping Up with the Kardashians - Momager

Kim seems to have a lot of time on her hands since her divorce. She is busy spending all of her time with Kylie and Kendal. They are working for 17 magazine now and need to scout models. Kendal is really shy, but Kylie makes her break out of her shell.

Meanwhile, Bruce has been putting spiders near Kim to get her to conquer her fear of them. It is not working. To get him back, she pretends to steal her own Ferrari. Hmmm, not going to make it on Punked Kimmy!

The big to do here is mom and Kourtney's relationship. Kourtney is still mad at her for having an affair when she was younger. After she sees her therapist she realizes that she needs to get over it and she will never do that to Mason or her new daughter to be. She is pretty rude to her though throughout the episode.

Pauly D Project: New York, NY

The boys are off to NY, but still in Rhode Island getting pretty. Biggie asks MJ's parents for permission to marry their daughter. They agree.

Then the boys are off to NY to meet with G-Unit. They get this hotel room that is not fat man friendly. Biggie and Jerry have to sleep on the cot, because Pauly and Ryan will probably bring girls home. The meeting is the next morning and everyone is going except Ryan. He throws a little girly fit and leaves NY.

Next up - signing with G-Unit!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Revenge: Season Finale

A lot went down here, let's begin, shall we?....

Ems gets the evidence from Daniel and makes it look like a burglary from the white haired man. She goes to crack it and can't so calls Nolan, but no answer. She goes to see him and there is a video message saying to get Nolan. She goes to meet the white haired man and he drugs her, chains her up with Nolan and asks where the evidence is. She says its in a locker, gives him the key and then breaks herself out. She then breaks out Nolan tells him where the evidence is and to hand it in and then waits for the man. They have a kick ass fight and she almost kills him, but doesn't. She gets enough retribution to stop.


Ashley tells Daniel about Em's kiss with Jack Porter. He confronts her and she admits it and gives him back the ring. They break off their engagement. Victoria is happy about this and gloats to Emily. She tells her to open her engagement gift. It was an empty box. She believed they would break off. I can see Emily fighting back to tell her who she really is.

Back at home, Conrad is aware of the missing evidence. He wants to head off with Lydia to the Cayman islands. She says no, because Victoria tells her that Conrad is going down for the murder of David Clarke as well and she can be safe if she testifies. Her and Victoria are off to DC tonight to tell.

Charlotte has been a bully to Declan's new girl. She calls to get dirt on her and finds out that she had an affair with her teacher in her old school.

Emily decides to tell Jack the truth and plans to see him tonight. Nolan is happy about this and ready to celebrate.

The Kickers.....

1. Ashley and Daniel probably hook up. She has been eying him since the beginning. Although I think that mama Grayson wont like this match up too much.
2. Emily goes to see Jack to tell him the truth and Amanda is there and preggo! Yup. She is having Jack's baby. Although I think that its not really his. She cries and Nolan tells her to sit there and not do anything revengy till he gets back, lol.
3. Victoria and Lydia board the plane to DC with the DA and the evidence. The guy helping them board is guess who? White haired man. The plane blows up and so does the evidence.
4. Charlotte hears of the plane crash and takes too many pills and ODS. Daddy Grayson finds her in the end not breathing. Declan wants nothing to do with her.
5. Emily hears of the crash and tells Nolan all the evidence is gone. He says not really. He shows her a tape where they talk about her mother. Apparently, she is still alive. UH OH!

Love this show! Counting down the days till the return!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 - Season Finale

I have to say I thought this finale would have a bit more oomph. Let's begin...

We start off with June, who looks gorgeous BTW, drinking with Chloe. She is talking about her moment in the sun. She ends up drinking too much and has to go to the hospital to get her stomach pumped. Not being able to drink for 6 months, Chloe wont hang out with her anymore. The same night, she goes out for sushi with James and Chloe. Everyone in the restaurant gives Chloe free drinks and shouts something in Asian. We soon learn it means no panties. (Also a weird scene with pastor Jin cheating on her husband)


An Asian comic book has been written about Chloe called tall girl with no panties. She knows nothing about it. June shows her that she wrote a comic too called Trina and Sissy. They skip the prom to eat oranges. HA ha. Chloe burns it. June soon learns that Chloe collects the Asian comics and hides them under a floor board. When she meets the guy who makes the comics, she learns that she needs to stand away from Chloe's shadow. The comic guy then writes about June and Chloe is depressed. James explains to her its because Chloe doesn't want to be forgotten.

