Friday, June 29, 2012

Melissa & Joey: Double Date

Mel and Joe set each other up on dates. Joe goes out with her friend Ariel and Mel goes out with his friend Clark. They go on a double date and Ariel is a witch, she wont have fun or dance with him. Clark is too buys crying about his ex-wife and runs off to find her. Joe and Mel dance the night away.


Lennox is so caught up in her new blog, that she ignores boyfriend. They make up and she finds a name for her blog. Lennox explains it all. Sounds reminiscent of Clarissa explains it all :)

Pregnant in Heels: Welcome to Beverly Hills!

I love how Rosie is so mobile lately. First couples retreat and now California. She is opening her first Rosie Pope Maternity store in L.A. and I am so excited for her. She has come such a long way. While she is here for the opening, she is seeing two clients.

Donna & Jason: First time parents. She is very nervous that when she goes back to work, all of her stuff will be stolen when she hires a baby nurse. First Rosie has 64 cameras installed in her house (and she thinks she needs more). Second, we interview a bunch of baby nurse candidates. We give them the mommy IQ test and then we watch them secretly in the nursery to see how they do. There is money, private DVDs, financials and chocolates to tempt them. First candidate is super smart and does not go through her things. The next one has no idea what she is doing. The next one eats the chocolates and goes through things. The last one sits down and goes through the financials and even leaves the drawer open. When they ask her why, she says it was no big deal she read them, so what. Wow. Donna gets upset and kicks Rosie out. We later find out that she hired the smart baby nurse and is super happy. Baby Brooklyn is born and Donna loves her baby nurse.

Victor & Chris: Gay couple who already has one daughter from a surrogate, Coco. They have decided for the next one they need a signature color. Coco has Coco pink, so Kiki, the next daughter from the same surrogate needs one. She hires two color experts and they decide one a yellow. Then they need to pick a push gift for their surrogate and get her a diamond necklace of the world. They have baby Kiki and are all so happy!

Teen Mom: Butch Goes Missing

Farrah: In Florida and making friends with her neighbor, Adam. He decides to take her out for her birthday. She is really rude to him as he tells her to relax. She realizes he may not be the one for her.


Maci: She is in Florida waiting for Ryan's call. She goes to see Bentley and he only wants daddy. She meets Dalis and invites her out with them and she says yes, but Ryan says no. They finally get their family photo together. I don't know what Maci is trying to prove, but from what I read Ryan and Dalis are still together, going strong! Bently even pees on mommy. haha.


Amber: Leah and Gary (and friend Andrew) are on the way to visit. They find out that the three of them cannot be together in the same room. She spends some time with Leah alone. Then she spends some time with Gary. In the middle of her session, she gets angry and storms off. She comes back after some cooling down and realizes this is not how to work things out. They are doomed.


Catelynn: Butch is moving in with them for 6 months. There are rules of course and he breaks them. He doesn't call or come home for days. Tyler has a stern talk with him and tells him next time he is out. I really love Tyler, don't you?


Franklin & Bash: Long Live Rock & Roll

Jared is moonlighting as a judge for being held in contempt. He decides on a case for rock legend lounge Mazzani's to be shut down for lack of rent payment. In turn, he wants to defend them to get their bar back. He is up against his father in the case. We find out that the guy buying the bar wants to get back at the original owner for stealing his girl. They get the bar back in the end and all is well.

Pindar's therapist is really a fraud. He gets thrown out of court, because he has a checkered past and Pindy is better and has a new girlfriend.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pretty Little Liars - Melissa's Baby

The liars are at the cafe and in walks Jason. He confronts Spencer's mom and sister about representing a murderer. He is offering $50,000 to anyone with clues about Ali's disappearance. A texts them, imagine what I could do with 50 grand.


Back at school, Aria needs to tell mom about Meredith. She sets up an online dating profile for her and Hannah's mom helps out. Cute scene between Ella and Ashley and dating as divorced women.

Emily is meeting up with Mya's cousin who goes to college there. He has a gift for her that Mya left. Its a t-shirt she had made for her. She writes a thank you to her parents and he offers to give it. Something seems shady about him. I cannot put my finger on it just yet.


