Friday, November 30, 2012

Vampire Diaries: Elena's Sire

Ms Mystic Falls pageant is upon us. Caroline is hosting and she is also trying to keep Stephan sane while Elena breaks his dead heart. Caroline also lets Elena have it and lets her know what she really thinks about Damon. Tyler is taking Hayley to the dance, April is running and Jeremy is escorting her, Elena is going with Matt and Caroline is going with Klaus, to keep him busy. It seems that Caroline and Klaus may be better suited than we had thought.

Jeremy is having hunter dreams about killing his sister and whittling wood. Stephan needs to find him more vamps to kill to read the tattoo. He finds a murderer at the hospital and turns him into a vamp as Jeremy kills him. Looks like the hunter mark is stronger than we thought and Jeremy has a thirst to kill all vamps now.

At the dance, Jeremy goes to stab Elena in the neck. Stephen is there to save her. Matt saves April and escorts her when Jeremy is MIA. Professor Shane is there as well and him and Damon have words about his true thoughts. He is also chatting it up with Hayley. As Klaus and Caroline get closer, Tyler is more upset. Even though him and Hayley are breaking sire bonds as we speak. We learn that the cure is magically protected by a Bennet witch and we need Bonnie's powers to come back. Looks like everyone wants to break the vampire curse. Except Klaus that is, he doesn't want to be human.

Elena needs to move out and Matt moves in with Jeremy, since he is human. Elena moves in with Damon and Stephan. Damon and Elena finally get together and kiss and have hot steamy vamp sex. I LOVE them together. While this is going on, Caroline and Stephan realize that because Damon made Elena a vamp, he sired her and she is stuck on him. Could this be the reason for her love life?

We also see Hayley and the professor having secret conversations about the sire bond breaks. What are they up to?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Suburgatory: Friendship Fish

George and Dallas: George is getting made over by Dallas. He is wearing sweaters around his neck and pink shirts and gardening hats like Sheila Shay. All is well with the world, until his New York buddies come and heckled him. He offers them diet grapefruit spritzers. He then takes them for lunch at the club and they make fun of Dallas. This is where he draws the line. He tells them that he has changed and he is happy. And he tries to take their job from them in Scarsdale. Dallas even helps by making more bathrooms and bedazzling. He does not get the job, but neither do they.

Tessa and Lisa: Tessa is so involved with her tablet. It has commercials everywhere and I actually love it with the click on keyboard. But since her breakup with Malik (Leopard scrunchie!) she has been on Tessa. Malik wants to get back together and is sculpting heads of her out of clay. Lisa brings over her sleepover trunk and they do arts and crafts projects, including watermelon helmets. She then brings out the friendship fish that she has been smoking for 4 weeks in her closet. Tessa refuses to eat it and calls pretending to be Fire Marshall Charmin. This gets Lisa community service and Tessa admits it was her. They take a bite and she gets violent food poisoning. George misses her calls from the hospital so her grandmother picks her up which he is not happy about.

New Girl: Eggs

We find Jess, CeCe and all her friends sitting at the dinner table with Nick. They are talking about freezing their eggs and how when you get older you lose most of them. Jess and CeCe want to come in for a test to see how many viable eggs they have left in them. Their lesbo gyno friend agrees after announcing their pregnancy.

Schmidt is having not such good sex with his boss. He asks the gyno if he can come in as well to make an appointment to see if he is doing this wrong. He ends up turning her on since she is horny and hormonal due to pregnancy. Jess takes the test and she is super fertile, but CeCe is not. She only has another 1- 2 years to conceive.

Nick wants to finish his zombie novel. So he tries to emulate Ernest Hemingway. He takes Winston with him, even though it is messing with his sleep schedule. He finishes the novel, but its horrible. Then they all offer to fertilize Jess. Oh boy.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2 Broke Girls: Egg Donors

At the diner everyone goes through the lost and found box and Han has to take a picture with the blonde wig, since everyone else did. Hysterical. A man, whose toupee it is, comes to claim it. Caroline has been getting the Martha Stewart Magazine to keep seeing if they are in it. This time they are! There is a blurb about them. They run to show Andy and he is a bit upset because there was a bad drug deal at the soup kitchen and there were murders. Max sneaks in to see the crime scene. There is blood all over the walls, so Andy has to leave. Caroline however thinks this is a perfect place to open their cupcake shop. Since murder brings down rent.

