Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gossip Girl: The Royal Wedding

It's here! Finally! Are we ready for the details of this royal wedding?

The episode starts poorly. Serena (she is so annoying lately) has a dream sequence where she is Marilyn Monroe and all of the guys (Dan, Nate, Chuck and even Louie) are vying for her attention. In walks Blair, dressed as Audrey Hepburn and she steals Dan's attention away. Wakey wakey, upper east siders, says Gossip Girl. Thank goodness for her. I couldn't stand to see one more minute of Serena.

It's wedding day and there is a huge brunch at the Waldorf's to celebrate, everybody including Dan will be there. Meanwhile, Father evil is trying to get Chuck on board with his plan. He is going to poison the real priest and then have Chuck dress up as a priest to break up the wedding and object. Chuck doesn't want to so instead he puts the food poisoning in father evil's water and throws him out, not even allowing him to use the bathroom!

Georgina Sparks is in town and she is so upset by Blair's new reign. She and her boyfriend and Milo are going to try and ruin her big day. She runs into the priest and steals his garb and is ready to ruin the wedding.

from cwtv.com

Nate has some run in with a temp staff girl from a catering company and he realizes that maybe he is alone for a reason. He pays attention to the wrong girls. Dan has asked to be in the wedding as a groomsman because he helped Louie write his vows.

Blair is getting ready in her Vera Wang gown, royal crown and messy hair. Her mother notices how nervous she is and thinks something is wrong. She says she needs to run out and take care of something. She ends up at Chuck's hotel telling him that Blair loves him and he needs to come and stop the wedding. Go MOM!

Georgina is at the church and she plans to seduce Louie and get Blair to walk in on them. However, Lily and Rufus see her there and but her. Her plan is ruined, but is it? As Chuck comes to see Blair and she goes on and on about how much she loves him but she cannot be with him, Georgina tapes the whole thing on her phone. She gives the phone to Chuck as a wedding gift and tells him that he can send it to Gossip Girl and all will know the truth.

Blair is being walked down the aisle by her father and step father (such a cute moment when she asks Cyrus to help walk her down as well) and all of her bridesmaid pretty in a row (I love the maid of honor dress!) and she gets to Louie and looks happy, but not super happy. The part about having someone object comes up and she sees Chuck, and so does everyone else, in the back of the room, but he stays silent. Just then the feed from the Gossip Girl video shows Blair's confession. This causes Blair to run out of the wedding and Chuck tells her it wasn't him. She says she cannot be with him and will marry Louie. Louie has a talk with his mother and then a talk with Blair. He tells her they can continue the wedding.

from cwtv.com

They get married, they kiss and they are at the reception. She is dancing with Louie and telling him how happy she is to be princess Blair Grimaldi. He then tells her was going to wait until after the wedding, but his mother and him agreed he would continue this marriage but as a sham. After she humiliated him like that he no longer loves her but will be with her like a business proposition. Uh Oh. She realizes she will be trapped in a loveless marriage. She says what about the vows you wrote me and he tells her that Dan really wrote them, burn.

from cwtv.com

Three big cliff hangers....

1. Blair calls Dan to pick her up saying she made a mistake, he does and they ride off together
2. Serena tells Dan she loves him and she always will
3. The girl "Lola" that Nate meets is the REAL DEAL Charlie Rhodes! That's right! I said it. Crazy right?
4. We see someone typing as gossip girl and the camera pans over to Georgina as she says XOXO.

Shut the front door! My mouth was open and I cannot believe it. But, is she really gossip girl? Or was she just gossip girl after the first one got shut down? I don't know the truth, but I am sure we will find out. How can they tell us who she is? Something must be up!

Kourtney & Kim : Season Finale

We all knew it had to end. Let's see how it unraveled.

Scott is onto his next project, he wants to open a restaurant in NYC. He goes to see his business partners and starts to wax on about how he has a menu idea in mind. He goes to tell Kourtney how excited he is and she shoots him down, because hey this is Scott we are talking about. Kim gives her a heart to heart about trying to be there for him.

Kim has another heart to heart with Kourt about how unhappy she is in her marriage. Kourt tells her that she should try to spend some alone time with him. Go to dinner, go to the gym, etc. Kim listens and her and Kris try to go to Pilates together. They end up having a huge fight there and she storms out. I always see Kim as bratty and not willing to compromise. I think her biggest problem with Kris is that he is not willing to give into her. She then decides they should go to dinner together and it is super awkward. He gets mad that she wants to order appetizers and she gets mad that he says he is tired. Obviously this marriage doesn't work, but who's to blame? Both, I am sure.

Kourtney takes Kim's advice and shows up at Scott's new space, and after ripping it apart, she tells him they should celebrate with a bottle of bubbly a ring of bells. I am starting to say how could she drink while she is preggo, but my hubs reminds me she only took a mini sip.

Kris tells Kourt that he wants to use a piece of land he owns in his home town to build them a dream home. Then Kris and Kim have a talk about where they are going to live after they leave NYC. She tells him to stay in Minnesota and to just ship a few things over to her house. He tells her he wants to ship all of his stuff to LA to move in with her. Sweet, right? She is too upset that she needs to share her closet, so she says NO. Right then Kourt tells her that she is being a bitch and Kim freaks out.

from wetpaint.com

She goes up in Kourt's face to say how dare you not have my back, why would you say that, etc. etc. But Kourt is just telling it how it is. She is letting people know that maybe Kim is being a bitch. I think Kim could have just been completely honest with Kris and say "I don't think this is working out and I am not ready for you to move in" or better yet, just tried it out. I mean, they are married.

Kris and Kourt go into the secret production room where there are 5 curling irons and massive amounts of hairspray. Kim starts bawling to her sister saying she needs to have her back, calls Khloe and tells her how upset she is. She starts rambling on about how she wasted everyone's time and money on a marriage that did not last. She thought she was in love, but maybe she was in love with the fairytale more.

from eonline.com

The four of them do the pit and the peak of their time in New York and Kim's PEAK is spending time with Mason. Ouch. Kris realizes then that this may be over.

Kim then turns to the camera and says how she loves Kris so much and respects him that she will not have this kind of a talk on the camera. Now, either that was a spin to make herself look better or she meant it. I think it is hard to tell with her. He rides away in his car with his friend and the camera gets the word "divorce" coming out his mouth, planned? THE END.

Here is a few things on why I think it went wrong.....

1. Kim is too selfish and self absorbed that no matter who the man was, she wouldn't let him into her life, her schedule and most importantly her neat freak house and closet
2. Kris was too immature and not ready to be a real celeb's husband
3. The first year of marriage is tough and its even tougher living in a new city, with your sister in law, her boyfriend and their child, harsh.
4. Just because you are 30 does NOT mean you need to fit into the stereotype of being married and having kids. That age is not a marker for ANYTHING.

OK, next up is Khloe and Lamar, the real love couple! I cannot wait, can you?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Once Uppon a Time: Magic Mirror

Wow. This episode was all sort of revealing and dramatic. Let's begin. I will start with Storybrooke news and then get into Fairy Tale land.

We start at the castle where Henry and Emma see is has been destroyed. He is furiously trying to dig up his lock box that holds his storybook in it. Whew. Its safe. Emma says they can rebuild. Madame mayor however says how unsafe that it looks and that Emma should do her job and stay away from Henry.

Back at the diner, Emma and her mother Mary Margaret are eating until she gets a text from David, saying to meet her. She runs out and Sidney GLASS (the town reporter of THE MIRROR) haha, sits down with her saying he wants to expose the Mayor. Emma says he is drunk, but takes his card anyway. Throughout this entire Storybrooke side of the episode they say little innuendos about apples, magic mirrors, and other things that show they all really know this is a fairy tale town.

