Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Girl: Season Premiere x 2

Two new girls in one night! Lucky us! Let's see how they did....

Episode 1:

Jess needs to get ready and Nick is in shower. Schmitt is wearing his penis diaper, because his cast comes off later today. He asks Jess to itch his undercarriage. Ew. Jess gets fired from her job. Consolation prize? She can take home two items from the lost and found. She chooses sparkly hat and sunglasses. CeCe picks her up.

Scmidt wants to have a cast off party. He even invites CeCe. He asks Nick to bartend and Jess offers to be a shot girl. She has no skill and the other shot girl makes more money and does better. Jess ends up breaking a bottle of liquor and crying. Schmidt sees Cece and she brings her new boring boyfriend. She tells him they have too much in common, too pretty, and it will never work.

Episode 2:

Jess goes to the bar and wants to start dating a guy Nick knows. She asks him to give him her number. While there she meets a guy that thinks she is Katie from OK cupid. They go back to her house and have sex and she pretends to be Katie. She then gets sexy texts from Nick's friend and it turns out to be the short fat one, Bear claw, and not the tall cute one.

She gets caught however in the bathroom with Sam, while Bear Claw is there. He outs her for not really being sick. She tells everyone she is not Katie, but Sam does not care. Nick runs into Old Nick from the future and they talk and he tells him to apologize to Jess. Later on we find out he is a crazy homeless man and not Nick from the future.

Semi funny, but not up to New Girl Par. Let's hope they get better!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

2 Broke Girls: Season Premiere

We are back broke fans! When we last left off they had about $900 to their name and were no close to a real story line or any real money. Let's see how the girls are doing, shall we?

We start off at the diner with a 6 year old breastfeeding at the table. Max takes their order and makes fun of him and the woman says nothing. We see Sophie reading the estate catalogue of Caroline's things. She asks Olaf to take her there as a real date. Caroline refuses to look at it, but asks Max to go see her father with her in prison.

While at prison, Max swoons over her dad. They talk about pumpkin spice cupcakes until he makes them talk about the estate sale. He begs Max to taker her and to buy the loving cup trophy. He is an ad for Banana Republic. Max agrees.

They go to the sale and Caroline wears a brown wig. First she is compared to Zoe Deshanel, then Jennifer Love Hewitt and then Katie Holmes. She sees all her old stuff and the gay guy with small dog next to them bids on everything. When the cup comes up they bid, but gay guy tries to outbid them. Max is convinced there is 60K in there so gets the guy to stop and they pay$200 for it. They break it open, but find nothing. When they go back to prison to confront her dad, he says it is just representative of when she tried to hard to win.

Now they are back to $700 something dollars and we at least got to meet her dad!

How I Met Your Mother: Season Premiere

Welcome back HIMYM fans! When we last left off, Ted was driving off with Victoria while she escaped her wedding. Barney proposed to Quinn and Marshall and Lily had their new baby, Marvin to tend to. We also saw a glimpse of Barney and Robyn's wedding in the future. Let's see how it all panned out, shall we?

We start with the wedding day and Ted is there to calm down Robyn. Marshall and Lily are trying to get Barney not to climb out the window. They are in a magical place called Far Hampton. Ted reminisces about being there before.

We go back to when Ted and Victoria are driving away. He reminds her she must leave a note for Klaus. Without that note from Stella, he would be lost. They drive back to the place and he has to sneak into the window. When he gets there, Klaus' sister is guarding the door. He gets Barney to distract her as he sneaks in leaves the note, but leaves his keys too. Now he must sneak back in and get the keys. While trying to sneak back in he runs into Klaus sneaking out. He talks to him and learns that Victoria is not his number one and when you find that girl, she is the one, not the one who is almost her. He goes back to steal the note back and his keys and fake cry on Klaus' note, so nobody is the wiser.

Back at home, Marshall and Lily are going through new parent's haze. Every time someone speaks to them they see water and hear nothing. Quinn asks the girls to be in her wedding and they agree. Barney reminds them not to say him and Robyn ever dated. They agree but are in a haze. During that time they let it slip and Quinn realizes she cannot marry Barney. Even though Robyn introduces them to her new boyfriend Nick, they are not satisfied. Barney gives Robyn the key to a storage unit with all of their stuff there. Cute!

At the end, we go back to the wedding and Ted at the Far Hampton train stop in the rain. We see his future wife stroll up with her yellow umbrella, but not face. By the end of this last season we will meet her, finally!! But who is she? Any thoughts?