Hannah goes to see Mona, but she has no visitors anymore after her scene. Caleb comes to present concert tickets to Hannah but she is pissed about no visitors. They have a fight. She is about to tell him the truth, but A sends a photo of his mother in an accident. He tells her its over and she cries her eyes out. She sneaks in to see Mona and sees detective Wilden there. Wren tells her he cannot sneak her in.


The girls think that the black swan is Melissa. They steal her keys and break in. She comes home a bit early, but they are safe. They find a black feather in her original costume bag and know its her. Spencer is still on the defensive.

The Kickers....

1. Spencer confronts Melissa. She lost the baby right after Ian died. She kept faking it because she had lost everything and didn't want to admit it. Melissa says she got a text saying she better wear the black swan outfit or her secret will be told and to distract Jenna. So Melissa WAS the black swan, but a plan by A. She is NOT a. Her mother took the case so Garrett wouldn't talk about the lost baby.

2. Ian tells Spencer there were no leads, but ends up writing a check for 50K to someone. I guess he got something! He wants Ali's remains back.

3. Cut to A, with the black gloves, making a drink and hacking into Radley's computer system. Making her able to have visitors again.

4. Detective Wilden sees Spencer and asks how far the lake house is. Uh oh. Mona spilled.

Kardashians: Domincan Republic Part 1

Kris never met up with ex boyfriend Todd. They are deciding their family vacay and Kourtney says Ireland. She then decides not to go there and wants to do something else. Since everything was booked, she doesn't get a say in the new trip. They decide to go to Kim's choice the Domincan Republic. Before they go, Scott is upset with Bruce because he called him a friend and Bruce is upset with Scott because he walked out on nascar racing.


They are about to go and Kourtney throws a fit. She doesn't want to go. They miss their flight and Kim charters a private plane. Surprise, Khloe is there too! Kendall and Kylies two girlfriends come along as well. We are all having a good time and finally Kourtney, Scott and Mason show up. She is so selfish and rude and indecisive.

Bruce tries to set Kim up with a local golf instructor. She is not interested. During dinner they have a talk about Kourtney and Scott's relationship and Kris digs into her about how their relationship is so back and forth. Finally Kourtney comes forward and calls her out on meeting up with her ex. Kris is caught and Bruce leaves, then everyone else does too. She is alone at the table, crying that she didn't lie.

To be continued.

Snooki & Jwoww: Series Premiere

Snooki and Jenni decide they want to move in together to Jersey City. They want a last hurrah before things get serious. They go apartment hunting and hate everything they see. They finally settle on an old fire station, two bedroom with lots of room. Right before signing the lease, Snooki tells Jenni she is engaged. Then she says she is pregnant. Now let's sign that lease!


It was definitely cute. But I have to see where it leads. I feel like with no drinking or partying for Snooki, things between them will get rough. Fun lines are that Snooki thinks organic = kosher and she says she was thrown a spermball.

Are you watching?

Melissa & Joey: Holly Cheats

Mel is wearing an Amish dress. She wants to break up with current, boring boyfriend Donald. They go out to dinner and she feels bad for him that he lost his job so she doesn't break things off. Joe meets him and tries to boost his confidence. It works, but too well. He gets a new job and tells Mel he wants to date other girls. She breaks up with him anyways.


Holly tells Lennox she kissed another guy. Ryder knows about it so he uses it to his advantage so Holly will be nice to him. He finally admits he knows and Lennox thinks they are crazy and perfect for each other.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bachelorette: Prague

We are down to 6 guys and by the end of this we will have 4. We have three one-on-ones and one group date of 3. The first single date is with Arie. I am soooo excited! But what we all didn't know was that Arie (10 years ago) went on a date with Bachelorette producer Cassie Lambert. Big deal. Emily is upset he never mentioned it when she brought up Cassie's name, who by the way is hideous. Arie is totally trading up. Cassie has a talk with Emily and things are all calmed down. She talks to him about being honest and loyal and then we cut to him saying he didn't think it was such a big deal and I agree. It's not. They kiss of course and he tells her he loves her. The cutest thing ever. I believe him and I am so happy for them!


The next date is with John (Wolf). I am still not sure how he made it this far. I think he snuck in. They go to write on the John Lennon wall and the locks of love. I am not sure why. They have dinner in a creepy castle. She really likes these dungeons and things. He opens up more to her, they kiss, etc. He feels REALLY good about his date with her. Although, I have no idea why he is still there!


