Thursday, March 29, 2012

One Tree Hill: Burning Boat

I have to say that before the season finale, I was hoping for more oomph from this episode. It felt like more of a filler, when they really could do something wild and crazy for this. But I guess the writers are thinking how many more kidnappings, deaths, crazy things can we do, so lets be sweet and sappy. At least we saw all our favorite characters back again, except for Nathan and Jaime and that is because the writers told us he would appear minimally. We will start with the least interesting and end at the most. Let's begin, shall we?

Mouth/Milly: He is back down to his fighting weight. Milly gets him his own sports show and she needs to find a new co-anchor. They end up hiring this British girl Kiley because she is flirting with producer Jerry. She blanks out. In the end, they end up hiring Skills as her co-anchor. Great move guys!


Chase: He is looking over his life and thinking it stinks. Then the two tattooed interns tell hi how great it is and he realizes it too. Hayley tells him he can be the new owner of the bar, since Karen wants to sell, but he says how can he pay he is broke and she tells him she thought of a way. Interesting. (Besides the fact that he deletes his photos of Mia, Alex and Tara on his phone)

Hayley: She is going to be the announcer of the burning boat festival. She gives this great speech and keeps telling everyone how happy Nate is and how she is ok with him camping without her. She is just a true, kind spirit and this just shows us how far she has come. Especially when she reminisces about being there with Lucas and how she remembers loving Nathan way back when. She sets the boat on fire and that's about the extent of her.


Brooke/Julian: Julian is writing his script for the unkindness of ravens. He sets up his studio with the sets for the school hallway, Peyton's bedroom and the river court. He even writes himself in as Brooke's love. She gives him her diary to show him a bit more of her character as he pitches it to the producers and they love the character of Brooke. She tells her mom how upset she is about her dad and goes to see her at her hotel. She realizes she is not alone, but discovers her parents doing it. We voice over to young Brooke saying how they never sit and laugh together and she wish they did. We end with the family asking her to be a family business with Bakerman and all of them sitting quietly. We cant forget when Julian tells her father what a dick he was for telling his daughter she looked thick. Nice!

Clay/Quinn: It is their first sleepover with Logan. Clay sets up his room with planes and all of these toys. We find out that Logan is afraid of the ocean, that it will swallow him up. They try to get him to go in, but he refuses. He also wont sleep, so they set up a tent in the living room for all of them to sleep there as a family. I  have to say this was the best parts of the whole episode. Clay and Quinn are an amazing couple and with Logan its even better. He uses his Green Lantern's ring as his nightlight. He finally agrees to get into the ocean with Quinn and Clay shoots photos and gives him one. He puts it in the same frame as his mother. Clay proposes to Quinn and she says yes and they have no ring, but good thing Logan has his. It lights up the tent and yay they are finally engaged!!!! I hope it ends with their wedding in the 2 hour season finale, don't you?

What did you think of this episode? Were you hoping for more? Or was it sweet enough?

Ringer: Let's Kill Bridget

More twists and turns and the title kind of threw me off here and so did the dream sequence. Let's begin, shall we?

We start off with one of those scenes and rewind. So let's begin fro the beginning, shall we? Henry cannot get in touch with his father in law after he gave him the flash drive. Shiv is pretty nervous about this so Henry flags him down and tells him the reason why he had it. He said he was in Andrew's office and copied some files. He assumes his father in law will do the right thing and turn the office in for the ponzi scheme. He tells Shiv that they need to end this charade and just run off together, even though Bridget is still alive. She is not too happy about this. Instead she goes to watch sister as she meets with Machado.

Rewind. Machado follows the dry cleaners and sees a guy go in with the infamous tarot card to pick up his suit. He asks the guy to see it, rips the pocket and finds tons of cash in there. He basically beats the living hell out of this guy and screams at him to tell him the truth about the owner. The guy even spits blood back in Machado's face, but he is too busy wailing him to the ground as bystanders take video with their camera phones. Machado gets suspended from the force for his behavior. But this is right after he learns that the guy they found dead last time with Malcolm's wallet, stopped working for Makowi 2 weeks before that. Vick is pretty convinced that Makowi is in on everything, but they think he is cray cray and send him packing. This is when Bridge meets up with him. She has a save Jesus moment as she tells Soloman she wants to testify to put Makowi away.


She meets up with Machado and tells him she wants to pretend to be Bridget and testify. Shiv is looking on through the window and has her own dream sequence of being face to face with Bridge, telling her she ruined her life and then shooting her dead. She seems pleased with herself. Machado says he has a plan that may help. He wants to bring her to an abandoned warehouse in the Bronx and make it look like Bridget died. We flashback to her stripper days and we learn that Machado was in love with Shaylene and Bridge feels like maybe she trusted the wrong guy (Jimmy) so many moons ago.


Juliet is devising a plan and I can see it. She tells her mom about the house in Palm Springs that Andrew is selling so he can stay afloat. She tells her she should buy it and keep it in the fam with her stolen money. She drops a name, Tobias Shect, like its no biggie, when I can tell she planted it there. Kathryn meets with Tobias and learns that the land is worth millions because of green air, etc and offers Andrew 3mil for it. She then makes out with him, he lets it get pretty far considering and then tells her to make a fair offer. She wires him 10million and then we find out that Tobias is Andrew's friend and Kathryn is out of luck. Juliet had told her dad everything and Andrew and Juliet devised a plan to keep Kathryn out of their lives. He threatens that if she comes close again he will strip her parental rights so fast it will make her head spin. Go Andrew!


The Kickers.....

1. Henry gets a knock on the door from the cops. They ask him about the murder of Tyler Barrett and how they found his face on the surveillance tapes at the hotel. He tells them he wants his fancy lawyer, that is besties with his father in law and they laugh, because his father in law is the one who turned him in. Burn!
2. Bridge and Machado are the warehouse and she is dressed as crack addict herself. You look so much like her, well I am her twin. She has fake blood and everything as he is ready to shoot film of her, but runs out of batteries. We see a shooter from a building across the street. He comes by foot with his gun, makes some shots, Bridge ducks, pours some fake blood on her and Machado shoots him. He is unmasked to reveal the same guy who tried to shoot her in episode one and we still don't know him. 3. Cut to the phone that was ringing in dead guy's pocket, who is on the other end? Kathryn. She has been in it since day one to kill Shiv, not Bridget. Guess Makowi isn't behind EVERYTHING on this show. And hey, we got to see the giant photo of SMG, that makes my day any day!

How do you think this will end? Are you hoping for a real sister's reunion? Will Bridge finally come clean to Andrew? And where is Malcolm in all of this? I hope he is OK!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Girl: Fancyman Part 1 & 2

I finally caught up on both these episodes and truly loved them. I was hysterically laughing through both of them. Let's begin shall we?

Part I....

Nick needs a new cell phone but has no line of credit. So he tries to pretend to be the guy who doesn't need a phone. Jess has a run in with one of her kid's dad's (after she taught a sex ed class dressed as Mr. Monogamy). Hysterical, the words on the blackboard that say instead of sex we can watch TV and hold hands. (I had to take 30 condoms off cucumbers) The parent is Dermot Mulroney (Yum!). She basically tells him off for being a bad parent and then gets yelled at by the principal who says she has to apologize because he pays so much money to the school.


