Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Season Finale

O. MY. GOD. I have to say the last few minutes, seconds even, I was shouting at the television. Let's begin, shall we? We have a lot to cover here.

We start off with the ambulance and police scene. Hannah, Aria and Spencer behind the lines and Hannah sobbing uncontrollably. At first I thought Mona and then I deadly thought Caleb. She wouldn't cry so hard for anybody else. Did I think he was dead? No. But definitely hurt. Then we see Emily being questioned if the deceased was a friend and she could not answer. Then we flash back.

The girls are waiting to apologize to Em, even though she doesn't want to hear it. They show her the earring in Paige's bag and she says A probably planted it. I think she is right. We cut to Emily and Paige together and Paige having to run off because A sent her a text to meet at the graveyard at 10:00pm. So she is def NOT A. But they trick you, because remember Mona was getting A texts as well?

Aria wants to come clean to Ezra about Maggie, but cannot. There is a knock at the door and its Maggie. She sees Aria, but pretends not to know her. As her and Ezra are catching up, Aria feels weird. Ezra is distracted by the neighbor and Aria tells her to come clean about her son and Maggie tells her NO and she didn't rat her out about pretending to be someone else. They continue like nothing is wrong.

Meanwhile, Spencer sees Toby and they reunite. They go back to her house and do it for the first time ever. She walks out basically wearing his t-shirt and nothing else. This is ABC family people, a bit racy, just like the sex scene with Emmet in Switched at Birth. Reminds me of Scream, where Neve Campbell finally gives it up to her boyfriend who really is the killer. But I know nothing of this theory until the end when I am reflecting.

Emily needs to get out since press is all over their lawn about the Garrett case. She is going to stay with Nate for the weekend at some place light house inn. Why Nate? I have no clue. She wants nothing to do with the girls and thinks this is a good idea.

Hannah and the girls get a text to stand down from Emily or they will get hurt. They assume it's Paige, especially after a run in in the hallway with her and Spencer. Spencer gets an email on her IPAD from A to go to the cemetery and to bring Maya's bag. Along with some photos of them looking guilty at the grave site.

Caleb brings a gun and says Hannah is not going alone. They drive to the grave site and they see nothing there. Caleb thinks this is a set up and tells them to drive to the Lighthouse inn, but there are two of them. He will go to one and the girls to the other. He tells Hannah he loves her.

Nate is at the inn with Emily and she starts to get creeped out. She gets an anonymous call and it says you have one minute to get out. She doesn't listen and instead sees Nate. He is trying to keep her there, so she says she needs fresh air and a walk to make a call. While out in the woods, he corners her and brings her back in. He shows her a DVD of Maya claiming how she hid out in the Kahn cabin to get away from her parents and some creepy LJ guy was stalking her. She recognizes the yellow paint on his shoe with the one in a photo of Maya. He then opens the close to reveal a tied up Paige. He says he will kill her and take her away like she took Maya from him. He is LJ, not Nate, Maya's cousin.

Cut to a scene with Mona, stepping out of the nut house in a nurse's uniform. She then goes to the new A lair with all of the photos of Ali and the girls and the dolls and masks and hoodies. It is fun to see inside. She tells the other A, who we cannot see, change of plans.

Emily runs to the top of the lighthouse where Nate follows her. The girls went to the wrong place, but Caleb is almost there. She stabs Nate and kills him. Caleb shows up to comfort her and puts the gun down, BOOM. A shot is fired.

Back to the scene with ambulance and cops. Hannah is hysterical because Caleb was shot, not dead. Emily is being questioned, but cannot focus and needs to console her friends. Paige takes over and talks about Nate, the deceased. Looks like he got one last shot in before dying. At the hospital, Garret is there and is free. He smirks at them creepily. They then get a group phonecall saying Em, I owe you one. Hubs was like how do they do that?

Final scene is Mona walking back to the nut house with the other hooded A. She says that Nate foiled their plans to set Paige up as A. But the other A needs to get Maya's phone back and Paige has it, but she doesn't know.  The other hoodie turns and it is..... TOBY! Bam, my Scream theory. I never would have thought Toby and I am still in awe, jaw on the floor. Racking my brain to understand all of the reasons it could have been him. He then calls to book two tickets to the Halloween party. (Epsiode I have to wait until October to see!)

The Kickers

1. Was Nate the one who killed Maya?
2. Has Mona stepped out before in the uniform?
3. How was A Toby? Was he always A, or just recruited later? He had motive to hate Allison and the girls for setting him up, but then again loved Spencer, befriended Emily and slept with her. But why?
4. What is Garret's role in all of this? Who has Ali's body?