After the date is over, Sean cannot take it anymore. Even though he has a group date the next day he roams the streets of Prague, screaming out her name. Yeah ok. He finds her in an alley, alone, yeah ok again. He makes out with her. They share a beer and shares his love for her. Creepy.


Group date time. It's Chris, Doug and Sean. Chris has been so upset that he hasn't gotten alone time with her since who knows when. He is very immature and it shows here. She spends time with each of them in a castle and realizes that Doug is too scared of her. He won't touch her, is shaky and finally throws a lame kiss out, but she sends him packing. He needs to understand why. I mean everyone else does. She has a talk with Chris and he focuses on how upset he is. In the end she gives the rose to Sean, which guarantees him a hometown date.


Next date is with Jef. They go into a marionette store and he buys a woman, man and kid to represent this new family. They act out how they met and then follow into a library. They sit on the floor and talk about being a family and how he loves her and she cares for him, etc. Then he says "I want to date you hard and marry the fck out of you" I mean really?


Em decides on no cocktail party because she has made up her mind. During the rose ceremony, Arie and Jef get one, obvi, but then Chris says they need to talk. He tells her he cares about her and wants to marry her, etc. She gives the rose to him, but honestly, I think that is how it went all along. Although I don't think he will make it to the end, he had a better chance than Wolf who just sputtered along this whole time.

Next up, hometown dates! Bring it home Arie, bring it home!

Drop Dead Diva: The Pakery Opening

We open with a basketball game, judges vs. lawyers. Grayson seems to throw the game and let Owen win. Parker's son shows up at the firm and wants to spend more time with dad. He is in arbitration over a rat that one woman believes is the soul of a dead man. The other woman wants the rat as well. In the end, we decide to let the rat go and it goes to Parker's son. Brandy shows back up and let's Eric live with Parker for 2 weeks while she is on assignment in Canada.

Another case is a woman who committed suicide after a reality show "ugly duckling" told her she was too ugly to finish her surgery. They hire a jury person who tells Jane to tone it down, not flip her hair, or walk the runway or be a model. One of the jurors loves Kim and tells her that in the elevator. Jane tells him they cant talk, but he says something anyway. They get this on tape and the judge almost disbars them. They win the case on good faith and get $2 plus $4, but need to give their winnings to court charity to stay good with the courts. Parker is pissed.

The pakery is due to open and Stacey is behind. Terry agrees to help if she can sing opening night. She hires the electrician, painter, plumber and gets the health board approvals. Terry sings, pakery is a success. Grayson and Owen get a rematch after Jane lets them know that Grayson threw the game. Grayson beats Owen, but Owen says you may have won this but i am winning. Ouch. He kisses Jane.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Being Erica: Season 4 (Ep 7 - 11 SERIES FINALE)

Episode 7: Erica runs into Ethan on the street and they meet for lunch. Ethan just broke it off with another girl who was too adventurous for him. She wanted to go travel the world and he said no. We go back in time to set up Ethan was a girl just like him. They end up eating magic mushrooms, since Erica's lame bf then put them in brownies. Ethan trips out and finds the girl boring. He tells Erica he likes crazy girls because it brings him out of his shell. No hope of these two getting back together, because Erica helps him reach out to the girl and go on the trip with her. Brent and Julianne start to get cozy.

Episode 8: Erica wants to know what is going to happen to her. She is back with Kai and talking about traveling with him. She meets herself from the future, Dr. Erica. Dr. Erica goes to see Dr. Tom and they hug and she cries outside his door, why? We will find out in the finale. She finds out from Dr. Fred that in 2019 she gets killed in a bombing in Union station. Her future self tells her that she will not die, because she has two realities since time travel has started. Julianne and Brent are together and keeping it a secret. Brent is not happy about this. Dr. Tom runs into Adam while he is with Amanda and ignores him. Sam has her baby in a water birth, she names him Leo. I cried.