She is on her way over to Russel's office when her car breaks down awkwardly in the middle of the road. He is behind her and offers to get his tow truck to come (she says she will push it a mile) and then gives her his car to drive and bring back to his house for his BBQ. She takes Nick with her and he keeps protesting the rich man. That is until he sees Russel's office and loves his chair, his desk, his hat and his chair sweater. He starts making calls at his desk about how he is the big man and making deals.


At the party Jess tries to use the Japanese talking bidet and hits too many buttons.It ends up soaking her with 5 happy faces and Russell turns it off. He feeds her an open faced duck spring roll, so good she can punch him. Russel gives Nick his spare phone, lets him keep the sweater and convinces Jess to go on a date with him. This was not too long till she fell into the Koi pond and got drenched, ahaha.

In other parts, Schmidt is super good at trivia and Winston is upset by this. He feels outshown by him in front of Shelby. Winston tries to memorize the answers with the little kid he babysits. He ends up shouting out the wrong answers to impress her. Cute! Schmidt is amazing and smart and I really love him more every time i watch. Schmidt offers to put some Jodeci on, I swear I was gut laughing, so funny.

We end with Nick still at the desk saying funny quotes like asking to buy China for a kabillion dollars. Hysterical.


Part II....

Jess went on an awkward date with Russell and at the end he ends up patting her on the back. She wants to know what is wrong and CeCe tells her to call him. She goes on another date with him and then talks about how their bodies are decaying, um weird. He gets a phone call during dinner, says he has to go, drops money on the table and then $100 extra for cab fare.


Nick's old law school friend Dirk is staying with them. They all decide to have a huge party at the house and bring home undergraduate girls to hook up with. Nick thinks he is the smartest man alive so agrees to everything he says. CeCe dresses up like a librarian for Scmidt and he says no. He doesn't like the fact that she tells people she owns him and he is the sex-cretary. He says no and she says he needs to say goodbye to the girls, he calls them Harold and Kumar and says to her boobs no more trips to White Castle. If she agrees to have sex in fantasy place #3 he will do it, she says yes.

Meanwhile, Shelby is off to a bachelorette party in Mexico. Winston says she should go and they should have space. She gets angry and leaves. He then asks Schmidt what happened and he realizes that space is not the same thing and he borrows Schmit's car (manbulance) again to drive to Mexico to get her. While he is in the car, we cut to seeing CeCe and Scmidt naked in the trunk, or fantasy place #3. He drives 2.5 hours to the Mexican border (I thought they lived in Chicago? It doesn't take that short to get there) he is playing the soundtrack to Wicked the whole way there and singing (I swear I almost died at how funny this is, I love Wicked!) and realizes he loves Shelby and she says she is back at the apartment. He turns around, tells her he loves her and gets stopped at the border. While there, the cop asks if he is smuggling immigrants over and he laughs, but they find naked Schmidt and CeCe in the car. Jigs up!

Back at the house, the party is a rager. Nick is so drunk. Russell shows up to tell Jess he is sorry. He forgot to give his daughter's asthma inhaler to her and she had an attack and had to go. He really does like her. He drives her and Dirk, Nick and some girls away and Nick ends up puking on the side of the road. He thinks he is in a forest and cant find them again. Jess and Russell end up kissing, finally.

90210: Silver & Liam

We all knew this was coming. They have been setting it up for weeks. Silver and Liam? Finally an item? Let's begin, shall we?

Side plots....

Annie/Caleb: Even though she learns that Caleb is a priest she is still very interested. She goes to see Preston about a bounced check and learns his dirty secret. He needs to get married before he is 28 or he will not get his trust fund anymore. She begs him to tell Naomi and he says he will, since in 2 weeks time he will be 28. Caleb decides to help Ivy and throw Raj an Irish wake to celebrate his life.

Ivy: She has Raj's funeral and she hates it. His mother gives her his ashes and she is upset. During the Irish funeral she breaks down and cries, because Raj lied to her and she didn't get to spend his final days with her. I feel bad for her.


Dixon/Ade/Navid: Dixon gets to perform for a singer and lies to Ade about it. She finally realizes something is wrong when she answers his cell. She learns from Navid (who came home for the funeral) that he went to perform. She is upset with Dixon and realizes he chose his career over her. Navid strikes out as well since he tries to tell Silver he wanted to reach out to her, but he went to Princeton again. He says he will never leave her after Vanessa sneakily tells him about the Cancer test.

The Kickers....

Naomi/Preston: Naomi and Preston are together, but she is still curious about the big secret. She cannot get in touch with Jen since she is at a yoga retreat. She decides to spy on him and sees him getting illegal Cuban cigars. He promises to forgive her and she stops spying. At the end, we see that he proposed to her and she is so happy, yet Annie knows the truth about his trust fund deal and is ashamed.

Silver/Liam/Vanessa: Vanessa is really jealous of Liam and Silver. She tries to get him this big movie part, but it doesn't work out. She then tells Navid about the Cancer test, so that she can break them up. When Silver finds out she confronts Liam and he says it wasn't him, but it could only be Vanessa. He confronts Vanessa and asks her why she lied about everything and how she got him the part. He tells her to be gone by the time he gets home and she ends up leaving and stealing everything in the cash till and everything from their production company. Liam drinks it away. Meanwhile Silver finds out that she has the cancer gene and goes to tell Liam. He tells her about Vanessa and then they do it! Finally. I have been waiting for this and no more Vanessa? We will see about that!


Are you happy they finally got together? Do you think that Navid will be back and hook up with Ade again? These shows are so incestuous!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

GCB: Westward Ho!

Even though this show is corny, I need something to fill my DVR with all of my shows on hiatus. I actually have NOTHING on Monday's especially when CBS is running reruns. So thank heavens for GCB! Let's begin...

Sunday mass has brought all sorts of surprises. First, an old flame of Gigi's comes into town. It is Carlene's uncle Burl. Gigi is excited, but not happy to see his wife Bitsy (her mortal frenemy, who played Jane's real mom on Melrose Place) Gigi says she is going to throw Burl a welcome home party. It will be a come dress as your favorite Texan theme party. Bitsy wants to dress up as Barbara Bush and asks Gigi to be Laura Bush, all demure and not sexy. She agrees to make Burl happy after they share a tender moment outside her house that Bitsy sees.

Also at mass, Blake sees how well Amanda wears a pair of pants and asks her to come work with him and Cricket at their fashion company. She agrees and comes up with a great idea to revamp their Westward Ho jeans line. Crickett agrees and Amanda does a photo shoot with the boobyliscious girls. Some anonymous blogger lordlover puts a post up about how corrupt this is with the word HO and some of the stores pull out of the fashion company. Amanda feels bad and wants to leave the company. Meanwhile, she asks Andrew (Heather's new boyfriend) to dig in to who is this blogger. She comes up with an idea to make it Westward Hosanna, so that they don't get into trouble.