Grimm: Coyotle Sacrifice

We see a scene with a man and his daughter who is a straight A honor student. Two men kidnap her in her room. They tie her up to a well and lower her down. They say that her dad took her away and now they have her back. Cut to Hank in therapy about the things he has been seeing. He almost attacks his therapist in the middle.

Juliet doesn't remember Nick, so he brings her photos to look at. She does remember colleagues, dog's names and even Monroe. But just the memories of Nick have been erased. It seems this was Adalind's plan all along.

The father of the missing girl comes to see Hank. Hank is the godfather of missing Carly. Nick sees him morph into a creature and tells him he is a Grimm. He looks him up and sees he is a coyotle. Monroe tells him that these run in packs and the girl after her 17th birthday becomes the sacrificial rape victim. All of the men have their way with her. He informs the father of this and they track down his deceased wife's brother to a body shop. Hes not there so they go to his house and find dead animal carcasses, which is part of the ritual and a flier for a repossessed house. They head over there to see what is going on.


Before they get there, one of the coyote's at the body shop tips them off. After they scrub her and tie her up, they hide her back in the well while the cops pull up. They question Hayden, but he doesn't answer. The father jumps out and tries to find Carly. They find her and she morphs too, which sends Hank into a tizzy. Nick tells him he is not crazy and he sees them too. This is just the way things are and that he is a Grimm. They lure Hayden in and kill all the brothers. The dad is in trouble, so Carly kills Hayden. They take Carly and leave.

Hank and Nick have a serious talk about this and Hank feels a little less crazy.

True Blood: Season Finale

Russell is at the helm of the fairy gate and they are trying to light zap him but it is not working. In swoops Eric as he stakes him and he dies. The fairies are thankful and Nora tries to eat Sookie, but Eric stops her. They decide they are going to get Bill and fix all that is wrong. Jason sees his dead parents and promises to go as long as he can kill some vamps. They stop at the club and Tara tells them they got Pam, so she comes along as well. Road trip!

Over at Merlotte's its happy hour and in walks the pregnant fairy. She eats an entire container of salt as Andy explains to Holly he had an affair. She goes into labor which is more like an orgasm and pops out 4 baby girls. He is entrusted with them as she walks away, skinny as ever, talking about the light pact. Fairy birth is NOTHING like real birth, Amen Arlene!

Alcide gets approached by Martha and his new girlfriend who is hopped up on V. They need to get the V out of her system and go and fight JD. His dad gives him some V to level the playing field. He goes over there and sees a vamp hitched up and being drained. He fights JD and snaps his neck. He is the new leader of the pack again.

Sam goes to see Bill in naked form to plead to get Emma back. He doesn't care and tries to eat him, but Sam shifts into a fly and flies away. Bill orders all the guards to kill all small animals as they have been breached. Sam has a plan. Luna shifts into Steve Newlin and tries to get Emma out. He gets stopped by Chelsea the receptionist who notices he is missing his southern accent. Then by Sharon Osbourne woman who says he has a live press conference. During that he freaks out and shifts back into Luna and coughs up blood. Sam flies into the vamp's mouth and kills her. They get their message across TV just a little bit. But where is the real Steve?

Bill and Salome are consummating. He tells her to drink all of Lillith's blood. He laces it with silver and she drinks and dies. He is now drunk on power and as the real bottle of Lillith's blood in his possession. He lets Eric and them in. Jason kills all the guards and Eric and Nora do too, Matrix style. Tara frees Pam and they make out. She is a lesbo through and through. Jessica goes to Jason, but he cannot love her as a vamp.

They confront Bill and he tells them that he has all the power and drinks the blood. He busts into blood and Sookie cries in Eric's arms. He then rises from the blood into a bloody, naked Lillith form and his large fangs come out. Eric yells RUN and the season is over.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bachelor Pad: Spelling Bee

Bachelor Pad housemates are now going to be playing as teams, voting as teams and sent home as teams. Chris and Sarah are terrified and rightfully so. Rachel by elimination pairs up with Nick, who in my opinion should have been sent home weeks ago.

The challenge is a spelling bee. The catch? The must spell as a team and one letter for one person and the next letter for the next person. The judges are three Harry Potter school kids that of course Kalon scoffs at. Blakely of course is out right away since Hooters doesn't teach spelling. It all comes down to Ed and Jaclyn and Sarah and Chris. The word that wins it for Chris and Sarah is Serendipity!

They get the rose and are safe and are off to an overnight date on a helicopter and to a campground. He opens up to Sarah and talks about how he is not over Emily. Really? They kiss and have a great time and just relish in the fact that nobody can send them home.