They go to get a loan from women helping women, but the woman doesn't want to help them. They then try to donate their eggs. Max fails, because she doesn't know how to fill out an application. But they will give Caroline $20k for hers since she is a Wharton grad. She gets too queasy at the 8 viles of blood and runs away splattering her blood everywhere along with spilling the nurses viles. It looks like a blood bath so Max is like why not open a shop here. Ahaha.

In the end at the diner, Sophie comes to get her meal and gives them a check for 20K to open their shop. As long as free cupcakes come her way. The girls are so happy, they hug and FINALLY the total goes up at the end!

Teen Mom 2: Kesha

Jenelle - Is still deciding whether or not she should go back on probation or go to jail for 45 days. Her mother of course tries to reason with her, but Jenelle cannot stop smoking weed. She is an addict, but wont admit it. She meets up with her friend Tori, who she got in that huge fight with, and they talk about being friends and going to the Kesha concert together. Jenelle meets with her lawyer and good news, he got the sentence down to 16 days in jail. Problem is its during Kesha time. She begs and pleads to go to the concert, and I am surprised he didn't bitch slap her upside the head. Instead, her probation officer did a random drug test and she got locked up. She calls good ole Barb but she tells her to eff off and that she will not bail her out this time.

Leah - Her and Cory are going to finalize their divorce. She sees him pull up in a new truck and tells him this is one of the reasons it didn't work out. Hello? Does anyone not ever bring up that she cheated on him now twice with Robbie? They sign the papers and walk away from one another and she is left crying, saying she really loved him.

Kailyn - She sees pictures of Jo and his new squeeze, Vee. It says a little tipsy and it is a night he should be watching Issac. She brings this up to her lawyers and they decide to try and get her custody every other weekend now. She brings it up to Jo and he denies it. She is back with Jordan though.

Chelsea - It is Aubree's birthday and Adam is being weird about it since him and her dad had a fight about him living there. He doesn't show up until after she set up the party with leopard balloons and leopard pink cake. She gives her a pink truck which she loves and he got her a bike, which she cannot ride yet. She goes home with Adam and his parents. Things aren't going so well with her.

Gossip Girl: Ivy's Mystery Caller

Dan & Serena - Are back together. They decide to make amends with friends and family first, before they go public. He makes friends with Nate, Chuck and his dad. She makes friends with Blair. She makes plans to help Blair get young Constance girls at her pop-up show. They become friends again too. They are so happy and decide to be a couple again. Until we see him get a call from Georgina asking why he is with her. He replies he is doing a chapter on her. Uh oh. Very sneaky Dan!

Blair & Chuck - She is getting ready for her pop-up show and tries to get Sage and her friends, the five founders of the prep schools, called Dons, to come to her show. She ends up foiling that plan, but the girls love her stuff anyways and she sells out. She is a success. She goes to share it with Chuck, but he is less than happy about his own life. He basically tells her to give up, they are NEVER going to be together. Poor Blair. Waited around for nothing.

Ivy, Rufus, Lily, Bart, Nate (whomever else) - Bart helps Nate out of a financial jam with the spectator. In return, he must do what he says, which includes helping to take his bestie Chuck down. Ivy has the micro film and tells Bart and Chuck they can have it if they destroy Lily's life. She has been in cahoots with William, Lily's ex, the whole time. Looks like she wants all of Lily's men. She gets duped by Bart and Rufus gives the micro film to Lily after he sees Ivy kissing another man. She burns it in the fire and Chuck watches it burn. Part of me thinks it is somewhere else, but I could be wrong. Ivy and William leave together with her money, Lily and Bart are happy and Lily and Rufus are friends again.