Sharon and Zack are having marital problems and pastor Tudor wants to help. He tells them to switch lives for a few days. Zack will watch their daughter and cook and clean and she will do the man things around the house. She tries to build a shelf for him and breaks her manicure. She finally figures it out and does a great job. Zach isn't doing so hot as he is eating off paper plates and making microwave pizza. The daughter wants home cooked meals. They realize they love each other and she dresses up like Ana Nicole. He asks her to cook for him and then she is not happy again.


Heather is trying to get Andrew to stay in Texas but there isn't a plot of land big enough for him. She overhears Burl has a 500 acre land, but Carlene wants it for herself. She convinces Burl that he cant give it to Carlene and gets it for Andrew. He buys her a pair of earrings to celebrate, and she is dressed like Selena. Carlene is less than happy. Carlene has been trying to break into Amanda's home (even gets her a manicure session with her girl Champagne) but steals the computer finally. Then feels bad. She even catches her son whacking it to a Westward Ho ad. She talks to Amanda about it (she is dressed like Farrah Fawcett) and Amanda admits that Bill is dead and she saw the body in the morgue and at the open casket funeral. Maybe they will make up?


We finally find out who the blogger was and it was Crickett. She jeopardized her own company just to get Amanda and Blake to stop working together. Knowing that he is gay, it was threatening their best friendship. Gigi and Amanda have a heart to heart at the party. After Gigi decides to not be nice to Bitsy because Bitsy is going to take Burl away when he shouldn't be traveling and dress as her favorite Texan, herself. Bitsy chokes on a rib and nobody sees. Crickett and Blake discover her and the episode ends.

What did you think? Was this episode a bit better? Do you have high hopes for Carlene and Amanda to be friends?

Desperate Housewives: Renee is Engaged

I am getting very sad about the countdown. Let's check in with the girls on Wisteria Lane and see where they are now.

Renee: Renee is sick and tired of not being proposed to after all she has been through. She basically takes the ring out of Ben's pocket and proposes to herself, before the police take him away for questioning. It seems they found a dead body on his property and need to ask him some questions. She wants a huge elaborate wedding and wants to tell everyone on the lane about it.


Susan: MJ is not dealing well with Mike's death. Instead of a real meal he wants ice-cream and instead of sleeping at 3am, he wants to play video games. Susan is letting him do this to ease his pain. Julie is against it. Susan finally gets a call from his teacher. MJ threw a stapler at her head and on purpose and then said bulls eye after he hit her. Susan gets so mad that she doesn't understand he lost his father and gets violent and throws things off her desk and hurts the teacher's foot. She is forced to realize she cant let MJ act this way. They have a heart to heart and throw the jam they got from a neighbor at the wall in the garage to ease their pain. They both cry together. Such a sweet moment. He really is a great kid.

Gabby: She is deciding she will get a job, but when she sees the career counselor she tells her she has no skills. That is after Gabby tells her she wants 4 weeks off, high pay and less work to do. She then decides to go on a shopping binge, even though they have to scale back. She buys everything in the store and is like Mary Poppins as she puts outfits and accessories together like magic. They love her so much. After she has to return everything, they beg her to work there. She agrees, especially since she gets 40% off as an employee.

Lynette: She is on mission to get Tom back. She even enlists Penny to help her by getting Jane to take her to a Taylor Swift concert so Lynette can hit on Tom. She pretends the power is out and lights all of these candles to set the mood. She then tempts him with wine and beef bourguignon (which from Julia and Julia, I remember is amazing). They eat and look at old pictures of when they were still dating in New York. Then a candle burns up his shirt and she turns on the lights, which he thought was out and realizes why he is there. He tells her its not fair that she waits until now, when Jane has moved in to make a move. I happen to agree. He tells Jane he got burnt from something else and she wants to make love and he says no. I think he might be thinking about Lynette too as Lynette and Penny talk about her and Tom belonging together. How adult these kids are!

Bree: Andrew comes home and tells her he is in love. It is a girl though. Bree is confused as Andrew is definitely gay. As they sit down to dinner, Bree learns that she is an heiress to a custard fortune and Andrew must be having money troubles. She throws him a faux engagement party with all of his gay friends so that she will find out. But she already knows. Once a fat ugly girl, she turned to Andrew as a companion and is ok with it. Bree convinces her that love will find her and they break up. Bree offers to take Andrew in with her and help him pay off his debt and find love again. Another adult kid conversation.


Too bad the police are hot on Bree's trail, as they tap her phone (or Ben's) to hear her thank him for helping put that body in the ground after she killed him. Uh Oh Bree. Be careful what you say on the phone. Is Ben in on it too?

Once Upon a Time: Mad Hatter

I have to say this was an amazing episode. The story line, the characters, the elements, I truly loved it. Let's dig in, shall we?

In Fairy Tale World....

Jefferson (played a small stint on Gossip Girl) and his daughter Grace are finding mushrooms in the forest. They are playing hide and seek. On their way back home, they see the Queen's men at their house. He tells her to stay put as he checks it out. He asks Regina (notice he uses her name, not queen for the first time ever in this show) what she is doing there. She asks him to do her a favor and in return he can give Grace everything she has ever wanted. He tells her he no longer does those things and is not interested. He then takes Grace to the market where she wants a bunny rabbit (the white rabbit reference?) and the old woman selling them says he cannot buy it. It really is Regina. He then decides to help the queen because he wants Grace to have everything. She doesn't want him to go, but he promises he will be back for a tea party (another reference). He takes his hat and it opens up as him and the queen jump through it.

It takes them to a room of doors and they walk through one into Wonderland. He laments, he hates Wonderland as the caterpillar blows smoke in their faces and says "Who are you?". They walk through into the red queen's garden. The walls are tricky, so the queen blows fire into them. He tells them that they must stick together, since the rules of the hat are that two who enter, two must leave. They get to their chamber and Regina blows up the guards and gets a small box she was looking for. She says it was stolen from her. The guards are after them and they are almost at the mirror until she stops at a mushroom and takes some of it. She feeds it to the box and her father grows larger and appears. Her and her father are about to leave the mirror as Jefferson begs for her not to go, since he will be stuck there and wont be able to return to Grace. She leaves anyway and the guards get him. The queen, who is under a veil (who is she?) tells the guards off with his head. They do and his head is still alive. She says he can wish it back on and try to get the hat to work again. This is how he ends up mad. He tries and tries to make hats that will work again, but fails, becoming the mad hatter.


In Storybrooke....

Mary Margaret is on the lam. She has escaped and Emma must find her before the arraignment tomorrow morning. She heads off to the woods and almost runs over a man who was walking. She offers to take him home to this extravagant mansion. He invites her in for tea. She drinks it and ends up passing out and being tied up. He explains to her that this is not his life. He is believing of the stories in Henry's book and knows who he is and needs to get back to his world. She frees herself and looks through the telescope to see her office. She then sneaks into another room and sees MM all tied up. She frees her in enough time for her to explain that she was running away, because there was a key in her room and he nabbed her. He catches them and makes her tie up MM again and then tells her he needs her help.