Ed and Jaclyn get the next date, since they were the runners up. They are off for an overnight with a fancy dinner and hotel room. He tells her that he is seeing someone at home and she feels stupid. She thinks they are a couple, he calls her immature and facebook status comes up. She just lets it go, because she likes him and sleeps in his room and sleeps with him. They get a rose, but not to keep. They must give it out. They decide to give it to Blakely and Tony.

Kalon knows that he is on the chopping block. Jaclyn, Rachel and Blakely, who are all besties now, pinky swear kiss that they will send Lindzi home. Kalon does his trickery and convinces Tony to send home Rachel instead since she doesn't really want to be there. She cries the whole time and cannot keep it together. She calls Michael too. Partner Nick is less than pleased and makes a big stink to Blakely and Tony to keep him.

The Vote....

Chris and Sarah vote for Lindzi/Kalon
Blakely/Tony vote for Rachel/Nick
Rachel/Nick vote for Lindzi/Kalon
Lindzi/Kalon vote for Rachel.Nick
Ed and Jaclyn the deciding vote, choose Lindzi/Kalon and they are sent home.

He repeats Ames romantic move last season and jumps out of his limo into Lindzi's. He is in love with her!

Drop Dead Diva: Pakery Drama

The first case is Jane and esteemed lawyer Lawrence Brand (Hello crossover Nip.Tuck star!) after she punches Nancy Grace in the face. She is asked to assist him on the case about a miscarriage from a medical company. He seems to be confused and shouting out info on tobacco. He is starting to get memory loss and wont admit it. In the end, she uses a blank file as a scare tactic for them to admit it does cause miscarriages. He credits Jane on Nancy Grace live and she is happy about it. Owen is a great in your corner type of guy here.

Meanwhile, a guy is claiming he has the patent on the pake. Grayson takes this case and proves that he is a patent troll. He even copies her story. She needs to get Nicky to testify, but she wont, since she is in jail and pretending to be Stacey. She gives up her phone, but that is not good enough. Instead they have a pake off with guest judge Star Jones. She wins and the troll goes back into hiding.

Luke has been dating Kim, but lately she has been cold. We find out in the end that she is pregnant, but with whose baby? My guess is Parker's.

Keeping up with the Kardashians: Family Therapy

We start off with Kanye redesigning Kim's whole closet. She basically throws all of her clothes out and gets new ones that he picked out for her. I hate how she always changes herself for a guy. I don't even like the new clothes that he picked out for her. It gets even worse, she says she wants to do her own line of lingerie and sisters are not happy about this. She doesn't like their ideas for their makeup line and doesn't want the name Kardashian on it. She always gets the most attention and everyone is a bit annoyed with it.

They meet with Oprah and get down to the nitty gritty as the whole family takes pictures with her and Rob feels even more left out.

Meanwhile, we have some cute scenes with little Mason and Scott being a daddy. Let's get some shrimp and rice and then hit the pool. Sounds like a plan to me!

Finally, Kris says they should all go to therapy together. While there they discuss the obvious that Kim is the favorite and Rob gets no attention. He busts out into tears because his life is going nowhere. I feel bad for him, but he really needs to step out on his own.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Project Runway: Design for a friend

This week's challenge we must design an outfit for the friend of the person we are meeting. They are not happy with their looks. They get one day, a few hours the next and $150. With "real size" models to design for. Let's just say one designer was completely classless about it. Guest judge, Alice Temperly. Let's see how they did!



Elena - she surprised me this week, by being super nice and smiley to her client. She did a plain outfit in PINK.
Melissa - Wah. She could've rocked this a bit more. She did a plain dress with a scarf.
Alicia - a short pink dress, woah.
Chris - A plain dress and jacket that he was not happy she rumpled and kicked off the first seconds.


Gunnar - A nice dress, but the model was so happy in it, I think that is the reason she was in the top
Dimitri - A blue dress, very tight, and nice.
Fabio - The winner! I could tell he would win, because the camera loved him this episode. He had tons of cameos. He gave her a rocking hair cut and a cute dress. He could lose the belt. They all loved him and his look. Good job!



Sonjia - My girl!She did a satin, too short with a knot dress that cut this girl in half. But she is awesome so they kept her. Whew.

Ven - Not enough words for him. Fat boy better check himself. He was upset that his model was too fat. He needs to look in the mirror. He kept saying to her the belts don't fit and he is not used to designing for her, basically calling her fat. He did a half ass job for her and made her friend cry. Heidi kept him at the end to scold him. He then thought he did nothing wrong. He still said it was other people who were worse. But safe for now.

Nathan - the loser! He got sent home for this r&b star client and her hoochie mamma outfit. Alice was like whats that and Michael said a tart and she was like ooo ok!