Meanwhile, James has his dressing from for DWTS. It is next to Dean Cains and Dean's room is 6 inches taller. He tries to get him to switch but that doesn't work. Instead he knocks down the wall between him and Fred Savage and lets Luthor work out of there.

In the end June writes a Trina and Sissy comic where Chloe kills them. Chloe and June are happy again as friends and roomies.

Pregnant in Heels: Tiger Mom

Rosie's husband tells her she needs speech therapy. He said 75% of the time he cant even understand what she is saying. She is flustered by this, but agrees. We will see how that goes! I think I have kind of gotten used to her dialect.

Client 1: Eelain and Paul

Eelain wants to introduce the tiger mom parenting style when her son is born. She was raised in a very strict household and wants to instill this in her son. Her husband however is very laid back. They also have a French bulldog, Bella, who is unruly. She wants to tame the dog, tame the child and her husband. Rosie takes the dog to a dog trainer, check. She helps the husband learn to diaper and run errands with the baby. Then she takes Eelain to a debate between a tiger mom and a laid back one. She agrees to split the tiger mom and laid back style. At her Chinese themed baby shower, her mother, the original tiger mom wants to keep Eelain in the house for the first month with no shower. Uh oh. They have a beautiful baby Alexander.

Client 2: Jessica and Carlo

Jessica and Carlo live in Staten Island in a "Staten Island on crack" house that Carlo built. They have two kids, Leah and Carlo and one on the way. The mom is concerned with 6 year old Leah. She is the queen of the house, she kicks her brother, she doesn't listen and worst of all, she wont sleep in her own bed. Rosie comes in to fix this and first takes away all of her toys for being bad. Leah is not happy about this. Next she tries sleep therapy with her. Rosie puts on her own PJS and stays the night until Leah gets into her own bed. It's hard but it works. Finally, she has three polite British girls teach Leah to diaper babies and be respectful. She does a great job and gets all of her toys back. They give birth to baby Anthony and Leah does a great job as big sister!

Gotta love Rosie :)

16 & Pregnant: Devon

Devon didn't even know she was pregnant until she was 5 months. Her and older boyfriend Colin, live in her mom's house with a total of 8 people. Her older sister was also a teen  mom. Colin is in the army, but is on leave, so he only goes in every so often. They are having a boy who they are naming Landon.


They want to move out of the house once Landon is born and get a new house. The bank approves them for a $125K loan, until Colin loses his job. They are now stuck with what to do. She tells him that he needs to work and not go to school and she is stuck getting her GED and taking care of baby. She is lucky to have him stick around.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bachelorette: Episode 2

Em's first solo date is with Ryan. She picks him up and he helps her with groceries to her house. They bake cookies for Ricky's soccer practice. They then drop them off and head off to dinner and to a concert. She gives him a rose and he is safe. I have to say that she is gorgeous and super sweet, but I feel like there is no sparkle to her. Like Ali and Ashley were real girls that were fun and easy going and were super great! Emily is a bit of a drag, sorry Ems.

The next one is a group date with 13 guys. They are to perform at a benefit concert with the muppets to raise money for the Ricki cancer wing. Charlie, who recently fell off a roof, is having a problem with speaking. They all do a great job. She gives the rose to Jef because I think she likes him and is worried he is not into it.

The next solo date is with Joe. They fly to West Virginia to her favorite old country club. They swim and then have dinner together. They put notes in the love clock. She cries. She is not into it. She breaks it off with him and sends him home.

Back at the house, everyone is hating on Kalon. Of course. They are jealous! They don't let him get any time with her. She does the rose ceremony and everyone gets a rose except....

Aaron and Kyle....

Maybe next time boys!

What do you think of Emily? Too sugary?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Girls: Hannah Goes Home

So this episode was all about Hannah. You see a glimpse of Marnie at the beginning, but mostly about Hannah. I am trying to think if SATC ever did one all about Carrie, but I think not. Let's begin, shall we?