He shows her another telescope and you see Grace, who is now another girl with another family. He says he is her real father and she doesn't know him. But in the other world, she will. He says in order to get there, he needs to make the hat work. She agrees and when his back is turned she hits him with the telescope. She frees MM and he comes after them both where she hits him with a croquet mallet (another reference, I love it!) She then knocks him out the window and when they look down, nothing is left but his hat with a hole in it. Do you think he went back? They escape and MM decides she is not going to run. Emma decides she may believe after all and asks Henry to borrow his book.

The kickers....

Regina goes to see MM, fully knowing she would have escaped, since its probably her skeleton key she planted and sees her there. She is flabbergasted and tells Gold that his plan is ruined. They have been in on it together the whole time, but for what?

Next week we find out why Regina really does hate Snow. I really liked the addition of the mad hatter and Wonderland. I really hope we see more characters. The little mermaid, peter pan, who else would you like to see?

Jersey Shore: Season 5 Reunion

Well its that time, for small head, big body girl announcer to do the reunion. Let's see what has been going on with our favorite Jersey degenerate castmates.

Snooki gets super mad about how he still wants to talk about them hooking up. My theory on this is that the more mad she gets, the more guilty she looks. I think that if she thought it was no big deal, people would not think they really hooked up. She says they will never be friends again. Then Jenni weighs in and says Mike should apologize to them all for his behavior throughout the season. He gets so mad and walks off, where Jenni tries to calm him down off screen.


Deena talks about her time there and Vinny and Pauly talk about their bromance. Jenni talks about her romance with Roger. Nothing too exciting here. I did like how they revisited the pranks and how Mike was being a bitch about it. And we got to see Lola the bunny. I wonder how pregnant Snooki was during this taping?

Finally, we learn that although Ronnie and Sammy were America's favorite couple this season, they are no longer together. They are totally civil, but have decided to go separate ways. Strange. You would never have guessed it.

Well, get ready for more fist pumping and GTL on this Thursday when Pauly D's show begins. This I am actually really excited for, are you?

Vampire Diaries: Watch Out for Alaric

I felt like this was a filler episode. I mean, every show cant have amazing episodes every time, some have to be fillers, and I have come to deal with that in TV land!

Alaric is still at large as they are trying to figure out how to stop the cursed ring. Bonnie is going to do a spell on it, but she has been busy with her mother, Abby who is transitioning. Jaime, the boy that Abby has been caring for all these years, is afraid of her. When he finally approaches Abby and hugs her she bites him. She has a lot more reforming to do. Abby ends up leaving again and they are left with Jaime. I think Bonnie will end up hooking up with him.

Damon sees Sage and they reunite. She tells him she is back because she heard her long lost love Finn is in town. Rebekkah, who always hated Sage, reminds her that Finn doesn't care for her and fled with their mother after he sacrificed his life to kill the originals. Damon tells Sage he needs to know why Rebekkah has been snooping around. They set up a threesome so that Sage can read her mind. It works and she finds out that Rebekkah knows about the white oak tree. Damon does some research and finds out they built the old bridge out of it. He plans to use this information to kill the originals, but Sage gets there first. She is too afraid that by killing one will kill them all since they are still linked, and still carries a flame for Finn. Rebekkah burns down the bridge to prevent this and Damon is in horror.


Meanwhile, Meredith is staying with Ric so that he can get better. In order to do the spell, they need something of his that he had before he wore the ring. He asks Elena to get his wedding band at his apartment. When she gets there, Stephan is there as well. They look for the ring and find all these photos and documents on the victims. Looks like Ric was all shining about this one. They rush back, but before they get there Ric has turned crazy and tries to hurt Meredith. She ends up locking herself in the bathroom, but almost bleeds to death. Stephan and Elena knock out Ric and save Meredith with some vampire blood. Stephan has been trying to stay away from human blood, but has been unsuccessful. He gives her his blood and flees.


There is a small scene where Elena calls Jeremy, but he is happy as pie. Guess he is not kicked off the show. She realizes he has such a good life and doesn't bother him. I guess they are foreshadowing that his ring might be evil as well.

In the end, Damon manages to get the sign for the bridge, which is also from the white oak tree. I guess they didn't burn it all down. We will finally see a battle between them and the originals. I guess they are about to return home. Can you wait?

2 Broke Girls: Spring Break

The girls are back and they have decided this is Caroline's poor version of spring break. They are asked to dog sit their gay friend's dogs in their fancy apartment. Caroline puts on her spring break clothes and gives out a fake name to the hottie neighbor across the hall. She reads the instruction booklet and cleans the dog's anal sacs. And if any of you know what this means, its gross. And only a professional should really do it. Later on, we find out they were joking. Because who in their right mind would ask someone to do this?

They find their personal saunas and spend the afternoon doing that. Caroline sees an invite for a fancy food show and goes out in her bikini to ask the neighbor to come. Max decides to bring the tiny dog with her, just so she can be that girl who brings her tiny dog everywhere.


Once they get to the party, which is about a book about bacon. Caroline meets a food blogger and tries to promote their cupcake business. Max meets the author of the book and gets him to come home with her and bacon. She ends up making beer battered maple bacon cupcakes (sounds amazing) and they get written up on the food blogger's blog.

Meanwhile, Oleg and Sophie have been hooking up like crazy and all over. At her apartment, in the diner and in the bathroom. Ew. We get a bit too much of them this episode that I can do without. There is also some small comment about Han being a rice queen on the down low (a secret gay man).


At the end their total only went up $150, when I thought they made $600 for watching the dogs and an extra $150 for the anal glands. Was anyone else confused by the addition here?

How I met Your Mother: Quinn-tervention

I have to say this episode was really amusing and fun. I am glad that the writers have not lost their touch. Let's begin, shall we?

Ted is talking about his apartment and what has happened since he moved out and let Marshall and Lily move back. He has been living in university housing across the hall from Ned, Milly and Martin (which Ned is Lucas from PLL) and Robyn has been living with her coworker Patrice (Stop smothering me Patrice! haha).

Barney makes Ted make a broath on a bible. He calls him by his full name, Ted Evelyn Moseby. Hysterical. No matter how many times he said Evelyn, I laughed each time. Like, what were Ted's parents thinking?! Haha. He tells Ted to swear not to tell the gang that Quinn is a stripper. They all go to Quinn's for a dinner party where she is bossing him around and calling him names and wont even let him go to the bathroom. They then tell them that they are moving in together and her cheap sublet is up for grabs. Immediately Robyn and Ted start fighting over it and want to get the apartment.


In true HIMYM fashion, he tells them. They hold their usual intervention, except this one is Quinn-tervention. I love how Marshall makes them say that each time. They tell Barney its too soon and they don't trust her and in walks Quinn and she breaks up with him. They feel awful and try to go over and apologize to him. Meanwhile, Robyn and Ted have been trying to woo Quinn over to get the apartment. One brought a fruit basket while another a bottle of wine and credit scores.