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Switched at Birth: Motorcycle Show

Daphne/Angelo: She won't seem to forgive him or be nice to him. He ends up shooting a nail through his hand and she rushes him to the hospital. The animosity is apparent when she says he is not his daughter. She later warms up to him when she gives him work gloves to prevent future accidents.

Regina: She learns about the blonde woman and how her role is in all of this. She gets upset about it, but learns she cannot keep being mad. They are married now, at least on paper. She sees Simone buying a bottle of vodka in the middle of the day and apprehends her. She tells her that she cannot drink her problems away. Although they will not forgive her, she needs to forgive herself. She bonds with her even though her kids would not be happy about it.

Toby/Kathryn: He is worried about him and takes him to church to play his guitar. When he refuses, she sings and he joins her. He meets a nice girl, Nikki, who wants him to come back sing/jam together. He ends up telling mom why him and Simone broke up. She is appalled.

Bay/John/Artist Girl: Bay is upset at her dad for not understanding that graffiti is art. She meets up with artist girl and they get in trouble with the cops. When he sees her name, he lets her go. The friend is upset she lied, but in the end learns that there is more to Bay than that. They bond. Bay ends up telling John that she was the one who grafittied and he is not too happy. Emmet is the one who convinced her to tell.

Emmet: It is the motorcycle show and he is going knowing that Bay will be there. He signs to Daphne that he will wait forever for her. When he gets there, another cute blonde, deaf girl , Robyn, who loves motorcycles is interested in him. He pays no attention. Daphne tells Bay to let Emmet move on. She goes to talk to Emmet and the blonde girl interrupts. She sees what is happening and tells Emmet to go talk to her. He doesn't want to and my heart breaks. I miss her and Emmet. Not this new deaf girl! PSH.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Awkward: Season Finale

And we are here folks. Jenna has made her decision. I was kind of expecting us to see, but we just see her with Matty. They play spin the bottle and it lands on Matty and she goes into the closet. Jake comes in to say they can stop pretending, he knows they are together and he is fine with it. She is worried about their status, but he says girlfriend and they kiss in public. She sees Jake being a pimp and still has resentment about this. She incites that only a girl like T would be good enough for him. Foreshadowing much?

There is a summer Europe trip and Tamara wants her and Jenna to go. Matty wants her to work at camp with him. She gets called into Val's office where her parents are. She tries to convince them to send her to Europe. Secretly, she does not want to go.

Sadie is going through Ricky's phone and sees that he has been texting Tamara. She acts all weird and calls him and sucks up to him. She is losing the upper hand here and does not know how to take it.

Jenna's parents tell her that they are sending her to Europe. She calls T excited, but it looks like Jake took the last spot. Part of me thinks that maybe Jake and Jenna will get back together in Europe, but that idea is thwarted shortly after. Matty tells her to go, but she wants to stay. She asks her mom what to do and she says to go. Ben never did anything with her and never danced with her and he was not the right guy for her. Where as Kevin did. Tamara throws a huge around the world party.

At the party....

Ming is wasted and wants to give her Vcard to Fred. He jumps out of the bushes and says that Becca has moved his zoning to another school and he can never see her again. They kiss.

Sadie is drunk and complaining to Tamara and Jenna of all people about Ricky. They walk in on him kissing Clark! EW! Is he gay? Tamara says no, he is just a whore. Clark also reveals he is the anonymous friend from Jenna's blog.

Lissa tries to chase Jake, now that she is drunk and wants to hook up with him. He hides in Tamara's car as she is having a breakdown about not going to Europe. He tries to console her and they end up making out. It is great! But, a part of me is like how can T do that? Jenna sees the whole thing and is not mad. Why? She chose Matty.

She tells Tamara she can have her spot in Europe and that she knows about Jake. She sits and watches them dance and has such a fun time. She asks Matty to dance with her, but it is not his thing. Reminds her of the convo with her mom as Matty kisses her, but she is not happy and it is not what she wants.

Project Runway: Rockette's

OK designers! Time to design a new outfit for the Rockette's. They have time to sketch and then $250 at mood. When they start to design Tim gets so worried and he lets them go back to mood with another $100 to re-shop. Only half of them go back. Guest judge is actress Debra Messing. Let's see how they did!


Fabio - Made this hideous sparkly silver costume, but was apparently safe.