Episode 9: It's Dave and Ivan's wedding day. She tries on her dress and then a wedding dress. Her and Kai are so cute together. Dr. Tom sends her to a time with a perfect boyfriend. He is everything she wants but super arrogant and rude. She breaks it off with him and realizes nobody could be perfect. At the wedding she runs into Adam and his date. She is so upset. Brent is mad at Julianne for still lying about them. Dave and Ivan get married and it's sweet, Kai sings and is Dave's best man. She tells Kai that she cannot hold onto him after he proposes to her. She has to have him go back to the future and I am bawling my eyes out. I love them together. She goes to see Adam and asks for him back and they get back together.

Episode 10: Erica is sent back to Purim. She wanted to spend more time with her grandfather. She realizes that she cannot change people and they are who they are. We see a rebellious side to Sam as she gets drunk on Manschevitz. She realizes that Jenny was a good friend to her. It's also Erica's birthday and she walks in on Julianne and Brent kissing. She is furious at them, especially since she didn't know and it is affecting their business relationship now. Adam gets her a spa package and almost gets a BSC (back, sack and crack) wax, hysterical! Jenny shows up at her birthday party and they are friends again. Tom is considering stopping therapy to be with Amanda. If he does, he has to sever ties with all patients, including ERICA.

Episode 11: SERIES FINALE: I have to say this was VERY well written. Every part of it was great and answered all questions. We also meet Jana, the creator in this episode, promoting her fiction book! We start off with Dr. Tom telling Erica he wont be her therapist anymore, but they are both upset and cry. Erica is ready to be a doctor and training is over. She is seeing flashes of her first patients life and we don't get a clear vision, but I can totally guess who it is. Dr. Nadiah sends Erica back to visit Leo. He is stuck in a hallway of doors and memories and won't take the door at the end leading to what happens in death. She tries to convince him but he wont. She realizes that people have to take the next step. Erica and Adam are also moving in together. This is a big step and Jenny is their realtor! Erica says goodbye to Dr. Tom and I was hysterical. I couldn't hold it in.  This was more of a father/daughter relationship that was no saying goodbye. How sad! In the end, we see Erica's patient, its' Sarah, Dr. Tom's daughter. So sad that she cannot tell him. She goes to see her in the hospital after she ODs and tells her that she knows her and wants to help. I really wish we could see Erica helping her. In the end, Julianne and Brent are together (and they have a super cute PUG scene!) and Erica is just happy. She has a great job, great friends, great boyfriend and is a therapist. Its amazing.

Thank you creators of being Erica, you rock!

True Blood: Tara's Drunk on Blood

Tara is all sorts of crazy. She is running amok and hungry as hell. She almost eats this girl who can't change a tire (90210 and Suburgatory B-list star). She ends up at Merlott's and Sam feeds her True Blood until she is drunk. He puts her in the meat locker to sleep until the sun goes down. Sookie tries to seek help from Pam, but she is no help. Pam kicks her out and Sookie white lights her.


Cut to Pam flashbacking to when Eric turned her. They actually have a pretty loving romance and he doesn't bit her right away but saves her girls from Bill Compton, newly turned vamp. Interesting. She cries blood and super fast texts.


Everyone is looking for Debbie, especially her parents. Alcide questions Sookie about it. Jason sleeps with his old teacher, I suspect the one he lost his v-card to. Sheriff Balflour is on facebook with his ass out. And Tara escapes from the meat locker to try and kill herself in a tanning booth. Jason even rejects Jessica when she comes begging for sex. Hoyt tries to wear eyeliner and go to Fangtasia. Jessica follows a yummy smelling fairy out of a dress store.

Sookie tells Alcide the truth about Debbie. Eric and Bill are wearing these chains with silver crosses. One wrong move and they get staked. They are to bring Russell back. Steve Newlin is the new Nan Flanigan. Bill and Eric share yet another girl. Lafayette turns into a brujo and pours bleach into the food. YIKES!

Franklin & Bash: Doggie Stealer

Infield's ex-wife Evanthia has a case. She is accused of stealing her dog LuLu from someone. Franklin and Bash are on it. They prove that the dog was neglected by its owner, but hence, that's not it's real owner. It's real owner is Rick Fox and he says his ex stole it just like she stole his shirt. Ownership gets granted to Evanthia. They are in the case against their nemesis including Seth Green and Daniel, from Ugly Betty. What a cute team up!