Awkward: Hamilton Homewrecker

Jenna's dad buys her a car, hooptie station wagon. She thinks this is a divorce gift after hearing a message from a girl calling him Kevster on his machine. She relays this to mom and she is less than pleased. Little does Lacey know that Kevin came to the wedding to get her.

She gets the text from Jake with a photo of her and Matty kissing saying "you're a cheater". She needs to tell him that he kissed him after they broke up so not cheating. Tamara tells her to get their think tank on and stop baking drama cakes. LOVE HER LINGO! She tries to get him to talk to her, but he wont. He then tells her "I know everything" and it suddenly dawns on her that she knows about their relationship. She tells Matty, shows him the photo too and he freaks out.

Matty confronts Sadie and she admits to telling Jake, but reminds him that this is not her fault. Matty was the bad friend, and although horrible, she is right. Where is Ricky through this whole episode?

Meanwhile, Ming is getting the cold shoulder from her new boyfriend and the head Asian gave her the wrong cheat sheet and the wrong prescription glasses. She learns later in the sanctuary from Fred that the girl is his ex and explains the difference between a white btch and an Asian one. Asian is sneaky and does things behind your back while white yells in your face.

At the pep rally, Jenna tries to get Jake to talk to her by volunteering to spin the wheel of pep. She gets a truth or dare one, as Lissa is clueless. He asks her to tell the truth and she does and then calls up Matty. He asks them to kiss and they wont. They get into a fight and he punches Matty and then Matty punches Jake out and yells "I fucked your girlfriend". Yikes. They get called into Val's office and she has them talk it out a bit, but Jake is just done. Jenna is there to talk to him, but he wants nothing to do with her even after she says she loves him. Matty realizes that she wants to be with Jake and walks away.

She goes home to blog and cry and her anonymous commenter tells her that people don't hate her and she should let people know about her blog. She makes it public and things get worse. Someone calls her a slut on her new wagon, they call her home wrecker and know about her parents' marriage and fail, and Jake gets made fun of for not getting any. She made it soooo much worse. She walks away and almost gets hit by a bus and Sadie yells that she tried to kill herself again.

Can't wait to see who she chooses!

Snooki & Jwoww: Fight with the men

Snooks is fighting with Jionni about the photo and his mean comments. Jenni is fighting with Roger about his as well. They have a huge fight and possibly break up. But they laugh it off at the end. Next episode, we find out the sex of the baby!

Waiting to see why this show gets a second season!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Melissa & Joey: To Russia with Love

This episode totally takes the dynamic somewhere else. Joe's Russian girlfriend Elena is there to stay and Joe has been slacking on his job. He hasn't cooked or cleaned for them and Mel is not happy. She befriends her only to manipulate her and make her think Joe should not go out with his friends. We learn that Elena may get sent back to Russia and arrested. The only way to save her? Propose. Joe does this at the end. Oh no!

Meanwhile, Lennox has started a blog about junkfood in vending machines. Ryder has been eating for her and starts to then want to sneak veggies. She gets them banned and all the kids hate her.

What does this mean for Mel and Joe? Stay tuned next week for the wedding!

Teen Mom: Amber Has Lost it

Catelynn: April and Kim are having a tough time 3 years later dealing with the loss of Carly. They make a group meeting with social worker Dawn to talk about things. It goes well and all is happy. All is well with everyone!


Farrah: She is trying to explain to mom what happened with Daniel. In her eyes she did nothing wrong by saying lets get engaged or else after 1.5 months of dating. Psh. She has to say goodbye to little Sophia as she sleepily brushes her teeth and mommy takes her back with her. Good move or bad move for Farrah?


Maci: It's Bentley's third birthday. She thinks that Ryan, his parents and Dallis should be there. She has Bentley cutely call and invite them. When they don't show up, she is upset. He tells her its because she should have asked him first. He may have a point. Oh yeah and Dallis, go back to blonde. You look HIDEOUS with brown hair.


Amber: She yells at her mother and yells at Gary, she is always yelling. She wants to let Gary have FULL custody of Leah so that CPS will leave them alone. yet, the problem? What if one day he decides to keep her from her? Then what Amber? When mom tries to tell her the reality she screams at her. Then she fights with Gary, drops off Leah and Leah begs her to stay and she cannot.


Pretty Little Liars: Pigskin

I feel like when I see next week's betrAyal, I will know what everything means. I also feel like that they have been putting so much emphasis on Paige, that they are just steering us wrong. My new guess on A - Nate. I will tell you why, just dig right in!