She goes to meet with him after Regina rips down the castle and Henry's book is missing. Sidney tells her that Regina took $50k out of the city's funds and they need to figure out what she is doing with it. Emma decides to ask her first and she doesn't tell them anything. She then plants a microphone under Regina's desk. The only thing they get is a call saying to meet someone at a certain time. They rush out in the cop car to do so, but her brakes have been tampered with and they crash, missing the deal. They walk into the forest and see Mr. Gold who says he was meeting with Regina. She wanted to buy a but of land. But what for? Hmm, who knows.

In another side of town at the TOLL bridge (really the troll bridge, recognize it? Its where Snow and Charming first fell in love) Mary Margaret meets David and he rushes her off to a secluded picnic for two where they make out. She says they should figure things out, and he says ok tomorrow. They kiss some more. I wonder, does Regina know about this and if she does, doesn't she want to end Snow's happiness?

Henry is trying to recreate his book from his memory. The mysterious writer stranger asks him what he is doing and is super curious. Henry tells him nothing.

Sidney tells Emma that Regina has stolen this money to buy herself a new home. He wants to expose her at the next council meeting. Emma refuses, but after Sidney shows him pictures he took of her and Henry while he was supposed to spy on her, she agrees. She brings it up at the meeting and then Regina says she did take the money. To buy a new playground for the kids. She shows a slide of the new playground and Emma feels horrible. She tells Emma now she must stay away from Henry and just be sheriff, otherwise she will get a restraining order on her. Burn.

Ok, into Fairy tale land. Sidney glass was not always the magic mirror. He was the genie in the lamp. He is to grant three wishes, nothing more nothing less. You cannot wish for love or to bring back the dead, etc. The king (Snow's dad) rubs the lamp out comes Sidney. The king wishes to give his wishes to him. The king says he has all that he wants and asks the genie what he wishes for. Sidney wishes to be free and so it is granted. He then says he will keep the other wish and not use it. He puts the lamp into his satchel and the king invites him to stay with him at the palace.

At the palace, the king introduces the genie to his daughter Snow White and his wife the Queen. She looks not so evil and very shy. She talks about her apple tree and how it has been in her family for years. There is a ceremony and the king says he wants to thank his daughter Snow and she is so much like her mother, who died, the fairest in the land. I actually feel slightly bad for Regina here. She doesn't get any love from her husband, no wonder she becomes evil. She walks off and Sidney follows her. He gives her a mirror that says its for her to see herself the way he sees her, as the most beautiful in the land. She writes about it in her diary that she loves another.

from abc.com

The King finds her diary and locks her up for being unfaithful. He calls upon the genie to find out who her heart belongs to. The queen's father (who later she takes his heart) comes to the genie with a locked box. He says the contents are the only thing that can free her. She shows the box to the genie and it is two Askaban snakes (Aladin!) and that with one bite will kill whomever. She says she doesn't want to be a prisoner anymore and will kill herself with these snakes. He says no way, that he loves her and he will kill the king instead.

He goes to let the snakes loose to the king as they creepily climb through his sheets. They bite him and he dies instantly. Before he dies, the genie tells him that the queen's heart belongs to him and he finally has found true love. He goes back to tell the queen and she informs him he must leave the castle at once. They have realized he is the killer. He finally catches on that the queen set him up. Using snakes from his land surely frames him. He says he will not leave her and that he loves her. He uses the last wish to make himself stay with her forever. However, magic is funny sometimes. He ends up in her mirror, trapped there FOREVER. Who knew they had a love affair? I always thought he was gay!

from abc.com

Back at Storybrooke, we see Regina coercing with Sidney. He was in on it the whole time and helped to set Emma up. After he told Emma they now have an alliance. Now she can only talk to Henry from afar and through their walkies. They gaze into each other's eyes and maybe there is a love connection after all.

We end on the strange writer opening Henry's lock box and finding the storybook. Now, does my original theory prove true? Is he the storybook's original writer? Who knows. I cannot wait till the next episode with a play on beauty and the beast, where Mr. Gold is the beast! How creative. I heart this show, big puffy heart sticker it! Do you?

Project Runway: Gelatto

Another week and more design challenges, I can't wait! Let's dig in, literally. This week's episode is about designing something with gelatto flavors as your inspiration. Since Michael won the last challenge, he gets to choose first. He chooses grapefruit. All of the other designers choose and get to eat their choice as a treat! Yum. She announces who the guest judge will be, Diane Von Furstenberg and Michael is genuinely crying like a kid in a candy store. This is why I love Michael and I have since his season. I am rooting for him to win. He is sweet, genuine and very talented. In his season all of the others made fun of him and made him feel like he couldn't sew, even though I thought he was amazing. I am so glad they brought him back!

from ew.com

The challenge has to be done in 6 hours. YIKES. They set up a mini mood in the workroom to save some time and the designers are feeling the heat. I feel like giving them this crazy time constraint restricts their creativity. How can anyone design something truly fabulous in really 5 hours, since they need to sketch, get materials, and fit models and send to hair and makeup? Jeesh.


So we have the normal people, plus Diane and model Miranda Kerr.

Safe Group....

Kenley - who had passion fruit and designed this little girl polka dot dress. Eh. I don't think she will be on the season for that much longer if she keeps this up
Rami - who had kiwi. He made a silk green dress, that was OK.
Jerell - had this odd flavor, fruit of the forest. And she looked like Zena warrior princess meetings red flowing hippie
Austin - had vanilla Madagascar. Who knows what that means? But he had a bridal one shoulder gown with applique flowers hot glued on. Boring.

Top 3...

Mila - milk with sour cherries. She had a flowy red and white dress. It was OK. I don't know if I would put it in the top. I don't like Mila as a person or a competitor, so I am hoping she goes home soon.
Mondo - cantaloupe. Gorgeous. This has green sleeves (the rind) and an orange middle and was gorgeous! They started to make fun of the orange color, but Isaac was wearing orange and so was Angela. Kettle meet pot.

from ew.com

And the winner, was Michael! Although I didn't love his dress the most, I love him. Him and Mondo are my top 2 and underdogs. He had grapefruit and made this pale pink flowy low cut dress. Miranda Kerr will now wear it to something. When Diane was critiquing him, she told him he should call her and his face smized! He was in heaven.

Bottom 3....

Anthony - who had Green tea. His look was very similar to Rami's, but they hated this one. Anthony is my third favorite. So I was happy to see that he didn't go home.
Kara - had chocolate with cayenne pepper. And instead of doing something WOW, she did a pregnant baby doll dress with white, then brown, the red ruffles. Yuck. She is lucky she was safe, she is next to go on my list.
And the loser, was April. Thank G.O.D. I didn't think she was good enough to be back here again anyways! Her color was blueberry and did make a gorgeous dark blue over light blue dress, but she made the back so short you could see her you know what! She was really sad to go, but admitted she was only 22 and would bounce back soon!

from ew.com

Who are you rooting for? And who do you think the next to go is? Only time will tell designers!

Jersey Shore: Vinny Returns

I was starting to lose faith in these tanaerexic kids, but this episode was quite funny. The owner of the shore store tells them that he is going to look for a new employee/roommate since Vinny has left and Mike is MIA. The kids aren't having it. Jenni makes shore to rip down the help wanted sign on the front.

Mike comes moseying back talking about how sensitive he really is. Little does he know that all the girls are planning this huge bash for him and Pauly as a late birthday surprise. They even hire a stripper for each of them. How thoughtful.

