Monday, December 3, 2012

Jersey Shore: Shower and Angelina returns!

Ronnie spends most of his time in his gorilla costume trying to scare the roommates. They are throwing snooki her shower and trying to hide it from her. They tell Jionni and he has to make sure that he does not go to the baby store with her. I guess they bought it all. They have her shower for her and she is so surprised. Her friends from home are there and she is really happy. Good job girls! But we end with Vinny pulling Jionni aside to talk.

Meanwhile, MVP is at the club and Mike is back to doing his thing. Problem is that Paula is there and she blocks him. He is not happy about this. While at the club, they also spot Angelina. She is trying to get to say I'm sorry to all of them, but they do not care. She will not leave them alone.

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