Hannah packs up her stuff in a garbage bag to go back to Michigan. Marnie reminds her that rent is due. When she gets there, her parents are excited to see her. They want to watch movies with her and hang out, but Hannah does not. After they go to sleep, she eats everything in their fridge. She doesn't tell them that she quit her job.

The next morning she is sleeping still at 11:00am when her mom wakes her frantically to get her hot flash meds. She finally gets up and goes to get a coffee first and sees her old friend there. Her friend tells her about this benefit tonight for a friend that went missing Natalie Holloway style. She then heads off to the pharmacy and gets tons of things and knows the pharmacist from high school, Eric. He flirts with her and gives her pantyhose for free. He then follows her to her car and asks her on a date that night to head to the benefit.

She tells her parents she cant have anniversary dinner with them, she wants to go on a date since the boy she just dated made her heart feel like monkey meat. Aww. He takes her out for pizza and she tells this story how she was a vegetarian and then Adam only had meat so she ate it and the color returned to her face. They head off to the party, where the girl from earlier does a dance routine and Hannah thinks she is jaded. The girl wants to move to LA to pursue her lackluster dancing career.


Hannah goes back to Eric's where they have sex. She gets naked and so does he. Before they do it she sticks a finger in his ass. He doesn't like it so they have sex the regular way. She then cuts in to say "I'm tight like a baby right?" Something Adam would appreciate, but not Eric. Cut to a scene of her parents having sex in the shower, EW. They do it so forcefully that he falls out on the floor. He injures his back and Hannah comes home to find her naked father there. She helps him to the bed, naked still with saggy but. Mortifying.

She talks to her mom about how she is making it, even though she is not. She calls Adam. They talk and he tells her some story about a tranny outside his window. I actually really like him here and see why Hannah and him get along.

Excited to see next week with all of the characters. I really do enjoy this show!

Keeping Up with Kardashians: Season Premiere

And we are back! Back to the series that started it all. Let's see how my favorite all K family is doing in Calabassas....

The family has been ignoring Bruce. So he picks up and goes to stay at Khloe's house. Kris doesn't event notice he is gone. Him and Scott hang out there and then he comes back. He takes the phones away from the youngest and they all go out for Yozen Frogurt together, cute name! We find out the girls are having problems keeping up in school because of their modeling careers. Bruce then voices to Kris that he will leave soon if this keeps up. Good for you Brucey!

Meanwhile, Kourtney is preggo again. She announces its going to be a girl. She has been trying to get a new dash space in LA and keeps Kim and Khloe out of it, because she always runs the business end. They are not happy so she tries to include them, but Kim has opinions on everything.


Kris is so concerned with this DNA test to see that Khloe is the real daughter. She makes Rob, Kim and Kourt get a swab test and tries to convince Khloe but fails. She finally writes her a letter and Khloe loves it, but still wont do the test. She is convinced regardless.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Grimm: Season Finale

Wow. I think I called it in the last few minutes. Let's begin, shall we?

Kimura, the other man who killed Nick's parents, is on the loose in Portland. He is looking for the three coins. He almost kills the captain. Here is what I don't understand. Don't they know who the captain is? I hope they reveal his identity next season!

Meanwhile, Adalind is back and she is using her cat Majic for a spell. She brings her cat into Juliette and the cat scratches her. When Juliet tells Nick he freaks. He tells her that Adalind is a witch and he needs to tell her everything so she will believe. He takes her to the trailer and she freaks out. She thinks he needs mental help. He takes it one step further and takes her to Monroe so he can change in front of her. Before he gets a chance to do so, she faints. She is in a deep sleep from the scratch.


Nick takes the cat and brings her in to Rosalee to figure it out. They need to sedate the cat and test it's paws. Nick goes to find Adalind but she has cleared out. Juliet is in the hospital and after a flash of her cat scratch, her eyes turn black like the cats.

During this whole thing, there is a strange woman in black that keeps following Kimura's murder victims. She finally follows him to Nick's house. They fight as well until they kill Kimura and she goes "Nick. Nicky" and he says "Mom" woah! She is still alive!!!