Barney makes them all swear while wearing robes (after he tells Ted the story about Cesar and the broath and how it came to fruition with ninjas apparently). He makes Robyn and Lily kiss, which Lily likes too much and Ted and Marshall kiss. EW. Which Barney didn't realize they would do. Once they do that out pops Quinn. They flashback to the story of how Quinn and Barney thought this up to fool them. They even planned the fight over the apartment. In the end, the friends feel that they are perfect for each other and give their blessing, because in fact, they are going to move on. Super cute.


In the middle of it all, Marshall has been telling sex stories about Lily, since he has never been with another girl. He finally tells one about a girl in high school and Lily gets upset. He then tells her that it was an accident and she tells him to lie about it next time. They are the cutest couple, I swear!

Ted and Robyn have a heart to heart that she lost her fiance, her apartment, her best friend and almost her job. She is supposed to get the five o'clock talk which means fired. He tells her they cant be friends again. She ends up having that talk, getting a promotion, taking a sweet apartment on Central park west and Ted will get Quinn's apartment. (Does this mean she will be a regular?) and they decide to be friends again.

Khloe & Lamar: Malika's Boob Job

Lamar has been reaching out to his dad and all his dad does is ask him for money. Lamar talks about how his dad was in Nam and fought the war and how this traumatized him for life. He knows that is why his dad is that way, but wants to love him anyway. He decides they will go on a trip together and spend more time together. They talk about his mom passing away and they both tear up, so sad. Lamar even spends time with the military doing the things they do.

Meanwhile, Malika wants to get a boob job and Khloe wants to make her realize she does not need one. She takes her lingerie shopping and shows her the wonders of bras. Malike tells Khloe that she can get lypo. Khloe is super offended and they have a fight. Malika decides not to get the boob job anyway. She thinks it is just trying to cover up for something else in her life she is not happy about.


Next week will be about the trade. Hopefully this show gets a little more spicy, right?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Project Runway: Finale!

And the winner is....... MONDO! But let's backtrack just a bit shall we?

We are getting all ready for the mini runway show at Gotham Hall. Michael is having some snags backstage, with fabric being too large or too short, blaming it on only 4 days and not full  model fittings. Its Ok Michael, I still love you.


We have guest judged Ken Downing, who runs Neiman Marcus (I get his emails every week!) and Tommy Hilfiger. I have to say that even though I have had my favorites from the beginning (1. Michael 2. Mondo 3. Anthony) and 2/3 are in the top 3, I said to myself that I would judge the winner by their final collection. And off go the collections.

First we have Austin Scarlett (who Mondo comments that he stole Liza Minnelli's wardrobe, ahahah) who shows an AMAZING collection. He introduced it as punk rock , vampire collection who borrows clothes from his Hassid dandy friends. Oh boy. I thought he really rocked it. He had these wearable, versatile pieces and this wedding dress at the end to die for. He was my thought for winner.


Next we have Mondo, who did his Therapy collection. I think it was cute and quirky and this one pant suit was amazing. But I have to say that he designs very junior wear (which is his forte). And even the inkblot dress didn't wow me. I thought he would be last picked.


Then we have Michael, who is always so gracious. He talks about his collection being in the Serengeti. We have those gorgeous draped dresses and this one short and top that I loved. I would wear that as resort wear on my next trip. I do think that last year's winner Anya, rocked a better resort wear, but hey, she was only sewing for a few months!


The designers mulled over the collections and thought of how they did all season. Issac made me think he was interested in Michael's since he said its the most cohesive collection, while Tommy did too. I didn't hear much positive about Mondos, except for the pants.

First, Michael got sent home with a trip to Paris for 2. He was gracious and kind and loved how far he has come. Then they let go of Austin, who is not gracious and makes snarky faces. I really thought he would win, but I guess he didn't. Then the winner was MONDO. He was happier than a school boy! He cried and hugged everyone. His collections will now be sold at select Neiman Marcus stores and he will be guest editor at Marie Claire alongside Nina Garcia.

Good job Mondo! At least one of my top 3 took it home!

Who do you think should have won?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

One Tree Hill: Danny Boy

I definitely kept my tissues close. We all saw the previews that Dan Scott would die this episode. I have to say, I loved how they did it. Read on, shall we?

Julian, Nathan and Dan are racing to the hospital in a stolen cop car. They speak over the PA system so that Brooke, who is still with the police from her Xavier attack, hears Julian Baker and books it to the hospital. Nathan keeps telling Dan to hold on DAD and they arrive at the hospital.

While there, we see the first time Hayley sees Nathan. I sat up in bed for this one. This was one of those TV moments were you grip the blanket and your heart stops and beats again. She gives him a hug ad all is right with the world again. Except the doc tells them that Dan has lost too much blood and he will be dead in a few short days. The Scott family spends time with Dan and is upset for hating him for so long.

Dan spends most of the episode flashing back through his life of the things he has done. Pushing Barb and Karen, having that creepy girl write murderer on his wall, shooting Keith, burning down his diner, burning the car dealership, being mean to Nathan, getting hit with a car. He has taken a licking and kept on kicking. Even Barb comes to visit and they joke with one another. He told her he was not going to let his son die. Jamie has special moments with Grandpa Dan too. He thinks he will get better and they will go camping, but he realizes he wont. He says he cant be strong any longer. There is a very cute scene with baby Lydia and Jaime and grandpa Dan. Hayley says she will always remember that he loved his grandchildren.

Meanwhile, Clay and Quinn are going to see Logan. Clay sees his in laws and apologizes for the last six years. I am sure all of us are thinking, how could he go 6 years without knowing he has a son? Well he admits that he is a father to Nathan and Nathan says he was kidnapped. I guess we have to decide which storyline tops the other. Clay goes to talk to Logan and they hug again. I think he will be able to bring him home now and Quinn is always embracing of this.


Brooke's dad is in town and spends some father/daughter time with her. She thinks it is too good to be true. Until she realizes that he wants to sell the Baker Man company. She feels used and tells him to get out. Julian decides he wants to produce Lucas' book, the unkindness of Ravens and make it into a TV show.

Dan's Death......

Nathan realizes he spent way too much time hating his dad. They have their last conversation, but it takes place at the River Court, which I thought was cute. They apologize for how they acted and Dan tells Nathan why he shot Keith. He was so jealous of him and felt like he had tried to kill him. He wanted him to get shot by Jimmy, but instead shot him himself. They hug and talk about how Nathan is a better man because of him. Stronger, better career, better dad, etc. They hug and say I love you and play basketball together. When that scene ends, Dan is gone.


Then we see Keith. Which I thought was a great touch. Keith shows him his family all around him. Nathan, Hayls, Jaime, Lydia and Barb. He really was loved. He saved Jaime and Nathan's life from evil kidnappers. Keith is there to tell him he forgives him. He says little brother and brings him back to the OTH hallway. They say they are both stuck there and start to build back their friendship and brotherhood. They hug and walk out. Dan says, I know where you are going big brother, but what about me. And he replies, you are my plus one.

