Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Revenge: Winter Finale

We open up with skeet shooting. Everyone is there, including Emily and Aiden. Daniel is waiting for the vote at Grayson global to make him the new head. He also blackmails Nolan, using Marco, his old CEO, to find out that he gave all this money to someone. Nolan agrees to give up 51% of his company to Daniel.

Ashley has been convincing Daniel not to trust Aiden. So Emily leaks a video of Ashley and Conrad doing it to Victoria. She blackmails Ashley to sleep with an investor to get him to vote for Conrad. It backfires and Daniel shows up there and catches her, breaks it off with her and gets the vote back. At least I don't have to watch Ashley and Daniel anymore.

It's baby Carl's baptism and godmother Emily is there. She even says Emily Rebecca Thorne, so weird. During the baptism, Carl Porter's old friend Matt Duncan comes and warns Jack about the Ryan brothers. Turns out they are the sons of the guys that his dad supposedly kill. They warn him to be careful and then kill Mr. Duncan. Yikes. He goes to find the gun his dad his on the boat.

Daniel wins the vote and the initiative are now watching him. He also kicks Aiden off the board, probably because he is jealous of him and Emily. Emily gets a call from Victoria, but she is with Aidan so Victoria says to call her later. Hmmmm.

Have to wait to December to see who dies on the boat and if Ems and Daniel will get back together!

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