90210: Hollywood Bowl

Naomi & Max - Max is stressed out with Alex and she sets up interviews for him. A hot, nerdy girl named Bryce comes in and Max is instantly compatible. Of course, Naomi is too jealous so she sends her packing. She tries to be his business partner and does a great job at wooing the Germans, but when it comes to the brains and a certain goldfish riddle, it doesn't work. She ends up hiring Bryce for Max. I am only too afraid she secretly knows Alex. We will see.

Silver & Liam - She has to do IVF and Liam goes with her. She learns there may be side effects, but does not care. When they get out of the clinic there is a photographer there that is too much for Liam. He got an anon letter from someone saying they know about Vanessa. He punches the paparazzi and gets arrested. The studio hires a bodyguard for him named Ashley. She helps him get through the Bowl and take Silver to the hospital when she gets a blood clot in her leg from the treatment. In the end, we find her getting a tattoo of Liam on her back. Creepy.

Dixon & Aid - Dixon finds out that he may become paralyzed forever. He gets scared and wants to buy Aid an engagement ring from Neil Lane. When he finds out everything is fine, he only gets her earrings. She is going to perform at the Hollywood Bowl and open for Neyo. She looks amazing and does great. She does however admit to Silver she has cheated like 6 times.

Annie & Riley - She is dating him but of course always puts her foot in her mouth. She is trying too hard to make him feel comfortable and its making him feel uncomfortable. He stands her up for the bowl and she confronts him and then slaps him. He likes this better and they kiss.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How I Met Your Mother: The Jury

This all centers around the court case between Marshall and Brad. He is telling a group of judges about it and making jokes, but they do not work. We go back to the court case where everyone is there. The whole jury is made up of women who are more interested in Brad's but than anything else. He gets a fake doctor to say that the effects of the lake are good for hair growth and something else. He then does a video of him swimming in the lake and the judge and jury love his body. Marshall shows a cute duck who was nursed back to health, but not until he makes Brad take off his shirt and reveal the disease chest from the lake does he discover that he wins the case. Problem is it is only $25,000 not million as he wanted. In the end, he tells the judge panel that is why he wants to be a judge.

The other characters talk about how bad ass they were. Lily was bad and made Scooter be bad with her. Ted was bad too. Robin was bad pop star in Canada and Barney was so bad that the bailiff knows him.

666 Park Avenue: Jane Goes Insane

Jane is still missing since her stint in the basement. Henry is passing out fliers. Finally, she emerges in the middle of Time Square unaware of where she is and who she is. She checks into the hospital, but they think she is a mental patient. She has flashbacks of the basement of them handcuffing her and telling her she shouldn't be there. She overhears the nurses talking about a guy who had the same thing happen to him. She breaks out into his wing and talks to him. She copies a drawing she sees on his wall after he tries to hang himself. He was her only hope of answers. The cop on her case Cooper, has grown attached to her. He lets her free and she goes back to her apartment. She finds the engagement ring in the drawer and loves Henry a little bit more.

Meanwhile, Louisa is back from her photo trip. Except, she really was in rehab for prescription pills. Brian, however is done with Alexis. Problem is, if he doesn't sleep with her, he cannot write, his computer is broken, his pens don't work and his pencils break. Yikes! Alexis tells Gavin she wants out, but that does not happen. Instead, they sleep together again and he can write.

Gavin has Shaw tied up and Kadinsky is beating the crap out of him for answers. We find out that his father left him, so Gavin makes a mirage of his father to find out that the box is with a priest at the church where his mother died. Shaw also tells Gavin that his daughter killed herself, because of him. Olivia comes to confront Shaw and he tells her that her daughter is still alive and he will take her to him. Gavin comes back to find Shaw and he is gone. He goes to see the priest and get the box back. Looks like he can come on holy ground after all.

In the end, Nona visits Jane. She tells her how worried she was after the staircase got her. She says that this woman Maris can help Jane. She goes to Maris' apartment with the writings on the wall. We end there, but next week we find out its Whoopi!!