Another case is of a guy, a cheese maker, who makes a gun out of cheese. He robs a pizza place politely because someone told him to do it. Why? Because we find out that the video of the robbery gets so much publicity that they make money. Busted. Pindy is second chair on this one and it's nice to see him in a courtroom facing his fears.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Being Erica: Season 4 - Ep 4- 6

Episode 4: Brent is having trouble at River Rock, or the Rock now they call it with Scott Galvin in charge. He is trying to be somebody he is not to keep his job. This takes Erica back in time to a French exchange student JC who she was mean to. She goes back and helps her fit in, but maybe a bit too much. JC gets too friendly with a guy and cries and is upset and Erica realizes she should have just let her be who she was. Brent ends up quitting and now works with the girls at 50/50.

Episode 5: Dr. Nadia wants Dr. Tom to have a social life outside of work. She shows him that she has a wife and a daughter and it can work for him. He calls his ex-girlfriend and then gets upset again. We find out that they were engaged and she left him after he wouldn't go on a trip with her to marry another guy. We go back to his past where he decides to take the trip, but sees that it wouldn't have worked anyway. He was always too wrapped up in his job. He decides to make it work with her. Erica and Adam are fighting about a motorcycle. They end up making up and Kai appears and sees them together.

Episode 6: Kai is back and Erica makes Adam be friends with him. Even though they get along, he tells her that he doesn't want her to be friends with him. She also wants to go to Dublin with him, but he says September since he wont be going back to school. She gets defensive and makes him mad and they fight. Dr. Tom grants her powers to change time and space, but only in the present. She takes Adam to Dublin and they fight again. She starts the day over and does everything different, except Adam knows something is up. She tells him she started it over and he breaks it off with her. He doesn't like that she lied to him and took away his free will. In one part, we find out that Kai is still in love with Erica and I like them the best together anyway!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Being Erica - Season 4 (Episode 1 - 3)

Season 4 finally arrived from Canada and I watched episodes 1 -3, so let's begin!

Episode 1 - Erica is now in doctor training. Her first patient is Josh. She is less than happy about this. Josh is in the middle of a divorce with Sam and is being unreasonable. Dr. Tom tells her that she needs to build a relationship with him. So she goes back to the day she started to hate him. They were going to Fort Lauderdale and Sam got sick, so Josh went with her and Jenny. While he was there he got drunk and was rude. So she goes back and is nice to him. They hang out and have a good time and then he tries to kiss her. Dr. Tom tries to show her that there is more to it. "You are your patient" he says. We find out that Josh really loved Erica, not Sam. She tells him to let go of regrets and he lets Sam out of the divorce nice and clean.

Episode 2 - 50/50 press needs a new assistant. They hire Rachel, who is psychic when she is nervous. Julianne seems threatened by her. Erica learns her new patient is Julianne. She goes back to her first day with her and still gets crapped on. We learn that Julianne always felt like the stupid child with smart sister Georgie. She is insecure and we try to break her from that. She apologizes to Ray Ray after the death of Frank Galvin and harsh words by Friedkin. Erica may begin to write again.

Episode 3 - Sam announces she is pregnant! Barbara Strange is less than happy about this. She is downright rude. We learn she is the next patient. Erica goes back to the 60's when Barb was in high school. We learn that Barb got pregnant by the football guy and had the baby, a boy, and never talked about it again. She admits it to her family and finally goes to meet him. Daniel, is tall and strong and Barb is happy about this. Might be interesting to have a brother again. We also learn about a woman in Dr. Tom's past that he calls to catch up with.

I have to say, that Season 4 is different than any other season so far. Erica has these new patients, except she doesn't time travel with them just yet. I would be excited to see that. Who will be next on the list?

Being Erica: Season 1 - 3 recap

Being Erica is a Canadian show that Soapnet brought to USA in 2009. Seasons 1 - 3 were on Soapnet, but season 4 was only in Canada. I have to say I had been dying to see it and it finally came out on DVD this week and I am excited to watch. Let's recap Season 1 - 3 first, shall we?