Melissa - Made a cigarette girl outfit of hot pink and black sparkles. She did not mean to, but ended up emblazoning a 1 on her chest. They liked it, but ripped it apart. Strange right?

Dimitry - Made this gorgeous cut out outfit with fringe skirt and sheer pieces. I loved this! He really can design.

Chris - THE WINNER. He made this silver and sheer outfit with the NYC skyline on front and back and starry skies towards the collar. It was really creative and nice and he won! Good job buddy!


Sonjia - Made this purple feather outfit and they all thought the girls would molt. She had a minor breakdown, but they did not send her home.

Elena - Made this hideous girls dance team outfit out of shiny blue and a throw up of sparkles. She cried and was saved.

Venn - Oh Venn. You are the most talented yet your ego got in the way. You designed this blue piece and when Tim told you to keep the sheer, you didn't. And when you had a chance to go back for more fabric, you didn't. Therefore you are a one trick pony and they had to let you go! See ya!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Switched at Birth: Trouble with Bay

Bay/Angelo/John: Angelo is starting to irk John by using his gym and being Bay's dad. John is coming down hard on her because of her failing grades. He orders her to stay in until she does all her work. She works on her French with Angelo and makes him cover for her, when she wants to meet the street artists to paint. She ends up painting on her own dad's wall and having to paint over it. She may be forming a friendship with this girl now.

Kathryn/Regina: Regina and Kathryn are being interviewed about her book. The interview turns into the Regina show when the woman thinks she is the hero, being single, raising a deaf girl, and moving into her home. Kathryn and her go to the hospital to see the maternity ward. She recognizes a nurse there and realizes she is the one that Angelo knows. She lets their lawyer know this and reminisces about when they almost kissed.

Daphne/Melody: Daphne likes her boss chef so much. She starts to get more responsibility by frosting cupcakes and other tasks. When she sees the fruit girl getting all this attention, she dresses in Bay's clothes and applies her lipstick. She tries to hit on him after he serves her mothers and Melody. When she thinks he likes her, she is wrong. Turns out he sleeps with Melody that night and Emmet sees them leaving.

Keeping up with the Kardashians: Season Finale

And we are here folks. We start back with Khloe who learns she is not ovulating. She needs to start being on hormones to make her ovulate. She breaks it to Lamlam and he is the sweetest about it. Sucks they wasted 2 years trying! Kim also wants to freeze her eggs. She even has her mom inject her with hormones. Yikes.

Bruce is going to be honored for being a decathlete and Brandon and Brody come too. He is upset though that Kendall and Kylie did not come. Brandon tells them to appreciate their father and his accomplishments more. They end up buying tickets to go to the Olympics with him to London. He is overjoyed!

Kourt has her baby shower. Kanye is there with some babies and Khloe gives him the pep talk. Mason has a cute scene with the sprinklers and even Kris tells Scott what a good dad he is. The girls open their new dash store on Melrose and say that Miami needs some help. They make fun of Rob's attire.

It's time for the birth! They are off to the hospital and Kourtney wants the drugs. She gets them and she pulls her own baby out of her. That's nuts! I have never seen that before. She calls her Penelope Scotland, interesting. Mason is cute with her and calls her sister. Kourtney and Kim return in January for Miami 2013! How she will do this with two kids, I have no clue!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Awkward: What if?

Not my favorite episode. Jenna decides to see other scenarios by typing them. First she decides that she never slept with Matty and they become boyfriend girlfriend. Everything is great till the power goes to her head and she becomes Sadie's bestie, head cheerleader and a royal BIOTCH. He breaks it off with her for Ming. Oh hell no!

Next she decides to tell Jake the truth and be with him. The sex is horrible for him. We even have a twilight reference between Jacob and Matty, haha. He breaks it off with her and she is devastated. He goes back to Lissa. She pretends she is pregnant, but then becomes pregnant and repeats her mother's life.

Finally she decides she picked nobody and Jake and Matty end up together. In the end she makes her blog private again and realizes she will have to make a choice, not because she has to, but because she wants to.

Season finale next week, who will she choose? I hope Matty!

Project Runway: Textile Challege

Mondo helps to introduce this challenge where they draw an image and it creates fabric for them. Everyone is either excited or not. The twist? Their loved ones come in and help them design and get to hang out with them that evening. Elena is the most shocking of all when her mother comes and she is this super, happy person. Mondo and Anya are guest judges for this.