Revenge: Flashback 2006

It's rewind time people. We are back in 2006 following four different storylines.

Emily: She is tracking down a pimp in NYC and that is where she meets Aiden (the bartender) and Ashley (who is trying to be a whore). She is tracking down this man because she and Takeda believe he has something to do with the bombing of the plane and the death of her father. She gives Ashley money to leave this town. Aiden is avenging the death of his sister who was on that plane. She ends up fighting them with Aiden and Takeda and they get out Scot free. When we get back to present day, she is in bed with Aiden and they are saying how strange it is to be together after all these years.

Nolan: He is celebrating his company going public and IPO. We then meet his old CFO Marco, who he is also romantically involved with. He learns that his Swiss account of $500mil was emptied and given to Emily due to the fact that her father was the first investor. The CFO quits and Nolan is left still bisexual but rich. Very rich. In present day, we see a call from Daniel to this CFO asking questions about NolCorp. Oooo.

The Porters: Jack's dad is still alive and he is doing dirty business with some men. Him and his partner end up shooting one of them and hiding it from Jack. In the present day we learn, that man's sons are the ones who are now in business with Jack and hope to take him down.

Victoria: I left her for last. We are back to a time when she loves her family. Daniel wants to be a poet and his dad burns his poetry, even though it is very good. They are having dinner and her mother shows up with her new boyfriend. We find out that her mother was always jealous of her and her looks. She was dating a man that was supposed to keep them rich, but blamed their breakup on 15 year old Victoria. She then made Victoria shoot him and Victoria got 6 months in juvie and when she returned she was exiled from her house. Her mother's next sugar daddy almost raped Victoria and she lived with him for 30 years. This new man hears the whole story and leaves her on the spot. Victoria does not feel bad at all, in fact, she planned the whole meeting of this man and the demise. She is trickier than we thought.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Once Upon a Time: Sleeping Curse

In Fairy Tale Land (present day)....

Aurora tells them she sees Henry in her dream. They now know they can get messages back and forth. They send her back in so she can ask Henry how to escape. She burns herself badly and Mulan is overprotective. Meanwhile, Hook is with Cora and she is mad about him betraying her. She then sends her zombie people out to catch Aurora and use her as ransom for the compass. Hook frees her and Cora is even more pissed about it. Meanwhile, Snow has to go under the sleep spell in order to speak to Henry. Mulan makes her some sleeping potion and she goes to sleep. Inside though, she does not find Henry, she finds Charming.


Henry awakes and tells Regina and David that Cora is back and they need to stop her. She goes to find Gold, who is having his burger with Belle. He realizes that he needs to stop Cora. He tells Henry that they can stop her with the ink from the quill in his jail cell. Henry goes in but fails at communicating with Aurora. He gets pulled out and burns his arm. Regina and David think this is too dangerous for him, so they put Charming under the curse. He goes in to speak to Snow, having faith she will be there.

The kickers....

1. Charming goes in and sees Snow, but they cannot kiss to break the spell, so he is trapped in there. However, he does tell her how to stop Cora.
2. Hook almost dies by the hand of Cora, until he reveals he stole Aurora's heart.
3. Cora uses her heart to control her zombie body, leading the girls into Hook's trap.

Cannot wait for the winter finale, bittersweet all!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Girl: Thanksgiving Parent Trap

Another Thanksgiving at New Girl. Jess invites her mother for the first half and her father for the second. Looks like they both show up at the same time. She has been doing the "Parent Trap" for years, trying to get them back together. She finally gets them to kiss and make out and she is happy about that. At the end, we see them in the elevator together and I guess they secretly do this. Nice cameos by Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner.

Meanwhile, Schmidt's cousin Schmidt is there as well. Him and Schmidt are always in competition. Winston and CeCe tell them to compete for the title. They do a few hilarious things and then finally the last challenge is to kiss Winston. The cousin Schmidt does it and he wins, but then misses his girlfriend.