Season 1

Erica Strange (Erin Kapluk) is 32, single, dead end jobs and miserable. She has great best friends, a great family (except for the death of her brother Leo) and is gorgeous, smart and funny. She has one bad date after another, has an allergic reaction to hazelnut latte's and winds up in the hospital. Her parents think she tried to kill herself. She meets therapist Dr. Tom, except he's a time travel therapist. He brings her back in time to redo moments or regrets as he calls them. She gets a new job at River Rock publishing, and falls in love with her best friend Ethan, who is recently divorced. In the end of the season she goes back to Leo's death and stops it, but Dr. Tom makes her pay. He leaves her as her therapist.

Season 2

New therapist Dr. Nadiah (who is Tom's therapist) takes over and Erica doesn't like it. Dr. Tom comes back. She is together with Ethan now. She also meets a coffee barrista named Kai, who apparently is a patient too. She feels an automatic bond with him. She goes back to his future, where he came from and learns he is stuck there doing a regret he wont leave. She kisses him. We learn that Dr. Tom had a daughter Sarah who he is estranged from. He treats Erica like she was his daughter. Kai goes back to the future and she breaks it off with Ethan, since they are not right for each other. She also gets fired from River rock and her and Julianne start a new company.

Season 3

Erica has moved on to phase 2 which is called group therapy. She is in a group session with other time travelers, including hot Irish guy Adam. Kai comes back and tells her that she is in trouble in the future. They end up sleeping together and her and Adam start a relationship. She breaks her friendship off with Jenny after it being toxic. She has to go through training to be a doctor, which is phase 3. She almost fails, but passes, but Adam fails. Her sister Sam divorces Josh and falls in love with janitor Lennon. Her publishing company gets saved by old frenemy Brent.

Pregnant in Heels: Divas & Sweatpants

We start off with Rosie trying new things for the store. The Queen Victoria moustache. Which covers your vajayjay until it looks firm again. Ew! She nixes it quick.

First couple Patrice and Thomas are first time parents. She refuses to wear maternity clothes and just buys bigger styles. She wants Rosie to design a whole new wardrobe for her. Rosie gives her stuff in the store, but she is rude and hates it all. So Rosie has to create new styles, including maternity leather pants. She tries to at home, but ends up chasing around baby Wells, so cute! Thomas also has pregnancy symptoms and Patrice is not happy about this. She wants to be the star! Rosie has her hear the heartbeat which helps her connect and she is into the maternity clothes. Basically all thinned out once baby Farrah is born and puts her career on the back burner.


Next couple Elizabeth and Alex, they have two girls and are pregnant with their third their son. She is a stay at home mom and has been wearing the same sweatpants and shirt for days with no shower. Rosie makes her shower, puts on some clothes, does her hair and makeup and takes her to try out for acting. She loves it. She also gets them a babysitter and makes them go dancing together. Elizabeth is back and gives birth to baby boy Silas.

Love you Rosie!

Teen Mom: Episode 2

Catelynn: Her and Tyler are graduating! Her dad, her brother, her mother are all there, but Butch is still in jail. Graduation is Sunday and he is getting out Monday. Tyler pushes through it. Catelynn's mom tells her how proud she is of her for giving up Carly and now graduating. Maybe this white trash will make something of herself! With a guy like Ty by her side, anything is possible!

Maci: Ryan's family is taking Bentley to Florida for a week. I love how Maci cant even give him up for ONE week. She has to invite herself. Ryan says fine and so do his parents, who still have their maternity photos up, weird. They say that Dallas, his new gf will be there too. Maci doesnt care, she thinks she is better than her. Not with that bad acne Maci.


Amber: Still in rehab and wants Gary and Leah to come visit. Problem is, that they need permission from the courts and from CPS to go down there. He finally gets it and they are coming tomorrow. Amber's brother on the phone tells her that Gary and her are bad news. Um duh. Why she doesnt realize this yet, I have no clue.


Farrah: MICHAEL, her dad, drove 5 days and is now helping her unpack. I have to say I hate Farrah. She is so rude, ungrateful and mean to her family. Michael tries to help her and says he will move down. And look, I get it, she wants to be on her own, but BE NICER. One day Sophia will be this rude to you! She calls Mom and tells her about her classes which seem like fluff, history of fairy tales? Why move all the way there for that? Then she goes to get Soph a fish and falls in love with a french bulldog, which BTW I love too. BUt still Soph wants a fish and Farrah's selfishly gets the puppy. Problem is, she cant take care of it. Gosh I hate her.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Lucas is Creepy

Spencer: Spencer's mom admits that she is defending Garret. Melissa is there with no baby and no belly and we are like why? She tells Spencer she had a miscarriage,  but when Spencer calls the hospital they have no record of her checking in. She calls the hotel and finds out that the supposed day of the miscarriage her mother checked in with her for spa treatments. She asks her mom if she lost the baby or it was fake and all mom can say is ask sis. Spencer seems to think that either there was no baby or the baby was Garrett's.