The two meatballs, Snooki and Deena, are getting decorations at the Shore party store when they come across these life-sized bunny costumes. They put them on and pretend to do each other bunny style. Actually quite funny. Deena even calls Vinny to see if he will come to his boyfriend's birthday and he says no, he's not ready yet.

from wetpaint.com

They go to the surprise party and Mike is super surprised. He is having a great time with his blonde stripper. So much fun he brings her home with him. She starts complaining about needing matching socks and ones that are new and he realizes she is too much maintenance.

They all decide to go out on couple night. Mike invites Paul, Jenni and Snooks ask their boyfriends, Pauly goes solo and even Deena calls up a man to come with her. They get there and the only thing I see is two girls on the ground. When we finally pull them apart, we see its Sammi and some random chick. Sammi explains that the girl pulled her hair "nobody pulls my new weave" and she got physical with her. Since when did Sammi get so tough? She fights Jwoww and all of the sudden she is Muhammad Ali? Pssh.

from ew.com

They all go back home and Mike starts talking about being Paula's boyfriend. Snooki starts talking about having a heart attack, although she is not. Weird.

The next day, Pauly cant take it anymore, he wakes up everyone and decides they are going to drive to Staten Island and go get Vinny. They pile up in two escalades and head over there. They start screaming, knocking on the door and ringing the bell until somebody opens it. They stampede up to Vinny's room and see him. He is all buff, he got a new tattoo (he is really working on himself, uh huh) and they ask him to come home. He is not really ready (and either is his mom who is crying her eyes out), but he agrees to come anyways. In the car ride home he talks about wanting to get laid.

from wetpaint.com

And the crew is back together and every body's hearts are resown up. Hurray.

Friday, January 27, 2012

One Tree Hill: Baby Davis

I  have to say One Tree Hill is still slow, until the very end at least. Horrible, truly horrible. But let's get to that last.

Julian is trying to rent out his studio space still. He has the kids come over for a field trip, boring, boring, he rants about not get a job, boring, and the teacher takes them to the box factory. Btw, she is pregnant? Don't you miss her and Skills together?

Hayley's chef quit on her and opened a gourmet cafe across the street. She is stuck with nobody, and Chris Keller tries to cook, ends up screaming (actually funny) and almost burning it down. So Dan Scott to the rescue. He ends up cooking for them and Hayley is truly amazed. I mean he did work at a diner. Then when Jaime comes in and hugs him, some woman is appalled that Dan Scott "the murderer" works there, so Hayley tells her to leave. Go Hayley! She actually takes one for Dan. I know that he is a murderer, but aren't people allowed to atone for their sins and get better?

Chase is all broken up because Alex left him. Chris Keller assures him that he will move on and takes him to a strip club. Boring, boring. They drink, have strippers and end up bonding.

Meanwhile, Brooke is supposed to go golfing with her dad and she ends up just schmoozing potential investors or Baker Man. They decide to invest and she is happy, but wishes that her dad would spend more time with her especially after she just found out Victoria left for good.

Milly finally tells Mouth that he is FAT, fat, fat. She says this live on TV after he is convinced the dry cleaner is shrinking his shirts. He doesn't realize his weight gain is affecting his health and apparently his relationship. YAWN.

Only 2 big things here....

1. Quinn puts a tracker on Clay's phone and follows him to a shady drug deal. She takes photos for proof. She learns he never picked up his meds. She confronts him about the transaction and he straight up lies to her. She then shows him the photos and takes the drugs from his pocket. She screams that he has been lying and he tells her he has been addicted to pain meds ever since the shooting. Uh oh. Too bad, I love this couple. She is so gorgeous, when she had her robe and bra, who looks like that in real life? I wish I did!

from cwtv.com

2. Brooke thinks Davis is sick, so she asks Julian to drop Jude off at daycare. In the midst of this he gets a call that someone is interested in the space. He goes to take out money from the ATM and then buy a nice bottle of scotch. he gets a call from wifey asking if everything is ok. Uh oh. Once she says Jude was not at day care, my heart stopped. We focus in on Julian's car, where he had left the baby, with the window smashed in and the tow truck, police men and fire trucks arriving. Empty baby seat. Was he stolen or killed? G-d I don't hope for either!

Do you think the baby is OK? Would you ever forgive your hubby for that?

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Loses It

This episode brought the mama drama like no other. Let's check in with the girls.

Leah: She has dropped her full time job to one day a week. She decides she wants a new trailer and who wouldn't? Her bathtub is in the basement and that's where the kids have to bathe, after she just killed a huge spider down there, ew. She tells Corey and he would rather buy a new truck. They fight over this and she decides that her stepfather and her will buy the new trailer without him. She says he can come if he wants and he says no. Uh oh. This is how the divorce begins.

Chelsea: She is starting her job at year round brown as she cleans the beds and checks people in. Adam broke up with her again and has not called. She calls Dad Randy and he offers her the same advice. You cant make someone love you. And he is 100% right on the money. She doesn't understand why Adam just stopped loving her. Its a pattern with him though and poor Chelsea gets caught in the middle every time.

Kailyn: Joe is appealing her request for child support. He writes a letter stating that he 1. cannot afford the amount 2. has supported her and Isaac for years and 3. thinks she could get a better job but doesn't because of her boyfriend. Up until 3, I thought he was valid, but if a judge sees number 3 he will think Jo is immature. She goes to see a lawyer after Jordan in his ugly pullover says she should. The lawyer asks for a $350 retainer. She says she is broke, but walks in carrying a Louis Vuitton tote. Doesn't this show pay the girls anything?

Jenelle: I saved the best for last. Jenelle and Keiffer are in the car together and he is texting. She asks who it is and he wont show her. She says it must be a girl and if it is, they are over. He gets out on the side of the road and walks home. Barbara wants her to pay child support, so she has to pay $30 a week. But where is she getting the money for this? She goes back to her room at Tory's and starts complaining. She then yells at Tory and Tory tells her she needs to  move out because she is acting like an ungrateful biotch. Kieffer comes in and sits there. She goes to Tory's room and asks for her clothes back, Tory says that she can get it later, but she wont. They get into a physical fight and then Keiffer and Tory's bf try to break it up but end up fighting one another. The girls are on the ground and it goes on for a bit, rolling around and hair pulling and punching, until they are all separated. Jenelle sits on the bed and screams "leave me alone" she is having another manic attack. I actually think she needs help. Nobody needs to be this upset.

from mtv.com

What did you think of this episode?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

90210: Mama Drama

There seems to be a mother hen theme here tonight. Let's start.

Good hearted Naomi wants to mend the broken relationship between Holly and her mother, Naomi's boss. She begs Rachel to let Holly work on a project with her. Holly spits in her coffee, but Naomi keeps giving her more responsibility. She asks her to pick up a movie star and bring him to the party. Holly doesn't get him because she is not aware of the fake name, but then Naomi and her go back. They find him wasted at his hotel and drag him back to the party as he throws up all over the place. Naomi tries to tell her boss this was all her fault and then she agrees. She fires Naomi and gives Holly a job. Holly returns the favor by getting Naomi a phone number to one of the hottest event planners. Score for Naomi.

from cwtv.com

Annie is stuck on Liam. She goes to confront Vanessa(Claire, Lexi) whatever her name is about the fake IDs. She warns her to stay far away from Liam or she will take care of it. OO scary Annie. Vanessa goes on a trip with Liam to show him her ghetto neighborhood where she grew up. She begins to tell him the truth about running him over, but loving him so much she had to stay with him. He buys it of course, because he is Liam. Annie GPS tracks him and tries to break it up. Guess who he is mad at? Annie of course. But its ok when he comes to hit Patrick in the face, but not when Annie does it right?

Meanwhile, Navid and Aid are become besties again. Her and Dix are good and Austin has been playing nothing but sad country cowboy music. Ivy learns that her new photographer boyfriend wants to travel to more foreign countries to take photos and that she really doesn't have a relationship with him.