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle goes to jail

Leah: She is going to mediation with Cory. They decide that he gets the girls 3 weekends a month and her one, with her all week. He is civil about everything. She then goes through his emails to find that he has been talking to a few girls since her. She asks him and he says yes and she wonders how he can move on so fast. Well, she did cheat on him twice. I mean c'mon Leah!

Jenelle: She is about to have her drug test and knows she is going to fail. She is honest with her mom and says she will get the detox drink. It doesn't work of course and she fails. Her choices are probation for a bit longer or jail for 45 days. She wants to pick jail because she cannot fathom the thought of giving up weed for any longer. She has a REAL problem. She tells her mom and then gets mad at her mom for her being such a screw up. She cries in her car.

Chelsea: It is her 20th birthday. She quits her job, because her manager yelled at her. Adam gives her a diamond promise ring. She has her party at her dad's and he spots the ring. Tells her how disappointed he is in her, but she doesn't care. She is happy.

Kailyn: She is lonely and she calls her mother. Her mother doesn't answer. She calls her again and then her mother blocks her phone number. She then calls Jordan and he is really nice to her and agrees to meet with her. They talk about getting back together and she is lucky he is even entertaining this.

Gossip Girl: The Painting

Blair: Her mother returns and is upset with her, especially after reading Dan's article. She tells her she has to stop scheming to get her way. She invites Nelly Yuke over and then blackmails her, but it backfires. Her mother is more upset than ever. Then Blair tries to threaten Dan and that shows her that she is still immature as ever. She finally realizes she should come up with a lower level line, called B. This will showcase her high school style of uniforms and headbands and when she was cool.

Dan/Serena: They are hanging out again and liking each other. He even brings her a box of her favorite chocolate covered strawberries. After overhearing her talk badly about him to Nate, he second guesses. They get stuck in an elevator and work things out, then they kiss and she invites him to stay. Looks like they are back together!

Chuck/Nate: They are still looking for dad's evidence. They realize from one of the advisers that he is hiding the evidence like the movie Traffic, in a painting. Nate sneaks in to Lily's home and finds nothing. Then they realize it must be the one painting that is gone. Except it is up for auction at Lily's event.

Ivy/Rufus/Lily: No-one has responded yes to Rufus' art event. Lily is having an auction the same night to prevent this. Ivy buys all of her paintings in return for his artwork to be displayed and for them to co-host. Lily is furious, so she donates one of her favorite pieces. Little did she know, the oil papers are hidden in the back. Ivy and Rufus buy the art for 1.2 million and Ivy says he will sell back to Chuck for double.

The Kickers....

1. Chuck and Nate go to find the oil papers first and it is gone
2. Ivy has found them and talks to some mysterious caller about them on the phone, but who? I am hoping Gossip Girl?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

2 Broke Girls: Amish Men

The girls meet Jedidiah and Jacob who are Amish and are on their break and get to be human for 2 weeks. Coffee -Devil in a cup. They ask them to stay with them in return for building a barn for Chestnut. The younger one gets an erection every time something happens. During this time, Andy and Caroline will be going on their first date. Before he gets her, Max tells him that she is Caroline Channing. This makes Andy really nervous and he refuses to kiss her.

During their dates, nothing happen. They all decide to meet Caroline and Andy on their second date. She needs to prove she is not refined anymore. She gets down and dirty with Jacob and he gets such a bad erection he has to go to the hospital. Andy ends up kissing Caroline and all is right with the world.

How I met Your Mother: Tramp Stamp

Barney/Robyn: Barney can no longer go to the lusty Leopard since Quinn still dances there. He is interviewing other clubs to see where he should go. Robyn takes over as his agent and almost signs him with the grandma strip club. He finally makes a Lebron speech and chooses one. Him and Robyn kiss at the end and it is great!