Aria: Aria decides to take Jenna up on her offer to spy on her. When she goes to her house she sees a note in her violin case about 4:15 Wednesday HCOBB earplugs. She follows Jenna and finds out she is driving and seeing.

Emily: Emily gets a 94 on her test and realizes that maybe someone is setting her up. She asks Aria's mom and she admits to finishing the test for her. She tells Aria, who tells Ezra who talks to Ella. Ella's VP got an anonymous note that she has been cheating on grades, thanks A! Ezra comes in and saves the day and gets the VP to back off. Emily doesn't feel right about it, but goes with it.

Hannah: Who is the star of this episode. She goes to visit Mona and sees her acting normal. She is reading fashion mags to friends. She talks to Hannah, tells her that she drinks a lot of water, cant chew gum and is on different medicine. Hannah tries to get straight answers out of her but cant. Mona acts like nothing is wrong. Hannah also has a run in with Lucas. He tries to set a paper from the principal on fire. When confronted by Caleb, he tells him that Mona is the tip of the iceberg, there is more to it. And something about icebergs being turned over. Why they don't just beat the crap out of him, I have no clue. Caleb follows Hannah to Radley, Hannah sees Lucas going to visit Mona and Caleb and Hannah see Lucas. He tells them he is there to see her be crazy and they don't believe it. Caleb goes to see Mona himself and she is busy playing solitaire. She talks about cards and how calming they are and then Caleb tells her to back away from Hannah and she says "you're kissing sucks" and then screams so that she gets taken away. She lies in bed humming an eerie tune, clutching a queen of hearts card.

The girls confront Jenna about seeing that she can see. She tells them that someone tried to burn her, so she was trying to stay hidden. She begs the girls to keep quiet, they owe her that much. We end with A and the glue gun with teeth and letter blocks to a glass of vodka in a freezer with a body bag. Alison's I am guessing? Or maybe Mya's?

The Bachelorette: Croatia

This week we are in Croatia, sans Ricki. Emily's first one on one date is with Travis. The explore the town and dance in the streets. Although they have a great time she decides they are just friends and there is no spark, so she does not give him the rose. Bummer.

Next up is a group date. She takes Arie, Jef, Wolf, Sean, Chris and Doug to see the movie Brave. She compares herself to the lead in the movie and they all have a good time. Then she takes them to wear kilts and compete in their own Highland games. First is archery and Arie does the best. Next is throwing a log and Sean does the best. Last is wrestling a log and Sean wins again. She offers up this bravery cup and Sean thinks he will get it, but Chris does because he was the bravest. I really hate this little smile he does, did anyone else see it? She has some time with them, makes out with Arie, makes out with Sean, makes out with Jef and makes out with Chris and gives him the rose.


Next up is her one on one with Ryan. He makes some crazy cracks about her being the pearl to his oyster and I love how Arie rolls his eyes at everything. He really is the best. Her and Ryan drive through Croatia and we talk about this whole trophy wife thing and he tries to redeem himself but fails miserably. Then Ryan busts out a list of his 12 perfect things for a wife and although it was sweet to him, not to Emily. She says she doesn't want to fit into his mold and breaks it off. She doesn't offer him the rose and he is shocked. He tries to get her to change her mind, but that fails as well. She sends him packing.

When she gets home, Arie sneaks over for some alone time to make sure she is all right. I love him, I really do. Much better than Courtney skinny dipping with Ben. He makes my heart smile!


Emily is on the fence between John and Doug, who to send home. She sees another side to John when he pulls out the funeral cards of his grandparents. She sits with Doug and he still does not make a move nor is confident.

Rose Ceremony....

She is still stuck. She walks away, talks to Chris and asks for an extra rose. She keeps both John and Doug for one more round and they should be grateful!