Hannah's mother's new beau, the priest, finds the flashdrive with the videos of Jenna and Toby on them. Hannah tries to steal it but it is thwarted by mommy. She ends up destroying it regardless. She has been dodging calls from Wren all week and Spencer is getting suspicious. She knows how that European charm works.

At school Spencer sees CeCe putting up fliers. Her store is having a fashion show/sale and Spencer was supposed to sign up to help. She agrees and CeCe makes a remark about Emily dating Paige. She says not "pigskin". Flashback to Ali getting a huge bruise from bully Paige and calling her pigskin because of some weird bumps on her legs. Another scene where Ali writes Paige a fake love letter from Emily and catches Paige in the act writing back. She threatens her and takes the letter. Here is where the feud begins.

Spencer tells Emily about the history between Paige and Ali and she gets angry. She confronts Paige, but she says she knows Ali in passing. She also tells her about her kiss with Nate. She tells Nate it wasn't right and its over between them. Nate makes some snarky comment about Jenna and is furious that she played blind.


Aria has her own drama. She decides that she needs to contact Maggie because Ezra is all out of sorts. Its his birthday and she wants to move on. She goes to see Maggie (Larissa Olyenek from Alex Mack) and she is a teacher. Of course she has a 7year old son that looks just like Ezra. Aria pretends to be a stranger so Maggie wont know her. When she goes back to Ezra's, little bro is there. She tells him everything and they just pretend nothing is wrong when Ezra comes home. He says he spoke to Maggie and she says she is fine, mentioning NOTHING about his son. Uh oh.


At the Fashion Show/Store Sale....

CeCe has the girls changing into clothes. Spencer goes into the dressing room to get changed and A locks the door and puts a hideous snake in there with her. She freaks out and almost gets bit until CeCe opens the door.

Hannah arrives and Caleb is there to kiss her. Very cute moment where he says he cannot stand not to touch her.

Emily comes in and brings Paige. While she is trying something on and Paige is trying to help, Spencer and Hannah rifle through her bag. They find the earring that was in Ali's casket. Uh oh. Emily pulls Paige right out of there and they leave pronto Toronto!


Back at Emily's house her and Paige are having tea when Jenna shows up. Jenna warns Emily to be careful of the company she keeps.

The kickers...

1. In the end A is exchanging the A key with another black hoodie person. So there is two on this A team
2. Paige is TOO obvious. So although I think she is helping and has possession of the earring. She is not the A. I think Nate is. Jenna knows him too and would say to be careful of him.
3. Ali has made A LOT of enemies, hasn't she?

Excited for next week? I am!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Grimm: True Love's Kiss

Back to the fighting scene where mother and son Grimm take the evil tooth thing down. He fires a shot and drops his gun. His mother stabs the guy and they leave. He needs to get to the hospital to Juliet to save her. When he gets there he puts 6 drops in each eye to make her memory loss slow down. They get into a fight with some of the doctors, but do what they came there for.

Nick gets called back to investigate the dead FBI guys. He quickly swipes his gun back and they find the phone and see she called Nick last. Uh oh. He throws his gun in the river. Hank knows something is up, but lets it go. Nick gets arrested for his sample being there. They find out it is a hair like his, but not his. His gun doesn't match either, since now he is wearing his back up one.

Mother hexenbeast is making a potion for Captain to drink. He must drink it and then be true of heart to save Juliet. She tells us that he is not human to begin with. Interesting. Nick doesn't know this and his mother goes to see mother hexenbeast to get it out of her. She says a prince can save her and they fight and she dies.

Nick's mother says its time to go and goes to the train station with the coins. But she never gets on the train and breaks into someones car and what happens to her?

Meanwhile, Captain goes to kiss Juliet and wakes her. Nick comes in and kisses her and she has no idea who he is. Uh oh. Snow white meets amnesia.

Bachelor Pad: Tea Cup Race

Chris has a blow out with Ed about trust and then another one with Kalon. He is making enemies left and right. Sarah is his new partner and bed buddy and they both now have targets on their backs. They need to win to stay alive!

The challenge....

You must race back and forth with tea cups and saucers until you have 6 sets stacked on your tray. If you drop them once, you have to start over. If you touch them during walking you are disqualified. It becomes neck and neck with Blakely and Sarah, since Blakley the Hooters waitress. Sarah almost wins, but touches her cups and is out. Blakely wins and is safe with a rose. Now time for the guys. Everyone is doing horrible, except for Tony. He is Blakely's new partner and she couches him and talks to him every step of the way. SO annoying to watch but he wins and thanks Blakely for their support. He is also safe.


The Dates....