Silver, although fully aware that her new boyfriend is the adoptive father of Mazie, Aid's daughter, wants to move to New York with him. Navid meets him and realizes he looks familiar. Once he says his daughter's name, Mazie, he realizes who he is. Light bulb. He asks Silver how she can do this and not tell Aid. And she goes on to say that she wont let some random coincidence ruin things for her. Selfish. Meanwhile, he feels bad and we see him begin to tell Aid the truth. Scene ends.

from cwtv.com

Lastly, Dixon takes Austin out to cure his broken heart. They decide to egg, shaving cream and toilet paper Holly's sorority house to get her back for his breakup. Its all fun and games until the paper comes out the next day. It says that her house was vandalized and burnt down to the ground. WHAT? How did that happen?

The Bachelor: Utah

They are off to Utah. Let's see how many girls he can kiss this episode.

The first one on one is with Rachel tooth. Kacie B is too emotional about it. She doesn't understand why he has to date these other girls. The date starts in a helicopter where he kisses her and then they are off to a rowboat. Kiss Count ONE. Why do all the girls love Ben? It seems like they are all in LOVE with him already. They actually have an awkward conversation with nothing to say to one another. They even talk about crows feet and beaver dams. Um weird. Rachel gives him a little speech about not being able to open up and he then gives her the rose. I dont agree at all. I think he should have cut her loose.

The girls get the group date card and Courtney the bitch rants about it. The
group date is out on horses. Lindzi horse of course loves this. They then go fly fishing. They are given these funny overalls and wellies. Courtney weighs in and says kacie b is annoying. She decides to steal some time with Ben. Courtney catches the only fish and then kisses him making everyone jealous. He then spends some time with kacie s and Nikki interrupts.  He begins holding hands with her and of course they kiss. Two for the night. Samantha interrupts. She begs him for a one on one date. She mocks him about his opinions on group dates.  And he tells her she is highly emotional. Her face drops. She's pushy and she laughs at him. So then he tells her it won't go further. He ends it then and she leaves crying her eyes out.

from abc.com

Jennifer the accountant with the red hair gets the next one on one.

Kacie b gets to go back to his room for some quiet time and they kiss. Number 3 on the Ben Kiss-o-meter. He really does like her. He tells the camera she could be trouble for him as he wishes he could fast forward through this whole process. Then Courtney sits with him and hee kisses her Welcome, number 4. She tells him she can't handle this and he faith is slipping. SMART. He gives Courtney the rose. She starts saying WINNING.

Jennifer's date is super scary. She has to climb down a crater and then hang there until Ben cuts them lose. Then they must drop into the water. They kiss. Number five on the kiss list. They have dinner outside by a fire.  Its pouring so they run for cover. He gives her the rose and they kiss again. They then go to a clay walker concert. I have never heard of him, but they dance and she thinks its so magical.

from abc.com

The girls are back at the house, doing their nails and they're dying each others hair. Weird. Right? You don't think one of them thought about making their hair blue (Bride wars anyone?)

It's Cocktail party time. Emily takes her alone time with Ben and tries to warn him about Courtney, but he ignores it. Kacie S. tells Emily that her bestie court is not fake. I am starting to think that Court is the bentley of this season. I know she is not saying bad things about Ben behind his back like Bentley did to Ashley, but she is fake for sure. Kacie S then tells court what emily had said and Courtney is all fired up. She talks about wanting to rip her head off.

Nicki kisses him in the snow during her alone time. Courtney laughs at emily and then confronts her. She tells her that it is a "Good look emily"and then she chants "Winning" and she is very Charlie Sheen-ish.

from abc.com

It's time for the Roses....

1. Lindzi horse
2. Jamie the doc, who has not had any time with him
3. Nicki the cutie and one of my faves
4. Kacie b, still my number one fave!
5. Elyse the trainer, has not spent time with him either
6. Blakely
7. Kacie s, needs to spend time with him too
6. The final rose goes to emily and Courtney dies a little bit inside. She was hoping that he would send Emily home.

Monica doesn't get a rose and she is sent home. I have to think that She mustve known since she never made any attempts to spend time with him. She cries fakely saying she had feelings and rides off.

Ben announces that they are off to puerto rico and the girls are about to cheer and toast until Bently Courtney ruins it by saying she's been, so Ben says well we are going again!

What are your thoughts about Courtney? Fake or fake to the girls only? Who are you rooting for?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Switched at Birth: Save Ripley

We open with Daphne and Emmet sitting at the kitchen table studying, laughing and making eyes at each other before she leans in and kisses him. WHAT. This has to be a dream, oh wait it is. She is day dreaming. Emmet signs "WHAT?" haha. He is truly loyal to Bay and I love that. Meanwhile, his evil mother comes in and says he needs to come up with the money for the $5000 fine for illegally displaying Bay's artwork. She first is overjoyed by Daphne being there, although Bay is not allowed anywhere near him. He tells her he doesn't have it and she suggests to sell his motorcycle. He flips out and leaves. I am loving how I am learning new sign language by watching this. What an original idea to have a deaf child on a major TV drama!

Daphne comes up with an idea to bake cupcakes to save Ripley, or Emmet's motorcycle that he named after his favorite character from the movie "Alien". She is unsuccessful however and doesn't understand why Bay and her family have so much money but none can help Emmet. She lies to Kathryn and John and tells them she lost her hearing aids, but not to tell her mom because she will be mad. So they write her a check for the money and she takes it. Ouch.

from abcfamily.com

She comes clean to Kathryn and tells her she lied and she is really upset with her. Kathryn then automatically thinks it was Bay's idea since its Bay's boyfriend and gets mad at her. Bay goes over to Emmet's school to see if she could help. She runs into his mother after he teaches her the sign for Hypocrite and has another nasty run in with her. She tells Bay she doesn't live in reality. I cant stand Emmet's mother in all of this. Has she not accepted Bay as his girlfriend yet? I mean come on.

Meanwhile, Toby and Wilke are trying to shoot their music video, but that monkey they bought has not arrived. Simone offers to shoot it for them since she has to do a project for her class. Simone lets Toby know that she has been interested in him for a while and they kiss. Super cute! Daphne asks Wilke for the money but he refuses, letting her know that you cannot keep chasing something that is not going to happen. Later on she calls Wilke for a ride home and I hope that these two will get together!

Kathryn is still writing her book. They are interviewing new lawyers for their case and they come across one (Sam Page, who was on Point Pleasant and Desperate Housewives) who they end up hiring in the end. Good choice or bad one?

Regina and Angelo are opening the shop. He finds out from John, who thought he already knew, that Regina had known about the switch 13 years ago. He is furious and goes to Regina and tells her how mad he is. She expects him to quit the business, but he is at the stop and he says he understands she had her reasons. They kiss. Wow. Everyone is matching up.

from abcfamily.com

Bay and Emmet ride off into the sunset on the last ride on Ripley. They kiss too. This is like a kiss fest. After the ride he goes back to his mom's gives her the check for selling his bike. She signs she is sorry and he signs "Its OK, I am moving in with dad". Her face drops and he walks out like it was nothing!

Previews talk about Angelo going AWOL. Of course he does! But something more has to happen with Bay. She is truly an original!

Pretty Little Liars: Blonde and Blind

Ahhh the girls. Are we getting any closer to the episode where they tell me who A is? Pretty please with sugar on top? Let's begin.

Caleb is getting closer to hacking into the video feed. The tape shows Ian secretly placing a video recorder in Ali's room and filming him, Garrett and Jenna discussing what is in her mysterious box. The NAT club is in full effect. The tape is not fully hacked so it stops. Hannah is totally wiggy about this and wants to stop asking Caleb to help. She knows what happens to their loved ones when they know too much. They soon become victims of A.