Pauly D Project: G-Unit

Pauly is going to preform at Rain and Ryan keeps feeding him drinks. Biggie doesnt like this. Angel is also getting wasted and kissing girls, so Jerry carries her back to the room where she throws up everything!

He gets a call from his manager that G-unit wants to meet with him. They are going to NY, which means Biggie is off to Rhode Island to see MJ. Happy days are here again!

Scandal: Season Finale

Quinn walks in and sees boyfriend Gideon on the floor with a scissor sticking out of his neck. She pulls it out, which is so dumb. Doesn't she watch Grey's? He bleeds to death on the floor. She calls Olivia who brings her whole team to clean the scene and get her out of there as she is shaking. The most shocking thing is, she tells them that Quinn is not Quinn and they need to protect her.


The DA comes in and knows they cleaned the scene. He calls Gideon's phone and it is ringing in one of their pockets, busted. She admits what happened and he believes her, but she cleaned up all the evidence, so now there is nothing to arrest the criminal on.

At the white house, Billy resigns. He then tells the press that he had an affair with Amanda Tanner and she was carrying his baby then the president seduced her and she killed herself. What really happened was, they had this plan together to make it look like that and used Liv's sex tape to do so. President considers resigning and having a normal life and being with Olivia. I love this idea.


Then Olivia and Melly come up with a plan to keep him in office. He is upset, but it has to be done. We find out that the hit guy is going to kill Billy after the VP discredits him and that Cyrus is the one who put the hit on Amanda. Shocking!

Quinn gets fingerprinted and tested and she is not who she says she is, but who is she? Olivia tells her to tell before she does.
Who is Quinn really?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Grey's Anatomy: Season Finale

At Seattle Grace....

All is well. Webber is preparing for the resident dinner. He is pre-ordering the duck. No-one thinks that anything is wrong and are going about their lives. Jackson takes a job offer in Tulane and Karev at Hopkins. Does this mean they are off the show? We'll see. Callie is getting ready for her sexy wife to come back home. Teddy turns down a great job offer and Owen isn't having it. He fires her, so she can take the job offer. They hug and are friends again. Shonda Rhimes confirms, Kim Raver is off the show for good. April admits she is happy to sleep with Jackson, but doesn't know herself anymore. Hunt finally listens to his voice mails from the day. They start out normal with wondering if the plane is late and after about 5, they haven't shown up yet. Something must be wrong. Why did it take this long to think this?

At the plane crash.....

Meredith has broken something. She sees Christina who cant stop talking about losing her shoe. She hears a woman screaming and its Arizona, she wont shut up. She is in shock. Her bone is sticking out of her leg. The pilot is there as well and he cannot move his legs. They also see Sloane and he looks like he doesn't have a scratch on him.

Meredith goes to find Derek. She screams and screams for him. When she finally finds him he has his hand lodged in a plane wing. He pulls it out and they need to make a tourniquet for it and use a safety pin to close the wound. I cringed, the entire time!


They finally find Lexi, because she has been banging a seat belt against the wing she is stuck under. She is not going to make it. Mark takes her hand and tells her he loves her and she will be fine and marry him and have two boys and one girl. She dies in his arms after smiling and loving him. So sad. Shonda Rhimes also confirms, no more Chyler Leigh. He then passes out as well and they need to use a spray bottle to puncture his wound to get his heart pumping and breathing again.

They are all in bad shape, start a fire and chew the last stick of gum. Will they be found? I think so. Otherwise, the show would be over!

Revenge: Guilt

Emily and Nolan are off to catch the white haired guy. She hears him talking to Conrad in his office and tries to plant something to arrange another meeting between them. She wants to follow the man and kill him. She gets distracted, because Daniel and Ashley want to plan her wedding. She sends Nolan to find out where this guy is and kill him. He follows him, but gives Ems the wrong address. He instead pretends to be cable guy Burt and plant a bug in his house to watch him and his 8 million clocks.