Marshall/Ted: Marshall and Ted talk about their stamps of approval. Marshall gives it on everything and Ted piggybacks about it. Marshall runs into old law school mate outside his office almost going to be a talking hot dog. He gets Brad an interview with his law firm and he messes the whole thing up. Little did we know that Brad wanted to get background info on a big case because he was hired with the opposing firm. Marshall is off the big case now. Even though we see some scenes with Ted telling Marshall he should stay with Lily.

90210: Phenom-Com

Navid/Liam/Silver: Liam is headed over to Phenomcom to promote corporate invaders. Silver is going to so she asks for a ride. This prompts Navid to get jealous and want to leak the sex tape of Liam and Lindsey. Lindsey decides she wants to be with Liam, so she shows up at the festival too. While there, Navid leaks the tape and Lindsey is mortified. She leaves Liam and tells him its over between them. Aww. He writes Navid a check for his half of the business and that friendship is over.

Aid/Dixon/Taylor: Aid and Taylor are having sex whenever she is fighting with Dixon. She is going to break it off with him, but then he falls. She decides to wait and Taylor is not happy about this.

Naomi/Max/Alex/Annie: Max and Alex are going to lose their idea because someone has hacked in. Little do they know that Collin is the one. They all go to phenomcom to release the new idea and have a hackathon including Collin to crack the code. Once Max cracks it, Collins steals it. He presents it and Annie is despised. Her and Riley get together in the end. Max is furious that Naomi and Alex have not gotten along so he chooses Naomi over his partner.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Grimm: Season Finale

Monroe freaks out when he sees Juliet. He has to tell Nick there is another guy. But at this point he does not know who. Juliet tells him there is another man and he is furious. After a while, he says he does not want to know. Monroe then shows him the tape of the captain and says this is the man. More on this soon.

Meanwhile, Adalind is in town. She stops at Hank's first and then after she leaves he gets beat up. Nick is out to find her and finds out that she is working with the Verat. She wants to be arrested so they cannot hurt her. He arrests her and asks her who the royal is and who she is working with. She says she will tell if he gives her the key. Before this she had coffee with Juliet and asked about the trailer. She thinks the key is in there.

Nick and Monroe kill the verat men and get nothing from Adalind. Nick is about to move in with Monroe, sees the tape and is out to find Renard. Looks like Renard has found the trailer first. Uh oh. To be Continued!

Project Runway: USA Today Photos

Designers are to choose fan photos that will inspire their looks. It will be featured on USA today. They have $150 to shop and they need to choose photos in pairs. Laura Kathleen gets picked last and she is unhappy that everyone is judging her on her background and upbringing. The judges are going to be Charlotte Ronson and 16 year old fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson.


Laura Kathleen - She had rain drops and dyed her dress that way. They did love it.
Emilio Sosa - He choose a little girl and made this crazy yellow popped up dress. I hated it, but they seemed to love it
Anthony Ryan - He chose this geometric photo and made this blue and black dress. He won! He got featured and talked about his time with Cancer.


Joshua McKinley - He had this Rainbow bright looking outfit and I am surprised they let him slide by.
Althea - She had a train station picture which she made into an ill-fitting work pantsuit. yuck.
Andre - He had an African woman who was sad and made this hideous tassel outfit for her. He was sent home. Ever notice how season 1- 3 designers in All Stars do not make it very far?!

Jersey Shore: The Un-Breakup

Situation wants to break up with Paula. He even tells random people his thoughts which gets back to Paula. She confronts him on the phone saying if you want to break up tell  me. He says I will come see you at the tanning salon. Vinny and Pauly go too, thinking it will be a show. He basically tans, then says lets take it slower and she says OK and they kiss. Stupid girl.

The other girls are making a shower for Snooki, which is really cute. She talks about how Mike will not be invited to the wedding. And unless Vinny apologizes to Jionni, either will he.

Scandal: The Killing Game

A man dies in scene one after delivering a letter to Olivia. Huck determines it is the names of all his former assassin buddies. They call them all in for questioning. They all seem normal, but are all killers. She finds a Swiss bank account associated with the killings. We hear the doctor on the phone giving out a prescription with the same number and realize it was him who outed them. The blonde mother of three, shoots him in the head and they all clean up the mess and dispose of it.

