Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2 Broke Girls: The Intern

Candy Andy and Caroline are so cute. They are kissy and love each other and she is happy. She is staying out all night with him and being late for work. Caroline suggests that they hire an intern. Max is so used to be the worker and talking behind the boss' back, she doesn't think she can do it. They hold auditions at the cupcake shop, but Max lets it slip about the rat droppings there. She wanted the big boob girl, but Caroline opted for the college girl. They hire her and Max wont make her do work. They do the rat traps themselves and they paint themselves.

Finally the intern calls in sick and then writes the wrong text to them, meant for her friends about her boss being stupid and how she is going out for drinks. Max wakes up to the groaning of Andy and Caroline. Caroline makes the intern get enemas for her. Max is so mad she fires the intern. She sees the rats and Caroline kills it with her paint roller.

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