Tuesday, December 4, 2012

90210 - 100th episode

Naomi/Max: She is trying to get into the women of West Bev alumni club, which is run by Gwen, Denise Richards. However there is another woman competing. So Naomi must go all out on this one. Max is too busy though doing a merger that was set up by Bryce. They go back to high school and she faces all her demons. She opens a new wing of fashion/science and it was defaced saying "btch" all over her face. They then play Jack and Jill football where guys dress as cheerleaders and girls as players. She gets everyone to tackle Felicity, her opponent which knocks her out of the running. She decides to have a lingerie fashion show at the playboy mansion. While she is there, she sees some girl messing with her heels. She finds out it is a fat girl she forced to run naked in HS who looks great. She apologizes and tells her to walk in the show. She then strips naked and asks everyone to forgive her, but they just throw food at her. I love how Naomi really has changed. But poor Max. Bryce was trying to sabotage the company and knocked him out of power. He blames it on Naomi, but in reality, he wanted to partner with her.

Silver/Teddy: Teddy is back, but boyfriend Shane and him are over. She gets them back together and even does a burlesque show with pals Vesta (Carmen Electra) to show everyone how fearless she is not sometimes. Shane is upset that Teddy is having a child with Silver though.

Aid/Dixon: They sign another recording label together. He is putting together a slideshow with the new surface (this thing is all the rage) and finds a video of her and Taylor. He goes to confront her and she admits to her affair, but Dixon only knew so little. He breaks it off with her, but tells her he owns her after she signed away her life. Yikes.

Liam/Annie: Annie is nothing this episode again. She runs into her cousin Emily who is doing so well (well she is on Suburgatory) She does run into Jasper, but he just wants Liam to star in his new screenplay he wrote. She goes with Liam to sign for a house in her name. He gets a call from the 911 recording he left for Vanessa and has nightmares about her being face down dead in the ocean. He admits it to Annie. I am assuming his stalker/bodyguard is doing this. He even makes up with Navid. In the end, however, Vanessa is alive and well and using her wealth to live off.

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