Elena and her crazy coat and Fabio and his penis/vagina patterns.


Christopher - Makes a pattern dress covered by black gauze

Ven- makes his hibiscus flower and the same pleating pattern. They tell him to step it up and do something different. He is too proud as always but then tells the judges he will step it up.

Gunnar - Makes a high  neck jacket which they do not like and send him home. His design was a free bird and black hands due to his childhood bullying


Melissa - Makes this fun print red dress, so out of her element, but amazing!

Sonjia - Makes these great fitted pants, but does not win

Dimitry - Makes a skirt, top and jacket with cut outs. It really is cool and fun and it wins!

Snooki & JWoww: Season Finale

Snooks decides she wants to live with Jionni before they embark on their new baby venture. Jwoww takes it OK (since another season is abreast) and decides to move back home. They head to birthing class with their fake babies in tow and all she can talk about is her vagina ripping.

They plan dates with the other's other and ask questions about their love. I think that Roger and Jenni should break up, but what do I know?

Alls well that ends well. Two weeks until Jersey Shore final season y'all!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Teen Mom Check-Up: Part 2

First 40 minutes we check in with Maci. We find out that Kyle has "cheated" on her. When we bring him out, we find out that's not true. He didn't cheat, he just spoke to other girls that were not here on FB. She isn't very forgiving and kicked him out after 5 months of living in their co-owned house together. They have nothing left to say.

Then we bring out Ryan and he talks about not getting full custody and how things between them are just whatever. We even bring out Dallis and she talks about she should be friends with Maci and Ryan is like UMMM WHY? I agree. They do NOT need to be friends. Maci needs to get over herself.

We end with a letter from Amber saying how she is addicted to drugs and Gary shows up. He talks about loving her, but not getting back together. They do not work at all.

We end with all the kids and they talk now and they run around. Leah is the best. She sits on Dr. Drew's lap. I feel like he feels so close to this group for the past 4 years. I hope his relationship with them continues and they all get the help they need!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bachelor Pad 3: Season Finale

Ok BP3 fans, you are in for a ride! First we look back and recap with the people who did not win. We start off with Michael Stag and how he did not really love Rachel. We go to Jaclyn and how she was betrayed by Rachel. We talk about Kalon loving Lindsey and Erica Rose jumps in to say he was with other girls just the other week. We even touch upon Blakely and her love to Tony. During that she announces that they are moving in together. He then gets down on one knee and proposes to her (Neil Lane of course) and she cries and accepts. She can finally have cable TV!! Hooray Y'all! What trailer trash, but a very cute moment indeed and everyone is super happy for them. Except Jamie in her glitter earrings, stickers and headpiece. What was she thinking?

Then we bring out the final 4. We address Rachel and Michael and she talks about being hurt. We talk to Chris about the way he treated Jamie and Blakely. His parents are so upset with him, which is all he can talk about, not apologize to the girls or anything. Then we vote....

This was obvious, right? Everyone votes for Rachel and Nick, except Kalon and super fan Dave and Erica Rose. Looks like Sarah had no pull here and I did not think they had a fighting chance.

So the rules are simple. The couple who wins have two choices. They vote separately to whether they want to keep or share the money. If one person says keep and the other says share, they keep it all. If they both say share, they share. If they both say keep, they get nothing, but the rest of the padmates split it amongst themselves. Simple, right?

Wrong. Rachel, TRUE of HEART chooses share. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Nick however, chooses Keep. He keeps ALL $250K and does not feel bad about it one bit. He goes into a long speech how everyone underestimated him and how he worked so hard to get here and they were not true partners. She wants an apology or something and he will not give it to her. He walks off stage with everyone clapping and becoming more evil than Kalon or Bentley on a good day.

Was your jaw on the floor? Mine was!!

Excited for January and the new bachelor. I am hoping its Ari, but we shall see!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Switched at Birth: Angelo Moves In

Regina announces that her and Angelo got married. The whole family is in an uproar. They go to their interview and the guy believes they have history together, since they do, but has a red flag up when Angelo applies for an apartment by himself. He says its for his mother in law to move out, but now they must keep up the ruse of living together for the random checks they will have. They have the discussion with the family and they agree to let Angelo live in the Kennish house so everyone is happy. My thoughts, how will immigration think they are married when he lives next door? Weird.