Sammy is really sick and goes missing. He ends up at Emily's of course. And for all those mean recappers who said he was 100 years old, you should be ashamed! He dies right then and there at Emily's in the arms of her and Jack. He gives this great speech what a great friend he was to him. Emily cries and he cries and they kiss, finally! Does this mean she can put this all behind her and just be happy?!

Declan has a new girl come over for a project, from the Bronx. They get all wet looking for Sammy and Charlotte shows up after a bad therapy session, begging for Declan. She sees the girl there and freaks and leaves.

Daniel has been at the helm of Grayson global. He gives Jack 1 million to keep quiet. Victoria goes to see Conrad at his NYC apartment and sees Lydia there. Looks like they are back together. She ambushes Lydia and tells her that she will not take her down if she helps out. She rips open a valuable painting to find evidence that Conrad was hiding. When he tells Daniel about this he gets it back from his mother and she overhears all the trickery. Emily makes them go to bed so she can steal everything from the briefcase, samrt move.


During the kiss? Well, looks like Ashley spied the whole thing.

And Nolan? During his intel, white haired man comes up from behind and knocks him out. My heart literally stopped for Nolan. I hope he is ok!!!

Season finale next week, I cannot wait!

Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 - Casual Sex

June gets caught by Chloe masturbating in the tub to soy latte guy that comes in everyday. She decides to ask him out and just have sex with him. She does and he becomes attached. He loses his parrot Judy and makes June help him find him. Chloe keeps reminding her this was just sex and breaks it off with him for her.


Meanwhile, June did some spring cleaning and gave away Chloe's things to the church including a sex tape of her and James she made years ago. The pastor sells it and gets a nose job, rotating chicken spits and a wine fridge. It is going to get leaked now, but they want to touch up a few scenes, since James is licking his lips the whole time. But Chloe cant go through with it. She cares about him. He is going to be on dancing with the stars and this will help his image!


Chloe helps to bring the bird back to June's man and she is back at square one, but is happy Chloe is learning to care. And June's mom is his advisor, how funny! (Welcome back Barbara from Felicity)

Suburgatory: Season Finale

This was a mother's day themed episode and aptly so. In Chatswin, Mother's day is like princess day. Sheila Shay got carried around like Cinderella. All the mother's also run a 5K, which Dallas, wanted to wear her gold sneakers for. Dalia left to go to Israel with her father, so Dallas ran the race and broke her foot. While recovering, Yiccult spoke to her. It was hysterical. I think it was Whoopi speaking! Tess went to see her and was hurt that all Dallas wanted was her own daughter.


Meanwhile, Lisa discovers she is Sheila's daughter. After a huge mother's day thing, where we learn that Sheila Shay dated James Ingram and she keeps pints of their family blood in the downstairs freezer, we also learn that Ryan is adopted. His blood is OPos, which means he could not be a Shay.

It is time for Eden's baby shower which is jungle themed. They have live dancers in animal costumes. She is appalled. Their nursery theme is also jungle, which has an elephant tooth crib, real guns on the wall and snake skin walls! Creepy, but very arty! She also wants to have sex with George and it is weird for them. She goes into false labor from all the stress of this baby shower and nursery. Tessa also gets rejected from the internship.


While driving home, Tessa starts to think about her own mother. Eden and her talked about it earlier and Tessa has never thought about her until now. She cries in the car ride thinking her mom doesn't think about her either. When she gets home, her grandmother is there and she sees her for the first time. What an ending!

And this show will be back next season!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pregnant in Heels: Season 2 Premiere

Rosie Pope is a maternity concierge. She is fabulous! She is British and owns her own maternity store in NYC and offers classes for new mommies as well as her own services. This show follows her on her more crazy mommy to be ventures. She has been doing IVF and has 2 boys and 1 girl! Let's begin, shall we?

We begin by announcing that Rosie is pregnant with her third child with husband Darin. She has hired a manager to help her since she has gotten too busy. We open on a photo shoot for her maternity line.

Helena/Svet: This couple have one child and are pregnant with their second. She is in her third trimester and all she wants to do is have sex with him but he wont. He views her as the mother of his children and not sexy. Rosie has the husband go to the gym, a stylist, tanning and just get in touch with his mojo. She takes her to get flannel PJS and to a Kama Sutra class. Finally in the end after looking into each other's eyes they reconnect and do it. They give birth to baby Natalija, 9 pounds!