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Spencer receives a text from A with a photo of her and Toby kissing, warning her to stay away from him. She doesn't listen of course. As he goes to finish a job on one of the girls' house, the lug nuts are loose and he comes crashing down. In the hospital his doctor is none other than Wren (Surprise. Do they have NO other doctors in Rosewood?) and he goes into how he knows Spencer, was engaged to Melissa but "something" got in the way. Toby picks up on this and asks Spencer to tell the truth. After she leaves in walks blind Jenna telling Toby he should've stayed away. This makes me think that Jenna is totally behind a lot of A's texts. But why, if she loves Toby so much, would she let A hurt him? Tough love?

One of the better scenes. She walks out and Emily arrives. She gets in Jenna's face and asks if she is threatening her. I can see Emily ready to take her cane and shove it where the sun don't shine. Jenna walks out to the elevator and Spencer is there and she says "SPENCER", but how did she know? Creepy, huh?

Meanwhile, Caleb is decoding more footage out in the open at a coffee shop as officer Garrett is one table away. He goes to give the flash drive to Hannah and she gets nervous and puts it in her blender and chops! Bye bye evidence. Or so we thought. Caleb has backed it up (doesn't everybody?) and he shows it to the other girls only if they promise to keep it a secret from Hannah. Uh oh. Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless they're shared with everyone! They agree and watch the rest of the footage. It shows probably the last minutes of Ali's life as Ian shows the NAT club the hidden camera, vowing that they will go down with him and Ali about to walk into her room and probably get murdered. YIKES. "What is this a NAT field club trip?"

Em has to be the bad guy and goes to tell Toby that Spencer is getting back together with Wren so that he will leave and be safe. He falls for it and leaves Spencer a note on his gold truck saying he is gone. TEARS in the rain.

Speaking of rain, lets get to one of the better parts of this episode. Aria cannot handle the separation and keeps calling Ezra from her friends' phones. She leaves him a message that if he loves her to meet her at the clock at Rittenhouse Square at 8:00, beep. Message cut her off. She makes plans with Holden (who the girls think is gay) to go out to pizza. Her mom however, wants to drive, fine. She will come back and get Aria and her beard at 11:00pm. Holden goes off and does his thing (after he tells her he is NOT gay, but what is he? I think he is in love with a black girl) and she goes to wait for Ezra. He never listened to the voicemail, got stuck explaining his B grading to a student who wrote about such a powerful love and tells Ezra to "be bold" and then listens to the voicemail. Cut to Aria still waiting in the rain as this amazing song plays. Commercial Break. Back to Aria, still waiting, hoping every car is him. Finally, she sees him. She gets out, they run to each other in the rain and kiss. My heart melts, more great music plays and they are BACK, yay! They get into his car and discuss how crazy they are and how they cannot keep meeting on sidewalks and in cars. She says she has an idea. She goes back to meet her mom sans Holden (she is all in a Ezra daze) as her mom gets suspicious, but is quelled when Holden shows up with ice-cream in hand.

The liars check out the same box and find a doll inside that never looked any different before. Her head clicks back and they find the notes that Ali had stuffed inside from A. They realize that A was after Ali a long time ago, ever since Halloween. After Noel Cahn's Halloween party. Speaking of Noel Cahn. He breaks up with Mona, she is crying her eyes out and after her and Hannah go to forget about him they see him and Jenna having dinner together. Although Jenna did hear them talking about it in the bathroom, so maybe she planted this fake date on purpose. OK. So is Noel A? Has Jenna dumped Garrett for Noel? I mean he is much better looking, right?

Last minute, A takes the photos of the girls and their loved ones, cuts them up and burns them. What is A's plan? And who the heck is A? I know it will come out soon, but I don't know if I can wait!!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lying Game: Black & White Ball

One of the best episodes yet. This show totally rocks, let's get started.

Sutton is back to being a royal biotch. She doesn't want chocolate chip pancakes, hates the gorgeous white chiffon dress her mother got her and is mean to Laurel when they have a heart to heart. Laurel lets her in on the secret about Justin and begs Sutton not to tell mom and dad until she figures it out.

Meanwhile, Emma sneaks in and wants to know what she is supposed to do now? Sutton suggest maybe go back to Vegas. Of course she doesn't want to keep her around. Emma asks if she can sleep in her closet and she says no. Sutton brings up the black and white ball and how she needs to go with Ethan to keep up appearances. Emma agrees and heads off to the lake house to hide out. Sutton keeps up this act that there is a killer and she doesn't want anything happening to her baby sister Emma.

Back at school Sutton is donning her head wound and walking around with Mads. She sees her chumming it up with Ryan Harwell and gives her attitude. Mads reminds her how just the other day she was all team Ryan and now she is bringing up 9th grade? Sutton realizes that she has not been living her life and maybe needs to rethink. Sutton tells Ethan he needs to go with her to the ball to keep up appearances. He agrees, but tells her he is in love with Emma, still. You have to love Ethan Whitehorse (White horse, noble knight, get it?) here. He is so dedicated to Emma and wont fall short. He tells Sutton that he is going to publicly break up with her at the ball so he can leave town with Emma. Sutton realizes this could be bad for her, since she loves Ethan. She goes to make nice with Emma and brings her clothes and food. She tells her some story how she wants to finally introduce her to Kristen and Ted, yeah OK. Who believes her?

Over at the Rybeck house, Mads is getting ready for the pre ball event. She is taking her brother Thayer. By the way, her back looks SUPER bony and not attractive. Eat something Mads, PLEASE! They even tell daddy Rybeck he should take Rebecca Seoul. Rebecca is all bright eyed and dreamy about this and wants to start again with Alec. She agrees to go to the ball with him after talking with Mads. She also tells Mads to take a chance on Ryan and ask him to the ball instead of her brother.

Sutton tells mom and dad the secret Laurel told her about Justin. Ted's face drops and runs to find Justin and Laurel. He confronts Justin and apologizes for what happened to his mother. Apparently, after that case he lost his residency in LA and they moved to Phoenix. Ted knew he had recognized him from somewhere and they have a heart to heart about it. Laurel however, realizes that she is always being lied to and storms out. She then sees Sutton and screams at her for telling her secret. She tells her that she knew this nice Sutton wouldn't last very long and now she is left with a selfish biotch that she always was. Ethan digs into Sutton reminding her that she is undoing all of Emma's good work. "Wouldn't Emma goody goody do that?" NO Ethan says.

We are at the ball and Sutton is donning a sparkly band aid over her wound. Creative or tacky? She is dancing with Ethan and tells him they have to kiss in order to make it look real. He doesn't want to, but she goes for it. He storms out to be with Emma at the lake house. She runs into Ryan and he says he is sorry for what happened in 9th grade. Apparently he took Suttons' V card , unknowingly but didn't want to be with her, so she made him seem like a complete loser and got him in trouble so he had to leave school. She then tells him when he is done with Mads, to come find her. EW. How horrible to do to your bestie. Emma would never do that to Mads.

from cwtv.com

Also at the ball Justin tries to talk to Laurel and Kristen steps in and tells him to back off. She says that he is disgusting and wants him to go. With tears in his eyes he does. He finds Laurel later at the ball sans momma and talks to her. I loved this part. He tells her how much he loves her and how her nose crinkles and her laugh and he doesn't care about all of that other stuff. I think she knows he loves her and we can see much  more of them in future episodes.