Meanwhile, John is upset that his world record is being beat. Emmet comes over to edit his dawn of the deaf film and has a run in with Toby. He hits him because he is still upset about Simone. Simone tries to speak to him in the hallways and he ignores her, even after he helped to put the kibosh on a slut site about her. Regina goes to AA and runs into Simone there. Strange.

At work, Daphne cuts herself and fellow worker bandages it for her. She then drops all these dishes and has a breakdown in the closet. The chef, introduces himself as Jeff and helps her out of her crying fit. We can see where the romance will begin.

Bay has been trying to paint a bus with her street art. She keeps getting interrupted so some other artist girl finishes it for her. She gets angry, but decides to leave it since she likes her work. When she goes back to show Toby, the other girl left her a frame to make her own painting there.

Drop Dead Diva: Season Finale

I love how they wait till the last 5 minutes to throw this at me. Let's begin, shall we?

We start off with Jane getting ready for her wedding. She has her dress and everything and her mother (Well Jane's) shows up and wants to help, but she shoos her away. We see heaven and the real Jane sitting there just watching. She says she has to get out of there and fix her life that Deb has messed up. I love how they make her dull and boring. She gets on line and tries to protest California State law to the heaven guy and he laughs her away. An old man tells her to find Fred, he can fix it. FRED!! YAY.

We have Kim defending a country singer star played by Chelsea Kane (crossover One Tree Hill and new show Baby Daddy) who's ex-boyfriend was almost killed because of lyrics to her song (Compare Carrie Underwood much?). Kelly Osbourne guest stars as the one who admits to the crime, but she didn't really do it. We find out he cut his own breaks to make her look bad. Stacey helped to solve this case, because she is the biggest fan. Also, Luke lets it slip to Parker that he is going to be a dad to Kim's unborn child. He is happy to be there for Kim.

We also have Grayson defending his best friend Mark with Jane. Mark's wife has a brain tumor that makes her smarter. She doesn't want to remove it, because she wants to keep being smarter. The doctor behind it tells her she may live forever. When Jane goes to confront him she finds that he was using her as a specimen. She asks to take the tumor out. This is not before Jane and Grayson have a fight about him getting over Deb. He says he has moved on.

Wedding Day.....

Jane is wearing her dress and after making up with her mother, wearing her tiara. Terry and Stacey are bridesmaids and Owen is ready to marry her. She gets her train stuck on something and cannot break free. They are all waiting. Grayson goes to see what is up and helps her unstuck. She asks who Grayson has moved on with and he says her. She is shocked and surprised, they kiss and of course in walks Owen. He sees it, has a heart attack and dies on the floor. But looks like Jane upstairs pressed the return button after she talks to Fred and returns into Owen's body. Now that is creepy!!

Are they bringing back this show another season? Let's hope so!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Project Runway: 2 Fall Looks

Ok kids, we need to team up in groups of threes. Then the designers need to sell t-shirts and tanks for money on the street. They money the raise buys the fabric for 2 fall looks, including one outerwear piece. Let's see how the teams did! Guest judge: Anna Sui.

Ven/Melissa/Fabio - Raised the most money at about $800 on the street. They had a hideous gray coat by Fabio, a great leather jacket by Melissa and a hideous gray skirt by Venn. He wanted to make his normal rose pattern, but they nixed it. Since they were all too nice to one another, they flopped. They were in the bottom two, but did not lose.

Alicia/Elena/Dimitry - What a recipe for disaster. Elena always has something bad to say. They raised $500. Alicia made horrible pants and shirts, Dimitry made the same dress he always does with stole and Elena made hideous coats. They lost and Alicia went home. They need to keep Boris and Natasha on, or where would the drama be?

The Winners....

Sonjia/Chris/Gunnar - You would think they would lose with Gunnar hating Chris, but they got along fine. They had a budget of $684. She made this amazing green coat, Gunnar made two dresses and Chris made a trench coat. Beautiful! Sonjia is the winner and immunity is no longer offered.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Vasectomy

Kourtney is getting the house ready and a flushable special toilet for new baby girl's room. It's all decked in orange Hermes. She wants to know how many more kids they can fit in their house. Scott is upset so he researches a vasectomy. He tells Rob, who tells Kourt and they fight over it. I agree that this is the only power he will ever get, to stop giving her kids.