Fritz/Christina: They are a very earthy, wacky couple. His clothes alone are crazy enough! They decide they want a home birth with no drugs and nothing else. He compares the birth to holding on to a tree. Rosie gets involved and is like if she wants to go to the hospital she should be allowed. He also believes in no diapers and when the baby wants to poop, they will tell him. She shows him this is not true. They hire a midwife to be there. During the birth it is pretty rough but she makes it. No drugs, nothing. They give birth to their son Keats. She then wants to eat her placenta! EW. Rosie makes a placenta smoothie for her.


O.M.G. I vomited.

I just really LOVE this show though, don't you?

90210: Season Finale

Every season finale so far has had a shocking ending. Death, pregnancy, Rape and this one was no different. Let's begin, shall we?

Ivy: They are hosting the rally for Diego to stay in the country. It fails. He is going back to Mexico city and she decides to buy a ticket in the end and go be with him. I love how quickly she is in love again after Raj. Maybe they are kicking her off the show?

Liam: His movie didnt so bad! He is still in love with Silver though. In the end Vanessa comes back and tells him they have another movie to do and she is sorry. Why is he such a sucker?

Annie: Is happy with Caleb, or is she? After she learns that Caleb has been struggling with not being a part of the church she breaks it off telling him that he should be back in the cloth. She is alone yet again.


Navid/Silver: Navid tells her he is willing to have a baby with her. He makes it all cute and sets the room up with candles. She tells him this is just about a baby, not a relationship. Which first of all, is not realistic. Second of all, horrible. She brings in a calendar and ovulation kits. He tells her that he lvoes her and wants to be with her. She decides to ask Teddy, yes he's back apparently, to have the baby with her. Since hes gay, why not?

Naomi: She is busy at the rehearsal for Max's wedding. She has to step in for Madison since she is still hungover, she kisses Max. She finds out that Max doesnt remember their convo and decides to take a job in NY with old boss Rachel to run her company. On her way out she sees Austin who tells her that Max of course remembers the convo, since he was not drunk. She goes in to break up the wedding and say she still lvoes him. He ends up not marrying Madison and getting back together with her. Hooray! Finally a happy ending for my girl!!!


Aide/Austin/Dixon: Dixon has been calling Aide, but Austin has been ignoring her calls. They are set to go on tour with his dad, starting in Las Vegas. She listens to his messages that say he is on his way back and will meet her at the pier. When he doesnt show, she decides to hop on the plane with Austin. Cut to Dixon in a car calling Navid to say he is running late and he loves her then CRASH BOOM. His car gets totalled as "We are Young" plays through.

Excited? I am!

16 & Pregnant: Sabrina

Sabrina was living in California with her dad, then moved to Tenn to be with her mom and moved in to her grandma's house with her sister. I am bit confused by this family. I feel like there are a bunch of different dads and moms here! Did you ever notice most of these preggo girls have single families? Coincidence?

She is pregnant by boyfriend back home, Iman. She finds out she is having a girl and naming her Audrey. Close to her birth she finds out she is having preclampsia and needs to deliver. She is upset because Iman is not there yet. Once baby is born she is not breathing properly and has to go to NICU.


When she gets home, everything is good and Iman finally arrives and moves in with her. She is happy, but sis Rebbecca is not. She decides to move out and back in with her momma. Sabrina is upset by this ambush and things are tense between everyone.

16 & Pregnant: Sarah

Sarah and red-headed boyfriend Blake have been together since 6th grade. She lives with her single mom at home. He has moved in with them, but after the baby is born he wants to move down south to work on a shrimping boat. He is a bit delinquent and doesn't help pay for things, so mommy dearest and him but heads. Go figure.


They are having a girl, Tinleigh. She wants to give birth so she tries pineapple, jumping jacks, spicy foods and somehow the next day it works! She gives birth and Blake is there, but doesn't help. He takes a full time night shift at the grocery store and uses his money for new tires for his trucks. After a big fight with momma dukes, he moves out.