Where to next? Prague!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Drop Dead Diva: Stacy Gets PAKED

Stacy and Nikki are in the office to get legal advice from Grayson. She is using her life savings and Nikki hers to start their pake business. Jane is still weary. Grayson runs a background check on Nikki and finds out their are warrants for her arrest and she has 3 fake aliases. She confronts her, but Stacy says its because she had been running from an abusive ex-boyfriend. Sorry Kimmy, but I don't believe you either. In the end, Nikki takes all of Stacy's money, but Jane decides to invest instead.

Kim and Parker take on a divorce case for Owen's sister Olivia. Her husband is about to get millions for a virtual assistant Eve, that Olivia thinks he is cheating on her with. They cant prove this, but find that Eve was modeled after a women who is getting money from the deal as well. But her personality doesn't match. That is modeled after Olivia and she gets half of the money in the end. Olivia also hates Jane. Why you ask? Well Jane doesn't know, because she is Deb. We find out its because the real Jane broke Olivia's besties' heart in college with another guy. They put things behind them for the good of Owen and move on.

Jane is representing old woman Rita who got fired from a Target like store. She told all the customers about the bad products. Jane tries to win on a whistle blower status, but doesn't. She then wins on the accidental death of Rita's sister Lauren because of bad brake pads sold by the store. Jane thought Lauren took over Rita's body, but learned that's not true. Luke is starting to come around, but we still miss Fred.

Girls: Season Finale

We start off by Hannah, Marni and Adam moving all of Marni's stuff out of the apartment. She is really cold and rude to Hannah, but she leaves. Hannah has one month to find a new roomie. Adam offers to move in and they are so happy. She goes to work at the coffee place and pretends she is sick. Ray, her boss, is also in the same friend circle and gets the same text from Jessa about a party they must attend. Marni is now crashing at Shoshanna's since Jessa hasn't been home in days. Shosh thinks this is a bad day and has bad feelings about it.


The Party....

Shoshanna and Marni are there. Shosh in this white dress with braided hair and Marni with kinky hair and low cut dress. The text said they better go or be killed and dress formal. They see Hannah in a dress and heels coming towards them. They get to this fancy warehouse party and Jessa is nowhere to be found. A man introduces them and its a surprise wedding. Jessa is marrying the creepy 3-way guy from the other episode. They are in love and kiss and get married. Then they all dance and everyone dances weirdly. Charlie is there, Ray is there, Elijah and his boyfriend and Adam are all there. Charlie, after seeing Marni wasted, offers to sleep with her in the bathroom. They play it off as a joke, but I think he was serious. Ray hits on Shosh and she is not interested. Hannah asks Elijah to move in with her since he is living in a crack house because he cant live with his partner.


The Results...

Jessa is happy and marries the guy for real. I kept thinking it was a joke or one big play, etc. Shoshanna goes home with Ray and they have sex and he takes her v-card. Marni makes out with the guy who married Jessa after stuffing cake down her throat. Hannah and Adam get into a big fight. He really wanted to move in with her and she was too scared. He loves her and she doesn't know how to deal. They fight and he runs away and gets hit by a car. He goes off in an ambulance and wont let her in. She takes the subway, falls asleep, has her purse stolen and winds up in Coney Island eating leftover wedding cake alone on the beach.

When does next season begin?

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Kris' other Man

Kris is back on the tennis court, grunting away. She sees a man who is Todd Waterman. Todd was the man she cheated on Rob Kardashian with. He was too young so they broke up for Bruce. She decides to say hello and he is smitten by her. They stop and talk and he hugs her but wont let go. She gives him her assistant's email. Bad move Kris. He emails the assistant and wants to see her and she is considering this. She doesn't tell Bruce and in the final scenes runs out to see him. Yikes!

Meanwhile, Scott is upset they never go out. Kourtney decides to let Kim go out with him instead. They have too much fun, going on chat roulette and partying and Kourtney is mad and tells Kim to get her own boyfriend.

Kendell and Kylie are eating pasta in the living room and make a stain on this very expensive rug. They try to get a powered cleaner and get it off which rips the carpet. They show Bruce and he says just to fess up. They do and Kris is not mad, why? Because she is busy doing the bad herself.
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