Monday, December 3, 2012

Scandal: President's birthday

Olivia and her new senator boyfriend decide it is time to go public. They will arrive together at the President's party. Meanwhile, there is a case with a super rich man who divorces his wife of 40 years and neglects his son to marry his 26 year old girlfriend. They think he is crazy and want to commit him, especially after he shoots his son. They end up finding out the old man wants to live his life, since he worked the whole time and doesn't want his son to endure the same future.

James, Cyrus' husband, got his information from David Rosen. He goes to check up on the balloting scam. He finds all the machines accounted for except one. They all do not have memory cards either. He finds the last one in a school and the card. He plugs it in to find out the election has been rigged. But by who? Maybe his hubby. If you put your vote in, the ticket comes up as correct, but the card reader that tallies the votes comes up differently.

Meanwhile, they are getting ready for the president's bash. In the car, Melly tells Fitz she doesn't want to go in. He fights her on it and makes her feel bad and then gets out of the car, only to be shot. Did she know about it? Who shot him? Olivia is really upset.

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