Blakely and Tony have the choice for date one or two, which is overnight. She chooses two thinking it will be Vegas. She gives her rose up to Kalon who chooses Lindzi for his date. She gets jewelry and he gets the keys to a Bentley as they drive off to a closed off bridge to have a romantic pretty woman-esque date. He opens up to her about how he is falling in love with her and never felt like this. She feels the same way. So cute!


The next date is for Blakely and Tony and they get in a jeep and go camping. Right up her white trash alley I have to say. They dance to country music and end up making out and possibly doing it. After careful consideration he gives the rose to Jaclyn as not to upset Blakely.

The Rose Ceremony....

There is a twist. Everyone will only vote for ONE girl. The one girl who gets chosen will take the guy of her choice with her when she leaves. Ouch. Stag was hoping to get Sarah off but realizes she may take him to break it up so he lobbies to get Erica Rose off and make her think Chris orchestrated the whole thing. BAD MOVE. He wanted to get Lindzi off to hurt Kalon and is besties with Erica Rose. He brings her into the voting room to show he is voting for Lindzi, NOT HER and Michael is a liar. He realizes he got caught and Erica calls him out on it. Side note, Ed calls out that he doesn't plan to have ANYTHING romantic with Jaclyn and she is visibly upset. Not a good move buddy boy.


Erica gets voted off and takes Michael with her. She says she wants to restore justice to the house and weed out liars and break up alliances. Rachel cannot handle life without Michael, but he begs her to stay. Then she throws in how the best thing Holly ever did was leave him for Blake, OMG. Amazing!


Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Burial Plots

A bit morbid episode. We start off with Kris deciding she wants a mausoleum for the Jenner/Kardashian/Odum/Disick brood. She takes them to Hollywood Forever and has them pick out their final resting places. I think she goes a bit too far at the casket place when she actually lays in one. Rob and Khloe tell her she is going overboard and she realizes maybe she is.

Meanwhile, two fish have been bought for Mason by the aunts and Kourtney is not happy. She doesn't want to teach him about death yet. When they die, she replaces them and even gets a huge tank with filter, but no luck. Eventually they just die.

Kim finds out that Khloe will be the guardian of little Mason and is upset. She thinks she should be since she sees him more. But I have to agree with Kourtney on this one. She wants someone who has a stable home to be with him.

Next week - Oprah!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Drop Dead Diva: Sperm Donor

Jane is suing a promoter for letting illegal drugs into his club and causing the OD of an underage girl. Councilmen and press are all behind her. She gets a letter in the mail with a threat against Owen if she does not drop the case. Now she is scared. She refuses to tell Owen though because she doesn't want to upset his heart. They go through the case and find out the drugs were bought before hand. The girl dies and Jane finds out she died from dehydration. Why? The club owners shut off all water fountains with only option being $10 water bottles to buy. The company who owns the bottles is headed by the councilman. She puts him on the stand and they win their case, especially after she finds out the threat came from his computer about Owen.

A small side story about Owen's father. Apparently he didn't speak to him after he wanted to remarry and asked Owen to officiate. But all is good and he is invited to their wedding. Luke and Terry also want to help out Jane so they go to her catering appointment and pretend to be her. They fail miserably and then get him kicked off catering.

Kim and Grayson take on a case about a male sperm donor, who did it the old fashioned way in a turkey baster. (It's pastor Tudor!) and the new fiance wants nothing to do with him. He is also a lawyer so he gets him arrested for illegal tissue trafficking and then once off that he gets arrested for being a gay man donating sperm. Yikes. Kim does an amazing job as a lawyer and gets everyone to see that his sex orientation is nobodies business. He gets to see his kid and the girl and fiance break it off.

True Blood: Lillith Chose Them All

Lillith came to Bill and all the rest of them saying they are the chosen one and to drink all of her blood. Why she is always bloody and naked I have no clue. Jessica wants to warn Jason but Bill has gone mad, so he says she can go if she turns him. She agrees but doesn't want to so ends up killing the vamp security that came with her. The authority gets a visit from the general and Eric doesn't like what they are saying so he snaps his neck. Bad move. All of his security detail is not going to be happy about this. There will be a war against the vamps. Eric and Nora have their own plan and leave the compound and kill their guards as well as they have sex yet again.


Sookie goes with Jason to see the faeries and has them hide her. She is wearing this horrid pink outfit, which I can only guess is to hide her bludgeoning baby bump. They know that Warlow is out to get her, but Jason tells her that Russell is too. The oldest, craziest faerie says she will zap him. However, when Russell and Steve come to find the fairies Steve gets zapped but Russell is too smart. He drinks of the head fairy and kills her and is all filled with power. He can see the fairy hide out and everyone inside. Get your fingers ready girls!