Abby and David end up calling it quits, mostly due to Olivia. She has an ex of his pretend she was beat up which triggers Abby's memories of her husband beating her. She then admits to Olivia she was with him, but hey she already knew that.

Grey's Anatomy: Christina and Arizona are back!

So Christina is back and she is raising terror with the new doctors. As she should. Meredith is selling her house to Alex but he is making sure she knows there are tons of things wrong with it. She explains to him that there is where she grew up and finally gives in, buys the house. In the end, Christina asks if she can live there with him and they do. There is some case with one of the interns and a homeless guy who keeps vomiting. She saves him.

We have a great scene with Bailey and Arizona. She asks her to look over a case and a file will be sent to her. File never comes and Bailey lures Arizona in. She comes in and they work together and this proves that Arizona is ready to come back in, yay! April and Jackson are still sleeping together. His mother is sending nasty emails to Chief Webber but Webber is responding to Jackson by accident, uh oh. Haha.

We end with the lawyers and Christina there, since Owen is no longer her proxy. They talk about suing the pilot, then they nix that. Finally, they come to the conclusion that they need to sue Mercy West. Since they are the ones solely responsible. Uh oh.

Vampire Diaries: Madness

Elena is currently losing her mind since she killed the hunter. She is seeing blood, stabbing her brother and running from Stephan and Damon. She is even seeing visions of her mother telling her to kill herself. It seems the only way to stop it, is when another hunter is born. Jeremy must kill a vampire to get the infamous tattoo and become a hunter. He does and Elena has stopped going mad.

Caroline makes Klaus think that she broke up with Tyler over Hayley. Which is not true. Her and Hayls are actually good buds. Professor Shane is there trying to teach about old things. We also find out he was in contact with the minister throughout this whole thing.They even trust in him to ask about the mark of the hunter. Elena is thankful to Damon for saving her and starts to realize she might have to break it off with Stephan. They break it off and I am more than excited to see her with Damon!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Suburgatory: Thanksgiving

This year Tessa wants to spend it with her mother she has never met and her grandma in New York. When she gets there, her mother is absent and she waits around with her grandma. She goes back home instead.

Meanwhile, Dallas and Dahlia were going to do a whole rasta theme with Chef Alan for theirs (Rex Lee's hubby) but now that George is sad, she wants them to cook together. She invites chef Alan and Mr. Wolf, along with Dahlia and Noah to thanksgiving. They don't cook, because George doesn't know how. Instead, Chef Alan does. Tessa's mother shows up at the door (played by Malin Ackerman) and is so spacey. She lies on the floor and then meets Tessa for the first time (after mistaking Dahlia for her). Dahlia describes Tessa as a man and Dallas talks about her pushing rock, hahah. Tessa and her mother bond and George listens to them giggle outside her room.

At the shay house Malik is getting along well with Sheila. She keeps referring to him with all the famous black men she knows. Lisa is not happy about this. Sheila catches Malik in the shower naked. They stare into each other's eyes and then make jokes about it, which prompts Lisa to be upset. She basically breaks up with Malik and he calls her selfish. She goes to the bathroom to cry it out and finds the wishbone from Ryan there for her. So Sweet!

Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 - People Cover

This was a really cute episode. June and her mother are obsessed with People magazine's sexy man issue. They follow it every year and her mother and her love it a bit too much. She wants to sleep with every guy on the cover. Her and James have been such good smoothie friends lately. Chloe tries to prove that she would sleep with anyone on the cover, including James if he was. June doesn't believe it.

June pretends like she is the new manager at People and fires a few people. She puts James on the cover and also gets her own office and calls the shots for a bit. When the issue comes out, he is NOT on the cover, because the head person at people, chooses what she wants regardless. They also realize Chloe doesn't work there and they fire her. James and June kiss, but no sparks. They are SMOOTHIE friends not SMOOCHIE.
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