Sutton overhears Dan and Alec talking about Annie Hobbs being held at the hospital. She goes to find Emma at the cabin but she is half naked with Ethan, amazing! They go to the hospital to see Annie Hobbs. Annie admits that she was never the girls mother, NO WAY! She says she had a baby who died in the hospital. The woman next to her had twins and didn't want them so she stole one of them, Emma, and took her with her. But there was a fire and that's why she had to give Emma up. She has no idea who the mother of the twins were. They ask her who tried to kill Sutton and she says the snake man. In walks a nurse and the girls have to leave.

We see Rebecca on the phone with Alec telling him how happy she is they are starting over and when the phone hangs up, her smile is wiped clean. Amazing acting here. She shows up at Annie Hobbs bed and says "Annie, Annie, what have you done?"

from cwtv.com

AMAZEBALLS. My thoughts are this. Rebecca "Annie" Seoul is the twins mother. Either Ted or Alec is the father. She gave them up, because apparently she was a home wrecker as they were both married. One was stolen, but they ended up giving Sutton to the Mercers. The phone call Ted got in the operating room that night was that Rebecca was preggo. That's why he freaked. Also, the snake man is Derrick. And Alec hired him. BAM.

Cannot freaking wait... can you?

Gossip Girl: Bachelorette Gone Wild

I have to say, this episode made me love Gossip Girl again. I was lost for a little, but now I am found. Let's dig in.

Blair is having breakfast with Beatrice as they are discussing Blair's change of heart to have her back in the wedding party and to come to her bachelorette tonight. Serena has planned a classy night of dinner and drinks at a hotel. Boring. Beatrice has other ideas. She has been scheming with a priest of Monaco to get Blair drunk and reunite her with Chuck and stop the royal wedding.

Blair has been going to church to see her priest, but this Monaco priest steps in. Apparently him and Beatrice have been sleeping together and he wants to break up the royal couple as well. He tells Chuck that there has been a change of plans so that Chuck can show up and talk to her while she is inebriated. To do so, Beatrice makes a very American bachelorette party.

Meanwhile, Serena and Dan are pretending to be together as he has to buy super expensive UES coffee. He has a meeting with his publishers and wants to write something more serious. He tells Serena not to mention their current relationship in her new spectator column so that he can get a book deal. Chuck is spying on Blair as he follows her to Lauderee. "I know you are not buying a velour tracksuit" hahaha.

from cwtv.com

Nate has been talking to Gossip Girl via email. (I love how it says Gossip girl, what is the actual domain name? There are ways to trace identity people!) as she shows Nate a photo of Ivy's ex Max and then a photo of Tripp. Gossip girl thinks Trip rigged the car for Nate to crash. She tells him that she will give out this info if he stops the launch of Serena's blog. He does it and Serena looks through his laptop and sees his plan. His Secretary films the whole thing and sends to Gossip Girl. I guess she is back on top!

Serena, instead of being at the bachelorette party of her bestie, is staging a meeting with Tripp. She wants to get his side of the story. In walks Grandfather and Nate telling Trip that he is lying. Serena and Nate staged the whole fight so that Tripp would break down. Apparently, he paid Max to rig the car and Max got paid, but never came through. So Tripp did it himself. He wasn't trying to kill Nate per say, but wanted him to hit a pole to ruin his weekend with grandfather. Tripp gets hauled away and Nate tries to stand up to grandfather. Bold move Archibald.

Back at Ponchitos ( a rank little bar) Blair is wearing a bride to be crown and downing tequila shots. Beatrice made up a game where the girls have to match secrets with ex boyfriends and texts all the girls the answers. Cute game! Blair ends up drinking too much and is more fun then I have ever seen her. Except for season one when she gets lose and makes out with Chuck for the first time. (remember that?) This part had me smiling at how happy Blair was and unpretentious. Even Beatrice had to admit she was a blast. She asks Blair why she is going to marry her brother even though she doesn't love him and Blair responds that she does. Sometimes you love people in different ways, and one way is to not be with them. Beatrice' heart melts and decides to sober up Blair and be a real sister. Blair goes outside for some air, Chuck and Dan had followed her so they are only steps away. Some girl asks Blair for a light and then puts a joint in her mouth. Of course, right then two cops walk by and drunk Blair thinks they are strippers. She gets arrested and Beatrice gets blamed, although Dan tells her it was Chuck.

from cwtv.com

Beatrice tells father disgusting that the plan is over and she will tell everyone that this man of the cloth slept with her. He tells her that he told her mother to let her do charity work in Africa so no-one will ever see her again. Ring ring, that's mommy. Bye Beatrice. Just when I was starting to like you.

Back at home, Serena comes in with some french press coffee and apologies for not making the party. Blair tells her how much fun she had and lets on that she found Louie's vows in her drawer and finally admits that he really understands her and sees into her soul. Which is what she needed to marry him. She tells Serena she doesn't need to pretend to be with Humphrey anymore. Serena is not happy. I guess she loves Dan again. And although I hate Blake Lively, because she is with my man Ryan Reynolds, I am loving her red lipstick.

She calls Dan to tell him they should make dinner plans, because Blair wants them to fake it until the wedding. He agrees and then gets a text from Louie, thanking him for writing his vows. Looks like Humphrey sees into Blair's soul. Oddest couple, right?

Looks like next week is the day we have all been waiting for. The royal wedding! Are you psyched? I know I am!

Kourtney & Kim: The Medium

Kim decides that her marriage is falling apart and the only one who can help her is daddy. She decides to contact a medium, like famous John Edward. Sister Kourtney and hubby Kris are not too happy about this. They don't believe and will not help to support.

Meanwhile, Kaela (how many K's are there?) Kris' sister is in town. He did not let Kim know so she is too busy to see her. I was so mad at this. She makes time for her sisters, her mother, Bruce, Mason and even her maybe gay bestie Jonathan but not for her new sister in law? That is so messed up. This show has made me see Kim in such a different life. Such a selfish little brat. Rant over.

So Kaela and Kris are tearing up the town. She has never really seen New York so he takes her for all the touristy things. They have drinks and mini hot dogs at the Gansevort bar and he tips off the paps that Kim is about to leave her hotel room.

Scott says he wants a picture of him and Kourtney but she hates them, so she agrees to get a caricature done in central park. He says he wants something more professional so they agree to sit for an artist to paint them. When the photo is almost all done, Kourtney tells her to paint a uni brow on Scott. Another point where I thought the Kardashian sisters were rude. This meant so much to him and you mess it up because you think its funny? They later get the portrait and Scott is so upset that he goes in his room and slams the door. I have to say, Mr. Discisk, you have come a LONG way. We learn that the uni brow was a piece of tape and they hang the portrait up.

Kaela writes Kim a text apologizing for being in her way and asking if she is mad at her since they didn't spend any time together. Instead of being honest with her, Kim is selfish again. Kourtney and Scott spend a lot of this episode eating junk food in bed. Lays potato chips, cupcakes and macaroons. The camera focuses on some chocolate covered pretzels as well. If I didn't know from the media, I would think that Kourt was preggo again.

She does make heaven and earth move to meet with John Edward. Kourtney decides to come with her and support, even if she doesn't believe in it. He tells them all these weird things. Something about an inner thigh (yeah dad pulled his groin) and something about a tooth (he shaved his tooth like mine) then something about being there before for her divorce and realizing that this is no different than then (she jumped into marriage with RayJ super fast as well) and then says he believes someone in this room is pregnant (hello Kourtney) and someone will follow after (unfortunately not Khloe like they all wanted) then he leaves. Super creepy. My breath was actually still and so was my heart during this. I wish I met a medium!!

In the end, she realizes that she does not want to be married to Kris anymore. Well duh, you are too selfish to be married to anyone. Next episode predicts her sobbing like a crazy person. Will this be the end of the 72 days?