Morella pops in on Andy to say he is the father of her child. And Alcide kills some baby vamps trying to invade his pops home. Sam and Luna are naked all over the place and find Emma but don't morph back in time. Sam is sent to be Bill's dinner and Nora, all weird boobed is locked up.

At Fangtasia, the Sharon Osbourne looking vamp comes to find out what happened to her sheriff Elijah. She finds out that his blood is all over Tara, but mommy vamp Pam steps in and takes the blame. She is carted off to be dealt with by the authority. Sam runs into her there as well. Bill kills one of the authority members for saying he was chosen and then Lillith choose Salome. Make up your mind bloody naked chick!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Project Runway: Group Design Challenge

Designers are split into two teams where they must design different looks for the woman at work and do a cover shoot. They have one day to do this.

Team 6: Sonjia, Elena, Melissa, Dmitry, Alicia, and Raul
Team 5: Nathan, Ven, Chris, Fabio, and Gunnar

This is a recipe for disaster. Elena is a mess and hates when things don't go her way and Raul wont listen to anyone else and only wants his aesthetic to shine through. On the other team, they are alright but only like to use silk chiffon which apparently isn't easy to work with.

They have a lot of fights that continue over to the photo shoot where Elena wants her way and her way all the time. We have Joanna Coles guest judging.

The losing team was team 5. Nathan did a weird top and pants. Chris did a great patterned skirt. Fabio did a plain dress with floral wrap headband. They all loved it but i don't see why. Gunnar did a dress which I hated!

The winning team is Team 6! Melissa is the winner over all with her gorgeous blue dress with fun draped neck and asymmetrical zipper down the back.


Elena and Alicia did OK tops and pants. Raul did a hideous flap top and Sonji did a great blue skirt. Dimitri did a great color block dress.  They all had to say who they thought and threw him and Elena under the bus.

The loser was Raul again and he got kissed goodbye twice. He told Elena he hated her when he had to leave. Ouch!


Awkward: Bring back Matty!

I watched this episode twice to full grasp the amazingness it beholds. Let's begin shall we?

We are still at the wedding and Jake just found out that Jenna and Matty were a couple. He tells her its over without explanation and says their timing is off and leaves. She is distraught and cries. T tries to figure out what went wrong but Jake wont give her a straight answer. Sadie just taunts her a bit more.

Matty is home playing video games with Courtney when Jake calls. He tries to be all secretive and see if Matty admits to it, but he doesn't. This is too much for Matty so he ignores the advances of Courtney to go fix things. Jenna follows Jake out to the car and he makes her get out of the way. He finally listens to her voicemail and realizes she loves him. He made a mistake and he has to fix it.

At the wedding Ali is a complete mess. Lacey is out poolside making out with Ben and Jenna sees this. She calls her dad to come down quick. Kevin finally shows up and Ali shows him Lacey and Ben dancing and tells him to leave. So sad. Then Jenna speaks to Ali about it and she explains that her dad was the one who kept breaking her heart not Ben. So I guess she compares Kevin to Matty and Jake to Ben. Val gives the speech after shooing away the best man and his enchiladas speech. While Sadie is trying to get Ali to drink more Val tries to stop it, but then gives in when Ali says let's crop you out of pics. A little boy like Ricky likes T and hits on her. Ricky asks her to dance but she says no and dances with little Ricky instead.

Back at Jenna's after she walks home and starts undressing and undoing her hair in the street, there is a knock at the window. It's Matty. He tries to console her about her breakup with Jake. Problem is, they are sitting too close together on the bed and she tells him he is wonderful. Such a touching moment. He then tells her maybe the timing is right. And just on cue like any other movie, they kiss and Jake watches the whole thing from her door.

Snooki & Jwoww: Cheating men?

Back from Cancun and the drama is still there. They see a photo of Jionni and Roger with other girls and they get upset. Roger didn't want to spend time with Jenni and she flipped out. He called her insecure.


Snooks and Jionni get into a fight where he tells her she is not ready to be a mother and all hell breaks loose. Uh oh. Trouble in baby mamma drama land.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Melissa & Joey: Little Mel

Lennox gets a job as Mel's intern. She wants her to be just like her until she falls for the intern of her frenemy. She then writes stuff that she feels that Mel doesn't agree with. In the end, she realizes she is just like her.

Ryder has a huge hickey, not from Holly. We find out that it was from the vacuum. Also, Joe has been skyping with a Russian girl and she ends up coming to visit and he is super into her. Is she here to stay? Will this mess with the Mel and Joe dynamic?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Teen Mom: Farrah is so dumb

Catelynn: Her and Tyler call Dawn to see how they can be come counselors. She wants to be an adoption counselor and Tyler a youth one. They need a social work degree and originally signed up for school for Human services degrees. So what do they do? Drop out till winter classes. They sit down with other advisers saying they can get their degree in human services and get masters in social work. Good idea? They even get email updates from little Carly about wearing bows. It must be hard to give up your child.