The whole episode was dedicated to real life Dan Scott's mother. Very sweet and touching. I love how they did this afterlife thing, so we don't just see a dead body. It made me feel complete inside. Are we ready for this season to end? I have to say I need a few more twists to happen before I am completely satisfied.

Switched at Birth: Spring Finale

I have to say I was a bit disappointed with this episode. I was hoping for more bang, oomph, drama. Some of the deaf signing fights that have been on here have been more insane then audible ones. Let's dig in, shall we?

We start by Emmet saying he needs to talk to Bay in a serious face. We think he is going to tell her about Simone, but instead he pulls out a ring box. He gets down on one knee and she starts freaking out. He opens the box to reveal two yellow earplugs. Huh? He signs will you go to prom with me? The earplugs are because deaf proms are super loud, since they can feel the bass better that way. Ahaha. She says yes of course.

Meanwhile Daphne is trying to ask Wilke to her prom. She wants something creative and her banner is not cutting it. Instead she makes these wanted posters of James "wilke" Wilkerson and then cuffs him at school. Tells him he is under arrest and must go to prom with her. He says he cannot go because his dad has him on lock down until he finishes his paper. She is understandably sad and uncuffs him. Her and Bay decide they should all go together. So Daphne asks her deaf friend at the car wash to come. He says no. Then Daphne goes to bring Wilke lemon bars and meets his dad. He tells her that Wilke is off to boarding school in a few days.


Kathryn puts on this amazing red dress and shows John, but gets no response. She is going to wear that when they chaperon the prom. In comes their lawyer and he says he found a nurse who may be a good person to testify. He asks Kathryn to come with him, but not John, because its too intimidating. They go to see this lady and she tells them that all records were written in pen and because of the overworked employees of course there may have been mistakes and smudged bracelets. She then talks about the anti-Christ and they realize she may not be a viable witness anymore.


Regina gets a call from Angelo from the immigration office. She goes to see him and promises to help him get a lawyer but that she will not get back together with him. He tells her he went back to Italy to clear his name and got nabbed coming back in, well duh. She decides to do Bay's hair for prom since she missed out on so many years of doing it. Bay can only think about Angelo. Regina is still dating her boyfriend and invites him to come over while Daphne is out late at prom.

Emmet shows up in his motorcycle to pick up Bay for prom. She looks amazing and so happy. He gives her a helmet that has her name on it. Super cute. They ride off to prom (no pictures?). Daphne is getting ready when her friend from the carwash is there in a t-shirt tux saying they can go as friends. Just then a stretch limo shows up with Wilke looking soooo cute in it. He is upset about the friend being there, but agrees to take him with them. It ruined his plan of having the perfect prom night.


Bay and Emmett go to see Angelo at immigration. While she is there he tells her he cannot call his lawyer since it costs him and he has run out of money. She offers him $40, which is all she has.

The Prom.....

John is there chaperoning alone sans Kathryn. He confiscates a flask from carwash boy and then drinks some outside. Melody joins him. So cute. You can almost see them together. Meanwhile, Kathryn is stuck with her lawyer because they have a flat. She gets cold and he gives her his jacket and almost kiss. Ok Mrs. Robinson. But she pulls away and asks Toby to come pick her up.

Daphne and Wilke talk about boarding school. He says he was trying to get a good grade on his paper, this way maybe his dad would let him stay. She says they should just enjoy their last night together. She says we should invite Toby and Simone and he says no. She asks why and he tells her about Simone sleeping with Emmett. She doesn't believe him. She goes to confront Emmett and he is busy dancing the night away with Bay. She asks him straight up if he slept with Simone and he signs no over and over again. She apologizes for asking and tells Wilke he lied to her face. Kathryn and Toby get there and her and John dance. They say they want to make up and go back to the way things were.


Emmett pulls Bay aside and says he needs to talk to her. This is it. He cant sign the words. He signs that he hooked up with someone at the basketball game. She asks who and automatically thinks it was Daphne. Until he signs Simone. She is furious. Not only did he cheat, but he cheated with her arch nemesis. She storms out and tells him not to follow her. She goes and throws her helmet in the river. Toby sees Emmett and asks where Bay is and Emmett says I don't know. I was hoping he would tell Toby and Toby would punch him, but the scene ends.

Regina is back at home and after stealing condoms and sleeping with her new boyfriend, she gets a doorbell ring. John tells her he found a lawyer for Angelo but the only catch is, he will have to marry a US citizen to stay in the country. Uh oh.

When will switched at Birth return? Hopefully soon. Were you hoping for a bigger blowout?? I was! Previews show Bay confronting Simone. I love this!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ringer: Who Really Killed Tyler?

I am still waiting until the two sisters see each other again. I swear, somewhere in the middle of this episode, I thought all secrets would be revealed. Welcome to my recap, let's begin, shall we?

After Andrew gets shot, we are still at the loft. Machado hears a noise and sees the shooter escaping. He tries to catch him and traps him in an alleyway. Too bad its when the kids all get out of the clubs. The guy tries to climb the fence and Machado gets something from his pocket before he gets kicked in the face by the shooter. It is a tarot card that he takes back to the station. They somehow trace it back to a dry cleaner that was giving it out. He goes to see the lady at the dry cleaner and she says they used to give them out as discount cards. He asks to speak to the owner, but she is no help. We see her call the owner after Machado leaves and report that FBI was there looking for him. What is the connection here? Does anyone else think that Shiv put a hit on her own sister?

Meanwhile, Andrew is at the hospital in surgery. Bridge and Juliet are there crying and grieving. Juliet calls Henry and asks if he can get some of Andrew's things from the apartment. He goes to get them and talks to Bridge. He finds out that Andrew was helping to stop the bullet from killing Bridge. This makes him very upset, because Shiv said that Andrew put a hit on her. Doubtful. He goes back to tell Shiv to get out and he is done with all of the lying. He then tells his father in law to take the money out of Martin Charles, because that is the only family he has left. Somehow we never see the twins. Just that one shot of them with their red hair.


Andrew is going to pull through and Bridge has a change of heart. She wants to love him and trust him. They discuss the possibility of Olivia killing Tyler and Malcolm. Andrew tells her that he went to see Malcolm to pay him off to stay away and that he took the money and ran. Bridge has Soloman break into Olivia's apartment to see if we know where she went. He finds clothes all over the place and an old notepad piece of paper that he sketches over to find numbers.

Andrew and Bridge decide it is best that Juliet stay with her mother till things calm down. She is royally pissed and packs a bag full of scarves, gloves and wool. For Miami, really? She ends up escaping and fleeing to the beach house in the Hamptons. Bridge somehow senses she is there and goes to get her back. Juliet lets her know the truth of what really happened with Mr. Carpenter and Tessa. Uh Oh.

Meanwhile, Shiv decides she loves Henry and wants to make it work, so that means no more lying. She goes, with preggo belly and all, to see Andrew at the hospital. She is about to tell him the truth, till Henry stops her. He says they can be together and he will stop lying to. He went to see Tyler at the hotel room and they fought after Tyler told him he was sleeping with Shiv the whole time. He knocked out on a table and died as Henry stole the flash drive and replaced it with a fake. This means that Olivia didn't kill Tyler and also has the fake flash drive. But, where is the real one? Henry gave it to his FIL to prove he should pull out his investments.