Desperate Housewives: Being Good

We start off with Bree shooing men and in and out of her house at 4:00am, because Mclusky gets up at 5:00am. Some of them are more persistent than others as they want her phone number and to see her again (hello you know where she lives), so she offers them a muffin as they leave. She has become not only a drunk, but the town slut. Good job Bree.

Gaby is planning on remodeling her home (prob a good idea to get rid of the rug with the blood on it) and asks Lynette and Renee to do the job. We find out that Lynette is ready to start dating. She goes with Renee to her hair salon and wants to get set up with her hairdresser. Renee is adamant about this, but concedes. Lynette goes on a date with him and things are off to a good start. He begins to talk about why it didn't work with his ex, she was too controlling, blah blah and Lynette chimes in with her pushy thoughts. She tries to seem cool but with every "although" she pushes him farther and farther away. Renee however gets the brunt of this as her stylist makes her hair look like an afro. "He was the only man in this Podunk town who knew how to relax a black woman's hair, damn Lynette!"

Ben is on to the plan of asking Renee to marry him so he can inherit her money. He even gets rid of his huge fish he has hanging on his wall. He proposes to her with a huge freaking rock and after she sincerely cries and says yes and she can finally trust a man again he takes it back. He tells her the real reason for the proposal. He loves her, but this is not right. Now her and Lynette are single again, together. Ben also decides to take the money from the loan shark, what a bad move.

from abc.com

Meanwhile, Claudia shows up at Susan's door screaming for her husband. She thinks Susan is having an affair with him. Susan begs her to leave but the next day sees fliers all around the neighborhood saying "have you seen this man? Your neighborhood slut Susan Delfino has", I died. I swear. Stupid Susan. She always lets her good nature get her into trouble. Do we not remember the porn maid service? Gaby sees these and calls Claudia after she learns that Marissa, her daughter, was also being molested by Alejandro. She tells Claudia the truth and she doesn't believe her until Marissa comes in and says "will you believe me?" and they cry and hug. My heart clenched. Such a touching moment and well acted. "At least you believed her" Gaby says with a broken spirit. Claudia sees the red blood stain and even after being told it was wine, she realizes who's blood it is and says nothing more than "you better throw that out".

from abc.com

Back over at the bar, Bree has her eyes on some young man candy as the priest comes over and tells her to stop this before it gets bad. She refuses and he tells her she cannot run the bake sale. She doesn't care and shows up anyway after drinking an entire bottle of wine and baking a strawberry tart. She walks in super bony and sets up shop. She sees the guy from the other night who wanted to get to know her and tries to hit on him although he goes running. A woman, of course his wife, asks how they know each other and there is a cat fight. This woman calls Bree the town whore and after being kicked out, she walks away owning her status. Apparently she likes strange men and doesn't care who knows it.

Excited for next week, I saw that Danielle is pregnant. AGAIN? Damn, it must run in that family. And are we going to have more with the secret killer? And will somebody die? Yikes, when is this season over? Tear.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Drew Peterson: Untouchable

I never followed up on this story, but lately I have been intrigued by these unsolved mysteries. This story is about an ex cop, Drew Peterson of Illinois who has had 4 wives. The first two he divorced, the third was found dead in a dry bathroom drowning and the fourth has been missing since 2007. Lifetime did a portrayal of these lives starring Rob Lowe (Brothers and Sisters) as Drew Peterson and Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory) as missing wife Stacy Peterson. Let's dig in.

Opening scene is gray haired and mustached Drew having sex with his wife Kathleen as their son walks in. He is in shock and Drew reassures him that it is normal because he is "Big daddy" as he gets up nude and the son stand there. Drew Peterson is cocky and full of himself although he is old and potbellied. I think Rob Lowe did him justice, because Lowe is much sexier than Peterson ever was.

Kathleen says she has had enough of this marriage. They go to a cop mixer and he locks her in a cell after she wont have sex with him. She thinks this is the last straw and says they are done. Peterson goes to a local hotel after responding to a complaint by receptionist Stacy. He flirts with her and she being 17 falls for it. He later picks her up on his motorcycle and they fall in love. He buys her a car and she is whisked away into fairy tale land. She realizes they are pregnant and he gets a divorce from his wife. She is going to take him for all that he is worth since he has been cheating.

Stacy and Drew move into a house only a few blocks away. Kathleen drives by and warns Stacy that she is her just a few years back and that someday she will be miserable too. She ignores her. They have their baby boy and get married. His brother in law tries to explain that Big Daddy always gets the pretty young ones.

Drew goes to drop off the kids at their moms, but nobody is home. He asks the neighbor to open the door and he finds Kathleen dead in the bathtub. Oddly enough, it was a dry bathtub. How does one drown in a dry bath tub? The coroner's do an autopsy and rule it accidental drowning. Stacy is relieved as she tells the police he was with her all night. (After I read some articles, I learned that the coroner was his friend and forged the report. She actually had bruises all over her). Drew and Stacy have another baby. She meets her neighbor and becomes besties with her.

What happens in every lifetime movie after they find bliss? The husband turns nuts. He accuses her of cheating on him and looks through her phone. He even thinks she is flirting with her brother in law after her sister dies at her funeral. He pushed her into the TV. She confides in her neighbor that she is scared for her life and her priest that she knows Drew killed Kathleen. Late on the priest comes forward and talks about what she had said. She tells him that it is over.

One morning she tells him she is going to meet her sister to help her paint her house. They have an argument and then she is never seen again. Drew claims that she left him for another guy, but everyone who knows her doesn't believe him. Since they have no hard evidence and he is a policeman they cannot arrest him. He gets fired from the squad but that doesn't stop him. He even tries to meet a new girl and proposes to her. She is stupid, but not fully. She breaks it off after her friends and her father wont even talk to her.

There is a scene where he threatens his neighbor saying he is "untouchable". His brother in law almost commits suicide, because he fears he helped Drew dispose of Stacy's body in a large blue tub. After the priest comes forward they exhume Kathleen's body and find the bruises and realize it was a murder. They charge Drew for this and he is taken away as he smugly says "I should've returned those library books". He is brought to jail and asked to put on the orange jumpsuit as there is this awkward scene of him stripping and showing him "big daddy" package.

The mystery to me is, where is Stacy Peterson's body? And how can something like this happen without him being charged?

Once Upon a Time: 7:15am

Ahh Once. One of my favorite shows. Let's dig in.

Mary Margaret is rushing to get out the door. She even brushes her teeth in the kitchen sink, spit, rinse, and off. She needs to get to school to help the kids with their volcano. She winds up at Granny's diner to be there by 7:15am because that is when David comes in to get coffee to go for him and wifey. She is all nonchalant about it until Emma walks in and catches her. They have a moment.

Meanwhile, the motorcycle stranger is talking to Henry outside his house. Henry asks 101 questions about his box and he refuses to answer. Queen/Mayor is not having this. Who is this strange man? She even enlists Emma to help her find out, saying that he was talking to Henry.

Emma confronts him at the diner. After she agrees to have a drink with him he shows her his box. It is an old fashioned typewriter and he is a writer. Could he be the one who wrote the fairy tale book? Imagine that. He knows how the stories end. Maybe that's why Regina wants him out. A really amazing part is when Emma says to Regina that she casts the spell according to Henry's book and she doesn't bat an eye.

Mary Margaret finds a lonesome dove stuck in a cage and brings him into the pet shelter to get looked at. She is told he needs to find his flock to be happy. So she ventures into the storm to let him free, slips on a muddy rock and hangs from her death. David and followed her and saved her. Does she rejoice in this? No. She lets the bird find its flock and refuses David's loved for her, even after they both admit they both go to the diner at 7:15am to see each other! Super cute.