Amber: She is back to longer nails and trashier eyelashes. She asks to see Leah and Gary says no, but tomorrow is good. When tomorrow rolls around, she basically says I want to look at houses today no Leah and he gets mad and she doesn't understand. She is hanging out with new friend Sara and they go see a house. This is a pretty nice house, I wonder how much. If Maci bought one for 79K this must be 100K? So cheap! Also, she is wrong about Gary. She cancelled their plans for today not him.


Maci: They are settling into their new house. She writes a tweet saying how it would be easier if her and Ryan were still together. Um, bad move buddy. His girlfriend doesn't like it and rightfully so. Ryan yells at her and she doesn't delete the tweet but blocks Dallis. They talk it out and make up, Kyle is just whatever about it so he is pretty lame. Ryan even offers to share Bentley's birthday with her. Wow.


Farrah: I saved the bomb for last. I could see her relationship spiraling downward and I cannot believe she acted like this. I wonder if when she watches she knows she was wrong or not. They are off to Texas to meet his family. She goes to get mini red cowboy boots and talks about wedding dresses and engagement rings. They have been together 1 month and I can see how uncomfortable she is. They go to dinner with his dad and step mom and she makes her feel bad for never having kids and talks about her life and how stressful it was. Too much sharing Farrah. Daniel is super quiet. On a rowboat together she basically demands wanting to settle down with him or to get out. Hes quiet again. She meets his friends and he never comes home. he leaves her and his stuff at the hotel and she flies back home. She has no idea what she did? Really? He talks to his friend saying how she needs to grow up and stop demanding things. Looks like you fucked this one up Farrah kins.


Franklin & Bash: Season Finale

It's time to say goodbye to the boys. Peter's old friend Tommy Dale (played by Chris Klein) contacts him with a problem. He wants to drop out of running for senator because there has been an affair. But not the typical affair, his wife was having an affair with his campaign manager's wife. His campaign manager doesn't know about this and wont let him out of his contract. One twist, Peter lost is law license, something to do with Pindy filing back taxes or something! So Jared has to assist.

They go to a locked court case and reveal the affair. The campaign manager doesn't care and wants to go on. They then tell him that he will continue to run and support something about prisoners getting out after only serving 2 years.

In other news, the firm is still being looked into and Jared is dating the NY HR girl still. They find out his father wants to buy the firm. Stanton hired them originally as loose cannons so that if this ever happened nobody would want the firm. He pretends to be his dad on the phone to find out who the person at their firm is that is trying to go to the other side. They finally find the right guy who just delivered a horse, ew. And new girlfriend is moving in. What will this mean for party time?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Kahn's Kabin

Hannah: Hannah somehow finds a note under a plant her mom asks her to move. Its from Maya. She needs to keep busy because Wren wants her badly so she blows up the photos of Maya from her website. In the background they notice it says Kahn's and sneak over to his cabin. Her and Emily stumble on a secret room and Maya's bag hidden in the boards. A is there and locks them in. She tries to escape and stabs her own leg. She must call Wren to stitch her up. No sign of Caleb so far.


Emily: She witnesses Nate getting all hot and bothered by Noel and Jenna kissing. When she finds the bag of Mayas stuff she finds a card from her to Ali when she was younger, a knife that says LJ and a bus ticket she never used. She makes plans to see Paige, watch movies and eat Chinese. Nate shows up and kisses her, yet she kisses back. Paige witnesses the whole thing and runs off. She gives Em a chance to come clean but she doesn't.


Aria: Is giving Ezra a hard time about Maggie. Meanwhile her mom takes over this episode as things get more serious with coffee shop owner Zach. They share brie in her classroom and Aria walks in. She tells her mom to get serious with him. She then apologizes to Ezra and he reveals that he found Maggie.


Spencer: She confronts Noel about Maya and he tells her nothing. She sneaks into his locker during practice to check out his phone but finds nothing. She then gets an email from him with footage from the night Maya died.


The Kickers...

1. According to the footage, Maya was dropped off by Garrett earlier than time of death. Noel and Jenna were there, but nowhere near Maya. Maya was kidnapped by an unknown figure.
2. Who is LJ and why does the knife say that? Could it be Nate's real name?
3. We see A in their new apartment getting the hoodies ready and listening to the news then to wheel of fortune. So creepy.
4. My money is still on Paige.
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