Kris is getting a breast reduction. During this time, Kendall and Kylie try to coerce her to borrow things in the closet. The go in there all the time. Kris gets wise to it (after she tries to get everyone to touch her breasts) and locks the closet. Now they must sign in and take a photo of things they want to borrow. Yikes! They are spoiled though.

Kim wants to research freezing her eggs and makes Khloe come with. She finds out that she is not ovulating, which in turn means she cannot have kids. She needs to start thinking about other options like surrogates and things and she just cries. I feel horrible for her.

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Fall Show

I am very excited that my favorite shows will be returning (Once upon a time, Revenge, New Girl, Vampire Diaries) and sad that some will not be making it back (Ringer, Desperate Housewives, Teen Mom). But there are some new shows on the horizon and I am hoping they can fill the gap. Let's see what I am looking forward to watch this fall.

666 Park Avenue - ABC - Premieres September 30th - 10:00pm

A couple moves into an apartment by his new company (reminds me of Devil's Advocate) and they must make deals with the devil to live there in the lavish life. A few crossovers like David Annabelle (Brothers & Sisters) and Vanessa Williams (Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives). Good to see them ship characters from one show to the next.

The Carrie Diaries - CW

Based off of Candice Bushnell's novel, all about Carrie before she was Carrie. I am sure it will be a flop, but what kind of fan would I be if I didn't give it a go?

Guys with Kids - NBC - Premieres September 26 - 8:30pm

Although there are similar out there (Baby Daddy on ABC FAM), I thought this could be cute, since Hubs will be a new dad next winter. Three guys who all have kids and get advice from one another. LOVE the premise. Stars Jesse Bradford (Swimfan, Bring it on). Hope its funny!

The Mindy Project - FOX - Premieres Sept 25 - 9:30pm

She is hilarious. Mindy Kalig who stars in the show as an OBGYN and is trying to be Indian, a doctor and date in this world. I am excited to see the antics they come up with.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Teen Mom: Dr. Drew Part 1

We meet with good old Doctor Drew.

First we meet with Catelynn and Tyler. We go back to seeing how far they have come and how she has so many girls admire her and move for adoption now. He is super proud of them both and love how far they come. They say they are the only couple still together. Why you ask? Because they gave up Carly. Then we bring up April and she talks about how hard it is to kick the Butch habit. Drew comes closer to her to help her. He also loves how far the kids have come and makes April realize it too. He is just in awe of them and thinks that he had a hand in it somehow.

We move on to Farrah. We dive back in to her past and how things went with Daniel. She says she knew what she was doing but wanted to push him to see how he would react. I guess she knew it may drive him away. We then talk about her parents and how she calls dad Michael. She says she lost respect for him. Then we bring out her mom and they somehow hug. Farrah wont give her any credit.

Next week we will talk to Maci and Gary, since Amber is in jail. YIKES.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grimm: The Yellow Plague

Start off with a park ranger getting attacked by a man with yellow plague. The park ranger has quills that sprout out and tries to get away, but seems to be infected. When they investigate, they go to find the dead guy's wife and she has it too. Hank must shoot her. He is still trying to grasp this whole Weisen thing and other creatures. Nick does some research and finds out that its from a pig virus and called Yellow Plague.

Monroe and Rosalee are taking their relationship to another level with a picnic in the park. He has a family heirloom picnic basket "little red riding hood". While they are there and about to kiss, the park ranger attacks them. He scratches Rosalee and she is infected. Back at the shop she is all over him, until Monroe realizes she has the plague. He has to have her help mix the anecdote. Not to mention, the scary cat Majik broke free earlier and is either on the loose or hit by a car by now.

Meanwhile, Juliette is trying to remember Nick. She even calls the rat, repairman and he says he is a Grimm. When he realizes she has no idea, he says a Grimm is a nice guy. She is suspicious, but cannot remember Nick no matter what.

Captain gets a call that a person is in town and needs to find him. It seems they are after Nick. He is trying to stop this, but why? I have no idea. I bet if he told Nick he was a Wesen, they could figure something out. I hope we find out some day!

They get the cure mixed and fix the park ranger and Rosalee just in time. The plague is gone, but the assassin is still tailing Nick. Hank wants to learn more and knows that Monroe is a blutbot now.

Switched at Birth: Season Premiere

And we are back ASL fans! I am so excited that we are back! When we last left off, Bay found out that Emmet cheated on her with Simone. Daphne said farewell to Wilke. Katherine was publishing her book. Regina was still dating art dealer Patrick but concerned about Angelo since he was going to get deported. Let's begin, shall we?