Machado finds a dead body with Malcom's wallet and IDs. I start to think OH NO, but fear not TV land viewers. Malcolm is NOT dead. One of Makawi's men is and he has Malcolm's wallet. Not sure what happened here. But Machado tells Bridge that Malcolm was going to testify and she feels pangs of guilt. Is still have no idea why she has not yet told the truth to Andrew. Do you?

Soon the twins will meet. How great will that be?!

90201: Raj Dies

Well, when I saw Raj's name in the credits, I knew that he would show up. I just didn't realize how heartbreaking this would be. Let's begin, shall we?

Silver/Liam/Vanessa: Silver has her test for the cancer gene and Liam is going with her to her appointment. Vanessa is getting jealous when she sees them together. Silver begs Liam not to tell anyone. You can obviously tell they are setting up a future hook up for these two. Vanessa confronts Silver about spending time with Liam and he admits he was at a doctors appointment with her. He then gives her a contract for their company they are going to start and be 50/50 partners. Bad move Liam, bad move. You have known her for like all of five minutes.

Annie: Preston wants Annie to loosen up a bit. He tells her he will commit to a charity if she promises to go on a date. They decide to invest in surf for good (Ivy's charity). During the charity part she meets a guy on the beach who thinks her bags are really cool. She goes to have coffee with him and realizes she may like him. When she sees him later on at the charity again, she really does like him. At the end we find out he is a priest. Or from the coming attractions, at least studying to be one.

Naomi/Jen: Naomi is still really upset with Jen and books her the first flight back to Paris. When she sees her, we learn that Jen has a stomach virus and is stuck there with her. Naomi pulls out her box of memories and goes through all the ways that Jen has tried to hurt her over the years. She made her wear the ugly dress or get the smaller bedroom in the house. Jen later tells her that she did those things to protect her. She is not interested in Preston anymore. Naomi starts to forgive Jen and Preston comes to see her. He kisses her and says he is interested in her and they sleep together. She gets a call from Jen at the airport as they make up, she tells her there is this huge secret about Preston. Yikes. What could it be?


Dixon/Adrianna: He is deciding whether or not to tell Ade about the contract deal. She starts to play music and they fight and he has an almost heart attack. The doctor tells him that because he has a heart murmur the drug abuse triggered this. He needs to be careful and Ade is upset (and looking a bit chubby, am I right?). He runs into Liam at the hospital and also into Raj. Apparently he never got better and moved to Maryland, he has been dying of cancer there. He begs him not to tell Ivy, but Dixon tells her anyway and good thing he did. There is this whole theme here about telling people we love them before its too late.

Ivy: The saddest part of all. She is super happy with her new boyfriend (creepy officer Garrett with a new haircut). She wants to sail away with Surf for Good and he wants her to join this program right near him. She goes to see Raj at the hospital and they have a scene where she cries and says she will never leave him. She is still his wife, since she never signed the divorce papers. She goes to get him a glass of water and when she gets back he has passed away. She does the ever so popular slow water glass drop and it breaks.


Do you think Silver and Liam will get together? Do you think Navid will return? Is Jessica Lowndes preggo in real life? Do we think Annie will stop being so annoying and stop wearing mid-drift shirts, I mean come on!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty Little Liars Finale: A revealed

Well, we never thought this day would come, but here it is. I was sitting on the edge of my seat all night. ABC family does an amazing job with their show finales. Let's dig in, shall we?


The liars get invited to the junior society's masquerade ball. There is a note in there from A asking to meet them by 12:00. They sit down to discuss and Melissa is there too. She tells them how if Garrett did kill Ali, she deserved it. Looks like first Ian, now Garrett. NAT club is shrinking. Jason is the only one left. She steals Aria's ice-cream, which is super creepy and walks off. Cut to a scene with Jenna putting on lipstick, being able to see and meeting with A at a park bench, saying its been a long time since I've seen you.

They go through Ali's bag again and try to find clues. They find a pen that says a landing strip, where they assume Duncan brought her. Then they find the postcard again and google it and find it is for the Last Woods Resort, with the #1 on the back. They decide to drive there and check it out. They ask to check in to room 1 and he is confused how they even know about that room. The guy is creepy behind the counter for sure. They go to the room and Hannah slips in the mud. Once there, Spencer and Aria decide to go back and steal the sign in book, hoping to see a familiar name. Hannah takes a shower and Emily gets a call from Maya and walks out to get better reception. We see A sneaking into room 1 and spying on Hannah in the shower. Then A goes into the next room and spies through a peep hole on the girls and listens. They decide that Ali went there to hide from A. The register book says Vivian Darkbloom the morning of her murder. (Cute part between Spencer and Aria, is when she calls them Sparia and tells Aria that she may be small, but she is big)


Spencer sees Toby's car outside Jason's house, cleaning up the burned mess. She tries to talk to him but he ignores her. He gets a call as she is leaving and says "Dr. Sullivan". I guess she is alive after all, but why speak to Toby?

The Ball......

The girls are there in their mask. They have a few hours before midnight to figure out who A is, before A finds them. Hannah walks off and runs into Caleb. Mona had helped bring him there for her. She apologizes to her and says she will be a better friend. They dance and kiss and have a sweet moment. Aria walks off and we see someone follow her, its Ezra. They hug and kiss and then have their first dance together. So sweet. He unmasks her and takes his off as well. He loves her and cannot stay away from her. Adorable! Spencer gets this feeling that Ali was not hiding from A, but watching A. Room two did not have a key and has been rented out, not used in forever. She takes Mona with her as she goes to check it out further. The girls tell her to be careful, but are happy Mona is with her.


Spencer and Mona arrive at room two and Mona steals the key as Spencer distracts the creepy guy. When they open the door they find photos upon photos of the liars and Ali upon the walls. They see creepy dolls and other things as realize they are in A's lair. Spencer finds a journal of Ali's and sketches of A's costume, the black swan. Mona says she will call Hannah and warn them. Mona offers Spencer a piece of gum and she says no, until she sees a gum wrapper in Ali's diary and asks for more. Mona goes out to the car to get some and comes back in a black hoodie. She admits to being A and tells Spencer she is not that smart. She knocks her out and takes her in the car with her.


Back at the dance, the girls see this mysterious tall woman in the black swan outfit. They do not know who she is. She goes to speak to Jenna and Lucas. Looks like A is a group of people? Spencer is in the car and listens to Mona rant as she drives dangerously fast to lookout point. Spencer dials Aria and lets her see Mona talking about everything so they can find her. Mona tells Spencer she did this because they took Hannah away from her, her only friend. Spencer is allowed to decide if she wants to join the A club or die. Mona has been testing her the whole time to see if Spencer was strong enough.