She is stuck finishing school online and taking care of baby girl alone. Cute scene where she screams back at baby Tinleigh. She basically tells Blake to eff off when he calls her and that's the end of that.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Bachelorette: Emily Maynard

Welcome back Bachelor/Bachelorette fans! It must be summer time! Emily Maynard won the season of the Bachelor for Brad's heart, only to be dumped before the wedding. She also lost her first finance in a plan accident and gave birth to their daughter Ricki. The show is in her hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina so she can be close to her. I have to say she is gorgeous and everyone so annoyingly tells her so. But she seems very stale. Like nothing to her and too nice. Very syrupy. I feel like Ashley and Ali were much more interesting. Let's begin, shall we?


We have a bunch of fun suitors. One shows up with an egg, another with bobble head dolls, another on a skateboard, one with a glass slipper and one from a helicopter! Of course they all hate that guy since they are super jealous!


She gives the first impression rose to single dad Doug. He brings her a letter from his son. Of course that would pull at her heart strings.

Roses? Sean, Jef, Arie, Stevie, Chris, Ryan, Kalon, Charlie, Nate, Joe, Kyle, Aaron, Alejandro, John, Alessandro, Michael, Stevie, Tony, and Doug (first impression rose).

My personal favorites are Kalon (helicopter boy) and Arie (race car driver!)


Who do you want to win?

Gossip Girl: Season Finale

Gossip girl has been posting numerous pages from Blair's diary. She has been getting so upset with Serena, that they are back to being frenmies. So much that Blair kicks Serena out of her apartment!


Rufus is upset about the return of Bart. He goes over to him with annulment papers and says Lily wants him to sign. She decides she doesn't know if she wants Rufus anymore. She ends up annulling her marriage to him and choosing Bart. Little does she know that Bart kicked Chuck and Jack out of his company after all they did for him. Bad decisions Lilly.

Lola gets her mother's money and she doesn't want it. Instead, she gives it to Ivy with the plan to take Lily down. Lola then agrees to move in with Nate. Cute! Then Serena tries to get Penelope to keep Blair away from the divorce party (who has those!) so that she can hit on Dan. Dan has been noticing Blair's diary and just goes with it. He ends up sleeping with Serena at the Grand Central bar. She records the whole thing and Dan catches her.

Chuck gets the Harry Winston back from his father and ends up not giving it to Blair. He feels like all he dose is chase her.

For the future....

Serena ends up taking a train out of NYC and buying coke from a stranger...
Dan goes off with Georgina to Rome to help write a book taking down the UESiders...

Nate gets a video from Diana thinking its Gossip Girl, looks like a guy to me! But who? Jonathan? Eric?.....
Blair goes off to Paris to run her mother's company and runs into Chuck at the poker table. He is there with Jack trying to win his company back. Will they stay together?

How I met Your Mother: Season Finale

Marshall and Barney are still drunk in Atlantic City. He is trying anything he can to get to the birth of his son. Who Barney wants his middle name to be "wait for it". They finally get on a bus to Buffalo, where Marshall and the elderly people convince the driver to stop at the hospital.

Ted sends a labor announcement email and him and Robyn try to distract Lily by telling her lame stories. Robin compares this birth to the birth of a horse and gives Lily sugar cubes to calm her down. Hysterical. Her father ends up coming to the hospital, but after her 7 year old tonsil incident she sends him packing. Robin and Ted decide to be friends.

Marshall finally makes it and the birth of Marvin WAIT FOR IT Erickson occurs. Robin somehow convinces Ted that he should contact Victoria. She is the only one he ever truly loved. He calls her and she says she will come meet him. She does. In her wedding dress. She says she wants to drive away with him. He had a moment of conscious when he said he shouldn't be left at the altar, but then drives past the church holding hands with her.


Barney is on his way to Hawaii with Quinn when he gets stopped at security for a big metal box in his luggage. Its magician's code so he doesn't tell them whats in it. They take them into the little room where he finally does the trick. The box opens up and explodes holding a flower that blooms with an engagement ring in it.


Flash forward to the wedding we all saw in the beginning of the season. It shows Barney getting ready and the bride asking for Ted. Who is the bride you say? ROBYN.

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