Bay spent her summer in the Galapagos and comes back happy and free with feathers in her hair. She also brings home a new boyfriend Alex. Toby and Daphne have gotten close and swimming the pool together. They throw her a welcome home party and Daphne insists that she should listen to Emmet and that he wrote her a note in her room.

Her mother has a book party and she finds out that Emmet was in the book. She decides to read the letter. It is a map. She follows it to see paintings on the wall of a timeline of their life together including when he made a mistake and broke her heart and that he loves her forever. Cute. Very cute. She runs into Simone in the hallways and tells her to transfer. She has no forgiveness towards her. After being hung up on Emmet, she decides to meet him. They have an intense signing fight and she tells him that he broke them forever and words cannot help. He says he will wait until she is ready and he loves her. They are bigger than this one mistake. He is right, but she cannot forgive him just yet.

Daphne really wants a job and every time she interviews they say no when they find out she is deaf. I have to say, after watching Masterchef, if a blind person can cook, so can a deaf one. She gets a job in a restaurant that Katherine helps her with. The main chef is a jerk and ends up demoting her to dishwasher. She tries to prove to him she is good. She even has crossover star Raj (90210) helping her out. Chef is ringer alum (Tyler!).

Meanwhile, Katherine is busy with her book and it is getting in the way of being a house wife and John doesn't know how to deal or make his own dinner. Let's not forget that she almost kissed their lawyer at the end of last season.

Finally, Angelo. We begin with a dream that Regina is marrying him. After his trial, the judge sends him back to Italy. She knows what she must do to keep him around. She marries him at the courthouse and that is how the episode ends. Let's see how this one turns out.

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Bachelor Pad: Sister Christian

First challenge is one partner answers Bachelor Pad trivia while the other literally hangs over the pool. With every wrong answer a string is cut and then they can hang on for dear life till they fall. Whoever wins gets to kick one couple off right then and there. Sarah rocks it and she and Chris are the winners again. They are unstoppable. They decide to send Blakely and Tony packing. She cries and cries and he tries to tell her how happy he is he met her, but she is not into it as they ride off together in the limo.

Done? Don't think so. The next is a competition where they are to sing, perform and dress up singing "Sister Christian" by Knight Ranger. The band is the judges. First up is Nick and Rachel and they rock. She has a good scratchy voice and his mascara goes a long way. Next up is Ed and Jaclyn and they don't know the words and make out on stage. Boo. Finally Chris and Sarah, they are OK even though he reads words off his arm and she makes spasms on stage. Nick and Rachel have won and are through to the final round. They must choose who they want to be in the finale with them.

Nick tries to coerce Rachel by convincing her how hated Sarah and Chris are and how they would be a shoe in to win. But what price does it come at? How about a lost friendship between besties Rachel and Jaclyn. They choose Chris and Sarah and Jaclyn has nothing to say to Rachel ever again.

Next week is the finale and I keep forgetting that all the previous contestants come back and decide who deserves the money more. Chris/Sarah already have strikes from Blakely/Tony, Jamie and Michael Stag. But is that enough to get sent home? We will soon see about that!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Keeping up with the Kardashains: Continued

Still in therapy, Rob admits he just wants his family to be happy. Of course Kim has to  make this all about her and cry too. She discredits Khloe by saying she was the only one who worked in her dad's office. She is rude to everyone and writes an email hoping that will fix it.

Kendall and Kylie are not happy because they miss too much school. They beg to be home schooled, but Kris doesn't listen. I agree with Kris, but then again, I don't know how a Hollywood star in school does it. Maybe they need a tutor/homeschooling. In the end, they meet with the homeschooling and agree on it.

They decide to help Rob with a Kardashain's men line that he brings Scott aboard for. He shows up to the meeting in a hoodie and sweats. How unprofessional? He really doesn't care and thinks that everything should be handed to him. They get the meeting and possibly the deal. Maybe next time he will clean up!

Kim says she wants to go with Khloe and Lamar to Queens to visit his hometown. She tells her not to be so glammed up and she takes it too far. They go there and go to a local music store and get to see where he came from. Kris Humphries is asking Kanye to testify and things are not over there yet.

Project Runway: Lord & Taylor Challenge

They are off to Lord & Taylor where they need to design a look that can be mass produced for evening wear that belongs in L&T. They are off to design. It seems that Elena is having a hard time with this challenge and so is Sonjia who cries her way through the end. Tim tells her to fake it. Guest judge is President of L&T. Let's see how they did!


