Tuesday, December 4, 2012

666 Park - Finale

Sadly, I do not think this is coming back. Yet another series, Dave Annabelle will not complete, just like Reunion. Damn. So let's see what happened.

Jane is at Maris' apartment and she goes into trance. She is transported back in time to the night of Peter Kramer and his friends. She is actually Libby Griffith, the babysitter of her grandmother. She wakes up though and she needs to hear more, but Maris says it is time to go. Maris gets a visit from Gavin, saying that he wants to know where Jane went. She says she will tell him if he allows her to leave her apartment. I guess the deal she made, she is stuck there. Jane does come back again and realizes that she is acting as Libby. They want to kill her grandmother as a blood sacrifice, but she hides her so they kill Libby instead. She sees Peter Kramer hide his journal in the fireplace though. Maris is set free by Gavin and bursts into white doves. Jane and the cop break through the wall and find the diary. She also sees the ghost of Libby through the mirror trying to speak to her. Creepy.

Henry gets called in for councilman. When he gets there, the current man tells him he knows about Jane's psych record. Henry has his publicist do some digging to find IRS papers to put him away. He then goes to see Gavin and this was just a test. He is going to be his prize horse.

Meanwhile, Olivia is trying to find Sasha. Victor Shaw calls her but there is no answer. Olivia calls her as well and it leads to some goose chase to her empty apartment. While trying to escape, Kadinsky kills Victor Shaw. She has no way to find her. But Gavin however knows where she is. In the end he finds her at a bar and it is Henry's PR rep. Seems like he knew all along.

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