She runs into his wife and Regina at the supermarket as Kathryn is buying a pregnancy test. Meanwhile, after Snow slips that info to David he finds out she is not pregnant. And good, this means they can break up!!

Back in Fairy Tale land, we see Snow White is in the forest awaiting the delivery from red and her basket. She cannot stop thinking about the prince in that world either although she hears the wedding will be in 2 days time. Back at the castle, the King tells prince James to forget about his heart and marry into Midas' family. Instead he writes a letter and give it to a dove (same dove, yes?) to send to Snow saying to meet him at the castle if she loves him. She heads off to the castle but gets caught be his guards. They throw her into the dungeon and she is cellmates with Grumpy.

He became Grumpy after being had by a diamond dealer and losing love. His dwarf friend STEALTHY (um really?) breaks him and Snow out. They try to escape and get caught. They kill stealthy but Snow saves Grumpy. They take snow to the castle where the king tells her to say goodbye to her prince or he will kill him. Since this was never really his son at all (remember he is the twin). She does what he asks and says she doesn't not love him and walks out in tears. Grumpy and the other dwarfs adopt her and bring her home with them. This is how she became Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Before this all happened she made a deal with rumple. She promised him her hair if he gave her a potion that would make her forget her love. Grumpy promised she wouldn't need it, but walked in one day to find out she swallowed it and does not remember the prince. The prince broke off the wedding and went to find her, but couldn't. I am assuming this is how we end with the poisoned apple and true loves kiss.

Back in Storybrook, Mary Margaret tries her very best to avoid running into David and he does the same only to see her. They talk about this on the side of the diner and then end up kissing. My heart melted. Of course, Regina was watching as her eyes narrow.

from abc.com

What will happen next? I cannot wait... I just love this show, don't you?

Grimm: Of mice and men

I have to say, I do love Grimm. I am just not sure of all of the stories. This one is about the mice and the snake. It starts with the murder of a guy with a screwdriver through him. I have to give it up to Grimm for the bloody scenes.

Nick and Hank are on the case. The dead guy was a bad man. He was mean to his neighbors and his girlfriend. So the list of suspects is a mile long. The girlfriend says that he had a fight with her the previous night and her mousy neighbor and her lawyer neighbor were there to break it up. The mousy guy owns a junk shop and says he lives with his father who can vouch for his alibi. Mason the lawyer turns out to be a snake headed guy. Nick finds out that these guys are evil and they eat children. Ew. He dies as well.

They start to think there is something up with mouse boy Marty, so they break into his apartment to find his father had been dead for two days. Dead lawyer Mason's car is stolen as Marty takes the now ex girlfriend out to dinner. He almost starts a fight with a near patron who was yelling at this son. Marty is tormented by his father always telling him he wasn't good enough and sees his father everywhere. When he sees him he kills them. He is the killer.

Meanwhile, Juliette gets a shocking visitor, some women in a truck snapping photos of her. She tracks her down and when she goes to see her, the woman spots Juliette, grabs her kids and hurries inside like she is a monster. I think that this woman was not really stalking Jules but the Grimms.

Monroe gets a call about a watch and goes to some closed building only to get the shit kicked out of him. When he awakes, a bloody reaper sign is on his car. He knows that he messing with the balance of things by helping Nick, but says he is in it to win it. I am still fascinated about the whole Grimm reaper connection.

from nbc.com

Not too much going on here, besides gory deaths. I am excited to see their version of Hansel and Gretel next week and how it compares to Once. Are you?

Project Runway: Miss Piggy

The contestants are told a fashion icon will be who they are dressing for. Prada, Burberry and others have dressed for her before. Up comes a photo of Miss Piggy! Haha. Hilarious, but what a great challenge.

The designers do not have a lot of time and have $150 to complete the challenge. There was an argument over hot pink gloves and sparkly shoes for some of the designers. Mondo was the only one who avoids the drama.

Michael Kors is replaced for this episode only by costume designer Eric Daman who worked on SATC and Gossip Girl. Miss Piggy is a judge herself. Her and Eric do a round about making fun of her ears and other pig features.

In the safe group:

April with her Tim Burton-esque version of the mad hatter.
Jerell and his hot pink flapper ensemble
Kara and her peek-a-boo dress. I think she should have been in the bottom
Anthony and his whimsical dress with feather plume
Mondo and his mod 60's glitter dress

In the top:

Kenley and her pink giraffe print and very large bow. I have to say I love the print, but the cut on the top is not for miss piggy, way too sexy.
Rami and his pink polka dot dress. Very fun and totally piggy's style
And the WINNER: Michael! YAY. I love him. He made this gorgeous dress with a bow that made piggy think it was a huge present for KERMIE. awww.

In the bottom:

Austin: His moustache bothers me. His dress was this silver and pink that did not go.
Mila: Who refuses to listen and made a black mod dress too Mila, not piggy
And the loser: Gordana and her pink frilly mop. Bye bye girl.

Excited to see who wins aren't you?!

*All photos from ew.com

Grey's: 10,000 surgeries

Snore. I think this show is on it's way out as well.

Webber is about to preform his 10,000th surgery! That is a lot. He is going to have a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing, yum. During his surgery, his wife comes in with a bout of dementia and he needs to sing "My funny valentine" to get her to calm down again. This was a bit heart wrenching.

from abc.com

The big surgery was two sisters, one with liver failure. The other was donating but wouldn't shut the eff up about the donation she was giving. She almost denied the liver because of this.

Because of Teddy's dead husband, everyone is giving her casseroles. She is super mad at Owen still and Cristina and her have been working around the clock on surgeries. Even though Owen tells them to go home, they disobey him and keep working.

Alex, April and Avery find an apartment together, they need to move out. Mark wont say I love you to his new girlfriend because he is still in love with Lexie. Don't you hate when two people cannot be together on shows? You just want to scream at the TV. Meredith is trying to find out what field she will be specializing in. They all tell her to go into general like her mother, but she doesn't want to be anything like her mother.

She throws a birthday party for Zola, takes the cake and makes it for Richard, since he never got his. As everyone is celebrating, in the kitchen Christina and Owen are yelling at each other. He tells her that she always does what she wants and never cares about anyone else and then drops the baby bomb. BAM. This is where it gets interesting. He is still upset about the abortion, well, get over it dude.

I really hope something good happens and soon, or I am over this show. Although next week's episode of how it could be does entice me.

Jersey Shore: Dropping Like Flies

One recapper wrote that people have given up on this show, and I can see why. Is it really funny to watch them go tanning and get smashed at Karma every night? Even their cast mates are dropping like flies.

from mtv.com

Vinnie has gone home, but for good? Deena is too busy crying her eyes out to notice. What does she wear, how does she doe her hair and makeup? YUCK. For real. Her and Snookie have a meatball day where they go day drinking and wear outfits that don't even cover their kukas. I am actually embarrassed by them.

This episode actually focused on a theme. It was Pauly and Mike's birthday, but sans Mike. It seems that Pauly's whole family came and they made a cake for him, but nothing for Mike. So during the birthday dinner he slept it off on a couch at the restaurant.

Pauly decides to bang a tattoo chick in Vinny's bed to honor his man. I have to say that he really is mean when girls don't want to DTF him. The girl in the beginning didn't and he kicked her out.

Situation has been maybe getting wifed up by his girl Paula. But he goes through some kind of revelation when he realizes nobody likes him and he basically disappears off the show. Will he be back? "I wear my heart on my sleeve" he says.

And why are Sammy and Ronnie so quiet? Will they start a storm soon?

I don't know people. I think that Jersey Shore is headed for cancellation? However, I did hear rumors they may film in Hoboken, did you?
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