Sonjia - even though she had a meltdown, she was safe. Just simple black dress with puffed out waist.

Ven - another rose detail which was not so great, but still safe. He was surprised he wasn't in the top.

Dimitry - Had a grey dress and he was super upset he wasn't in the top. I think he is pretty drab.


Fabio - did a really great dress with the back zipper showing and an asymmetrical hem. I loved it!

Melissa - AMAZING! I loved her dress. It was this different material, that she originally thought about scrapping. She did this popped up neckline with strapless back. Truly gorgeous. I thought she should have won.

Elena - the 4th top score, which I have never seen. She was soo surprised and shocked they liked it that she was happy and smiley. So unlike her. I personally did not like her dress.

Chris - the winner. Um. Not my favorite. He had a shredded skin colored top with long maxi skirt. He is always so humble though. Now he will not do shredding again. Maybe Heidi's fuscia sparkly barbie dress clouded her mind.

The bottom...

Alicia - Did this horrible dress with the seams showing. I honestly thought she should go home. I don't know why she is still on the show.

Gunnar -  His sparkly see through dress was too much for them. But they kept him anyway and didn't send anyone home.

You know what that means?! Next week 2 people to go home. Good luck with that!

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Awkward: The Choice

Another fab episode of awkward and 2 more weeks until the next. Darn. Let's dig in, shall we?

She's decided to write in a journal, because her blog has been exposed. She catches her mom in the shower with her dad, guess they are working things out. She drops her off at school and people call her btch. She has to tell her mom that everyone knows.

It seems that everyone thinks Jenna is their guru and asking her for advice. They are also copying Tamara's lingo and she is correcting them as she hears them. Sadie gets a huge bump on her lip and assumes it was Ricky giving her herpies. She calls her doctor and finds out its not, but is still pretty upset with him.

The boys still aren't talking to each other even after two popular blonde girls are team Jake and team Matty. They watch a French film and decide to put things behind them. They both admit they are both still in love with Jenna. They tell her she needs to choose and keep ambushing her. They vouch for one another in a cute bromance and she tells them to choose each other.

She confronts her dad and he tells her that he was a monster and it was her mother who soothed her to sleep. She ends up cuddling her mother and singing her favorite lullaby as the episode ends.

Next time, she chooses and I cannot wait! I am team Matty from day numero UNO!

Snooki & Jwoww: Fake Baby

Jenni decides to order a fake baby for Snooki and one for herself. It becomes troublesome when it cries in the club and at dinner. She goes to the doctor to find out the sex and its a boy. I think she was a bit upset it wasnt a girl, but they decide to name him Lorenzo even then!! In real life, baby Lorenzo was born and they call him renzo


When is the finale?

Teen Mom: Series Finale

It's time to say goodbye to the girls. We are sad to see them go, but know that maybe another set of teen moms will continue in their footsteps. Let's see how they all were sent off!

Amber: Her and her new bf are super happy so Gary is upset. He throws a birthday party for her and doesn't invite her and knows she cannot come. Good thing her huge eyelashes and fake nails are there to catch her tears. She realizes maybe giving him full custody is not the way to go. We say goodbye to her and know that she will fall down the rabbit hole once again. Poor girl ends up in jail, yikes.

Catelynn: Getting ready for school with Tyler. He is starting to act up and have rage fits like dad. He goes to see his counselor and realizes its all these emotions from his dad not loving him. He vows to work through them and writes a letter to dad letting him go. Word has it they are still going strong and maybe starting a family of their own one day soon. Good for them!

Farrah: Back to meet up with little Soph. She is coming to claim her and bring her back to Florida. She got all A's this semester (I really don't think it matters you aced the history of polka dots - ahaha - Legally Blonde reference) She still cries all the time and is not over Derek or anything else that happened in her life. Yet, she still cannot appreciate how much help mom has been. Instead she just penned a memoir of trying to kill herself. Yikes.

Maci: Ryan wants full custody so he asks for the birth certificate. Maci says to get it himself, which is too hard for him. He also wants to make it so they don't live together anymore. His girlfriend is less than pleased to hear this considering she wanted to live together too. Uh oh. Should Maci and Ryan just get back together all ready? Word has it that Kyle has cheated. Is that true?

Are you going to miss these girls? I sure am!

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