Hannah looks at her phone, that Mona gave her, and realizes every time she dials it records. They go to find Spencer and Hannah almost runs over Mona. Her and Spencer fight and Mona falls off a cliff. Spencer tries to save her, but it didn't work. Dr. Sullivan is there as well. She tells the girls that Mona suffers from a personality disorder. She disappeared a while back because A threatened her son and she had to go. They lock Mona up in the loony bin.


The Twists....

1. Toby is the one who called Dr. Sullivan and convinced her to come back. He had been pretending the whole time to not like Spencer so that A would not hurt her. They kiss and rejoice.

2. Although Mona is locked up, we see her talking to someone, being like I did what you told me to do. Looks like A was more than one person.
3. They get back to Emily's house and an ambulance is there. Her mother runs out and tells her that they found a dead body, who they think is Maya's. Melissa is standing their behind the yellow police tape, but why? She is hysterical and her friends help her grieve. Do you think A killed Maya and was using her phone just to hurt Emily?
4. If we go back to the Halloween episode, we see that Mona, Lucas and Jenna all team up back then. My thoughts are that the three of them are team A, but so is someone else. A ring leader, but who? Maybe this is where Ali's twin theory comes in. As for the killer of Ali, must have been Garrett, Ian, and Melissa? Jason was the one they blamed everything on. I also think that Lucas got all that money to bribe the doll lady and Dr. Sullivan by stealing it a while back from Caleb and pretending to lose it on basketball.

Are you shocked? Can you not wait until summer when PLL returns?

GCB: Single

Another fluffy episode.

Carlene and Rip are having problems in the bedroom. He cant get it up. She calls Crickett and asks for advice. Crickett has been getting some from her pilates instructor. He is getting engaged so he cant do that with her anymore. She decides to send them a gift and then destroy their buisnesses. Meanwhile, Sharon has been too upset with her husband for kissing Amanda but refuses to say anything in fear he will leave her. She even calls the national chili line and gets advice for not only her recipe but her marriage.

Carlene tries to dress up as Adam and Eve to shake things up in the bedroom, but that doesn't work. Rip is too obsessed with Amanda's secrets and her dead husbands. She goes to see Cricket's Tai Kwon Do instructor to release her tension. She asks him for the Cricket special and he starts to take off his pants and she kicks him in the groin.


A new pastor is in town and he tells Sharon, Carlene and Crickett that they are model marriages. He wants them to speak at his Christian singles night. Heather is buying cake and wine for a guy she knew in high school that she never spoke to who is back in town. He is a billionaire. She goes to see him and they have an awkward flirty glass of wine and she knocks his tooth out with her head.

Gigi is trying to get Amanda to date, but she says its too soon. She gets a package from the US Marshalls that has their family photo and a note from Bill the day he ran off asking to forgive him. Heather makes her come with her to Christian Singles night at the church. Amanda agrees to go in, just to help Heather get her guy.

Once there, the three couples are also there to help guide the singles. They are split into two groups. The one led by Rip and Carlene are for those who has been married before. The one led by Crickett and Blake are for those who have never been married. Sharon and her husband are making dinner in the kitchen. Amanda is in Rips group and he is busy trying to get her secrets. They make these men and women pinatas and fill it with secrets and things they want to say to them and are supposed to bust it down.


The other group has Heather in it and they are making fires with their old lovers names in them and are burning them. Carlene confronts Blake about Crickett's infidelity. He says to Crickett that now everyone will know. They have been using their marriage as a business to keep his secret that he is gay. He knows she cheats and she knows he is gay. She tells him she is upset she has to keep this secret.

In the kitchen Sharon takes a bite of the super hot chili (her husband tosses in all the pepper) and Amanda withholds the milk until she admits to him why she is upset. She previously confronted Amanda in boobyliscious to stay away from her husband and calls her a Jezebel.

The fire alarm goes off and the dolls are not hit. Rip gives Amanda her doll and leaves. Heather and the new guy kiss and go home together. At home, he tells Carlene he has been distracted since he invested millions with Bill Vaughn and he thought Amanda knew where it could be. They do it and then open her secret doll. They think that Bill is still alive as they plot. Sharon and her husband dont make up, but she throws her ice cream in the garbage. Maybe she will slim down. Blake and Crickett love their arrangement and she feels the remote and mistakes it for you know what.

Back at home, Gigi helps Amanda hit her pinata Bill doll. She feels better and says she is ready to date. Yahoo.

I think this show will get cancelled, what are your thoughts?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Desperate Housewives: Mike's Funeral

I was bawling during this episode. During the funeral service and the grave sight I couldn't stop crying. This was so sad as if I knew Mike or the ladies or anything, but still. Super emotional. Each of the residents are reminiscing about times of their past as well as memories of Mike Delfino.

Gabby: Gabby remembers when Carlos bought her wedding gown for her. Her MIL was not too happy about it and warned him that if he gave in now, he would give in the rest of his life. He told her to be quiet and how happy Gabby made him. She smiled, took the dress and then asked for diamond earrings. He said he would always take care of her. Flashback to her making dinner for the girls and looking not so fab, he came home from work and finally let her get a massage as he fed the girls and put work on the back burner. Flashback to Mike visiting him in rehab and talking to Gabby about how he understood how Mike was feeling. She then flashes back to the present life telling him he can quit his job.

Bree: On her way to the funeral when the cop stops her. He tells her she must come in for questioning. She does and she flashes back to baking with her mother as a little girl. Her mother tells her to make the MASK, which is a slight smile not show how she is feeling. She then uses that Mask in her next memory of her and Rex. She finally tells him why she was upset and he laughs at her. Then to the present of the cop getting the same mask and believing her. That is, until they take the DNA off the mug she drank coffee from. Her prints are a match to the one's on the body they dug up. Uh oh Bree.


Lynette: Her and Tom hug as Jane watches on and is uncomfortable. She remembers being on their first date and telling Tom how she didn't want a family and wanted to be a VP. Then flash forward to her pregnant with the twins and him buying the house on Wisteria Lane because he knew she would love it. Another flash to seeing Mike as Tom was moving out and he asks her why she is not fighting for him. She realizes what she must do. She must get her man back! You go girl.

Susan: The funeral is upon us and Susan is trying to think of what to say. She flashes back to their wedding night and how he sang her a poem "I love you once, I love you twice, I love you more than beans and rice". Then she flashes back to a time at a diner with her, Mike and MJ. He asks what heaven is like and he tells him its about all the things you love. Heaven is eating cheeseburgers, watching football as mom brings us snacks and being fishing at their favorite pond. She gets up and recites some words and tells them that Mike is in a better place, heaven. And talks about the burgers and the fishing and the sports. The men carry out his coffin as Renee sings out Amazing Grace. So beautiful.


At the grave site, they lay him to rest and she lays a rose on his coffin and MJ puts his glove there. She says the I love you poem and lays him to rest. SO SAD. I cried the entire last half of this episode. Then she goes to see her friends and asks for their help with her tires and her bills and MJs pitching. They offer their and their husband's help. They will not let her suffer.


Only a few episodes left and if anything like this, I wont have enough tissues to help me!
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